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1963 Tele-LED Comfort Break Reminder V

20 Non-Contact Infrared Reflective Sensor for Line Follower Robots

3D Printed Infinity Clock

7219 Tube Clock

A 10-Bit Full Adder V

A Great New Way to Paint 3D-Printed Objects

A Leap in Using Silicon for Battery Anodes

A new way to cool down electronic devices, recover waste heat


Arduino Barometer

Arduino Minesweeper

Arduino Pulse Oximeter V

Arduino RMS Meter Module

Arduino speed detector

Arduino Wireless RF Remote Counter With Dot Matrix Display

Artificial Intelligence Cannot Be Inventors, US Patent Office Rules

Asteroid 1998 OR2 to Safely Fly Past Earth This Week

Automated Unlocking of nRF51 Series SoCs with nrfsec

Bedside MP3 Alarm Letter Clock

Bose-Einstein condensate: magnetic particles behave repulsively

‘Breathable’ Electronics Pave the Way for More Functional Wearable Tech V

Budget Arduino RGB Word Clock!

Clock Using Atmega 8 V

Columns - a Retro Handheld Game for Arduino V

Covid-19 Update Tracker Using ESP8266 V

Cylindrical Cyberpunk Clock V

DIY Arduino RC Receiver for RC Models and Arduino Projects V

DIY GoPro Wi-Fi Remote Using ESP8266 V

Dual Colour Bar Graph With CircuitPython

Elon Musk says Starlink internet private beta to begin in roughly three months, public beta in six

Fedora 32 is officially here!

First Steps with M5Stick-C V

FSU researchers discover new structure for promising class of materials

How to Make Buzz Wire Game V

Hubble Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With A Tapestry Of Blazing Starbirth

Intel Delivers World’s Fastest Gaming Processor

Intelligent 7-Segment Display

Line Follower Robot Arduino and L293D Shield V

Lora Gateway Based on MicroPython ESP32

Make Your Own Oscilloscope(Mini DSO) With STC MCU Easily V

Making a wireless joystick V

Memory Puzzle Alarm Clock

Micron Unveils World’s First Open-Source Storage Engine Designed for SSDs and Storage Class Memory

MIDI Sonar “Theremin”

Motion Triggered Neopixel RGB Shoes! V

Muscle signals can pilot a robot V

NeoPixel Newton Light Cradle V

newelectronics 28 Abril 2020

NodeMCU and 1.8” SPI ST7735 Display V

NTP Synchronised Wordclock V

Oled Alarm Clock

PYNQ and Ultra96 Pulse Oximeter

Quantum electrodynamics experiment

Quantum research unifies two ideas offering an alternative route to topological superconductivity

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera on sale now at $50 V

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions using microwave plasma technology

Reliable and extremely fast quantum calculations with germanium transistors

Retirement Clock / Count Up/Dn Clock

Sensors woven into a shirt can monitor vital signs V

Simple Animatronic Mouth Using 3D Printing, Arduino and Python V

Space Pointer V

Spitzer Telescope Reveals the Precise Timing of a Black Hole Dance V

‘Strange effect’ raises possibility of smaller, smarter optical filters

Superconductivity: It’s Hydrogen’s Fault

The MagPI 93

The NEO430 Processor

The Ultimate Binary Watch

Time Measure (Tape Measure Clock) V

TinyUSB Stack on Seeeduino XIAO

Truly WiFi Extender

Turn a Keurig Coffee Maker into a Miniature “Raspberry Pi Greenhouse”

Ultrasonic Sound Gun (Parametric Speaker) V

Using the New ATtiny Processors with Arduino IDE

Vegetable Assassin

VESA releases updated DisplayPort Alt Mode spec to bring DisplayPort 2.0 performance to USB4™ and new USB Type-C® devices

Weather Station NODEmcu I2c HD44780 V

Making CSEduino PCB with PCBWay

25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium Rebrands to Ethernet Technology Consortium; Announces 800 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Specification

50V to 5V @7A Synchronous Buck (Step-down) Converter –

8-bit ATtiny85 Circle Of Life

A material with a particular twist

Advanced memory from advanced materials

AMD Expands 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor Family, Unleashing Powerful “Zen 2” Core For The Mainstream


Arduino Wire Game V

Bar Graph Clock IOT (ESP8266 + 3D Printed Case)

Build an Inhouse IoT Air Quality Sensor - No Cloud Required

Cardboard Quadcopter V

Coin sorting and counting machine

Cool down fast to advance quantum nanotechnology

Diamonds shine in energy storage solution

DIY Arduino + GY-906 Infrared Thermometer

DIY Walkie-Talkie With Generic 433MHz RF Modules V

Electronic Skin Fully Powered by Sweat Can Monitor Health, Serve as Human-Machine Interface

Engineers develop method to improve efficiency and heat tolerance of devices

ESP-01 based Sonoff wireless smart switch

ESP-01 based Weather Notifier

Flatter graphene, faster electrons

FPGA dev board based on Lattice iCE40 8k

Game Boy Advance Bluetooth HID

HackSpace magazine #30

High-efficiency Catalyst Enhancing the Electric Reduction Performance of CO2

High-Voltage FLASH Programming on ATTINY85

IOT Digital Clock V

LED Clock Using Neopixels

Levitating Side Table Made From Old Cardboard Boxes

Logging 2 Electricity Smart Meters Using Arduino Nano Every

Matheminecraft: when Mathematics merge with Minecraft V

MegaX, the first camera to capture the smallest particles of light

Multi-channel Wifi Voltage & Current Meter

Nanosensor can alert a smartphone when plants are stressed

New hybrid material improves the performance of silicon in Li-ion batteries

New scavenger technology allows robots to ‘eat’ metal for energy

newelectronics 14 Abril 2020

No-contact IR Thermometer

Open Hardware Remake of the Commodore Amiga 500+ Mainboard

Pcb Speaker V2

Photonic microwave generation using on-chip optical frequency combs

Researchers discover ferroelectricity at the atomic scale

Reverse-engineering the TL431: the most common chip you’ve never heard of

RGB LED Matrices with CircuitPython

Shield for Arduino From Old Russian VFD Tubes: Clock, Thermometer, Volt Meter… V


Smart 3D Printer Filament Counter

Speeding-up quantum computing using giant atomic ions

Starlink Mission 7 V

Stretchable sheets of atoms tuned for quantum technologies


Tobers Multidisplay for ESP8266 and ESP32 V

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS arrives

UCLA Engineers Develop Simpler, Faster Way to Build Complex & Better-Performing 3D Electronics

USB (5V) to Dual Output +/-15V or +/-12V Step-Up DC-DC Converter V

Using CCM on STM32F303CC

Water replaces toxins: Green production of plastics

20A/40V Integrated Power Module for DC Brushless Motors (BLDC)

220V DC to 220V AC: DIY Inverter Part 2

2x 7-Segment Display With 3 Pins From Arduino V

6x8 LED Matrix V

8x8 LED Display Board V

8x8 Led Matrix Clock & Anti-Intrusion Warning

Advanced Irrigation System

AI techniques used to improve battery health and safety

Applying mathematics to accelerate predictions for capturing fusion energy

Arduino Based Watch - OLED, Menu, RTC V

Arduino Fan Controller

Autopilot for Sailing Boats (Automatic Steering System)


Ceramic Based Flexible Electrolyte Sheets for Lithium Metal Batteries

CIMON-2 Masters Its Debut on the International Space Station

Critical “Starbleed” vulnerability in FPGA chips identified

Cube Infinity Mirror

Desktop Ring Clock V

Device Simulator Express expands to the BBC micro:bit and Adafruit CLUE

Device turns shells of sea creatures into power for medical, augmented reality, cellphone devices

Diy Short Circuit Protector V

DIY Ultra Sensitive EMF Detector V

Earth-Size, Habitable Zone Planet Found Hidden in Early NASA Kepler Data

Eindhoven researchers present revolutionary light-emitting silicon

ESP8266 Digital Radio

Graphene heterostructures with black phosphorus, arsenic layers enable new infrared detectors

Greg’s Harp V

Heart Visualizer | See Your Heart Beat V

HomeMade SlowCooker

Hot qubits made in Sydney break one of the biggest constraints to practical quantum computers V

HotKeys Keyboard With Custom Profiles

How to Make a DIY Raised Planter Box V

How to Make a Fart Tracker

Illuminating the future of renewable energy

Intel and QuTech Demonstrate High-Fidelity ‘Hot’ Qubits for Practical Quantum Systems

ISS Tracker with an ESP8266 V

Low Level Measurements Handbook - 7th Edition

LPG gas detecting and alerting system using BOLT IOT V

Make Your Own Tetris Game with Meadow

Mechanical Seven Segment Display Clock V

Memory Game Box

Mesmerizing Ferrofluid-Display: Silently Controlled by Electromagnets V


Monitor Your Garage Door using a Wemos D1 mini

Music Rhythm LED Flash Light V

New 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors Redefine Performance for Database, Commercial HPC and Hyperconverged Workloads

New boron material of high hardness created by plasma chemical vapor deposition

New electronic cooling technology to enable miniaturization of quantum computers

New measurements reveal evidence of elusive particles in a newly-discovered superconductor

New Photon-Counting Camera Captures 3D Images with Record Speed and Resolution

Online Weather Station (NodeMCU) V

Phone Coffer V


Pushing the Limits of 2D Supramolecules

Reducing delays in wireless networks

Researchers create tiny self-powered temperature sensors

Researchers develop fast, micrometer-size electro-optical modulator

Researchers discover ‘crazy powerful’ quasar

Reuse Old Laptop’s Touchpad to Control a Stepper Motor V

S7ripClock - Basic Edition V

Scalable quantum bits operate under practical conditions

Scientists Develop High-performance Lithium-sulfur Batteries

Scientists develop safer lead-based perovskite solar cells

Simple and Small Programmable Lab Power Supply

Simple Pocket Light V

Single 18650 LiPo Battery to 5V Boost Converter

Smartphone Controlled Infinite Clock V

The cold eyes of DUNE

Track COVID-19 Outbreak by ESP8266

Transparent and self-healing electronic skin V

UCI-led Team Designs Carbon Nanostructure Stronger Than Diamonds

Wi-Fi-Controlled WS2812B Individually-Addressable LED Yard-Stake Lights for an E1.31 Light-show V

WiFi Netspeed Monitor

Wink Detector V

A 3d-printed Brain Could Make It Easier To Find Cancer Treatments

Acoustic Variometer (Ultra Sensible Barometer)

ArduTester Millenium, the ultimate UNO & MEGA Versions

Automated Dino game using arduino V

Backyard Weather Station with Packet Radios

Build a DIY UV-C Sterilization Cabinet to Fight Covid-19 V

Capturing 3D microstructures in real time

CircuitPython 5.2.0 Released!


Decoding PWM Using an FPGA

DIY Alarm Bike Lock (Shock Activated) V

DIY SW, MW, SDR Radio with ESP32 and Si5351 V

ESP-01 Breadboard Adaptor

Find Your Way Home With This Circuit Python GPS Locator

Graphene-based actuator swarm enables programmable deformation

Hispabrick Magazine Issue 34

Irrigation Motor Control and Monitoring system

Isolated Full-Duplex RS-485 Transceivers

Lazy Grid Clock V2 V

LED Sculpture: Let’s Build an LED Man! V

Light-Up PCB Necklace V2

Maxim Integrated’s Next-Generation SIMO Power Management IC Cuts Solution Size by Half and Extends Battery Life by 20 Percent for Wearables and Hearables

Measure Mains Frequency Using Arduino V

Mesmerizing Magnetic Wall Clock


New Images Reveal Fine Threads Of Million-degree Plasma Woven Throughout The Sun’s Atmosphere

Non Contact AC Voltage Detector Circuit Diagram V

Now metal surfaces can be instant bacteria killers, thanks to new laser treatment technique V

NXP’s New Wi-Fi 6 Portfolio Accelerates its Large-Scale Adoption Across IoT, Auto, Access and Industrial Markets

Open Source Pulse Oximeter for COVID-19

Physicists produce stable water-based graphene dispersions

Planetary Gear Clock V

Purdue researchers 3D-print minerals in order to better predict fracture formation

Quantum-entangled light from a vibrating membrane


Sand Art Display V

Scientists tap unused energy source to power smart sensor networks

Self Sufficient Automated Greenhouse

Space Trash Game Using Arduino and OLED Display V

Sprayable user interfaces V

Temperature Measuring Automatic & Voice Inform V

Thanks to “flexoskeletons,” these insect-inspired robots are faster and cheaper to make

This Spectrum Analyzer Sputnik Shines a Light on the Sounds Around

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers develop one-way street for electrons

Use a Stepper Motor As a Rotary Encoder V

Versatile I/O Extender PCB to Control Many Nixie Tubes With I2C V

Voltage and current reference

X-ray vision through the water window

Xling V

10th Gen Intel Core H-series Introduces the World’s Fastest Mobile Processor at 5.3 GHz

3D Reconstructions of Individual Nanoparticles V

90V to 10V @ 500mA High Voltage DC-DC buck converter

A new way to fine-tune exotic materials: Thin, stretch and clamp

Automatic faucet (Touchless) using Arduino - Wash hands and stay safe during COVID-19 crisis V

AWS Cloud based IoT system with MQTT

Bareboat Necessities Projects

Beating LED Heart V

Birdhouse with Solar-Powered Weather Station

Color Coded Clock - Colors Show the Time V

DIY 3D Printed Single Digit Arduino Clock V

DIY IR Contact Less Thermometer an IOT device

Does relativity lie at the source of quantum exoticism?

Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages

Electronic History of the Day with PyPortal

Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power

Engineers 3D print soft, rubbery brain implants

Extreme High-Frequency Signals Enable Terabits-Per-Second Data Links

Flat-panel technology could transform antennas, wireless and cell phone communications

Giant LED Board V

Glixie… A glow in the dark Nixie V

Intro - Learn How to Design a Custom Shaped PCB With EasyEDA Online Tools V

IoT Notifier Using ESP-12E V

Linux Kernel 5.6 Officially Released

Make an Arduino Temperature Sensor (thermistor tutorial)

Making the invisible visible

Math-Physics Rainbow Clock

MOSTER FET - Dual 500Amp 40 Volt MOSFET 3d Printer Heated Bed Drivers

New electrically activated material could improve braille readers

Particle Sniffer V

Physicist from Hannover Develops New Photon Source for Tap-proof Communication

Planetary defenders validate asteroid deflection code

Printed Circuit Board

Programming around Moore’s Law with automatic code translation V

PyonAir - an Open Source Air Pollution Monitor

Quadruped Spider Robot - GC_MK1 V

Quantum Effect Triggers Unusual Material Expansion

Raspberry Pi Adjustable Air Quality Detector Running on GUI

RC Car Steered by Wheel and Pedals

Recipe for Neuromorphic Processing Systems?

ROME Clock

RS485 Shield For Arduino Nano

Smart Doorbell / Video Intercom System V

Smart pH Sensor

Stable perovskite LEDs one step closer

STMicroelectronics Simplifies Power for Smart Devices with Flexible and Rugged VIPer® Controller

The ArduINA226 power monitor

The simple light flicker meter V

Tiny Breathalyzer V

Tiny Game Console V

TinyDice: Professional PCBs at Home With Vinyl Cutter V

To Tune Up Your Quantum Computer, Better Call an AI Mechanic

Toshiba’s 80V N-channel Power MOSFETs Fabricated with Latest Generation Process Help Improve Power Supply Efficiency

Touchless Handwashing Timer / Nightlight

Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates

WI-Fi Controlled 4CH Relay Module for Home Automation

Wireless Speaker PCB V

ZX Spectrum USB Adapter for Raspberry Pi RetroPie Builds V