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In these instructables we will show you, how to make 3d printed tank with catapult. We were working on this project more than 500 hours, and we will keep updating it with better versions. We named it “HOG”. You can use our tracks for any project, catapult is only an add-on, and you dont need to print one, if you only need them. But this is not regular catapult - it is semi-automatic. It fires ping pong balls and can reload 3 times. Its range is somewhere around 3 meters. We used three servo motors, to achive that. It is powered by two 18650 batteries. We are using arduino NANO microcontroler. To make it easy to control and drive, we made app, wich you can download to your Android device. You can connect to HOG by Bluetooth. In next steps we will show you how to assemble, program and drive HOG. We draw it in two different programs, Fusion 360 and Solid Works to see the difference between them.”

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