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I created a DIY controller box using single-axis joystick modules and Arduino Nano to control an RGB LED, servo motor, and stepper motor!

In this project, I demonstrate three different use cases for single-axis joysticks with an Arduino Nano microcontroller. The joysticks used in this project can be found here!

Single-axis joysticks have historically been cumbersome for hobbyists due to their large size and high cost, and while dual-axis joysticks are ubiquitous and commonly available, sometimes a user just wants to control a single axis. For example:

- Controlling the light output level from an LED
- Setting the angle of a rudder, airfoil, or RC car’s steering angle for hobbyist projects using a low-cost SG90 servo motor
- Jogging the position of a stepper motor on a DIY CNC machine

In this article, I share a demo unit that utilizes 3 x single-axis joystick module breakout boards to demonstrate these three applications!”

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