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Mesmerizing Magnetic Wall Clock

Mechanical clocks have always fascinated me. The way all of the internal gears, springs, and escapements work together to result in a constant reliable timepiece has always seemed out of reach for my limited skill set. Thankfully modern electronics and 3D printed parts can bridge the gap to create something simple that doesn’t rely on small precise metallic parts.
This minimalist wall clock hides a pair of 3D printed ring gears driven by inexpensive stepper motors that rotate magnets behind a classic walnut veneer.
Initially inspired by STORY Clock, I wanted a time piece that indicated the time of day using ball bearings only vs the digital readout and slow moving ball bearing their product uses.

- 13 x 13 x 2 in. Plywood/Particle Board (I glued together 3 pieces of scrap wood)
- 13 x 13 in. Hardboard
- Arduino Nano
- Real Time Clock
- Stepper Motors and Drivers
- Hall Effect Sensors
- Magnets
- Power Cable
- AC Adapter
- Plug
- Assorted Machine Screws
- Assorted Wood Screws
- 3D Printed Parts (Last Step)
- Veneer (12 x 12 in. - face, 40 in. long strip)
- Spray Lacquer
- Black Spray Paint

- 3D Printer
- Compass
- X-acto Knife
- Glue
- Clamps
- Circle Cutting Jig
- Hack Saw
- Disc Sander
- Ratchet Clamp
- Chisel
- Ruler
- Sander
- Drills
- Screwdrivers
- Soldering Iron
- Hot Glue Gun”

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