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RGB Desktop clock using ATtiny85 and neopixel

I wanted to make a customised clock for my desk. With the help of neopixel LEDs, I decided to build my own digital clock that is good enough to display the time while I am working. in this clock, we can change the time time, digit colour and brightness. so let’s get started with the making.


- ATtiny 851_
_- WS2812B LEDs

- RTC DS13071_
_- AMS1117-5.0

- Switch1_
_- 10k

- Diode_41481_
_- Slide Switch

- 32.768kHz crystal oscillator *1
- TP4056 li-ion battery charging module
- 18650 li-ion battery

First, I selected neopixels for the clock because we need only one pin to control all LEDs and we can simply display different colours. To display a digit we need at least 5 rows and 3 columns of LED. So that way I designed the one-digit segment like this. that is we need 13 LEDs for one digit. And we have 4 digits which is a total of 52 neopixels. Also, I added two more LEDs for the second indication. I added ds1307 rtc ic to the circuit for saving time.”

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