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Check the room occupancy by radar and communicate its status by Bluetooth (BLE) to next room. Why? Avoid meeting disturbance.

Room planning can become a challenge - at home as well as in a company. And so it may happen, that two rooms will share one wall… although one room is requested to be quiet, while in the other some more action takes place, e.g. parent’s bedroom next to the children’s room - Or, like the original reason for this project, caused by a building reconstruction the new cafeteria area was next to a meeting room. And worse, in the leisure room there is a table soccer available what basically prevents doing any meeting - but’s shouldn’t it be vice versa?

The idea
Depending on the meeting room occupancy - detected by PIR or radar sensor - a light panel shall inform and ask people to stay silent or allows playing table soccer when no meeting takes place.

To make the installation easy a wireless communication shall be used.”

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