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Scoppy Oscilloscope Math Channels Tutorial

Scoppy is firmware and an Android app that can be used with a Rasperry Pi Pico, Pico W or RP2040 to create a 2-channel, 150kHz oscilloscope.

Up until now a missing feature of Scoppy that is found on most oscilloscopes is math functions. With the release of version 1.027 of the Scoppy Android app this situation has now been remedied. Scoppy now supports two math channels that can be configured using a range of arithmetic functions.

Up to five functions and three sources can be combined to create a wide variety of formulas.

Enabling the Math Channel(s)
Tap ‘Menu’ and then ‘Math’. From here you can switch on or off either of the math channels or tapping ‘Edit’ will display the math settings screen.

For now we will tap MA1 to switch on the first math channel. The formula used to calculate the math waveform defaults to CH1 + CH2. Later on in this tutorial we will describe how to edit the formula.”

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