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WiFi Controlled Mark IV Tank 3D Printed

Hello builders,

that is my redesign of the British army’s original Mark IV tank from WWI. I hope you enjoy it. I designed this robot for half a year. It was my first thing I ever designed. I had a lot of setbacks, but I finally made it. I build it for a science competition, but I didn’t nail it in time. Furthermore, I designed it in Tinkercad. First, I was awful in the designing. I mean really awful. And I thought Tinkercad is the best 3D design program in the world. I had a lot of trouble getting the right tolerances. But now I know it better. It was a hard time designing it because the program isn’t the best program for doing complex designs with a lot of tight tolerances. I threw a lot of filaments away, but I think it was worth it. So now you can make the finished model yourself.

What you need:

Arduino Nano Version
- Arduino Nano

Esp Wi-Fi Controlled Version
- Esp Wemos D1 Mini(ESP8266)

What you need for either:

- Gear Box
- A lot of 1.6*30 mm nails (estimated 30)
- Nail cutter
- Hot glue gun
- You can find all of the STL files above or on my Thingiverse side.
- Really thin wires
- Copper cable
- L293D Motorcontroller
- Printklemmen
- Soldering Iron
- Window seals cut into small part
- 3D Printer or you order the parts online”

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