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Arm Announces New Automotive Technologies to Accelerate Development of AI-enabled Vehicles by up to Two Years

Atom-by-atom: Imaging structural transformations in 2D materials

Automotive DC motor pre-driver from STMicroelectronics simplifies EMI optimization and saves power

AVR IoT Bird Watch

Build a One-Handed Soldering Tool 2.0 | Effortless Soldering With Only One Hand V

Build Your Own Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter

Building a USB SNES Controller

Bullseye! NIST Devises a Method to Accurately Center Quantum Dots Within Photonic Chips

Canonical releases Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Numbat V

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Cohart 12 Silent alarm

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Digital Hourglass

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Fedora 40 Released, Here’s What’s New

Filmolino SlideScanner

From Earth to Mars: Transporting spin information at the speed of light

GROW, the Opensource Soil Meter Project

HackSpace magazine #77

HexaClock - LED Hexagon Wall Clock V

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How Microsoft and Quantinuum achieved reliable quantum computing

How to keep data safe on the long run

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Integrated Actuation Power Solution Aims to Simplify Aviation Industry’s Transition to More Electric Aircraft

INTEL 8051 as Arduino UNO?

Intel Builds World’s Largest Neuromorphic System to Enable More Sustainable AI

Intelligent liquid - Researchers develop metafluid with programmable response

LED VU-meter Music Reactive Light

Make a simple 3D Hollow clock (Arduino Nano and 5V Stepper) V

Manchester Scientists Find Novel One-Dimensional Superconductor

Mess is best: disordered structure of battery-like devices improves performance

Microchip Brings Enhanced Code Protection and up to 15W of Power Delivery to its USB Microcontroller Portfolio

Microchip Technology Expands Its Serial SRAM Portfolio to Larger Densities and Increased Speeds

Micron First to Production of 200+ Layer QLC NAND in Client and Data Center

MIT researchers discover “neutronic molecules”

MIT scientists tune the entanglement structure in an array of qubits

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Team Says Goodbye … for Now V

NASA’s Voyager 1 Resumes Sending Engineering Updates to Earth

New 3D-printing method makes printing objects more affordable and eco-friendly

New colorful plastic films for versatile sensors and electronic displays

New Materials Discovered for Safe, High-Performance Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries

New Renesas MCUs with High-Resolution Analog and Over-the-Air Update Support Help Customer Systems Conserve Energy

New software enables blind and low-vision users to create interactive, accessible charts

New technological breakthrough for fast and efficient 3D imaging of objects

New topological metamaterial amplifies sound waves exponentially

Novel Quantum Algorithm for High-Quality Solutions to Combinatorial Optimization Problems

NXP Breaks Through Integration Barriers for Software-Defined Vehicle Development with Open S32 CoreRide Platform

One Handed Chording Keyboard

onsemi Launches Next-Generation Electrochemical Sensor Solution for Industrial, Environmental and Healthcare Applications

Pulse Oximeter With MAX30105, NodeMCU and an SSD1306 OLED Screen V

Quantum breakthrough when light makes materials magnet

Quantum crystal of frozen electrons—the Wigner crystal—is visualized for the first time

Quantum electronics: Charge travels like light in bilayer graphene

Quantum interference could lead to smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient transistors

Quantum Precision: A New Kind of Resistor

QUIONE: Announcing the birth of a unique analog quantum processor in the world

Renesas Introduces New Entry-Level RA0 MCU Series with Best-in-Class Power Consumption

Renesas’ New FemtoClock™ 3 Timing Solution Delivers Industry’s Lowest Power and Leading Jitter Performance of 25fs-rms

Researchers 3D print key components for a point-of-care mass spectrometer

Researchers Find First Experimental Evidence for a Graviton-like Particle in a Quantum Material

Researchers reveal new method for calculating mechanical properties of solids using machine learning

Researchers Show It’s Possible to Teach Old Magnetic Cilia New Tricks

Researchers use smartphone screen to create 3D layered holographic images

Samsung Electronics Begins Industry’s First Mass Production of 9th-Gen V-NAND

Secret Maze 2

Self-assembly of complex systems: hexagonal building blocks are better

Self-powered sensor automatically harvests magnetic energy

Semiconductors at Scale: New Processor Achieves Remarkable Speedup in Problem Solving V

Sen6-PDU: a Smart Power Distribution Unit

Set a DS3231 RTC Over Bluetooth V

Shrinking Technology, Expanding Horizons: Compact Chips Advance Precision Timing for Communications, Navigation and Other Applications

Sign Language Translator spectacle

Simulation Steering Wheel Controller

Single Axis Joystick Controller With Arduino V

Single Photons Go for Gold

SoundBox V


STMicroelectronics’ NFC reader brings outstanding performance-to-cost ratio of embedded contactless interaction to high-volume consumer and industrial devices

Study shows: 2D materials rotate light polarisation

Synesthetic Clock

Temperature Card

Testing 2500W Large Induction Heater V

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The Smart Jalapeno

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Wireless Scoreboard Display for Drone Soccer or Other Games V

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