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Smart Bluetooth HC-05 controlled Power Strip

Timer based smart power strip which can be controlled over bluetooth using mobile application.

Problem Definition
Overnight charging devices like mobile, Power banks and Trimmer causes an overcharging issue if not turned off on time.

Problem Solution
We need to have some system that will automatically turn off the supply to the devices—a timer-based power strip that will turn off itself after the expiry of the preset time. Implemented timer-based power strip which can be controlled using the mobile application over Bluetooth. Users can set the desired time using the application to start the power strip which will automatically turn off after the timer expiry.

Hardware Interfacing
- Connect 4 channel relay module’s IN1 to IN4 pins to UNO’s 8 to 11 pin respectively
- Connect VCC and GND of relay module to the UNO’s 5v and GND pin respectively
- Connect HC-05 module’s VCC and GND to the UNO’s 5v and GND pin respectively
- Connect the Tx and Rx pin of the HC-05 module to the Rx and Tx pin of UNO (PS: Cross connection). Remove this when programming the board.
- Fit all the hardware into the proper enclosure
- Please refer schematic and images for more reference”

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