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As usual every thing I make is on a budget.

I have the Idea for a new project, but it will need a few motors for it.

The type of motors I need are quite expensive.

- They need encoders to keep track of there position.
- They need a good range of speed.
- They need quite a bit of power (Strength).
- A gearbox that has accurate positioning.

The type needed is a Harmonic Drive, this dive is quite simple, but usually needs many bearings.

- The most common type, also needs a flexible part.
- There are many designs on the internet, but most still use many steel bearings.

The cost comes with the bearings and flexible component.

What I have designed is nothing new, if you search for harmonic drives on the internet, you will probably find something very similar, all metal of course and expensive.

I Found a nice little motor on eBay with an encoder very cheap. about 3 quid (£).

So using this I have designed a Hybrid Harmonic Dive.

- All printed with PLA on my 3D Printer (apart from the motor of course)
- Has only one Bearing, Printed PLA.
- The only bought out parts are: The Motor, A 3mm Diameter x 31mm polished bar and a few M1.7 x 6mm screws.


- One fc130sa Mabuchi Motor with Encoder.
- Sixteen M1.7x6mm Self tapping screws.
- One 3mm diameter polished steel rod, length 31mm.

A 3D Printer is required to print the parts for the Gearbox.

As usual can not upload all my STL files here. (there is a 25Mb limit)

- Three of the files could not be uploaded here.
- I have done a Zip of All the files and put them on my Google Drive:
- The reason my STL files are large: Is because I fillet the sharp edges, I think it makes a better looking print.”

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