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One of my favorite types of projects to work on are clocks. Many people are fascinated, and sometimes even obsessed, with the passage of time, and I’m no exception. I love creating new projects and finding interesting ways to display time, or adapting existing ones. Word clock, Color coded clock, Cistercian clock – if you’re curious, you can see them among my projects.

Today, I want to share my take on a linear desk clock.

My starting point was Mirko Pavleski’s project - DIY Unusual Linear Clock (he also has a video of this project), and then I found two other interesting options: Linear RGB LED Clock, and Linear Calendar Clock.

My idea was to “shorten” the clock’s display as much as possible so that it would look good on a desk. I also changed the way the exact time is displayed, compared to the other projects.

I hope you’ll stick around to see the final result :)


What is needed…

- 3D printed parts (the entire fully editable project is on tinkercad)
- Wemos D1 mini module
- WS2812 LEDs, a strip with 35 pieces (60LEDS/m strip)
- DC plug, female, 2.5mm, with wires
- Power source 5v/2A
- A piece of smoked acryl
- A piece of white paper
- Some colored wires, hot glue

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