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Lazy Grid Clock v2
Welcome to LGCv2, a 7x11 led matrix using a single LED strip.
The idea behind this thing was to avoid soldering multiple led strips like in a classic matrix. For this to work there’s 6 leds “wasted” but it makes building the grid much faster.
Basically this is the same as my previous Lazy Grid Clock - it’s now finally updated to provide an easier build and use less materials, like screws. As there are some remixes/modifications out there I kept orientation/start point of the grid, so the sketches can be used on LGCv1 and v2.
The Arduino sketch is based on the S7ripClock. So while looking somewhat different the instructions/features from the video are valid for this also.
If you’re looking for a bigger grid and don’t care about doing some solder work you might want to have a look at my “Grid Clock v2”:”

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