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In this Instructables we are going to make a FM radio receiver using raspberry pi pico and TEA5767 FM receiver chip. Here I am using micropython programming language to program the Raspberry pi pico. lets get started!

List of hardware:

- Raspberry pi pico
- TEA5767 FM receiver chip
- HD44780 LCD (16*2, blue back color)
- Pushbutton
- PAM8403 Class-D Stereo power amplifier module
- Bread board—2
- Jumper wires
- Resistors (1K—2, 10K—1, 100—1)
- Capacitors (0.1UF)
- Potentiometer (10K)
- Multiturn potentiometer(10K)
- Speaker (4-ohm, 3W)
- Micro-B USB cable”

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