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CO2 Buddy

This USB powered device helps your mind to stay awake by measuring the sourrunding CO2 level

In the club - you have your wingman.In the gym - you have your gym buddy.To stay productive - you have your CO2 buddy! This little device shows you when its time to open the windows based on the current CO2 level.

Ready - set - print

Print the attached

CO2 Buddy base (black)Which will hold all the electronic components
CO2 Buddy housing (black)
CO2 Buddy top (black)
CO2 Buddy ring (transparent)Which will assemble to the cover which can be stacked on top of the base
This project is as simple as it can be. Glue the three components on each position given by the “CO2 Buddy base” and connect them according to the schematic below.

red - 5V
black - GND
yellow - I2C SCL
green - I2C DATA
The Arduino code below will fade from green (800ppm) over yellow (1400ppm) to red (2000ppm) and send the current CO2 value on a Serial COM port (9600baud) every 5sec.”

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