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Room Temperature Monitoring

Raspberry Pi Pico Project Room Temperature Monitoring Using Dht 11 Sensor and 16 x 2. Lcd

The project that I am currently working on is monitoring room temperature using a Raspberry Pi Pico, this tool is very useful for knowing the temperature and humidity in the room. This tool also uses a dht 11 sensor, where the DHT sensor is a sensor package that functions to measure air temperature and humidity as well as in which there is an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) type thermistor to measure temperature, a humidity sensor with resistive characteristics to changes in water content in the air. and there is a chip inside that performs some analog-to-digital conversions and outputs a single-wire bi-directional format.

besides Dht 11 I also use a 16 x 2 Lcd for the output display which is a data viewer module that uses liquid crystal as a material for displaying data in the form of writing or images.”

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