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This is a clock with a floating display based on Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection (AIRR). The numbers from individual LED panels are projected using a beamsplitter and a retroreflective foil. For the observer the numbers seem to float in the air a few centimeters in front of the clock’s screen. To enhance the 3D impression I added servo motors to the LED panels so that they can be tilted. This makes the digits seemingly rotate in and out of plane.

- Wemos D1 mini ESP8266
- PCA9685 16Ch Servo Driver board
- 4pcs SG90 micro servo
- 4pcs 8x8HD DigiDot LED panel (
- beampslitter glass 207x137mm (
- Orafol ORALITE Superlens 3000 DIN A4 (

- 3D printer
- soldering iron”

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