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This is a Digital Clock design that was built from 24 custom 3D printed analog clocks. It shows the digital time. Between time displays, it shows moving artwork.

It is composed of 3D printed parts, 25 Arduino nanos and 48 stepper motors. Each clock face uses a custom Eagle designed PCB which can be ordered easily. The total price I paid to build this was about $500.

The clock can be adjusted to store different time zone offsets which are saved in the master Arduino EEPROM memory.

The Clock is inspired by a clock that I saw in a Boston store a few years ago by Humans Since 82. They have a similar (and better quality) clock for sale called the ClockClock24. It costs around $6000 and is beautiful. I highly recommend that you buy one if this is in your budget.

I would say that this is a moderately difficult build but would be a very rewarding high school or college student project especially if you have multiple 3D printers.

If you do this project, you will learn 3D printing, Arduino coding, schematic/PCB design and mechanical skills. There is a lot to go wrong when you are making 24 of something so… you will learn some debugging skills too.


3D Printer
Soldering Iron
Screw Drivers
Wire cutters and crimper
Cyanoacrylate Krazy Glue”

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