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"Miles" the Quadruped Spider Robot

Based on Arduino Nano , Miles is a spider robot that uses its 4 Legs to walk and maneuver. It uses 8 SG90 / MG90 Servo motors as actuators for the legs, consists of a custom PCB made to power and control the servos and the Arduino Nano.PCB has dedicated slots for IMU module, Bluetooth module and even IR sensor array to make the robot autonomous. Body is made from laser cut 3mm acrylic sheets, can be 3D printed as well. Its a great project for enthusiasts to explore inverse kinematics in robotics.

The code and libraries,Gerber files and STL/step files for project will be made available on request. Miles is also available as a Kit, DM for details.

This project is inspired by mePed ( and utilizes an upgraded code inspired by it.

Components needed:

Optional are marked as ~

Miles PCB (1)
Miles Mechanical Body parts
SG90/MG90 servo motors (12)
Aduino Nano (1)
LM7805 Voltage regulator (6)
Slide Switch (1)
0.33uF Electrolytic cap (2)
0.1uF electrolytic cap (1)
3.08mm 2 pin Pheonix connector (1)
2 pin Relimate connector (1)~
10 pin Relimate Connector (1)~
4 in Relimate connector (1)~
Male header pins for servo Connectors”

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