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This is a miniature, cheap and easy to make portable PEMF Therapy device that you can make yourself for just a few dollars.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), which is also known as magnetic pulse therapy uses electromagnetic fields that are applied to the body in pulsing patterns to promote healing and overall wellness in the body. These fields are typically low-frequency and mimic the natural electromagnetic fields produced by the body.

PEMF therapy is used in various medical and wellness applications. It is commonly employed for pain management, wound healing, and bone-related disorders. In addition, this type of therapy improves sleep, mental focus, and the body’s overall performance by helping the energy output and regeneration of the body’s cells.

In several of my previous videos, I described different ways to make such devices yourself, because commercial ones are too expensive. After the request of several of my viewers and readers I decided to develop and make this project which is actually a miniature portable magnetic pulser that is powered by a battery and you can take it with you everywhere. And again, not to mention brands, such devices are sold at a price of 100 to 300 dollars and more. Even this device is also more advanced than the commercial ones and is controlled through a Smartphone application. We can set many different frequencies depending on the type of therapy we want to apply.

Basically this is a miniature PEMF device and produces a magnetic field of approximately 1 Gauss.

I should also mention that according to NASA research, fields of 0.5 to 4 Gauss are sufficient for effective therapy. I tried to make the device as simple as possible, so that even those with less experience in this field can make it. That’s why I used ready-made modules, which, in addition to excellent functionality, also have an incredibly

The entire device contains only a few components:
- a small DFRObot Bluetooth amplifier module model XY-WRBT
- lithium, or better lithium polymer battery (also you can use miniature power bank connected directly to micro-usb port)
- a small coil that radiates an electromagnetic field
- and a miniature switch to activate the device”

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