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I know making a clock sounds a little irrelevant, especially nowadays because we all have smartphones and no one is going to use or look into the clock for time, but it is good when you are doing some work or during a workout. So, I decided to make one Arduino digital clock for my room. While searching for the clock model, I got thousands of designs but most of them used seven-segment displays and I wanted to build a unique and colourful clock without using Seven segment displays. So, here I am going to use Neo-Pixel LEDs with Arduino pro mini and RTC module. About the clock I made, it’s a very simple clock that shows time and room temperature and the main feature of this clock is that the colour of the digits changes every minute.


- Arduino Pro Mini
- DS3231 RTC Module
- WS2812 Neo pixel LEDs- 42nos
- 2× Push Button
- Switch
- AMS1117 Voltage Regulator
- 330-ohm Resistor
- 3D printed structure
- 3.7v li-ion battery
- TP4056 charging module
- MT3608 booster module”

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