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How to Make a Small Desk Clock With Weather Station

Hi beloved readers in this project I will show you how to make this Small Desk Clock with Weather Station

This is a step-by-step article, I will guide you through the process of creating your very own desk clock using a Mini LCD display, Wemos D1 Mini microcontroller, lithium-ion battery, and the ability to show real-time weather and temperature data.

This project combines electronics, programming, and creativity to build a unique and functional desk accessory

What can you expect by building this project?

There are many things but most importantly you will have a desk clock that shows you the real-time temperature, Day, Date, and time.

Along with this, you will learn lots of things like how to make connections and the basics of electronics and programming..

Below are the components required for making this desk clock

- Wemos D1 Mini
- LCD display module
- Breadboard
- Charging Module(Type C)
- Battery
- Bread Board
- Soldering iron and lead
- Arduino IDE and Programming cable
- Optional - 3D printer, Custom PCB

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