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I’ve made a solar powered esp32-now rc robot. The solar module is mounted on a camera pan-tilt mechanism and tracks the sun by taking measurements from four photoresistors. This is really two projects in one. The first project is to build the esp32-now rc car (or any esp32 type buggy your like) and the second part is making the solar tracker for the sun. The solar module I’m using is quite small, so we need to track the sun to get any decent current from it. And, then we combine the two.


The following is a list of parts I used:

- Robot chassis. I’m using a 4-wheel robot chassis because it has two layers, but a 2-wheel one should work. You just need to have a top layer to mound the solar cells:
- Solar module:
- TB6612FNG x 2 dual mosfet h-bridge motor drivers.
- PCB or loads of jumper cables.
- 18650 batteries x 2.
- Battery holder x 2 for 18650 battery.
- TP4056 x 2.
- MT3608 dc-dc boost converter.
- Soldering equipment: soldering iron, flux and solder wire.
- 3d printer (stl files for the solar cell tracker mount are attached).
- Photoresistors x 4. I’m using the 5539 photoresistors. You can search these on Ali express, or buy them from your local electronics retailer. Best to get a bunch of these because you will need to find the four that have the closest match for outdoor use.
- Camera pan-tilt mount,
- SG90 servos x 2
- ESP32 dev board x 2 (1 for the car and one for the remote controller). I’m using the 38-pin dev board, which I’ve designed my pcb to fit. You can alter pcb design or hack it for a 30-pin board.
- Analogue joystick (typical arduino joystick).
- led x 1
- jumper cables
- hot glue gun and hot glue
- Standoffs. I’m using 40mm and 12mm”

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