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The thing that goes CLACK and Ding

A keyboard add-on that makes your mechanical keyboard even more noisy

I like mechanical keyboards and my coworkers joked my current keyboard wasn’t loud enough. So, I made the clacker. It’s built on a Teensy 4.1. In it’s current state it sits between the keyboard and the computer so it can be added to any keyboard. The teensy intercepts the key presses and for most keys activates the solenoid to strike the wood block. The enter key rings the bell and caps lock plays the Mario grow sound on lock and shrink sound on unlock.

Why? Well why not?

Sure, I could go buy and 5251 wire it up to run on mains power and have a real solenoid but that would get me fired. So, this got my point across and now mechanical keyboards are a thing at work.

If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It is much easier to apologise than it is to get permission.” ~ Grace Hopper

Hand wired with proto-board to be somewhat aesthetic.”

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