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I have always been facinated by rolling ball clocks and when I saw JBV Creatives “Rolling Ball Escapement” demo I just had to build it into a working project.
This is a general purpose kitchen timer and uses a 3D printed Rolling Ball Escapement fromJBV Creative.
The original Rolling Ball Escapement was driven by a weight and string pulling on a ratchet gear.
I have replaced the weight with a stepper motor controlled by an Arduino NANO.
Time remaining is displayed on a 8 digit 7 segment LED display along with other functions.
The timer sound is provided by a JQ9500 sound module that can play any MP3 sound files as the timer alert.
Designed to be wall mounted but can be used on a counter top if attached to a heavey base for example a granite sample as in the animation.


3D Printed Parts

The image shows the list of 3D printed parts.
The items in red are included with the Rolling Ball Escapement kit.
Note some parts are listed as 0 in the “New Qty” colume as they are not required.
The parts in light grey are included in the zip file.

Parts list

- 1 off Rolling Ball Escapement
- 1 off Arduino Nano
- 1 off Verboard 51 holes x 30holes 31 strips
- 1 off 28-BYJ48 Stepper Motor and ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver
- 1 off JQ6500 sound module
- 1 off Mottram Labs 0.56” MAX2719 7 Segment Display Module Green
- 1 off ND Gel Filter Sheet 30mm x 120mm
- 2 off MP1584EN ultra Small DC-DC 3A power Step-Down Adjustable Module Buck Converter
- 1 off Wooden Back board 265mm x 110mm (engineered wood flooring off cut)
- 1 off Bearing 624ZZ
- R2 Resistor 3K3
- R3 Resistor 3.3K
- R1 Resistor 3K
- D1 1N4001
- R4 100
- C3 Electrolytic 220 µF
- C2 ceramic 100nF
- C1 ceramic 2,5mm, 100nF
- F1 Fuse with holder, 1A
- 1 off 12mm Latching Push Button Switch SPST
- 2 off 12mm Non Latching Push Button Switch SPST
- 5 off 6×6×8mm Momentary Tactile Tact Push Button Switch with Button Caps
- Various Pin Headers Male & Female”

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