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Spatial Desktop Clock

Perception of time is really an amazing and fascinating topic. Often we see analog clocks and get a feeling “Are we stuck in a loop going round and round”?, though in reality time is flowing continuously.

Inspired from this, I thought of making a simple desktop clock to visualize the flow of time in spatial dimensions from analog round dial clock.

From front view we can witness an analog round dial clock, from side view a linear clock, isometric view would visual spiral flow in 3D.

- Acrylic Transparent Slides x 13 - 5mm Thickness
- Acrylic Colored Slide x 1 - 5mm Thickness
- RGB LED strip WS2812B - 144 LED/meter - 12 LED length
- XIAO ESP32-C3 module x1
- DS3231 RTC Module x1 (Optional)
- 30 gauge wire - 2 meter
- M3 x 5mm x4
- M3 Brass Inserts x4
- USB-C cable

3D printed parts:
- Holder x1
- Lid x1

- Drilling Machine with M5 drill bit
- Knife
- Paper Tape
- Soldering Iron
- Wire Cutter
- Screw Driver
- Marker Pen

- Arduino IDE

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