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A digital camera made from the Mitsubishi M64282FP artificial retina and a Raspberry Pi Pico.
The project fully emulates the sensor management strategy of the Game Boy Camera while completely bypassing the MAC-GBD mapper, which means you can record pixel perfect images without the limitation of storage space or the need for a Game Boy Printer emulator. The device can output dithered 2 bits per pixel images (like the Game Boy Camera) as well as smooth 8 bits per pixel images that take advantage of the full sensor bit-depth. It features time lapse recording, live recording, motion detection, High Dynamic Range, multi-exposure, night mode, Peak Focusing, fancy borders and even more. It’s a fully open project so fork it and play with it !

The code was developped for Raspberry Pi Pico with the Earle F. Philhower RP2040 core. TFT display is driven with the Bodmer TFT_eSPI library. The code originates from an Arduino version that requires a PC. This project was preceded by a regrettable attempt to do the same with an ESP32 (to be honest, I did not know what I was doing at that time but the dev on ESP32 was a nightmare in comparison to Pi Pico). You may also check this similar project using a STM32 and a Holga camera.

If you manage to touch the unobtainium M64283FP, enhanced version of the M64282FP, it’s also compatible with the DashBoy Camera (and the Game Boy Camera in general). I was lucky enough to obtain a few of them, and was able to test them in real-life conditions. This sensor produces very smooth (to not say blurry) images probably due to an increased IR sensitivity.”

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