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A key role for quantum entanglement

AI tackles the challenge of materials structure prediction

Anti-butterfly effect enables new benchmarking of quantum-computer performance

Arduino weighing machine(scale) with analog showing V

Artificial skin sweats on command

Autonomous Lawn Mower without GPS RTK

Build Your Own Retrograde Clock! V

China launches second space station module, Wentian

Cipherbox V2.0

Computer simulations aid scientists in gauging battery performance

Digital 60+12 led clock V

DIY Arduino MIDI Mixer “Crius HERMES V1.0” V

DIY TP4056 Charging Module


ESP8266 SMD to DIP adapter

Explained: How to tell if artificial intelligence is working the way we want it to

Explosive volcanic eruption produced rare mineral on Mars

First demonstration of a secure quantum network with untrusted quantum devices

Graphene scientists capture first images of atoms ‘swimming’ in liquid

HackSpace magazine #57

Hand exercises classification using Wio-Terminal

Heaviest neutron star to date is a ‘black widow’ eating its mate V

Hunt the Lunpus V

Learning some new steps in the energy conversion dance

Los Alamos National Laboratory and SK hynix to demonstrate first-of-a-kind ordered Key-value Store Computational Storage Device

Magnetic quantum material broadens platform for probing next-gen information technologies V

Micron Ships World’s First 232-Layer NAND, Extends Technology Leadership

MIT engineers develop stickers that can see inside the body V

Multi-Featured Burglar Alarm using Bolt IoT

NASA Will Inspire World When It Returns Mars Samples to Earth in 2033

New Glass-Ceramic Emits Light When Under Mechanical Stress

New hardware offers faster computation for artificial intelligence, with much less energy

New Photoacoustic Endoscope Fits Inside a Needle

Nexperia reveals wafer-level 12 & 30V MOSFETs with market-leading efficiency

Next generation atomic clocks are a step closer to real world applications

One more slice to drive the solar stack

Ortholinear Keyboard Matas v1.0

Plant Care System Based on Pi3 and Wio Node V

Programming pH

Quantum cryptography: Hacking futile

Raspberry Pi Pico and TEA5767 FM Radio V

Repro­ducibil­ity is the best pre­dic­tor of gen­er­al­iz­abil­ity

Researchers 3D print sensors for satellites

Rice engineers get a grip with ‘necrobotic’ spiders V

Scientists capture first-ever view of a hidden quantum phase in a 2D crystal

Scientists Encode “Wizard of Oz” in a Vanishingly Small Plastic


Smaller, stronger magnets could improve devices that harness the fusion power of the sun and stars

Smart UV Index Display

Strange New Phase of Matter Created in Quantum Computer Acts Like It Has Two Time Dimensions

Sunset Switch - Overkill

Tetrahedrons assemble! Three-sided pyramids form 2D structures V

The big chill: A microwave freezer for molecules

The MagPi 120

TinyML Made Easy: Anomaly Detection & Motion Classification

Toshiba’s New SiC MOSFETs Delivers Low On-Resistance and Significantly Reduced Switching Loss

Twitch Livestream Controlled Delivery Robot V

UMD Scientists Help Uncover Origins of Castaway Gamma-ray Bursts

UNH Research Finds Tiny CubeSats Can Offer a Big Scientific Bang for the Buck

Vacuum Fiber Molding (VFM) Machine

Watching viscous flow, but faster V

A new twist on old-school animation V

An engineer uses an ancient art to solve a very modern problem

Arduino ‘Knock Knock’ Door Access System V

Arduino Nano 33 IoT Modular Nixie Clock with Web UI V

Astronomers develop novel way to ‘see’ the first stars through the fog of the early Universe

Build a Car With Touch Sensitive Steering for Your Rat

Complex motions for simple actuators V

Computational technology molding a grand future in architecture

Designer Materials to Keep Plastic Out of Landfills

Digital Tachometer

Display for PC RAM, VRAM, CPU & GPU with gauges

DIY 3D Bio-printer

DIY Handheld Fan V

Dual 200mA op amp from STMicroelectronics drives power-hungry industrial and automotive loads

Grid (un)locked: Carbon-neutral future depends on updating how we make, move and store electricity

Motor-drive reference designs from STMicroelectronics include STSPIN32 and production-ready PCB

NASA, ESA to Discuss Mars Sample Return Mission

NASA Selects Draper to Fly Research to Far Side of Moon

New Device Design Brings Unparalleled Confidence to Cell Measurements

NREL Researchers Create Order From Quantum Chaos

Oxygen effects on uranium tested

Physicists use quantum simulation tools to study, understand exotic state of matter


Quan­tum com­puter works with more than zero and one

Rambus Expands Portfolio of DDR5 Memory Interface Chips for Data Centers and PCs

Reducing energy consumption: Bayreuth researchers develop test system for passive cooling materials

Researchers Propose New Multipolar Lattices for Improved Metasurfaces

Robots Learn Household Tasks by Watching Humans V

Russian physicists demonstrate inexpensive synthesis of high-melting-point carbide materials

Samsung Electronics Develops Second-Generation SmartSSD Computational Storage Drive With Upgraded Processing Functionality

Silk offers an alternative to some microplastics

Simple RGB Desktoclock using ATTINY85 V

Smart Bluetooth HC-05 controlled Power Strip

STMicroelectronics extends STM32Cube.AI development tool with support for deeply quantized neural networks

Terminator Skull V

The best semiconductor of them all?

THOR Smart Room Controller

Ultrasonic Levitation | Acoustic Levitation Experiment

Voice Controlled Door Lock using Alexa and Arduino V

Why Jupiter doesn’t have rings like Saturn

‘Wild’ Animals Repellant Sensor

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring system V

With fault tolerance the ultimate goal, error mitigation is the path that gets quantum computing to usefulness

Xiao NAH Macropad

3D Printing Nickel Single Crystals Using Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology

A boost in performances in fibre-integrated quantum memories

A new spin on nuclear magnetic moments

A programming language for hardware accelerators

A proof of odd-parity superconductivity

A team in China has developed the country’s first pure solar-powered vehicle V

Adjustable Single/Dual LED Flasher Using 555 Timer IC V

Algae biopanel windows make power, oxygen and biomass, and suck up CO2

Android controlled bluetooth radio

Arduino Robotic Arm Controlled by Touch Interface

Arduino Synth V3 V

Artificial photosynthesis lets us grow plants in total darkness

Astronomers detect a radio “heartbeat” billions of light-years from Earth

Atomically-Smooth Gold Crystals Help to Compress Light for Nanophotonic Applications​

Build a Variable Lab Bench Power Supply V

Build your own IoT platform using node.js and ESP8266

CERN tech in space: the first CERN-driven satellite has been successfully launched

China begins construction on world’s most far-reaching radar system, to boost defense against near-Earth asteroid impact

Digital Measuring Wheel V

Display VFD48-1202FN analog style V

DIY a Raspberry Game - 2048 V

EPFL And CSEM Smash Through The 30% Efficiency Barrier For Perovskite-On-Silicon-Tandem Solar Cells—Setting Two Certified World Records

Ericsson, Qualcomm and Thales to Take 5G Into Space

Generating green hydrogen from biomass, an abundant renewable energy source

Honey I Shrunk the Remotes!

How to get started with TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers

I2C SD-Card Module

ICE-V Wireless

iCEBlaster V

Intel Releases Open Source AI Reference Kits

Intravenous Flow Controller & Monitor

ITMO Scientists Suggest Way to Control Optical Properties of Novel 2D Materials in Low Temperatures

Just a Regular OverEngineered FlowerPot V

Knots in the resonator: elegant math in humble physics

Leave the Water Running? Build an IoT Smart Leak Detector V


Merge Ahead: Researcher Takes Software Bridge to Quantum Computing

Microparticles could be used to deliver “self-boosting” vaccines

MIT engineers design surfaces that make water boil more efficiently

Mobile Controlled Robot Arm From Scratch V1 V

My business card runs Linux, yours can too

NASA Reveals Webb Telescope’s First Images of Unseen Universe

Neutrino Factories in Deep Outer Space

Physicists harness quantum “time reversal” to measure vibrating atoms

President Biden Reveals First Image From NASA’s Webb Telescope

Remote control and Video Monitoring with ESP32 for Robot

Rensselaer Researchers Learn to Control Electron Spin at Room Temperature To Make Devices More Efficient and Faster

Researchers Develop Practical Fiber-Integrated Quantum Memory Device

Researchers use quantum-inspired approach to increase lidar resolution

Robot Dog Boston

Samsung Electronics Launches Industry’s First 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM To Power Next-Generation High-End Graphics Cards

SFU researchers find the missing photonic link to enable an all-silicon quantum internet

Simple Arduino Bioresonance Therapy device - RIFE Machine V

Space rocket junk could have deadly consequences unless governments act

Statistics Unlock Secrets of Particles, Pandemics, and More

STMicroelectronics and GlobalFoundries to advance FD-SOI ecosystem with new 300mm manufacturing facility in France

STMicroelectronics reveals automotive high-side switch controller with flexible diagnostics and protection

Strain-sensing smart skin ready to deploy V

Swarm dodges collision during climb to escape Sun’s wrath

Tiny Motors Take a Big Step Forward V

Two New Planets Found in Milky Way

USB to PlayStation Mouse V

USS Essex First Ship to Participate in NPS 3D Printer Research

Vega-C successfully completes inaugural flight

WiFi Garage Door Controller with Raspberry Pi Pico W V

An IoT Geiger Counter V

Astronomers Just Detected an Asteroid That’s Passing Extremely Close to Earth Today

Astronomical Clock with RTC ds3231 V

Berkeley Lab Researchers Record Successful Startup of LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Detector at Sanford Underground Research Facility


Crius OctaPot Midi Controller V

Designing next generation analog chipsets for AI applications

Diesel Car Exhaust Smoke Meter Plots Optical Transmission Through a Test Tube

Digital Fan Regulator


ESP32 based home garden watering control

Exploiting Symmetries: Speeding Up the computational study of Solid Solutions

FM Pocket Radio based on ATtiny402/412 V

Gesture Mouse

ggwave V

Led by Columbia Engineering, Researchers Build Longest, Highly Conductive Molecular Nanowire

LHCb discovers three new exotic particles

Meteor Storm

Micron DDR5 Server DRAM Available to Data Center Customers in Advance of Next-Generation Server Platforms

Microsoft datacenter batteries to support growth of renewables on the power grid

Motor Driver Board Atmega328PU and HC01 V

Nano-Rust: Smart Additive for Autonomous Temperature Control

NASA Helps Decipher How Some Distant Planets Have Clouds of Sand

NASA Updates Coverage for Webb Telescope’s First Images Reveal

NASA’s tiny CAPSTONE probe aces 1st engine burn en route to the moon

Nexperia releases the smallest DFN MOSFETs in the world

NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms

NXP Helps Standardize Next-Generation Security with Post-Quantum Cryptography


Optimal useful service life of household appliances analysed to cut environmental impacts

Physicists see electron whirlpools for the first time

Polydog - Arduino Project V

Quantum physics: record entanglement of quantum memories

Revolutionary new Swiss ‘water battery’ will be one of Europe’s main renewable sources of energy

Robot Axis (red)

Robot using gesture

Smart textiles sense how their users are moving V

Solar irradiance comparison fixed vs. tracking

Space Invaders Mini Arcede With CRT V

STMicroelectronics reveals FlightSense™ multi-zone ToF sensor for gesture recognition, intruder alert, and human presence detection in front of PC

Tabletop Magnetic Resonance Units to Revolutionize Diagnostics and Materials Analysis

The breakthrough that could simplify the 3D chipmaking supply chain

These Energy-Packed Batteries Work Well in Extreme Cold and Heat

UChicago scientists invent ‘quantum flute’ that can make particles of light move together

UCLA Scientists Develop Durable Material for Flexible Artificial Muscles

Weather Almanac V

World’s largest particle accelerator surges back to life with record-breaking run