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Binary single row Led Clock (24h)

This is a again a clock, I know, and agian a binary one, I know!
I just like to create different kinds of clocks, mainly using RGB leds.
Binary time is not always easy to be read, so I thought to make even some more complicated. I think that makes it more interesting on the other side, if you also like such things.

The time is displayed like an ordinary digital clock, just each number is in a binary code.

For example:
21:36:43 = 10 0001:011 0110:100 0011

I had the chosen layout in mind after having created my last binary led clock, but I also noticed that already other people did have this same idea. So I took the chance to design one which can be 3d printed at home and build with easy components.

It is just using a single strip of WS2812B RGB leds (IP30 version, since I only used them for inddor), 3-pins with +, - and data pin.

The clock can be driven by an arduino or an esp8266, or equivalent, module.
I am currently using either the full size esp8266 or an Wemos D1 (or clone) for my builds.

For my latest builds I use to implement the Wifi-Manager, which give my the option to set any Wifi networks I need, by just pressing a push-button on startup.
One that is done, the module will store the given SSID and password and use at every boot, without any manual interaction.

I am adding here also the arduino source code, as also the OpenSCAD source, for you to change whatever you like to have different the base version.

I hope you can find interest and fun with this creation.”

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