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Lazy 7 / Quick Build Edition

Yes. Another one. I’ll copy/paste the infos I’ve put up on Thingiverse here, this documentation is only really needed for the led strip routing.

Recently I published the 7 Segment Clock - Small Printers Edition, the first 7 segment display I built using led strips with 30 leds/m.

One thing that wasn’t really possible was using a single led strip for the whole clock, like Lazy 7 / One.

But Lazy 7 / One does require lots of material and is not really something you’re going to print within a few hours.

Then I remembered I only had published one 7 Segment Clock using a vertical layout, the Retro 7 Segment Clock - SE. And I’m not really a big fan of that one. The “open frame” design doesn’t help readability in my opinion and it doesn’t feature dots between HH/MM.

This is the result. Some kind of mix between the SPE and L7/One. It’s a bit tricky coming up with reasonable names - but at least I’ll try to stick to “Lazy = Single Strip”, just like inside the Lazy Grid Clock v2 ;)

This one requires a printer with a build size x/y of at least 179.5mm x 107mm, Z max is somewhere around 20mm.

There’s 2 leds inside each segment. 4 digits = 28 segments = 56 leds. Adding the
two dots (2 leds each) we end up using 60 leds, no “wasted ones”.

I did several changes to (hopefully) make it fit on printers like the Prusa Mini. The goal of this thing was to make it an easy and fast print and build - so slicing everything down to small parts again would have somehow defeated one of the design goals…”

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