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Made a compact NUMPAD project using the XIAO SAMD21 and XIAO Expansion Board.

Here’s something fun and useful: an HID Numpad projectmade completely from scratch using an XIAO expansion board and 3D-printed parts.

The heart of this project is an XIAO SAMD21 development board paired with an XIAO expansion board, which contains an onboard OLED display that we use in this project to show the button press.

The expansion board was intended to be held atop a specially made enclosure that was 3D printed. We have included 12x12mm tactile buttons inside the enclosure. These buttons are held firmly in place by a holder part that was modeled in Fusion360.

This article covers the entire build process of this device, including wiring and code, so let’s get started with the build.

Material Required
These were the materials used in this project:

- XIAO Expansion Board
- 3D-printed parts
- 12x12mm Tactile Push Buttons
- Wires for connections”

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