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Bioengineered cornea can restore sight to the blind and visually impaired

Breakthrough for the realization of ultrafast quantum computers: the world’s fastest 2-Qubit gate between two single atoms

Car Sentry V


Concrete using recycled tyre rubber hits the road to a circular economy

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Engineering enzymes to help solve the planet’s plastic problem

Finding Bugs Faster Than Hackers


Genome Editing Terminology Is Standardized in NIST-Led Effort

Graphene Synapses Advance Brain-Like Computers

Green hydrogen: Nanostructured nickel silicide shines as a catalyst

Heat and manipulate, one cell at a time

High Precision Digital AC Energy Meter Circuit Voltage-Current-Power-KWh V

How to Make Simple Remote Control for electrical appliances V


Human-Machine Interfaces Work Underwater, Generate Their Own Power

Husker-developed surgical robot readies for space station test V

Hydrogen fuel cells could provide emission free backup power at datacenters, Microsoft says

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Intel Introduces First Protections Against Certain Physical Threats

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Line Follower Robot Without Using Microcontroller V

Making hydropower plants more sustainable

Math error: A new study overturns 100-year-old understanding of color perception V

Multiple DS18B20 Temp sensors interfacing with Raspberry Pi

New Method Can Remove Dyes From Wastewater

New programmable materials can sense their own movements

Optimizing SWAP Networks for Quantum Computing

Opto-isolated tachometer V

PCB Linear Actuator

PixMob IR Reverse Engineering Project

Plant Identifying, Poison Ivy Killing Gloves V


Renesas’ RZ/N2L MPUs for Industrial Ethernet Simplify Implementation of Network Functionality in Industrial Equipment

Robotic Motion in Curved Space Defies Standard Laws of Physics V

Saving time, energy and money: CSU engineering professor aims to give carbon fiber the Midas touch V

Scientists identify a plant molecule that sops up iron-rich heme

Simple Touch Sensor for LED Lighting

Stars Shed Light on Why Stellar Populations Are So Similar in Milky Way V

STMicroelectronics launches multi-connectivity development kit for indoor and outdoor asset tracking

STMicroelectronics releases TouchGFX 4.20 for advanced graphics on STM32 microcontrollers

Thinking like a cyber-attacker to protect user data

TU Delft researchers create flow-driven rotors at the nanoscale

UD’s Arijit Bose and collaborators find new ways to steer fusion with lasers and magnetic fields

Uncovering The Past: Researchers Create 3D Images Of Fossils

Using a magnetic field to remotely control the air-water interface

Whirlpools with the symmetries of squares and tetrahedrons observed in an exotic quantum superfluid

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A Molecule of Light and Matter

All Band Radio with New Firmware V

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Another Sound Level Meter Circuits

Arduino Alarm Clock & Apple Watch Charger

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Bigtime Basement Build CNC for Laser and Wood Projects

BilaSens GSM River Water Sensor

Build Your Own Plant Humidity Sensor

Car Battery Monitoring Voltmeter

CDs to flexible biosensors: Researchers discover easy, inexpensive upcycling method

Computer modelling aims to inform restoration, conservation of coral reefs

Different Ways to Control a Robot V

DIY Arduino Power Shield: Push Button On/off, Auto Shutoff, and External Watchdog Timer

DIY Bench Variable Power Supply - ZK-4KX V

Electronic Googly Eye Glasses

Engineers repurpose 19th-century photography technique to make stretchy, color-changing films V

ESP8266 WiFi range extender Arduino

First Egyptian and Portuguese Astronauts to join Dude Perfect Cofounder on New Shepard’s 22nd Flight V

Getting more out of light

Inexpensive Microphone amplifier circuit

IoT Automatic Dog Feeder

LED Tower V2

Light as a tool for the synthesis of complex molecules

Logic Game Using Digital Logic Gates

Manchester researchers make ‘significant advance’ in 2D material science with diversely behaving layers in a single bulk material


Microchip Expands Its Portfolio of MPU-Based System-on-Modules (SOMs) with the SAM9X60D1G-SOM

Microchip Introduces New CXL™ Smart Memory Controllers for Data Center Computing Enabling Modern CPUs to Optimize Application Workloads

Molybdenum caught holding the hydrogen V

Nanoparticles increase light scattering, boost solar cell performance

New Chip-Based Beam Steering Device Lays Groundwork for Smaller, Cheaper Lidar

New Materials Research Sees Transformations at an Atomic Level

New Stanford animation simulator focuses on finding interesting outcomes V

NIST Researchers Develop Miniature Lens for Trapping Atoms

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Production Modules Now Available; Partner Ecosystem Appliances and Servers Arrive

Oled 0.96 inch display Pong Game for arduino uno r3!

Playing Pico W With Arduino IDE V

QCI Achieves a Quantum Landmark for BMW by Solving 3,854-Variable Problem in Six Minutes V

RC2014 Micro Keyboard reworked as PS/2

Renesas Launches 5V RX660 32-Bit MCUs with Superior Noise Tolerance for Home Appliances and Industrial Applications

Renesas Unveils Powerful 1GHz RZ/A3UL 64-Bit MPUs with RTOS Support That Enable High-Definition HMI and Quick Startup

Research in MAGLAB verifies new phase of matter in material

Researchers 3D print first high-performance nanostructured alloy that’s both ultrastrong and ductile

Researchers Create Biosensor by Turning Spider Silk into Optical Fiber

Researchers create the first artificial vision system for both land and water

Researchers discover major roadblock in alleviating network congestion

Samsung Electronics Publishes Paper in Nature Communications on Multifunctional Artificial Muscle Actuator

Satellite Tracker W/ Green Laser Pointer

Simple clock with RGB indicator set using GPS V

Slot machine game V

Smart lighting system based on quantum dots more accurately reproduces daylight

Smart Plant Monitoring System

Solar is cheapest power, and a light-bulb moment showed we can cut costs further

Sound Level Meter


The bacteria powering a truly green revolution in personal electronics

Ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes from Nexperia protect automotive data interfaces

Using artificial intelligence to control digital manufacturing V

Voice-Activated LED Strip for $10: Pi Pico and Edge Impulse V

Watchdog of high CO2 levels

Webb Captures Stellar Gymnastics in the Cartwheel Galaxy

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