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The HexaClock is a hexagon-shaped LED matrix with each pixel also in the shape of a hexagon! This clock will pour colors onto your wall.

There are only 5 parts to be printed. You need a printer with at least 225x200mm printbed. For the HexGrid part, which is the front of the clock, it is probably the best to have a glossy flat surface like glass or PEI.

- HexGrid (white)
- LedBase (black)
- PcbCover (black)
- RearBase (black) /w supports
- WallHook (black) /w supports


- custom PCB
- ESP8266-12E/F
- FTDI programmer + wires
- 2x tact switch 5mm
- PR photoresistor 5537 or similar (~20-50kOhm bright resistance)
- C2A THT capacitor 220uF 16V
- F2 SMD 1808 5A fuse + fuse holder
- a bunch of 90° angled 2.54mm male “dupont” pins
- J2 jumper 2.54mm
- R1B 6.8kOhm
- R2 10kOhm

- R3 10kOhm
- R4 10kOhm

- R5 10kOhm
- R6 10kOhm

- C1B 100nF
- U2 AMS1117-3.3 voltage regulator

- 5V WS2812B 60led/meter LED strip approx 2.2m long (total 127 leds)
- Power jack 5.5/2.5mm socket
- ~2m of 18AWG wire or similar
- ~1m of 26AWG wire or similar
- Power supply 5V/5A DC 5.5/2.5mm power jack
- (if needed) Power cord extension 5.5/2.5mm power jack”

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