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This project was primarily created for the ReVox A700 reel2reel tape recorder, but can also be used in general. Copyright (C) 2021 by DIYLAB

Actually, the project is meant to replace the analog pointer instrument of the ReVox A700 with a TFT display. However, the field of application is not limited to this! Analog VU meters, RMS and PPM meters, spectrum analysis, goniometer and correlation are displayed. The appearance of the individual modules can be set in detail with an extra tool and also all workspaces (see below).

There will also be the PCB for the project and a schematic here soon.

The project needs your help, there are still many to do. A todo list will also come in the next days. i am very grateful for help.

These components are required as a minimum
- Teensy 4.0 (recommended) or Teensy 4.1
- Audio Adaptor Board for Teensy 4.x Rev D
- TFT display with ILI9341 controller and a resolution of 320x240 px

Display recommendations
- 3.2inch SPI Module ILI9341 SKU:MSP3218
- 2.8inch SPI Module ILI9341 SKU:MSP2807
- 2.4inch SPI Module ILI9341 SKU:MSP2402
- 2.2inch SPI Module ILI9341 SKU:MSP2202
Many other displays are also possible if they have the required connectors, have the ILI9341 controller and a resolution of 320x240 px.”

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