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Hey everyone what’s up!

So here’s my 3D Printed Self-balancing robot which is powered by an Arduino nano board and has an MPU6050 to get the accelerometer and gyro readings to balance itself using the PID function.
This robot setup itself is almost 3D Printed except for its big nylon wheels, I bought the wheels from the local hardware store but you can purchase them from the internet.
In this Instructables, I’m gonna show you guys how you can make your own Self-balancing bot in few easy steps with an Arduino board and MPU650.

3D Printed Parts-

Base x 1
Battery Holder x 1
Bottom x 1
Bush x 2
Upper-Level Part (Optional)
Other stuff-

Trolly Nylon wheels 7inch Dia x 2
Nuts and Bolts as per requirement
DC Gear Motor x 2
12V Battery pack
Arduino Nano
Custom PCB
L298N Motor Driver”

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