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Organic Finbonacci Clock

People often ask me, where do you get all the time yo come up with those cool clocks. I respond with the wit that every clock adds time to my life. In fact is how bigger the clock how much more time we have. In the early times clocks were really big and people seem to have a lot of time. The smaller the clocks got, the fewer the time seemed that people experienced to have. With the coming of the atom clock, the smallest singular part with its characteristics, time went really short.
Now my clock. The best clocks can be read in just a second. For example a digital or analog clock you can read the time within a blink of the eye. I have tried to make a clock that has that same feature. It’ s not supposed to be display the time exactly but to give an organic view of time in minutes of hours. In just a view seconds the clock can be reprogrammed to show time in a real Fibonacci way. But in this case 24 LEDS give a view of the part of an hour or day that is past.

The hardware of the electronics is quite simple. It contains a strips of 25 RGB LED’s. The first Din (minutes) is connected to D1 of the Arduino. +5V and GND are connected also. This is all the hardware.

The LED strip is glued to the Fibonacci shape like in the first photo”

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