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HackSpace magazine #68

Hash Latch

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Line Follower With ESP32-CAM L0Cost Robot Controller

Manchester scientists caught Hofstadter’s butterfly in one of the most ancient materials on Earth

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Neck watch PICO ZERO(cyberpunk) V

New environmentally friendly solar panel recycling process helps recover valuable silver

Protons set to power next-generation memory devices

Quantum Computers Can Now Interface With Power Grid Equipment

Record-breaking number of qubits entangled in a quantum computer (New Scientist)

Renesas Develops Complete Power Management Solution for AMD Space-Grade Versal Adaptive SoC

ROSE: A Revolutionary, Nature-Inspired Soft Embracing Robotic Gripper

Samsung Develops Industry’s First GDDR7 DRAM To Unlock the Next Generation of Graphics Performance

Simple Arduino Hulda Clark ZAPPER with Timer function V

Smart Powermeter

‘Strange metal’ sends quantum researchers in circles

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The thing that goes CLACK and Ding

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Variable Voltage Power Module

W5100S-POE-EVB-PICO(POE development board for RP2040)

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BeagleV-Ahead RISC-V computer from available now under $150

China beats rivals to successfully launch first methane-liquid rocket

Drexel’s Titanium Oxide Material Lets Sunlight Drive Green Hydrogen Production

Freeze charges in flames

Gesture Based Home Automation using Bolt IoT V

How an “AI-tocracy” emerges

Microchip Introduces Its First Automotive-Qualified 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Devices

Mini Tetris - RP2040 Beginner Project V

NASA, Aerojet Rocketdyne Put Gateway Thruster System to the Test

Nerdy Clock - Binary Clock Using Pico W

New material could hold key to reducing energy consumption in computers and electronics

New technique may help achieve mass production fusion energy

Nexperia unveils industry’s first coin cell battery life and power booster


Pump powers soft robots, makes cocktails V

Renesas Introduces R-Car S4 Starter Kit That Enables Rapid Software Development for Automotive Gateway Systems

Researchers develop approach that can enable inexpensive mass manufacturing of micro-LED displays

Reverse-engineering the 8086 processor’s address and data pin circuits

Samsung Starts Mass Production of Automotive UFS 3.1 Memory Solution With Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption

Simple 3D Printed Magnetic Stir Plate

STMicroelectronics begins volume production of PowerGaN devices for slimmer, cooler, and more efficient power products

Stripboard Oscilloscope MkII

Toshiba Releases 3rd Generation 650V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes that Contribute to More Efficient Industrial Equipment

Webb Celebrates First Year of Science With Close-up on Birth of Sun-like Stars

A better way to create space

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An impossible planet?

Antique Lantern Project V

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C64 Cartridge on a Stripboard

CERN tech to help investigate the dark universe

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CPU clock module (with single step)

ESA’s Euclid Mission Launches to Explore ‘Dark Universe’

First Direct Visualization of a Zero-Field Pair Density Wave

Hardware CI Arena

Homegrown research team to put plants on the Moon

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Mathematicians solve long-known problem

MIT physicists generate the first snapshots of fermion pairs

MIT scientists build a system that can generate AI models for biology research

Nanosheet technology developed to boost energy storage dielectric capacitors

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Phones Home

Nega­tively charged and yet pretty cold

New 600 V discrete IGBTs from Nexperia for class-leading efficiency in power applications

New Bioinspired Robot Flies, Rolls, Walks, and More V

New Laser-Based Method Could Help Scientists Discover New Puncture-Resistant Materials

piccoloBASIC V

Quantum Hacking Alert: USTC Uncovers Critical Vulnerabilities in Quantum Key Distribution

Quasar ‘clocks’ show Universe running five times slower soon after Big Bang V

Researchers Create Highly Conductive Metallic Gel for 3D Printing

Researchers demonstrate first visible wavelength femtosecond fiber laser

Researchers demonstrate single-molecule electronic “switch” using ladder-like molecules

Researchers grow precise arrays of nanoLEDs

Samsung Electronics and MediaTek Achieve Innovative 5G Uplink Breakthrough With Three Transmit Antennas

Scientists use Exotic Stars to Tune into Hum from Cosmic Symphony V

Seven-Segment Display Do it Yourself

Simple data gets the most out of quantum machine learning

Space Invaders On the Uno R4 WiFi LED Matrix

STMicroelectronics’ GaN driver integrates galvanic isolation for superior safety and reliability

STMicroelectronics reveals latest FlightSense™ multi-zone distance sensor with camera-like field of view

Superconducting qubit foundry accelerates progress in quantum research

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