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The Ocreeb MK2 is a modular macro keyboard system with a custom magnetic connector and some problems still.

The Ocreeb MK2 is the second iteration of the original 12-key macropad. After collecting feedback over the past few months, I decided to design a new version and explore some additional new features.

The inspiration for the first one was sparked by using the Creativity Console by Monogram. One aspect that particularly intrigued me was the ability to rearrange various modules and compose different layouts using a magnetic connector system. Although my skills at the time weren’t quite up to attempting anything close to it, my interest in the idea was reignited after watching a video by Zack Freedman, where he added several modules to his Mirage Keyboard.

With newfound determination, I decided to give it a go and structure the project in a modular way, allowing you to build parts that interest you.

Bill of materials

- Macropad → BOM
- Combo Module → BOM
- Faders Module → BOM
- Dials Module → BOM

- M2 Self-Tapping Screws
- 6x3mm Magnets
- Rubber Feet

- Resin Printing System
- FDM 3D Printer
- Soldering Station/Iron.
- Helping hands
- Precision Screwdriver Set
- Wire stripper
- Flux, Solder, Solder paste
- Flush cutters
- Tweezers and pliers
- Super Glue
- Sandpaper Assortment”

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