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The ESP Matrix Board that I developed for use in this project uses PCBWAY PCB services. By following this instructable you can make a Digital Clock LED Dot Matrix at a relatively cheap cost and don’t require coding skills, just follow it step by step from start to finish.

Here are the components that you will need to make this project:

1 x PCB ESP Matrix Board (PCBWAY)
1 x LED Dot Matrix MAX7219 4in1 Module
1 x NodeMCU Amica ESP8266
1 x USB to TTL CP2012 Module
1 x RTC DS3231 Module
1 x Active Buzzer 5V
1 x Tact Switch 22mm
1 x 5 pin Male Header 90 degree
2 x 5 pin Male Header
2 x 15 pin Female Header
1 x 4 pin Female Header
USB OTG Adapter
Micro USB Cable
Case 3D Printing Part
Acrylic transparent 3mm”

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