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Hey Everyone! Creative Robotix, now that’s what we like! Have you ever wanted to imagine, create and make your very own humanoid robot with it’s very own personality? We have, so we did, and we would like to share with you what we have done. Meet Timmy, the cute Android humanoid robot with attitude, he likes reading, drinking coffee, watching ducks fly past while at the park, trying out for the local football team and enjoying a relaxing evening read at home after a busy day. Our good friend Mini-Jimmy helped us imagine, design and build Timmy, we think he wanted a new play buddy all to himself while his best friend Paul (another robot) was off on his holidays. More adventures of Paul and Mini-Jimmy’s big cousin Jimmy can be found in the 21st Century Robot Project book. Timmy is articulated with 5 low-cost servo motors and is an expressive little dude with differential drive, independent head and arm movements, colourful facial expressions and a voice to match. He also knows where things are, like lines on the floor and if there are obstacles in front of him. He is powered by an Arduino Nano and has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to program him to operate in a few different modes. In full autonomous mode he is a happy little robot independent and carefree, in interactive mode he can connect to your mobile phone and you can play with him, or in super smart mode, you can give him a ‘Brain the Size of a Planet’ (as Marvin, the Paranoid Android, a fictional character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams was said to have) and hook him into the cloud of things via your PC where he can access internet knowledge and talk to other cloud connected Creative Robotix robots out there and share experiences. The options are limitless.”

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