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Poor man’s openscad screw library

Parametric (Customizable) Radius Gauge

PCB box generator

Vice mechanical v2.0

Customizable measuring cups (OpenSCAD)

Modulus Gear Customizer

Plant Pot Lid

Customizable Measuring Cylinder

Multiplication puzzle V2

DNA Playset

Electronics Enclosure for Arduino Mega or Rambo Mini and LCD Graphic or LCD 2004 Controller

Holes Gauge 1mm-10mm

OpenSCAD User Manual/Example/Strandbeest

Customizable Plate Bracket for Aluminium Extrusion Profiles (Misumi 2020, 2040, 4040, …)

Bipolar Transistor Teaching Aide

Customizable DIP IC extractor

Customizable Parametric Simple Bitholder v2

Parametric Wallet

Banana jack adapter for breadboards

Parametric Garage Boxes

Parametric Lego Robot Wheels

Parametric Servo Gripper Lego Brick Set

Customizable Sanding Stick

OpenScad Micro Servo Robot Arm Remix using MG90 Servo’s

Parametric Music Box

Chip-E - RobotGeek Biped

Peg board round cable holder

Drawers for small components

Customizable Box with Sliding Top

Customizeable Length 30mm T-slot

simple door hinge 234 degree move

Parabolic Chess Set

Router for Dremel

Simple PCB Holder

Four Whistles Version 2

Customizable Stackable Box System

MOAB - MOther of All fan Brackets

Cable clamp OpenSCAD parametric

Wire Terminal/Connector Block/Strip

DIP IC Organizer

OpenSCAD - Array Utility

OpenSCAD Graph Generator

Customizable Compartmentalized Container

OpenSCAD Turbine Propeller Generator

Single Cylinder Air Engine Smaller Edition

Back to Basics Drafting Set

Customizable threaded rounded box


Hinged triangle to square transformation

LM Desktop Container Creator

Parametric funnel and stand

Customizable breadboard

Wire stripper (3 slot version)

Yet ANOTHER Machine Vise

4 x AA Battery Holder

Lab Power Supply

Parametric PCB Mounting Bracket/Stand Off

Customizable stereographic picture projector v3

Monster Mouth Headphone Holder - Clampable

Ultimate PCB and IC Vise – Version 4 - Printable Vise for Small Electronics

Adjustable Wall Mount Tool Holder (Pliers, Tweezers, Cutters etc)

Customizable Stencil Ruler

Parametric Peristaltic Pump

The Folding Arduino Lab

Walking Gear Robot

Chess Complete SCAD

Tool Shelf for the Bench (parametric)

Center Finder

Parametric Container

Simple Sprayer Nozzle (Customizable)

2017 New Years Shutter Shades

Customizable Shutter Shades

Customizable Slinky

Customizable Sudoku Game

Malta Cross movement - Non-linear gears - OpenScad - Configurable

PnP Box

Tool rack for 3d printer accessories

Colorfull tree puzzel

Customizable Tool Maker’s Clamps

Ultimate configurable dice

Cap that Hole

Customisable Flower Pot, bowl or vase

OpenSCAD threads module

Customizable Hinge v2

Customizable Simple Part Bin

Parametric Enclosure with Lid

12V mini cyclone vacuum cleaner

Customizable Escalator v2

Jar Planter Openscad

Resistor Storage / Sorter with Wall Mount

3D Printed Helping Hands for soldering electronics

CR2032 to CR2430 Adapter (SCAD)



Customizable Plant Pot

Microlathe - The Parametric, Printable Lathe

Parametric Coin Cell Holder

DIY Clamp (openscad)

Pcb stand

Toy Printing Press

Calendário Enigma

OpenSCAD Wedge Module/Library

Windup motor Car toy

Fully Parametric Cable Chain

Hex maze generator

Angle Layout and Assembly Tool

Braille Learning Board V2

Customisable Socket Tool Tray

Chess - All OPENSCAD - All Random

Customizable Pen

powerdrill guide

Spray Can Holder (With Reversed or No Mounts!)

Archimedean spiral generator

Plier Stand

Double geared hinge

Growing Shelf

NUT JOB | Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory

Customizable propeller / fan

Customizable tray V2

Hinge Variations

Micro Catapult

A Maze’n’Puzzle

A Very Customizable Funnel

Clip pipe fully parametric

Parametric Spring Contacts Battery Box for AA Cells

Arduped 2

Customizable Drill Bit Handles

Hex Shelf

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

Motor wire clamps

Parametric Button Generator - Metric Edition

Sphere in cube

Cable Tie

Electromagnetic Swing - DIY Lorentz Force Experiment


Articulated Robot In 10 Minutes

DrillBit Hodler

Work Light / Arbeitsleuchte

Clockwerk - A 3D Printed, Three-Axis Tourbillon

Customizable Hammond Style Box

Polyhedron CC~ish Subdivision Demo OPENSCAD

Simple spice/salt/tea/powder scoop


Hex Shank Bit Holder - Parametric

Parametric O-Ring

Subdivided Surfaces

Customizable PC Bay Drawer

Customizeable Pipe Bender (for Heatpipes)

The UnLimbited Arm v2.0 - Alfie Edition

AA Battery Holder


Coin Sorter

G-Clamp fully printable

Can Handle

Customizable Radius Gauge - Metric

M3 Spacers

Customizable Bag Clip

Customizable Watering Planter

Educational Brake Caliper

Cap for PP3 battery

Maker Faire Robot Action Figure (Single file)

Switch Holder

Customizable Enclosure with Lid


3D printable bottle and screw cap

Globoid (Throated) Worm Drive Model

Hinged Box With Latch, Somewhat Parametric and Printable In One Piece

Angle meter / Protractor

Basic Box for Electronics, etc.

Pocket Calipers

Snap-Together Model Mountain Bike

Customizable Embossing Stamp

Fully Functional 3D Printed Vise

Wobbler Engine 2.0

Customizable Abacus

Customizable Vacuum Tool


Drill bit sharpener

Hobby Clamps

Math Gear(s)

Customizable miter

smd & small parts drawers (customizable)

UnoPCB - Arduino Uno ProtoShield Circuit Board Breadboard

Arduino OpenSCAD mounting library (v2.0)

Customizable Bearing Spacer

Parametric Sealing Clip

Ball Joint Library

Customize your knob!

Modular hollow universal joint for cable management

Parametric Box for everything

Project: Pulley systems

Storage Tray Maker (Customizable, OpenSCAD)

Adjustable Cable Holder

Flexing Battery Holders - Customizable

Magic boxes

Hyperboloid pen holder

Tool Kit V2

Braille Alphabet ( customisable )

Enclosure With Screw Stand-offs

Parametric Micro Tools Holder

LED Lamp

Modular Box

Test Lead Holder -basic and varied width

3D Print Bed Scraper

Multi-Purpose Customizable Stand / Pen Stand

Spiral Characters

Customizable solderless wire termination with pin headers

Customizable U-Hook

Raspberry Pi 2 Case (OpenSCAD)

Raspberry Pi Case

The Ultimate Parametric Box

Parametric Battery Pack Holder


Vise for Holding a PCB (or other lightweight items)

Bit Handle

Custom tool holder for pegboard

The Ultimate box maker

3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon

Buckle Box, Printable In One Piece

Fully assembled 3D printable wrench

Pegstr - Pegboard Wizard

Soldering board holder

Todo-lister / awesome todolist guide - transform anything into a todolist :D

Credit card ruler

Customizable Cover for LCD

Customizable Swivel Buckle

Braille Learning Board

Fully Customizable Twisted Gears (Parametric)

Support for Dremel 4000

Customizable Stereo Text

Introduction to Parametric Customization

Vacuum Hose Adapter (Customizable)

MCAD replacement for nuts_and_bolts.scad

Parametric Folding Loupe

Random maze cube generator, pure OpenSCAD

Christmas Tree with LEDs

Customizable hexagonal shelves

Solder Cableholder

Low Poly Darkvader & Stormtrooper Head

Parametric LED Tea Light

Pythagorean Tree

Dendra Shelving System

Geometry Connectors - Icosahedron, Tetrahedron, Cube

Universal Rover Wheel assembly

Floppy disk construction kit

IC Pin Straightener

Trammel of Archimedes ( aka rotoLOL )

Customizable Jigsaw cutter

Fidget Star

Stackable Battery Holders

Arduino case with fan mount


MINI Desk Spot Light

Customizeable compass cutter

Digital Sundial

DIP chip clip

Generic Parametric Cooling Fan Nozzle

PCB clamp

Universal Project Box for Type C PCB

Ball bearing caster

Chip Clip 28

Deluxe Parametric Compartment Box

Adjustable Mould Box

Boxes for the Space Alert boardgame

Customizable Pacman Ghost

Box with Hexagonal Holes

Parametric Fixing Table Leg -OpenScad

Tapered Pocket Coin-Op

Big 4 inch Seven Segment Display

Customizable Convex Polyhedra

Parametric plug - OpenScad - rudy Ruffel

Customizable Container with Knurled Lid

Platform Jack (Fully Assembled, No Supports)


0-4”/100mm Dial Caliper

Parametric Fixing angle

“Pencil” Puzzler

Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles

Push Drill with Adjustable Chuck

Small Parts Funnel Tray

cross tweezer

Customizable Case (Rectangular)


Configurable triangular coffee capsule holder

Customizable Bookshelf Keychain

Customizable Case (Compartment)

Customizable Box with Lid

Parametric Mini Modular Framing System - Corner Block and Rail

Ultimate Nut Knob Generator

Customizable 7-segment display module

Parabol laptop stand

Parametric Smartphone Stand / Holder with custom text

Binary Coins

Coin Holder

Symbolic Buttons

Customizable Funnel

Customizeable Cable Spool Organizer

Tetris Bookshelf

Compact Tool Holder

EllerSCAD Maze Generator

Stylish (?) and a little bit Startrekesque soldering iron holder

Customizable Cable Tie

Parametric and Customizable Project Enclosure

Parametric Data Cable Maker

Customizable Knob!

Customizable Windmill

Customizer Potentiometer Knobs

Pythagoras Cup (The Greedy Cup)

3D-printable sand play set

Parametric Box with Latch

Primitive OpenSCAD Font

C51 4 Bits Digital Electronic Clock Desk Case / Stand

Clock Builder Script

Seal embosser - Slap Chop

Table Sun clock

Handle for Hex Drill Bits, Etc.

Mini Drill Press for Hobby Drill


Duplicating House Keys

LED Light Diffuser (for 3mm and 5mm LEDs)

Keychain with rotateable gears


Tower of Pi

Flexing battery holders with integrated spring

Folding Box for Arduino Uno

Tool Carousel for small tools

Case for LCR-T3 component tester

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #2

Breadcrumb inside out

Power button - dual color

Wiha tools table stand

PCB Workstation with Articulated Arms

Solder Fume Extractor

Swiss Army style keyring V2 with thumbnail cutouts

Cable Clip Remix

Precision handle for mini-drill

AIY Voice Essentials

HackSpace magazine #1

newelectronics de 14 Novembro 2017

Don’t Panic: Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy, 17th Edition

newelectronics de 24 Outubro 2017

The MagPI 63

Linux Appliance Design

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R

newelectronics de 10 Outubro 2017

Arduino 8-bit sound generation

Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition

newelectronics de 26 Setembro 2017

The MagPI 62

HispaBrick issue 28

Internet of Things in five days

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition - The Java EE Tutorial Release 7

Linux Fundamentals

OpenCL Programming Guide for the CUDA Architecture

Spring Framework Reference Documentation

Supporting Python 3

newelectronics de 12 Setembro 2017

The MagPI 61

The Camera Module Guide

Fast Fourier Transforms

newelectronics 8 Agosto 2017

newelectronics 25 Julho 2017

Revista PROGRAMAR Nº 57

The MagPI 60

The Signal

newelectronics 11 Julho 2017

Complete Patents Of Nikola Tesla

Electronica-Azi International no. 3 - June 2017

newelectronics 27 Junho 2017

The MagPI 59

newelectronics de 13 de Junho 2017

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview, 8th Edition

The Design and Implementation of the Anykernel and Rump Kernels, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Autonomous Robots, v1.7, October 6, 2016

Programming Fundamentals: A Modular Structured Approach Using C++

Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain

Made With Creative Commons

The MagPI 58

(Hello World) issue 2 - Summer Term 2017

newelectronics de 23 de Maio 2017

newelectronics de 22 de Maio 2017

PCB Design for Manufacture v1.0

newelectronics 9 de Maio 2017

The MagPI 57

newelectronics 25 Abril 2017

Electronics: Radio and Electronics Cookbook

newelectronics 11 Abril 2017

Inside Microsoft Azure IaaS

Parallel Algorithms

newelectronics 28 Março 2017

The MagPI 56

Better BASIC

Experiments With Your Computer

How To Make Computer-Controlled Robots for C64, VIC20, Spectrum & BBS

Introduction to Keyboards & Computer Music

Practise your BASIC

The Raspberry Pi Education Manual

newelectronics 14 Março 2017

Op Amp Circuit Collection

newelectronics 28 Fevereiro 2016

Basic Electronic Tutorials

Basic Internet Security

The MagPI 55

newelectronics 14 Fevereiro 2016

Basic Probability Theory

Foundations of Databases

Hello World issue 1

newelectronics 24 January 2017

The MagPI 54

Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Platform and Tools

newelectronics - 10 January 2017

Revista PROGRAMAR Nº54

Understanding Azure—a guide for developers

Free Innovation

Introduction to Embedded Systems: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach, Second Edition

Introduction To MIPS Assembly Language Programming

Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems, Second Edition

System Design, Modeling, and Simulation using Ptolemy II

The Engineering of Reliable Embedded Systems (1st Edition)

The MagPi 53

HispaBrick Magazine 026

MicroSolutions November/December 2016

newelectronics 13 Dezembro 2016

newelectronics - 21 November 2016

newelectronics - 22 November 2016

Raspberry PI Projects Book 2

The MagPi 52

newelectronics 8 Novembro 2016

newelectronics 25 Outubro 2016

The MagPi 51

Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016

The MagPI Special education issue 2

Learn C essentials

newelectronics 11 Outubro 2016

newelectronics 27 Setembro 2016

The MagPi 50

The MagPi 49

Simple Electronics with GPIO Zero

Electronics Maker Agosto 2016

newelectronics 9 Agosto 2016

Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design

Graphic Design For Non-Profit Organizations

Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook

The Shape of Design

HispaBrick issue 25

newelectronics 26 Julho 2016

The MagPi 48

Dependency Injection with Unity

Low-cost 3D Printing for Science, Education and Sustainable Development

MagPi’s Minecraft Essentials

newelectronics 12 Julho 2016

Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online

Time Management for Creative People

Type Classification eBook

Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets

C4B — Mobile Robotics

Computer Vision Metrics: Survey, Taxonomy, and Analysis

Learn to code with scratch

newelectronics 28 Junho 2016

Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

The MagPi 47

Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials: Top 10 Tools

Compiled Tips ‘N Tricks Guide - Microchip

Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2

Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview

No-Nonsense Technician Class Amateur Radio License Study Guide

Numerical Algorithms

The Security Development Lifecycle

Compiler Construction

Getting Started with DB2 Application Development

Getting Started with Open Source Development

Introduction to Sociology

Learning Perl the Hard Way

Microsoft Azure Essentials Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

newelectronics 14 June 2016

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Understanding Big Data

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

Database Fundamentals

Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Web Apps for Developers

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure

Electronic Applications - An Online Text

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Impatient Perl

Introduction to Electronics - An Online Text

Ladyada’s “E is for Electronics”

Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online

Python for Biologists: A complete programming course for beginners

The MagPI 46

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Technical Overview

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol I - DC

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol III - Semiconductors

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol IV - Experiments

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol V - Reference

newelectronics 23 May 2016

An Introduction to R

Communication Systems

Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++

GNU/Linux Basic

Intermediate Python

Learning to Program Using Python

Signals and Systems

Earth as Art

ECMAScript® 2015 Language Specification

Fundamentals of Programming Python

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python

Handbook of operational amplifier applications

newelectronics 10 May 2016

Optimizing Software in C++

Soldering is easy - here’s how to do it

The Black Art of Programming

A Basic guide to open educational resources (OER)

Creative Commons: a user guide

Democratizing Innovation

newelectronics 26 April 2016

Open Content - A Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences

The Battle for Open - How openness won and why it doesn’t feel like victory

The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture

The foundation for an open source city

The Future of Ideas

The Sources of Innovation

Two Bits - The Cultural Significance of Free Software

Electronic Transformers and Circuits

Extreme Programming in Perl

Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity

Introduction to Networking Technologies

Start Programming Using Object Pascal

The MagPi 45

Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL-AVR-Microprocessors

High Performance Computing

Julia Language Documentation

Linux Kernel Crash Book

Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation

Philosophy of Computer Science

Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL

Jenkins: The Definitive Guide

newelectronics - 12 April 2016

RESTful Web Services

Reverse Engineering for Beginners

The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX 2E

The Rook’s Guide to C++

Erlang Handbook

GNU Emacs Manual - Seventeenth Edition, Updated for Emacs Version 24.2

Processing XML with Java

Think Java - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

TypeScript Deep Dive

Unix Toolbox revision 14.4

Designing Analog Chips

Digital Circuit Projects: An Overview of Digital Circuits Through Implementing Integrated Circuits

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Functional C

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits - 2006 Electronic Edition

Revista PROGRAMAR: edição 52

The MagPi 44

The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming

An Introduction to Computer Networks

Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Java™ Application Development on Linux

Modern Perl 4th Edition

newelectronics - 22 March 2016

Op Amps for Everyone - (Fourth Edition)

Producing Open Source Software - How to Run a Successful Free Software Project

Computer Science Concepts in Scratch (Scratch 1.4)

Discovering the STM32 Microcontroller

Programming from the Ground Up

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - System Administrator’s Guide

Defensive Database Programming


newelectronics - 8 March 2016

Python Programming

Version Control with Subversion For Subversion 1.7

Algorithmic Game Theory

newelectronics - 23 February 2016

Oracle® Database Concepts 11g Release 2

The MagPi 43

The MagPi - Sonic PI essentials

The Public Domain - Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music

Computer Battlegames

Computer Spacegames

Computer Spy Games

Creepy ComputerGames

Data Munging with Perl

GTK+ / Gnome Application Development

Making Games with Python & Pygame

Open Government

Weird Computer Games

Ada Programming

An Introduction to Programming in Go

Computer Programming BASIC for Beginners

First Computer Library Computer Fun

First Computer Library Simple BASIC

Machine Code For Beginners

PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5

Practical Things To Do With A Microcomputer

Programming Tricks And Skills

The Linux Command Line

C Programming

Dive into HTML5

HispaBrick issue 24

Introduction to Programming Using Java, Seventh Edition

new electronics - 9 February 2016

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook

The MagPi Essentials - Conquer The Command Line

The MagPi Essentials - Sense HAT

Basics of Compiler Design

Python for Informatics: Exploring Information

Self-Service Linux

The MagPi 42

Vi iMproved - Vim

A Manual of Carpentry and Joinery

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

Going from Python to Guile Scheme - a natural progression

The Java Language Specification, Java SE 7 Edition (Java Series)


Electronics Maker - Magazine - January 2016

Free Range VHDL

newelectronics - 16 January 2016

Operating Systems and Middleware: Supporting Controlled Interaction

Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System, a Compiler, and a Computer

21 Electronics Projects Ebook

A Byte of Python

Revista PROGRAMAR Edição 51 – Dezembro de 2015

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

The MagPi 41

Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference Guide 4th Edition (Rev. B)

Eloquent JavaScript - second edition

Introduction to Arduino: A piece of cake!

Pro Git 2nd Edition

The MagPi - Make Games with Python

The MagPi 40

The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book

The MagPi - Conquer The Command Line

HispaBrick issue 23 now available

The MagPi 39

The MagPi 38

The MagPi 37

The MagPi 36

The MagPi 35

The MagPi 34

Hispabrick 22

The MagPi 33


BBC Micro:Bit












Orange PI


Raspberry PI

STM Nucleo

Texas Instruments LaunchPad



3D printer makes first wearable ‘battery’

A faster way to make Bose-Einstein condensates

Advancing the Path to Organic Electronics Beyond Cell Phone Screens

Chinese robot becomes world’s first machine to pass medical exam

mbed OS 5.6.5 released

MIT researchers collaborate with Lamborghini to develop an electric car of the future

Quantum Internet goes Hybrid

Siting Sierra: Lawrence Livermore’s newest and fastest supercomputer is taking shape

The Microscopic Origin of Efficiency Droop in LEDs

Armed with tough computer chips, scientists are ready to return to the hell of Venus

New way to write magnetic info could pave the way for hardware neural networks

Hydrogen cars for the masses one step closer to reality, thanks to UCLA invention

Physicists design $100 handheld muon detector

Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists

Berkeley startup to train robots like puppets

Game theory harnessed for cybersecurity of large-scale nets

Marvell and Cavium to Combine Creating an Infrastructure Solutions Powerhouse

New Deposition Technique Puts the Heat on Silicon

New motion sensors a major step toward low-cost, high-performance wearable technology

Optically tunable microwave antennas for 5G applications

Zipping DNA

China sets out long-term space transportation roadmap including a nuclear space shuttle

Tesla Semi: 500-Mile Range, Cheaper Than Diesel, Quick to Charge

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group completes acquisition of Terrafugia Inc

Breakthrough could launch organic electronics beyond cell phone screens

Butterfly Wing Inspires Photovoltaics: Light Absorption Can Be Enhanced by Up to 200 Percent

Diagnosing supercomputer problems

Engineering of a Swedish quantum computer set to start

Improving clinical trials with machine learning

Less is more to produce top-notch 2D materials

Scalable clusters make HPC R&D easy as Raspberry Pi

Simple is Beautiful in Quantum Computing

Speedy Collision Detector Could Make Robots Better Human Assistants

Supercomputing Speeds Up Deep Learning Training

Three-Dimensional Nanomagnets for the computer of tomorrow

An acoustic cage for electrons

Developing “ABCs” for Exploiting New Phenomena in Light-Matter Interactions

Essential quantum computer component downsized by two orders of magnitude

German University Hospital Mainz Pioneers Surgical Planning for Life-Saving Vascular Surgeries With 3D Printing

Graphene water filter turns whisky clear

Lava or Not, Exoplanet 55 Cancri e Likely to have Atmosphere

Method for enhancing superconductivity by laser irradiation

Molecular magnetism packs power with “messenger electron”

“Perfectly frustrated” metal provides possible path to superconductivity, other new quantum states

Photopolymerization-triggered molecular motion for flexible liquid crystal display

Channeling helium: Researchers take next step toward fusion energy

Double-duty textile developed by Stanford researchers could warm or cool

Engineers Create Stable Plasma Ring in Open Air

Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS Released: Check Out The New And Best Features

Quantum Computing with Molecules for a Quicker Search of Unsorted Databases

Taming ‘dendrites’ could bring better lithium-ion batteries

Trinity engineers unveil Ireland’s first prototype robot for assisted care

A drone for last-centimeter delivery

A simple soak for a solar tune-up

Future robots won’t resemble humans – we’re too inefficient

How to build better silk

IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

Imec designs and fabricates world-first miniature neural probe for simultaneous recording of multiple brain regions at neuronal resolution

Research drive could ‘untangle’ vexing problem in computer-simulation technology

Semiconductors with an aligned interface

Transfer Technique Produces Wearable Gallium Nitride Gas Sensors

Ford Pilots New Exoskeleton Technology To Help Lessen Chance Of Worker Fatigue, Injury

A new bio-robot

A robotic spy among the fish

Hard computing problem might be solvable only by quantum computers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Introduces Blockchain as-a-Service Solution for Enterprises

Intel Doubles Capacity of World’s Most Responsive Data Center SSD

Manchester leading the way in robotics and AI for nuclear industry

Marine Sponges & Novel Glass Technology

Massive Skin Replacement Saves Child’s Life

NUS-developed manta ray robot swims faster and operates up to 10 hours

Researchers teach computer to recognize emotions in speech

Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel

New method developed to 3D print fully functional electronic circuits

Rocket man blasts into the history books at a world record-breaking 32mph - the fastest ever travelled by a jet suit

The next generation of power electronics? Gallium nitride doped with beryllium

Two-dimensional materials unlock the path to ultra-low-power transistors

A new concept for a unidirectional waveguide

A ‘virtual wall’ that improves wireless security and performance

Additive manufacturing may hold key to transforming nanomaterials into multifunctional devices

Computer Scientists Aid in Major Astronomical Discovery

Fully integrated circuits printed directly onto fabric

General Purpose Arm – Robot that Transfers Physical Sensations

Highly Flexible Organic Flash Memory for Foldable and Disposable Electronics

Hybrid Circuit Combines Single-Photon Generator and Efficient Waveguides on One Chip

Latest Single-Wire Serial EEPROM from Microchip Enables Remote Identification

Lightning-fast Communications

mbed OS 5.6.4 released

Need Entangled Atoms? Get ‘Em FAST! With NIST’s New Patent-Pending Method

New Approach Uses Light Instead of Robots to Assemble Electronic Components

New engine optics to fuel future research

New quantum materials offer novel route to 3D electronic devices

Optoelectronics without glass

Researchers develop flexible, stretchable photonic devices

Synthetic material acts like an insect cloaking device

The invisible ink that can be made visible, then invisible, and visible again

Transforming fibrils into crystals

Artificial intelligence aids materials fabrication

Diffused light shows clear structures

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils the World’s Most Scalable and Modular In-Memory Computing Platform

New Intel Core Processor Combines High-Performance CPU with Custom Discrete Graphics from AMD to Enable Sleeker, Thinner Devices

Quantum computing on the move

Researchers Develop Data Bus for Quantum Computer

Uber’s ‘flying cars’ could arrive in LA by 2020 — and here’s what it’ll be like to ride one

Ultrafast magnetic reversal points the way toward speedy, low-power computer memory

A powerful duo

Beyond 5G – after the next generation

Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials

How to store information in your clothes invisibly, without electronics

Lightwave controlled nanoscale electron acceleration sets the pace

Nanoscale ‘abacus’ uses pulses of light instead of wooden beads to perform calculations

New techniques for removing carbon from the atmosphere

New Theory Addresses How Life on Earth Arose from the Primordial Muck

Scientists create magnetic system that transforms heat into motion

Fooling Neural Networks w/3D-Printed Objects

High-Speed Motion Core Technology for Magnetic Memory

NREL, University of Washington Scientists Elevate Quantum Dot Solar Cell World Record to 13.4 Percent

Scientists penetrate mystery of raging black hole beams

Scientists take important step with self-folding objects

Sony’s Aibo robot dog is back, gives us OLED puppy dog eyes

View the chemical reactions of nanostructures live

We may have found 20 habitable worlds hiding in plain sight

Lab researchers achieve breakthrough in 3D printed marine grade stainless steel

Next Mars Rover Will Have 23 ‘Eyes’

Separating Chemicals With Magnets

The hidden Nano Power Switch

Voltage-driven Liquid Metal Fractals

Faster big-data analysis

How a $10 Microchip Turns 2-D Ultrasound Machines to 3-D Imaging Devices

3-D-printed device builds better nanofibers

Cracking the code: This group of U of T computer science researchers are decoding ciphers with AI

Crowdsourcing big-data analysis

Devices made from 2D materials separate salts in seawater

Just-in-time 3D implants set to transform tumour surgery

Making fluorescent chips using an inkjet printer

New Radio Telescope at Brookhaven Lab Sees Space in a Different Light

NuSTAR Probes Black Hole Jet Mystery

Ocean sound waves may reveal location of incoming objects

SpaceX Aces Another Rocket Landing After Launching Korean Satellite

Alphabet looks to snowy Michigan to test self-driving cars

Let your car tell you what it needs

Saudi Arabia bestows citizenship on a robot named Sophia

AMD Introduces New Ryzen Mobile Processors, the World’s Fastest Processor for Ultrathin Notebooks

Daimler Trucks launches E-FUSO and all-electric heavy-duty truck Vision One

Digital 3D-fabrication technology for nursing and healthcare

Microsoft Has Stopped Manufacturing The Kinect

New fractal-like concentrating solar power receivers are better at absorbing sunlight

New RoboBee flies, dives, swims, and explodes out the of water

Purdue develops ‘intrachip’ micro-cooling system for high-performance radar, supercomputers

Researchers engineer CRISPR to edit single RNA letters in human cells

Scientists detect comets outside our solar system

Taming “Wild” Electrons in Graphene

HPE Is Making Artificial Intelligence Accessible and Practical

Intel Enables 5G, NFV and Data Centers with High-Performance, High-Density ARM-based Intel Stratix 10 FPGA

Machine learning used to predict earthquakes in a lab setting

mbed OS 5.6.3 released

MIT students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic

Research team led by NUS scientists breaks new ground in memory technology

Resistive memory components the computer industry can’t resist

UChicago chemists introduce novel method to separate isotopes

Universe shouldn’t exist, CERN physicists conclude

Editable Parametric Dense Foliage from 3D Capture

“Lighten Up” - Deep Space Communications via Faraway Photons

NXP’s i.MX RT Crossover Processor Sets Highest Microcontroller Real-Time Benchmark Performance Yet

Turning a pinch of salt into an electrical switch

Additive manufacturing — a revolution in production engineering

Liquid metal breakthrough ushers new wave of electronics

Material could bring optical communication onto silicon chips

Physics Boosts Artificial Intelligence Methods

Quantum Computing: Breaking Through the 49 Qubit Simulation Barrier

Rendering the invisible visible

Selective memory

Understanding how electrons turn to glass

PC-MOS/386 v5.01 final release including cdrom driver sources

New technology to dramatically speed up home broadband

Orionid Meteor Shower

University of Michigan professor doubles 3D printing speeds using vibration-mitigating algorithm

Stick, peel, or bounce: Controlling a freezing droplet’s fate

Ubuntu 17.10 releases with GNOME, Kubernetes 1.8 & minimal base images

AlphaGo Zero: Learning from scratch

NASA Missions Catch First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event

New Software Speeds Origami Structure Designs

Quantum Simulator: First Functioning Component

Samsung Introduces New ARTIK™ Secure IoT Modules and Security Services to Deliver Comprehensive Device-to-Cloud Protection for IoT

Scientists Develop Machine-Learning Method to Predict the Behavior of Molecules

This nanoelectronics breakthrough could lead to more efficient quantum devices

A miniature laser-like device for surface plasmons

Bridging the terahertz gap

Long nanotubes make strong fibers

Nanoantenna arrays power a new generation of fluorescence-based sensors

Plasma optic combines lasers into superbeam

Snow removal on airfields: Automated Mercedes-Benz Arocs trucks clear the way

Testing in the Australian skies

Dubai Police unveil flying bike, robotic vehicles

Forget about it

In a first for wearable optics, researchers develop stretchy fiber to capture body motion

In historic observation, astronomers detect colliding neutron stars for the first time

NUS researchers develop 4-in-1 smart utilities plant custom-made for tropical climate

Spike Aerospace’s Supersonic Design Being Validated in Test Flights

The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone

Tiangong-1: Chinese space station will crash to Earth within months

Western Digital Unveils Next-generation Technology To Preserve And Access The Next Decade Of Big Data

Biodegradable electronics

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group invests in Hyperloop One

Singapore’s first robot masseuse EMMA starts work

Team developing imaging upgrade for robotic surgery

A Stanford battery based on sodium may offer more cost-effective storage than lithium

Be Among The First To Try The Arduino IDE 1.9 Beta

Ceramic Pump Moves Molten Metal at a Record 1,400 Degrees Celsius

FAST telescope finds pulsars during trial operation

Reimagining Hydrogen: A Small Molecule With Large-Scale Ideas

TERES-I Do It Yourself Open Source Laptop update

Asteroid 2012 TC4 to pass ‘damn close’ to Earth tomorrow testing our space defences - but how prepared are we for a strike?

Future smartwatches could sense hand movement using ultrasound imaging

Making renewable power more viable for the grid

mbed OS 5.6.2 released

NVIDIA Announces World’s First AI Computer to Make Robotaxis a Reality

Samsung’s New Image Sensors Bring Fast and Slim Attributes to Mobile and IoT Applications

A zero-index waveguide

An algorithm for your blind spot

Deutsche Post DHL Group Selects NVIDIA DRIVE PX for Autonomous Delivery Truck Fleet

Intel Accelerates Development of Artificial Intelligence Solutions with Open Neural Network Exchange Support

Intel Delivers 17-Qubit Superconducting Chip with Advanced Packaging to QuTech

LLNL scientists stick to a new efficient magnet

Lockheed Martin Completes First Flexible Solar Array for LM 2100 Satellite

Building Better Biomaterials

Connecting the dots

Paper-Based Supercapacitor Uses Metal Nanoparticles to Boost Energy Density

Sensitivity to Time Improves Performance at Remotely Controlling Devices

SpaceX Launches 10 New Iridium Satellites, Sticks Rocket Landing

Alphabet Closer To Using Balloons For Telecom In Puerto Rico

Breaking Coulomb’s law: Scientists find a way around the rule that ‘opposites attract’

New test opens path for better 2-D catalysts

UMass Amherst Chemical Engineers Develop Green, Non-Toxic Nanofiber Fabrics for a Wide Range of Uses

An Edible Actuator for Ingestible Robots

Integrating data to learn more

New data structure allows rapid tracking and policing of network data

Robotic bugs train insects to be helpers

Spacewalkers Wrap Up Robotic Arm Work

The light at the end of electronics’ dark tunnel is… photonics

Warning: This Algorithm Will Self-Destruct After It’s Used

Arduino Announces ARM Partnership

Google Clips Captures and Curates Life’s Meaningful Moments Autonomously with Intel’s Movidius VPU Inside

NXP® Unveils Highest Performance Layerscape® Networking and Data Center Offload System-on-Chip Solution

SiFive Launches First RISC-V Based CPU Core with Linux Support

SpaceX unveils Mars city plan, will fly two cargo missions by 2022

TSMC is building ‘world’s first’ 3nm fab in Taiwan

Tungsten Offers Nano-Interconnects a Path of Least Resistance

60 years ago, Sputnik shocked the world and started the space race

A Sea of Spinning Electrons

Bringing Superconducting Single-photon Detectors In From The Cold

Bristol scientists pinpoint the singularity for quantum computers

Code Quality Research: Functional Languages Beat Procedural/Object-Oriented

Fast-moving magnetic particles could enable new form of data storage

Memristors To Make Computers Faster, Smaller And More Efficient

Scientists make atoms-thick Post-It notes for solar cells and circuits

Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage

Superconductivity found in thin films of titanium oxide

The global quantum race is on

Two intelligent vehicles are better than one

Good vibrations for the future of computing

Software Developed at Brookhaven Lab Could Advance Synchrotron Science Worldwide

Using elastomer films to generate electricity

Arduino IDE 1.8.5: Hotfix For MacOs High Sierra Users

Developing new magnetic device materials

mbed OS 5.6.1 released

Team builds flexible new platform for high-performance electronics

Biodegradable microsensors for food monitoring

Computer scientists address gap in messaging privacy

Introducing a new robotic class with abilities out-performing existing machines or even biological organisms

Musk Wants to Build a Rocket That Will Get You Anywhere on Earth in an Hour

New ’building material’ points toward quantum computers

New Radar Sensor Provides Clear Vision in Any Weather

Scanning the Dutch navy

SpaceX aims to replace Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon with one spaceship

The 3D selfie is here

Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor

ALCF supercomputers help address LHC’s growing computing needs

Case Western Reserve University researchers design soft, flexible origami-inspired robot

Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes

Holograms for molecules

Mbed OS 5.6 released: Focus on low power, connectivity and security

NASA, Roscosmos Sign Joint Statement on Researching, Exploring Deep Space

A little tension yields enormous solar crystals

Artificial intelligence for obtaining chemical fingerprints

Goodbye, login. Hello, heart scan

Gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger observed by LIGO and Virgo

Innovative control system paves the way for large scale universal quantum computing

Microsoft announces quantum computing programming language

Printed meds could reinvent pharmacies, drug research

Quantum Communications Bend to Our Needs

Quantum Computation to Tackle Fundamental Science Problems

“Superhero” robot wears different outfits for different tasks

Vacuum-Powered Soft Robots

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces a new Three-Wire Differential Speed Sensor Integrated Circuit

Bringing signals into phase

Developing robots that can walk more naturally

Dubai tests drone taxi service

Graphene-based device greatly increases spin signals

Scientists discover one of nature’s tiniest switches

Broadcom Introduces World’s First Dual Frequency GNSS Receiver with Centimeter Accuracy for Consumer LBS Applications

Cornell Tech will help make computers ‘accountable’

How to apply an advanced non-stable semiconductor in nanoelectronics

Intel Unveils the 8th Gen Intel Core Processor Family for Desktop, Featuring Intel’s Best Gaming Processor Ever

Intel’s New Self-Learning Chip Promises to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence

NEC device enables objects to “talk” to users

Toshiba Achieves World’s Highest Conversion Efficiency in 5 cm X 5 cm Film-based Perovskite Solar Cell Mini-modules

Ultra-Light Aluminum: USU Chemist Reports Material Design Breakthrough

NASA Tests First 3-D Printed Rocket Engine Part Made with Two Different Alloys

Arduino Widens Wireless Offerings with Two New Boards

HPE’s Spaceborne Computer Successfully Powers Up in Space and Achieves One TeraFLOP

Celebrating the completion of the most advanced subsea cable across the Atlantic

Drones can almost see in the dark

Illinois researchers develop spectroscopic “science camera” system for smartphone-enabled mobile health

Make Way For Holograms: New Mixed Reality Technology Meets Car Design As Ford Tests Microsoft Hololens Globally

NASA’S OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Slingshots Past Earth


Quantum data takes a ride on sound waves

Automatic code reuse

Baidu Announces Apollo 1.5 and a 10 Billion yuan Autonomous Driving Fund

Enable CAN Flexible Data Rate (CAN FD) in New and Existing Designs using Microchip’s Unique External CAN FD Controller

Fujitsu Develops World’s First Wearable, Hands-Free Speech Translation Device

One Step Closer to Lifelike Robots

Oracle Announces Java SE 9 and Java EE 8

Oracle’s New SPARC Systems Deliver 2-7x Better Performance, Security Capabilities, and Efficiency than Intel-based Systems

Scientists create world’s first ‘molecular robot’ capable of building molecules

The power of recycling could fuel vehicles in the future

UW team shatters long-range communication barrier for devices that consume almost no power

A new approach to ultrafast light pulses

Analyzing the language of color

Engineer Developing Methods, Applications To Construct Blood Vessels Using 3-D Printing Technology

One vaccine injection could carry many doses

SLAC-Led Project Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Prevent or Minimize Electric Grid Failures

UCLA, Japanese scientists discover new way to speed up chemical reactions

YuMi taking the stage

First quantum computers need smart software

mbed OS 5.5.7 released

Self-healing Gold Particles

Toshiba Pushes Quantum Key Distribution Speed Beyond 10Mbps

First titanium 3D-printed part installed into serial production aircraft

Medicine of the Future: New Microchip Technology Could Be Used to Track Smart Pills

Opening Up Java EE

“Peel-and-go” Printable Structures Fold Themselves

Queen’s University Innovation Could Mean Flexible Batteries For Pacemakers

China building world’s biggest quantum research facility

New 8-bit Microcontroller from STMicroelectronics Delivers Uniquely Flexible Feature Set in Space/Cost-Saving 8-Pin Package

New Research May Improve Communications During Natural Disasters

NUS researchers develop advanced material for ultra-stable, high capacity rechargeable batteries

Paint by numbers: Algorithm reconstructs processes from individual images

Western Digital Ships 12TB WD Gold Hard Drives To Meet Growing Capacity Requirements Of Big Data Applications

Artificial Intelligence Uses Less Than Two Minutes of Videogame Footage to Recreate Game Engine

China Unveils Physics-Defying Engine for Deep Space Exploration

CircuitPython 2.0.0!

Dormant, Yet Always-Alert Sensor Awakes Only in the Presence of a Signal of Interest

Evolution in the lab

First On-chip Nanoscale Optical Quantum Memory Developed

New device could turn heat energy into a viable fuel source

NXP Launches World’s First Scalable, Single-Chip Secure Vehicle-to-X Platform

The future is here: iPhone X

The next segment

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Announces New 1TB Hard Disk Drive for Mobile Client Storage Applications

Unfolding the folding mechanism of ladybug wings

When Electrons Ride a Wave

Cassini Makes its ‘Goodbye Kiss’ Flyby of Titan

Designing a world of immersive sound

FAU researchers discover security flaws in smart home products


Microchip’s MPLAB® Harmony Software Upgraded to Include More Efficient Code and Enhanced Graphics Development Tools

New technology could revolutionise smartphone use

NUS scientists unravel new insights into promising semiconductor material

Panasonic Develops 3D LiDAR Sensor Enabling 3D Detection of Distances with Wide Angle of View

Quantum engineers find a use for the hashtag at the nanoscale

Samsung Strengthens Advanced Foundry Portfolio with New 11nm LPP and 7nm LPP with EUV Technology

Fast magnetic writing of data

High-Frequency Chip Brings Researchers Closer to Next Generation Technology

How neural networks think

IBM and MIT Bet That Materials and Quantum Advances Will Supercharge AI

Keychain detector could catch food allergens before it’s too late

Researchers develop 3-D-printed biomaterials that degrade on demand

3D Printing Upends the Production Tooling Market

A new way to print electrical circuits

Aeroices: Newly Discovered Ultralow-Density Ice

Construction of 3D-Printed bike bridge begins in Eindhoven

Defects in next-generation solar cells can be healed with light

High-Speed Quantum Memory For Photons

How the Strongest Solar Flare in a Decade Is Affecting Earth

Microsoft and Facebook create open ecosystem for AI model interoperability

Nanocarbon materials are challenging silicon – from transparent electronics to bendable 3D displays

New microscopy method offers one-shot 3D imaging of nanostructures

SpaceX successfully launches mysterious X-37B spaceplane and recovers first stage

Carving diamonds for optical components

Discovery of boron on Mars adds to evidence for habitability

Flip-flop qubits: radical new quantum computing design invented

Huawei Reveals the Future of Mobile AI at IFA 2017

IBM Pairs Data Science Experience with Quantum Computer

Imaging how magnetism goes surfing

Letting programmes manage their own processing resources

Lilium secures $90 Million Series B Funding Round

Low-cost wearables manufactured by hybrid 3D printing

Microsoft establishes Quantum Centre at the University of Copenhagen

Nanoscale chip system measures light from a single bacterial cell to enable portable chemical detection

NIST, Industry Partner Aim to Develop ‘Quantum Pascal’ Standard Into Real-World Device

Researchers Move Closer to Hydrogen-powered Cars

Researchers responsible for the genesis of micro-LED advances

Rice U. solubility study could impact energy, biology, environment

‘Seeing’ robot learns tricky technique for studying brain cells in mammals

Stretchable biofuel cells extract energy from sweat to power wearable devices

UNIST embarks on developing next-generation artificial intelligence

Western Digital® breaks boundaries with World’s Highest-Capacity MicroSD™ Card

Algorithm unlocks smartwatches that learn your every move

Artificial Intelligence Analyzes Gravitational Lenses 10 Million Times Faster

Bit data goes anti-skyrmions

Full Color 3D Printing Comes to the Desktop with the DaVinci Color

Looking both ways for new-style semiconductors

Machinery that repairs itself

Making better material for fuel cells

Stanford professor tests a cooling system that works without electricity

Synthesizing Pure Graphene, a ‘Miracle Material’

Controlling Traffic on the Electron Highway: Researching Graphene

Making 3-D printing safer

Fighting forgery with paper fingerprints

Insect eyes inspire new solar cell design by Stanford researchers

‘Learning database’ speeds queries from hours to seconds

Enormous Near-Earth Asteroid ‘Florence’ Will Safely Fly by Earth Sept. 1

NXP Introduces Its Smallest 8-bit S08 Microcontroller Yet for Broad Market

Painting by numbers

Ames Laboratory scientists move graphene closer to transistor applications

Everyone’s an expert, but a computer program may be able to pick the best ones

High-Tech Electronics Made from Autumn Leaves

New robot rolls with the rules of pedestrian conduct

New soft robots really suck

Robots can heal themselves

Scientists Developing Innovative Techniques for High-Resolution Analysis of Hybrid Materials

ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale

Domino’s® and Ford begin consumer research of Pizza delivery using self-driving vehicles

Shape-shifters soak up sunshine

Strength of global stratospheric circulation measured for first time

Tomorrow’s fish farms will be unmanned

Drones relay RFID signals for inventory control

SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod speed competition winner tops 200 MPH

Watch 1,069 dancing robots break world record

Experiments confirm theory of “superballistic” electron flow

High-Dimensional Quantum Encryption Performed in Real-World City Conditions for First Time

Amazon Has Developed an AI Fashion Designer

Faculty-student team develops origami-inspired robot

Happy 26th birthday Linux, Linux turns 26 today.

Introducing the Qualcomm Falkor CPU core: purpose-built for cloud workloads

Major leap towards storing data at the molecular level

Mathematical mystery of ancient Babylonian clay tablet solved

Monitoring network traffic more efficiently

No Batteries Required: Energy-Harvesting Yarns Generate Electricity

Recipe for Safer Batteries — Just Add Diamonds

Animation made easy

Custom robots in a matter of minutes

‘Electronic skin’ takes wearable health monitors to the next level

Falcon 9 successfully launches Taiwan’s Formosat-5

First underwater entanglement could lead to unhackable comms

Microsoft unveils Project Brainwave for real-time AI

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute to develop trustworthy and secure microprocessor chip

Physicists find strange state of matter in superconducting crystal

Researchers create magnetic RAM

Self-powered paper-based ‘SPEDs’ may lead to new medical-diagnostic tools

The Game Algorithm that could Improve Materials Design

Turning human waste into plastic, nutrients could aid long-distance space travel

Fusion heating gets a boost

New 8th Gen Intel Core Processors: Simplifying Today, Opening the Door for What’s Next

Android Oreo superpowers, coming to a device near you

Silk could improve sensitivity, flexibility of wearable body sensors

Smart Computers

Solar Eclipse 2017

Using machine learning to improve patient care

Program that repairs programs: how to achieve 78.3 percent precision in automated program repair

CSM Bakery Solutions and 3D Systems Announce Agreement to Bring 3D Printing to the Food Industry

Researchers Explore Graphene’s Potential Use in Nanotechnology

Researchers printed graphene-like materials with inkjet

There’s not enough sign language translators, so these students 3D printed a humanoid robot

Candy cane supercapacitor could enable fast charging of mobile phones

Magnetic properties of new nanoporous material for data storage, attracts attention

mbed OS 5.5.5 released

Next-Generation Transport

Qualcomm Bolsters Position in Artificial Intelligence Research, Outlines its Vision for the Future

Raspbian Stretch has arrived for Raspberry PI

Researchers Discover New Class of Chemical Reaction

Spacewalking cosmonauts release 3-D-printed satellite

TinyLev: A multi-emitter single-axis acoustic levitator

University of Sydney charges ahead on zinc-air batteries

Debian turns 24!

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces New Differential High Accuracy, High Isolation Current Sensor IC With Dual Fault User Settable Over-Current Fault Outputs

Antifreeze to improve aeroplanes, ice cream and organ transplants

Harvard researchers develop tough, self-healing rubber

New battery material goes with the flow

New solid lubricant shown to reduce friction and wear on steel surfaces

Penn Collaboration Uses New Type of Graphene Sensor to Answer a Fundamental Nanotechnology Question

Researchers clarify mystery about proposed battery material

Scientists shine new light on the “other high temperature superconductor”

Surprise discovery in the search for energy efficient information storage

A new tool for multilayer networks

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Sends Supercomputer into Space to Accelerate Mission to Mars

High-quality online video with less rebuffering

How Machine Learning Is Helping Neuroscientists Crack Our Neural Code

Illuminating solar energy

Microchip Unveils Next-Generation In-Circuit Debugger with Unparalleled Speed and Flexibility

New research could show how legendary musicians would play modern music

OSC helps researchers unveil most accurate map of the invisible universe

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Spot Counterfeit Consumer Products

Single Molecules Can Work as Reproducible Transistors—at Room Temperature

Study in Nature: Engineers find better way to detect nanoparticles

Flexible batteries power the future of wearable technology

GE Taps Into Its Collective Brain To Unlock 3D Printing’s Full Potential

Handheld spectral analyzer turns smartphone into diagnostic tool

Professors 3D-print first truly microfluidic “lab on a chip” device

Sony introduces smart sensing IoT board (Arduino-compatible)

Super-light material possesses high strength, other attributes

Chemists of the University of Münster develope a new method for the formation of fluorinated molecular rings

Chemists use electricity to amp up drug manufacturing

DNA sequencing tools lack robust protections against cybersecurity risks

Fantasy football managers to compete with advanced AI engine in new Premier League season

New ultrathin semiconductor materials exceed some of silicon’s ‘secret’ powers, Stanford engineers find

Scientists find new method to control electronic properties of nanocrystals

USB connections make snooping easy

What’s the magic word? Artificial intelligence uses internet searches to help create mind association trick

When Robots Help with Shopping

20,000 Leagues Into Your Bowels: How GPUs Are Helping to Diagnose Gastrointestinal Anomalies

AMD Launches the Highest-Performance Desktop Processor, Ever, with Ryzen™ Threadripper™ High End Desktop Processors

CWRU researchers find a chemical solution shrinks digital data storage

Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star

Intel Kick-Starts Mobileye Integration with Plans to Build Fleet of 100 L4 Autonomous Test Cars

Landscapes give latitude to 2-D material designers

Microchip Launches Two New SAM Microcontroller Families with Extensive Connectivity Interface Options

New research initiative turns laser focus on high-energy-density physics

Sensing technology takes a quantum leap with RIT photonics research

Additive Manufacturing of Micro-Optics

Before, it was 3D printing: Now Additive Manufacturing is the new black

BYU researchers develop method that could produce stronger, more pliable metals

Cassini to Begin Final Five Orbits Around Saturn

High resolution without particle accelerator

Imec Reports Record Conversion Efficiency of 23.9 Percent on a 4cm2 Perovskite/Silicon Solar Module

Lunar dynamo’s lifetime extended by at least 1 billion years

New CubeSat propulsion system uses water as propellant

Renishaw and Aeromet work to optimise high-performance alloy

Spectacular images thanks to an efficient algorithm

Samsung Introduces Far-reaching V-NAND Memory Solutions to Tackle Data Processing and Storage Challenges

Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection

World’s smallest neutrino detector finds big physics fingerprint

GhanaSat-1 Releases into Orbit

Intel Unveils Full Intel Core X-series Processor Family Specs; 14- to 18-Core Processors Available Starting in September

New AI algorithm monitors sleep with radio waves

Quantum magnets doped with holes

Red, green, yellow, blue …

Scientists closer to explaining why matter persists over antimatter

Scientists probe the conditions of stellar interiors to measure nuclear reactions

Transitioning entirely to neural machine translation

Lights! Action! Photo-Activated Catalyst Grabs CO2 to Make Ingredients for Fuel

Microbot Origami Can Capture, Transport Single Cells

Production-Level Facial Performance Capture Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

4D Movies Capture People in Clothing, Creating Realistic Virtual Try-on

Algorithms that can sketch, recreate 3D shapes

Announcing OpenSolo

Artificial skin could allow robots to feel like we do

Development of Logic Circuits with Diamond-Based Transistors

Engineers harness the power of 3D printing to help train surgeons, shorten surgery times

LLNL finds reason behind defects in 3D printing

Need graphene? Grab a saw

New method for additive manufacturing of liquids - LAM

Premiere at Mercedes-Benz Trucks: New from the 3D printer: the first spare part for trucks made of metal

TESS mission to discover new planets moves toward launch

200 Terabyte Proof Demonstrates the Potential of Brute-Force Math

Breakthrough software teaches computer characters to walk, run, even play soccer

Building a graphene-based nanotube biosensor

Clarifiying complex chemical processes with quantum computers

Designing the microstructure of printed objects

Heat-conducting plastic could lead to lighter electronics, cars

Picture Perfect

Research To Accelerate Development Of High-Efficiency Graphene-Based Membranes

The Power of Perovskite

2D materials clean up their act

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces New Automotive, Half-bridge MOSFET Driver ICs

IBM sets new record for magnetic tape storage; makes tape competitive for cloud storage

mbed OS 5.5.4 released

Smaller, smarter, softer robotic arm for endoscopic surgery

Toshiba Unveils Single Package SSDs with 64-Layer 3D Flash Memory

World’s smallest neutrino detector observes elusive interactions of particles

Hubble Detects Exoplanet with Glowing Water Atmosphere

Hyperloop One’s full-scale pod reaches 192 mph in new Nevada track test

Scientists Watch ‘Artificial Atoms’ Assemble into Perfect Lattices with Many Uses

Atomic Movies May Help Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient

CMU Method Enables Telescoping Devices To Bend and Twist

Computer Game a Building Block for Engineers

Intelligent Animation

It’s something in the water: LLNL scientists extract hydrogen as potential fuel source

Magic Bench

Measuring distance with a single photo

Norway Takes Lead in Race to Build Autonomous Cargo Ships

Partnering for Material Impact

Strange Electrons Break the Crystal Symmetry of High-Temperature Superconductors

Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing

Personalized ‘earable’ sensor monitors body temperature in real time

A new era for Arduino begins today

Atomic discovery opens door to greener, faster, smaller electronic circuitry

Chinese scientists create biggest virtual universe with world’s fastest computer, beating European record

Intel loves the maker community so much it just axed its Arduino, Curie hardware. Ouch

New AI technique creates 3-D shapes from 2-D images

Startup Aims to Make 3D Metal Printing 100 Times Faster

Transparent, flexible solar cells

WSU physicists write with light, turn crystal into an electrical circuit

Dragonflies can predict the path of their prey

Carbon nanotubes turn electrical current into light-matter quasi-particles

In quest to reach Alpha Centauri, breakthrough starshot launches world’s smallest spacecraft

New robot printer spits out recyclable robots

NXP and Amazon Web Services Launch Cooperation in IoT

USB 3.0 Promoter Group Announces USB 3.2 Update

BGU Researcher Develops New 3-D Scanning Technique

Carnegie Mellon Develops Landmark Achievement in Walking Technology

CCNY physicists master unexplored electron property

Chaos Theory Strengthens Digital Locks

Conductivity key to mapping water inside Earth

Designing a 4D camera for robots


NUS engineers achieve significant breakthrough in spin wave based information processing technology

Physicists observe individual atomic collisions during diffusion for the first time

Pinpointing sources of water pollution with a robotic eel

Scientists Design Solar Cell that Captures Nearly All Energy of Solar Spectrum

Second version of HoloLens HPU will incorporate AI coprocessor for implementing DNNs

Tulane team advances knowledge toward more efficient electronics

A Final Farewell to LISA Pathfinder

Deep Learning Creates Earth-like Terrain by Studying NASA Satellite Images

Holograms taken to new dimension

Reshaping computer-aided design

Saturn Surprises As Cassini Continues its Grand Finale

Who will control the swarm?

Advancing Quantum Technology in 40 Picoseconds

Building a better battery

Empowering robots for ethical behavior

Hamburg research group develops new transistor

IBM Processor Aims to Blanket Encryption Over Everything

Stanford researchers develop a new type of soft, growing robot

A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved at EPFL

Artificial intelligence suggests recipes based on food photos

Elon Musk says he has a green light to build a NY–Philly–Baltimore–DC hyperloop

Intel Democratizes Deep Learning Application Development with Launch of Movidius Neural Compute Stick

July 20, 1969: One Giant Leap For Mankind

New experiment confirms violation of Bell’s inequality

Bluetooth SIG Announces Mesh Networking Capability

Bringing neural networks to cellphones

CircuitPython 1.0.0!

Helping Robots learn to see in 3-D

Manipulating Electron Spins Without Loss of Information

No battery, no wire, no problem

Research makes robots better at following spoken instructions

Swimming robot probes Fukushima reactor to find melted fuel

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces New Quad DMOS Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver IC

CatBoost is an open-source gradient boosting library with categorical features support

Finding leaks while they’re easy to fix

First disclosure of images taken by the JEM Kibo’s internal drone “Int-Ball”

Fluorine grants white graphene new powers

Lab scientists explore electronic properties of liquid electrolytes for energy technologies

New materials at the touch of a button

TI introduces single-chip buck-boost battery charge controllers enabling USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery support

Transformer robots can be printed on demand in just 13 minutes

Using Deep Learning to Create Professional-Level Photographs

Wheelchairs get robotic retrofit to become self-driving

Bye-Bye, Landfills! Russian Scientists Create Biodegradable Polyethylene

Linglong Tire partners in China’s first 3D printed tyre project

Miniaturizing the brain of a drone

New CRISPR technology takes cells to the movies

New material reduces energy consumption to a minimum

Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display

Testing a soft artificial heart

Ultra-high-contrast digital sensing

University develops new cheap, sustainable water treatment devices for developing countries

Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets – even over the internet

A free robot lawyer that appealed £2 million in parking tickets can now help you in 1,000 areas of law

Biased Algorithms Are Everywhere, and No One Seems to Care

KAIST to hold AI football tournament

OmniOS Community Edition

Self-powered system makes smart windows smarter

Study suggests route to improving rechargeable lithium batteries

Thinking Thin Brings New Layering and Thermal Abilities to the Semiconductor Industry

Announcing AI for Earth: Microsoft’s new program to put AI to work for the future of our planet

Human pose estimation for care robots using deep learning

Official Launch of the T-pod! – Almedalen 2017

Soft and stretchy fabric-based sensors for wearable robots

Audi’s New A8 Turns Mobility Into Magic, Using NVIDIA Tech to Transform Transportation

Breakthrough in spintronics

Computer reads body language

Green method developed for making artificial spider silk

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Completes Flyby over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Researchers Revolutionize Brain-Computer Interfaces Using Silicon Electronics

A new artificial intelligence based system warns when a gun appears in a video

Building the Web of Things

China’s quantum satellite achieves ‘spooky action’ at record distance

Create More Reliable and Cost-Effective LED Lighting Applications with Microchip’s Sequential Linear LED Driver

Gold Remembers

Manufacturing – Tailoring performance

‘Near-zero-power’ temperature sensor could make wearables, smart home devices less power-hungry

Neutrons detect elusive Higgs amplitude mode in quantum material

Secrets of superfluid helium explored

Toward the next generation of superconductors and lithium-ion batteries

UW-Madison researchers tackle bias in algorithms

Amid Unprecedented Controversy, W3C Greenlights DRM for the Web

Graphene and terahertz waves could lead the way to future communication

Iron secrets behind superconductors unlocked

Power of light: Research team finds light is key to promising material

Practical parallelism

2D layered devices can self-assemble with precision

Chances of hypersonic travel heat up with new materials discovery

LHC pops out a new particle that could test the strong force

Researchers use Kinect to scan T. rex skull

A New Method Could Enable More Stable and Scalable Quantum Computing, Penn Physicists Report

First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power

High-precision control of printed electronics

Hands off approach to looking into silicon chips

NEC accelerates machine learning for vector computers

New 3-D chip combines computing and data storage

New Mexico firm uses motion of the ocean to bring fresh water to coastal communities

Peering into neural networks

Spinning electrons open the door to future hybrid electronics

Teaching robots to learn about the world through touch

This website turns Wikipedia into a beautiful pixel art text adventure

ArianeGroup signs a first contract with ESA to develop the future Prometheus engine

Brookhaven Scientists Study Role of ‘Electrolyte Gating’ in Functional Oxide Materials

China’s new heavy-lift rocket launch fails in flight

Engineers design “tree-on-a-chip”

Keeping the heat out

Linux Kernel 4.12 Released — These Are The 5 Biggest Features

Salto-1P Is the Most Amazing Jumping Robot We’ve Ever Seen

SpaceX’s first re-flown Dragon capsule successfully returns to Earth

University of Twente develops record laser on chip smallest narrowband laser brings numerous photonic applications closer

Adaptive cyber security decision support to prevent cyber attacks

Aquila’s successful second flight: Another step forward in bringing the world closer together

Building with robots and 3D printers

Clean Drinking Water From Solar Power

Elon Musk’s boring machine completes the first section of an LA tunnel

New ‘superglue’ could seal the deal for stretchable batteries, soft robots

Robots to help children with autism

Tiny “motors” are driven by light

World first: new polymer goes for a walk when illuminated

AI’s big leap to tiny devices opens world of possibilities

AMD Ryzen PRO Desktop Processors Deliver Professional-Grade Performance, Security, and Reliability for Businesses Worldwide

An Algorithm Helps Protect Mars Curiosity’s Wheels

Happy Birthday: Apple’s iPhone turns 10 years old

Microsemi Announces General Availability of Engineering Samples for its Lowest Power, Cost-Optimized Mid-Range PolarFire FPGAs

New form of carbon that’s hard as a rock, yet elastic, like rubber

A new way of extracting copper

Ahead of the Curve

Drones that drive

Eclipse Oxygen IDE Improvements: General, Java and Git

NASA Completes Milestone Toward Quieter Supersonic X-Plane

New Design Improves Performance of Flexible Wearable Electronics

Next-Generation Bluetooth Low Energy Chip from STMicroelectronics Boosts the Boom of Connected Smart Things

Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Mobile Platform to Bring 14nm FinFET Process, Enhanced Dual-Camera Support and Fast LTE Connectivity to Mid-Range Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung Introduces Image Sensor Brand ‘ISOCELL’ at 2017 MWC Shanghai

Scientists produce dialysis membrane made from graphene

Stanford engineers design a robotic gripper for cleaning up space debris

Toshiba Memory Corporation Announces 96-Layer 3D Flash Memory

World’s largest automated port to become operational by year end

1 billion suns: World’s brightest laser sparks new behavior in light

Canonical supports Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

Computer system predicts products of chemical reactions

New MCU software eliminates an FPGA to achieve a sub-1 microsecond current loop in industrial systems

Sony Makes “Core Libraries” of its Deep Learning Tools Available as Open Source

FCC Approves Oneweb’s Low-latency Internet Satellite NNetwork For Remote Areas

A Unique Data Centre For Cosmological Simulations

Accelerating Deep Learning Research with the Tensor2Tensor Library

Intelligent underground robot for urban environments is designed

New Fast-Charging Flow Battery Aims to Advance the State-of-the-Art in Energy Storage

New Femto-Camera with Quadrillion Fractions of a Second Resolution

Researchers Create 3-D Printed Tensegrity Objects Capable of Dramatic Shape Change

The rope-less revolution begins now – first full-scale MULTI goes into operation

Watch SpaceX Rocket Re-Launch, Kicking Off Double Header

A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved

Laser-targeting A.I. Yields More Mars Science

Latest PIC32 Family Increases Performance While Reducing Power Consumption

Origami anything

ROHM and A*STAR’S IME to develop artificial intelligence Chip for predictive maintenance in smart factories

Samsung Begins Mass Production of First Exynos-branded IoT Solution, the Exynos i T200

Ultra-Thin Camera Creates Images Without Lenses

3D Through-Wall Imaging With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and WiFi

AMD EPYC™ Datacenter Processor Launches with Record-Setting Performance, Optimized Platforms, and Global Server Ecosystem Support

mbed OS 5.5 is now released!

Organic crystals behave like steel

Plant inspiration could lead to flexible electronics

Volkswagen Autoeuropa: Maximizing production efficiency with 3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures

World record in information retrieval from satellite data

LENOVO Delivers the World’s Largest Next-Generation Intel-based Supercomputer at Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Researchers developing a new balance for the new kilogram

Data-Mining 100 Million Instagram Photos Reveals Global Clothing Patterns

Debian 9.0 Stretch has been released!

“Hot” Electrons Move Faster Than Expected

How to build software for a computer 50 times faster than anything in the world

Intel discontinues Joule, Galileo, and Edison product lines

NASA Releases Kepler Survey Catalog with Hundreds of New Planet Candidates

Robot Uses Deep Learning and Big Data to Write and Play its Own Music

Space junk: The cluttered frontier

Spanish scientists make advances in 3D printing bone and cartilage tissue

China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet

DIY Robot Design

Face Recognition System “K-Eye” Presented by KAIST

New chemical method could revolutionize graphene

New Evidence That All Stars Are Born in Pairs

Russian Researchers Developed a Reliable Forward Error Correction Method for Digital Data

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Launches 7nm ASIC Platform for Data Center, Machine Learning, and 5G Networks

GLOBALFOUNDRIES on Track to Deliver Leading-Performance 7nm FinFET Technology

IBM Integrates with BMW CarData to Enable New and Innovative Services for Drivers

Jupiter Now Has 69 Moons

Michelin Visionary Concept

Microsemi Announces SoftConsole v5.1, the World’s First Freely Available Windows-Hosted Eclipse Integrated Development Environment Supporting RISC-V Open Instruction Set Architecture

PCI-SIG Publishes PCI Express 4.0, Revision 0.9 Specification

Researchers Discover Short-Cut to Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network

Samsung Achieves 220 Lumens per Watt with New Mid-Power LED Package

Scientists discover a 2-D magnet

Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles overcomes major hurdle in new Stanford research

Divide and conquer: How Microsoft researchers used AI to master Ms. Pac-Man

From drinking straws to robots

Microchip Extends eXtreme Low Power PIC32MM Microcontroller Family

Surface-Mount Intelligent Low-Power Modules from STMicroelectronics Save Space in Energy-Efficient Motor Drives

‘Charliecloud’ simplifies Big Data supercomputing

Microfluidics for the masses

New Computing System Takes Its Cues from Human Brain

New system allows optical “deep learning”

Researchers image quasiparticles that could lead to faster circuits, higher bandwidths

Self-Learning Robot Hands

AgeLab researching autonomous vehicle systems in ongoing collaboration with Toyota

Boeing studies planes without pilots, plans experiments next year

Optical Communication at Record-High Speed

Beyond Scaling: An Electronics Resurgence Initiative

Electric avenue: New approach could transform semiconductor tech

NEC and Tokyo Institute of Technology use AI to dramatically increase image clarity under severe conditions

New Diode Features Optically Controlled Capacitance

New ultrathin material for splitting water could make hydrogen production cheaper

Wow! mystery signal from space finally explained

A64-OLinuXino Open Source Hardware Allwinner A64 Development Board Launched for 50 Euros

‘Scrambled light’ wavemeter breakthrough

Surprising Stripes in a “Bad Metal” Offer Clues to High-Temperature Superconductivity

Tech researchers team up for advanced materials

Astronomers Find Planet Hotter Than Most Stars

Engineer Unveils New Spin on Future of Transistors with Novel Design

First Developmental Flight of India’s GSLV MkIII Successfully launches GSAT-19 Satellite

Giving robots a sense of touch

IBM Research Alliance Builds New Transistor for 5nm Technology

Microsoft, Purdue collaborate to advance quantum computing

New ways of representing information could transform digital technology

Oscillation instead of free fall – Science paper for Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Michael Knap

Rice U. scientists slash computations for ‘deep learning’

Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment

Experts Predict When Artificial Intelligence Will Exceed Human Performance

LIGO detects merging black holes for third time

Making prosthetic limbs feel more natural

Microsoft releases open-source toolkit to accelerate deep learning

Robot Design for Dummies

Random numbers: Hard times ahead for hackers

A Whole New Jupiter: First Science Results from NASA’s Juno Mission

NASA Renames Solar Probe Mission to Honor Pioneering Physicist Eugene Parker

SpaceX makes history by successfully launching first recycled rocket booster

A network of crystals for long-distance quantum communication

DARPA Picks Design for Next-Generation Spaceplane

Exploring elusive high-energy particles in an unusual metal

Fighting forgery with paper fingerprints

How AI Can Keep Accelerating After Moore’s Law

Internet of things: Let the avatars talk to each other

Microchip Introduces the Industry’s First MCU with Integrated 2D GPU and Integrated DDR2 Memory for Groundbreaking Graphics Capabilities

Microchip Simplifies the Design of Low-Power LCD Applications

Qualcomm Announces Flagship Companies to Build Windows 10 PCs Powered by Snapdragon

Yandex’s on-demand taxi service debuts its self-driving car project

A glove powered by soft robotics to interact with virtual reality environments

A New Spin on Electronics

New Method of Characterizing Graphene

After beating the world’s elite Go players, Google’s AlphaGo AI is retiring

Construction commences on the world’s largest optical telescope

Fujitsu and Daido University Replicate Molten Metal Pouring Behavior with Newly Developed Simulation Technology

Fujitsu Develops High-Voltage Cathode Material for Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Batteries

Managing an eco-friendly house with Lego-like technology bricks

Nanomaterials with potential for environmentally friendly hydrogen production

The Adventure begins again

Bacteria with multicolor vision

Google Plans to Demonstrate the Supremacy of Quantum Computing

RIT team creates high-speed internet lane for emergency situations

The deaf-blind can now “watch” television without intermediaries

Toward mass-producible quantum computers

Unveiling the Quantum Necklace

Waltzing robot teaches beginners how to dance like a pro

China completes largest floating solar power plant

Envision a World with Thunderbolt 3 Everywhere

Google AI AlphaGo wins again, leaves humans in the dust

New Zealand space launch is first from a private site

Researchers engineer shape-shifting noodles

Samsung Set to Lead the Future of Foundry with Comprehensive Process Roadmap Down to 4nm

VTT’s autonomous cars take to public roads and start communicating with each other

Britain’s wind turbines catch breeze of a rising industry

Curiosity May Be Vital for Truly Smart AI

Engineering Researchers Develop System That Prevents Autonomous Vehicles From Crashing, Being Hacked

Network Traffic Provides Early Indication of Malware Infection

Next-gen computing: Memristor chips that see patterns over pixels

Parasitic Robot System for Turtle’s Waypoint Navigation

Quantum dot transistor simulates functions of neurons

Researchers Find Computer Code that Volkswagen Used to Cheat Emissions Tests

STMicroelectronics Introduces Automotive Power MOSFETs in Tiny 5x6mm Dual-Side Cooling Package

TI introduces the industry’s smallest gate driver and power MOSFET solution for motor control

Windows switch to Git almost complete: 8,500 commits and 1,760 builds each day

Available to industry for the first time: New computation tools enable much faster and cheaper product development

Better cathode materials for Lithium-Sulphur-Batteries

Electroplating delivers high-energy, high-power batteries

First robot cop to join Dubai Police by May, official says

French startup TriDInnov 3D prints functional circuits using new ‘Eoprom’ solution

Google AI beats Chinese master in ancient game of Go

Hubble Spots Moon Around Third Largest Dwarf Planet

Hydrogen Bonds Directly Detected for the First Time

Microsoft Has a Plan to Add DNA Data Storage to Its Cloud

New understanding of superconductor’s ‘normal’ state may open the way to solving longstanding puzzle

Researchers design moisture-responsive workout suit

Saving energy with a spot of silver

Scientists construct a stable one-dimensional metallic material

Turmoil in sluggish electrons’ existence

SiFive Unveils the first RISC-V-based Arduino Board at Maker Faire Bay Area

Building a better ‘bot’: artificial intelligence helps human groups

Cinematography on the fly

Imec demonstrates self-learning neuromorphic chip that composes music

Machine Learning Algorithms re-create City in 3D using only image data

Quantum reservoir for microwaves

Making AI work for everyone

3D-printed Soft Four Legged Robot Can Walk on Sand and Stone

AMD unveils Ryzen Threadripper: A monster CPU with 16 cores, 32 threads

Build and train machine learning models on our new Google Cloud TPUs

Engaging Diamond for Next-Era Transistors

IBM Builds Its Most Powerful Universal Quantum Computing Processors

Samsung Accelerates the Next Generation of IoT with New and Advanced SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Platform Products for Interoperability, Enhanced Security, and Connected Services

Scientists Demonstrate New Real-Time Technique for Studying Ionic Liquids at Electrode Interfaces

TI unveils the world’s most precise single-chip millimeter wave sensor portfolio available today

HPE Unveils Computer Built for the Era of Big Data

SpaceX Launches Super-Heavy Communications Satellite

An Algorithm Summarizes Lengthy Text Surprisingly Well

Better screenings through artificial intelligence

FSU technology cracks, fixes passwords

Gas gives laser-induced graphene super properties

Internet of things made simple: One sensor package does work of many

Mars Rover Opportunity Begins Study of Valley’s Origin

New 3D printing method promises vastly superior medical implants for millions

Physics May Speed Up Solutions for Tough Computational Problems

Stanford researchers develop crowdsourcing software to convene rapid, on-demand ‘flash organizations’

Virtual Top Hats Allow Swarming Robots to Fly in Tight Formation

Experiments show that a few self-driving cars can dramatically improve traffic flow

New robotic fish for environmental monitoring

Researchers unveil new password meter that will change how users make passwords

3-D Printing the Way to Bionic Humans

Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University scientists develop more efficient catalytic material for fuel cell applications

Battery-free implantable medical device draws energy directly from human body

Lawrence Livermore unveils ‘heart-on-a-chip’

NVIDIA Launches Revolutionary Volta GPU Platform, Fueling Next Era of AI and High Performance Computing

Polluted air can generate power

Scientists Print Nanoscale Imaging Probe onto Tip of Optical Fiber

SpaceX Static-Fires Falcon Heavy Core for 1st Time

Matteo Bucci: Using nanotech to produce more megawatts

MIT researchers develop new way to clear pollutants from water

New PIC32 Family of 32-Bit Microcontrollers Optimized for Motor Control and General Purpose Applications

Researchers develop transistors that can switch between two stable energy states

Solar Roof

Teaching robots to teach other robots

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces New High Current Integrated DC Motor Driver IC

Engineer patents waterlike polymer to create high-temperature ceramics

Operating smart devices from the space on and above the back of your hand

CMU Creating touchpads with can of spray paint

An Ostrich-Like Robot Pushes the Limits of Legged Locomotion

Five Ways Quantum Computing Will Change the Way We Think About Computing

“Valleytronics” advancement could help extend Moore’s Law

Deep Learning Helps Scientists Keep Track of Cell’s Inner Parts

Holography with the Wi-Fi-router

‘Good vibrations’ no longer needed for speakers as new research encourages graphene to talk

The world’s fastest film camera: when light practically stands still

Baidu Apollo: the Open Source Self-Driving Vehicle Tech Platform

China hits milestone in developing quantum computer ‘to eclipse all others’

Computers learn to understand humans better by modelling them

Detecting walking speed with wireless signals

Elon Musk gives us a glimpse of Tesla’s electric semi truck

Flexible, organic and biodegradable: Stanford researchers develop new wave of electronics

Hand that sees offers new hope to amputees

Important milestone in quest for hydrogen production using photosynthesis

Infrared 3D scanner: fast and accurate

mbed OS 5.4.4 released

Murphy develops another marsupial-inspired robot

New Russian-Made Polymer Technology Paves Way to 3D-Printed Robots

Revolutionary method reveals impact of short circuits on battery safety

Heat-resistant capacitors: Stability at up to 300 degrees

Mapping the edge of reality

New chip under development at UTSA extends battery life of electronics

This Robot Knows When It’s Confused and Asks for Help

Control of molecular motion by metal-plated 3D-printed plastic pieces

Hybrid Digital-Analog Circuits Can Increase Computational Power of Chaos-Based Systems

Flexible tactile sensor lets robots feel

Internet of the future: massive mobile antennae technology

100% 3D Printed Solid Rocket Motor

3-D printing offers new approach to making buildings

A Massive New Library of 3-D Images Could Help Your Robot Butler Get Around Your House

Affordable STM32 Cloud-Connectable Kit from STMicroelectronics Puts More Features On-Board for Fast and Flexible IoT-Device Development

Bridgestone launching ‘airless’ bicycle tires in 2019

China Talking With European Space Agency About Moon Outpost

Finally, a peek inside the ‘black box’ of machine learning systems

Microchip Unveils the SAM R30 System in Package for Wirelessly Connected Designs

MIT Mathematician Spins Up 220,000-Core Google Compute Cluster

NASA Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and Its Rings

New Self-Sustained Multi-Sensor Platform for Environmental Monitoring

Scientists unlock ‘golden’ secret to help boost PVC industry

Wireless power could enable ingestible electronics

Research leads to a golden discovery for wearable technology

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces a New Family of Low Voltage Precision Hall Effect Latch ICs

Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution

Google Co-Founder Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk Venture Demos Flying Car

New strategy produces stronger polymers

A microprocessor based on a two-dimensional semiconductor

Graphene holds up under high pressure

Growth under pressure: New metamaterial designed with counterintuitive property

Not stuck on silicon

Rechargeable ‘spin battery’ promising for spintronics and quantum computing

Changing the game

New Quantum Liquid Crystals May Play Role in Future of Computers

University of Twente researcher Geert Folkertsma has developed a prototype cheetah robot

A once forgotten element holds promise for the future of electronics

Apple has an official permit to test self-driving cars in California, DMV confirms

Baidu to launch self-driving car technology in July

China Launches Its First Space Cargo Ship Into Orbit

EC2 F1 Instances with FPGAs – Now Generally Available

Explained: Neural Networks

Facebook open sources Caffe2, its flexible deep learning framework of choice

Marine scientists using drones for measurements

Prof. Jung Kim and Prof. Inkyu Park developed a tactile sensor that can act as a skin for a robot

Researchers working toward indoor location detection

Introducing the Arduino MKRFOX1200

Columbia Engineers Invent Method to Control Light Propagation in Waveguides

High-resolution imaging with conventional microscopes

Learn a language while you wait for WiFi

Scientists Develop Means for 3D Printing Extraterrestrial Materials

4D Printing Gets Simpler and Faster

ASU team connects humans, robots through common language

Baking Hack Resistance Directly into Hardware

Biased bots: Human prejudices sneak into artificial intelligence systems

Computers Create Recipe for Two New Magnetic Materials

Engineering highly adaptable robots requires new tools for new rules

Graphene ‘phototransistor’ promising for optical technologies

Group works toward devising next-gen superconductor

‘Neuron-reading’ Nanowires Could Accelerate Development of Drugs to Treat Neurological Diseases

New technique could break barriers to making smaller microchips

New technology can boost fibre-optic bandwidth

Researchers Make the First Flexible Memory Device Using Oxide Ferroelectric Material

‘Spray-on’ Memory could enable bendable digital storage

Supercomputer Simulation Offers Peek at the Future of Quantum Computers

Adidas’ latest 3D-printed shoe puts mass production within sight

A.I. player AlphaGo to play Chinese Go champion

Algorithm and rhyme

AMBER Researchers make major breakthrough in smart printed electronics

Asteroid to Fly Safely Past Earth on April 19

Belgian company takes 3D printing to chocolate

Carnegie Mellon AI Takes On Chinese Poker Players

Computers of the Future May Be Minuscule Molecular Machines

DARPA Completes Testing of Subscale Hybrid Electric VTOL X-Plane

David E. Shaw’s Supercomputer Is Uncovering Secrets of Human Biology

Earth-Sized ‘Tatooine’ Planets Could Be Habitable

Electronic synapses that can learn : towards an artificial brain ?

Lice-Hunting Underwater Drone Protects Salmon With Lasers

Man moves paralyzed legs using device that stimulates spinal cord

Microprocessors based on a layer of just three atoms

Microsemi and Athena Announce the TeraFire Hard Cryptographic Microprocessor for PolarFire “S Class” FPGAs, Providing Advanced Security Features

NASA Astronaut to Star in First Ultra-High-Definition Live Stream from Space

NASA Missions Provide New Insights into ‘Ocean Worlds’ in Our Solar System

New computer vision challenge wants to teach robots to see in 3D

New study will explore future of transportation

Orange Pi 2G-IoT Cellular Mini PC Unveiled For $10

Printed titanium parts expected to save millions in Boeing Dreamliner costs

Quantum-physical Model System

Scientists Watch a Molecule Protect Itself from Radiation Damage

Screening the Human Genome’s “Dark Matter”

Sony Commercializes the Industry’s First*1 High-Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor for Automotive Cameras, Delivering Simultaneous LED Flicker Mitigation and High-Quality HDR Shooting

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

Tiny Black Holes Enable a New Type of Photodetector for High-Speed Data

Touch-Sensitive, Elastic Fibers Offer New Interface for Electronics

Yale’s Wright Lab will test new theory to solve a subatomic mystery

Information storage with a nanoscale twist

Open sourcing Sonnet - a new library for constructing neural networks

Quantum Computing Now Has a Powerful Search Tool

This tiny electric jet startup thinks it can reinvent regional air travel

Intel Collaborating with Preferred Networks in Japan on Deep Learning

Quantifying the performance of the TPU, our first machine learning chip

Researchers Control Soft Robots Using Magnetic Fields

The perfect pattern to trap light

Streamlining Mass Production of Printable Electronics

A faster single-pixel camera

Boeing Unveils Deep Space Concepts for Moon and Mars Exploration

Discussions with Apple regarding license agreement

Google Earth Enterprise - Open Source

Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Graphene Lid Revitalizes Imaging Technique

NASA’s Cassini Mission Prepares for ‘Grand Finale’ at Saturn

NXP Announces Complete Software Availability of MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Allowing Design Flexibility Across LPC and Kinetis Microcontroller Portfolio

Platelets instead of quantum dots

Finding faces in a crowd

Innovative software converts Wi-Fi data into energy savings

Making America’s power grid much, much smarter

Why Asimov’s Laws of Robotics should be updated for the 21st century

IBM Patents Cognitive System to Manage Self-Driving Vehicles

Solar-powered skin opens new possibilities for prosthetics

This advance could finally make graphene-based semiconductor chips feasible

Beyond Graphene: Advances Make Reduced Graphene Oxide Electronics Feasible

Bias test to prevent algorithms discriminating unfairly

Can robots write meaningful news?

EU ministers commit to digitising Europe with high-performance computing power

Faster page loads

Google Brain Wants Creative AI to Help Humans Make a “New Kind of Art”

How Graphene Could Cool Smartphone, Computer and Other Electronics Chips

JEDEC DDR5 & NVDIMM-P Standards Under Development

mbed OS 5.4.2 Release Available

Nanomagnets for future data storage

New ultrafast flexible and transparent memory devices could herald a new era of electronics

Next-Generation Software Supports Explorations Beyond the Nanoworld into the Intramolecular Picoworld

Quantum movement of electrons between atomic layers shows potential application of van der Waals materials for electronics and photonics

Shutting down CodePlex

SpaceX just flew a used rocket for the first time and stuck the landing, too

Domino’s Will Begin Using Robots to Deliver Pizzas in Europe

Man with quadriplegia employs injury bridging technologies to move again—just by thinking

New revolutionary laser technique could lead to faster, smaller and cheaper 3D printing technologies

Orange Pi 2G-IoT ARM Linux Development Board with 2G/GSM Support is Up for Sale for $9.90

A big leap toward tinier lines

A New Home for Google Open Source

Apps created for everyone, by anyone

New Single-Chip Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Solution is Ideal for DC-DC Power Conversion

What Happens When Your PC Meets Intel Optane Memory?

Panasonic Develops a Vehicular High-precision Angle Sensor

SELF-Healing Observed in Graphene

Organic electronics can use power from socket

Quadruped robot exhibits spontaneous changes in step with speed

Testing new networking protocols

Transparent silver: Tarnish-proof films for flexible displays, touch screens, metamaterials

Hubble detects supermassive black hole kicked out of galactic core

NASA Taking First Steps Toward High-speed Space ‘Internet’

Scientists use new technology to assemble genome of Zika virus mosquito

Toward printable, sensor-laden “skin” for robots

World’s Highest Conversion Efficiency of 26.33% Achieved in a Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell ― A World First in a Practical Cell Size

ARM DynamIQ: Expanding the possibilities for artificial intelligence

Bushwhacking into Unexplored Transistor Territories

E-tattoos turn knuckles and freckles into smartphone controls

Lighting the path to production for connected buildings with mbed OS 5.4

New computer software programme excels at lip reading

Quantum physics offers insight into music expressivity

Stanford scientists create three-dimensional bladder reconstruction

TSMC Tips 7+, 12, 22nm Nodes

Wi-fi on rays of light: 100 times faster, and never overloaded

X-rays Map the 3D Interior of Integrated Circuits

As Moore’s law nears its physical limits, a new generation of brain-like computers comes of age in a Stanford lab

Security for multirobot systems

“Instrument Flight” to the Inner Ear

PUFFER Concept Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robots

Cooling to absolute zero mathematically outlawed after a century

Developers aim for Japan’s fastest supercomputer

Is Reliable Artificial Intelligence Possible?

Nanoscale logic machines go beyond binary computing

Ultrashort light pulses for fast ‘lightwave’ computers

Announcing Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder

BeagleBone® Blue

Beijing to release national artificial intelligence development plan

Cypress Unveils PSoC 6, the Industry’s Lowest Power, Most Flexible MCU Architecture, Setting a New Standard for Battery-powered, Secure IoT Devices

Intel Acquisition of Mobileye

Jonsson School Engineers Shrink Microscope to Dime-sized Device

New tinyAVR® MCUs Increase System Throughput While Lowering Power Consumption in Embedded Applications

Opening paths to progress with programmable materials

So long stiffness: Stanford engineers use soup additive to create a stretchable plastic electrode

SUTD, NTU join SMU in deploying supercomputer for AI research

Artificial intelligence and robots to make offshore windfarms safer and cheaper

Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence Lab Unveils Synthetic Speech System

Brainlike computers are a black box. Scientists are finally peering inside

China developing manned space mission to the moon: State media

New Material Makes it Possible to Record Data with Light

Robot uses social feedback to fetch objects intelligently

Textile-based wearable electronics and fashion displays

NXP Launches the World’s Smallest Single-chip SoC with Integrated Microcontroller for Drones, Robots, Power Tools, DC Fan and Healthcare Applications

Surrounded by AI Devices that Do Everything from Flying to Farming, NVIDIA Launches Jetson TX2

The quest to crystallize time

Announcing Google Cloud Video Intelligence API, and more Cloud Machine Learning updates

Brain-controlled robots

GOODYEAR shares concepts, technology for urban mobility at Geneva International Motor Show

HotFlex: Post-print Customization of 3D Prints Using Embedded State Change

IBM Building First Universal Quantum Computers for Business and Science

IBM Researchers Store Data on World’s Smallest Magnet — a Single Atom

Language learning robot could advance autonomous vehicles, help emergency responders in the future

Latest OCP Innovations from Intel Support Growing Demands of Hyper Scale Data Centers

Microchip Simplifies the Development of Smart, Connected and Secure Solutions with a Hardware Cryptography-Enabled Microcontroller

NVIDIA and Microsoft Boost AI Cloud Computing with Launch of Industry-Standard Hyperscale GPU Accelerator

Qualcomm Collaborates with Microsoft to Accelerate Cloud Services on 10nm Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Platform

Steering A Turtle With Your Thoughts

The Hangprinter: A Frameless 3D Printer

Artificial data give the same results as real data — without compromising privacy

Dual-function nanorod LEDs could make multifunctional displays

New PIC18 Family Offers a Versatile Array of Core Independent Peripherals to Simplify Complex Designs

New research could trigger revolution in computer electronics manufacturing

An exclusive look at Jeff Bezos’s plan to set up Amazon-like delivery for ‘future human settlement’ of the moon

Computing with Biochemical Circuits Made Easy

A revolutionary atom-thin semiconductor for electronics

Is a stretchable smart tablet in our future?

NASA Releases Software Catalog, Granting the Public Free Access to Technologies for Earthly Applications

Shape-shifting molecular robots respond to DNA signals

Singing posters and talking shirts: UW engineers turn everyday objects into FM radio stations

AI beats professional players at Super Smash Bros. video game

New product! Raspberry PI Zero W joins the family

Self-driving Nissan car takes to Europe’s streets for first time

SpaceX to send first paying tourists around moon next year

AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs

Samsung Launches Premium Exynos 9 Series Processor Built on the World’s First 10nm FinFET Process Technology

SpaceX Dragon Delivers NASA Cargo to Space Station After 24-Hour Delay

STMicroelectronics Extends Flexibility of STM32 Ecosystem with Latest STM32F722 Nucleo board and STM32F723 Discovery kit

A Drone-Slinging UPS Van Delivers the Future

Big Improvements to Brain-Computer Interface

Boeing plans to build 3D-printed modular satellites

Breakthrough in ‘wonder’ materials paves way for flexible tech

Innovation and Competition Return to High-Performance PCs March 2nd with Worldwide AMD Ryzen 7 Availability

Latest PIC® MCU Family Brings Ease of Design with More Core Independent Peripherals

NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star

Sony launches the World’s Fastest SD card, the SF-G series

Split decision in first-ever quantum computer faceoff

Stanford researchers say extracting uranium from seawater could help nuclear power play a larger role in a carbon-free energy future

Tokyo Tech supercomputer TSUBAME3.0 scheduled to start operating in summer 2017

Linux 4.10

Researchers devise efficient power converter for internet of things

SpaceX Launches 1st Private Rocket from Historic NASA Pad

Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer

A Chip Flaw Strips Away Hacking Protections for Millions of Devices

Announcing TensorFlow 1.0

Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age

Elusive triangulene created by moving atoms one at a time

India sets world record with 104 satellites in a single rocket launch

mbed OS 5.3.5 Release Available

Now you can “build your own” bio-bot

Success by deception

The ultimate green technology

Welcome to AirSim

AI Software Juggles Probabilities to Learn from Less Data

Components with responsibility

Intel Introduces Versatile New FPGA for Industrial and Automotive Markets

Lasers Could Give Space Research its ‘Broadband’ Moment

Long-lasting flow battery could run for more than a decade with minimum upkeep

NASA Receives Science Report on Europa Lander Concept

Neural network trained to solve quantum mechanical problems

Newly engineered material can cool roofs, structures with zero energy consumption

Penn Researchers Are Among the First to Grow a Versatile Two-dimensional Material

Researchers add a splash of human intuition to planning algorithms

Voice control everywhere

A guide to Friday’s comet-eclipse-full-moon triple feature

China is now the world’s largest solar power producer

Data Centers of the Future Could Send Bits Over Infrared Lasers Instead of Fiber Optic Cables

Intel Supports American Innovation with $7 Billion Investment in Next-Generation Semiconductor Factory in Arizona

Intel Unveils Deep Learning Library for Apache Spark

Intel’s Atom C2000 chips are bricking products – and it’s not just Cisco hit

New Google Brain research brings the ‘zoom and enhance’ trope to reality

ORNL researchers break data transfer efficiency record

Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats

Samsung ARTIK 530 – our newest family member!

Sorting machine for atoms

Toward all-solid lithium batteries

Wave of the future: terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter

We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus

Engineers harness stomach acid to power tiny sensors

Mimicking nature’s cellular architectures via 3D printing

Scientists develop ‘lab on a chip’ that costs 1 cent to make

1000 times more efficient nano-LED opens door to faster microchips

First ever blueprint unveiled to construct a large scale quantum computer

Watching computers think

LEGO-like blocks build new possibilities for microfluidics

Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries

Microchip Debuts Advanced Motor Control Tool with Auto Tuning and Self-Commissioning Capability

New resource for optical chips

Solar Power Delivers a Win-Win-Win

Stanford researchers create a high-performance, low-energy artificial synapse for neural network computing

Close Views Show Saturn’s Rings in Unprecedented Detail

D-Wave Announces D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Computer and First System Order

mbed OS 5.3.4 released

Novel Liquid Crystal Could Triple Sharpness of Today’s Televisions

Report: Apple is kind-of-sort-of working on more ARM chips for its Macs

Researchers Flip Script for Li-Ion Electrolytes to Simulate Better Batteries

TERES I Do It Yourself Open Source Hardware and Software Hacker’s friendly laptop is complete

World’s most powerful wind turbine once again smashes 24 hour power generation record as 9 MW wind turbine is launched

A New Approach to 3D Holographic Displays Greatly Improves the Image Quality

AI Software Learns to Make AI Software

Carnegie Mellon artificial intelligence beats top poker pros

D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world’s most controversial quantum compute

Engineers Build Robot Drone That Mimics Bat Flight

First step towards photonic quantum network

I Can See Clearly Now

Optimizing code

Scientists Discover Potential Way to Make Graphene Superconducting

The world’s first heat-driven transistor

Transparent, gel-based robots can catch and release live fish

For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat

Making A.I. Systems that See the World as Humans Do

Microbiologists Make Big Leap in Developing ‘Green’ Electronics

Researchers build carbon nanotube transistors that outperform those made with silicon

Spanish scientists create a 3D bioprinter to print human skin

Wine 2.0 Released

ZTE Achieves Performance Breakthrough for Deep Learning with Intel FPGAs

Samsung Announces Cause of Galaxy Note7 Incidents in Press Conference

A private chinese space company just scored a foreign contract for the first time

Boom completes wind tunnel testing, paving the way for supersonic airplane construction

Faster websites with fewer bugs

Melting solid below the freezing point

NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite sends first images of Earth

UMass researcher says all-natural ‘wire’ discovery could replace man-made electronic connectors

Asus takes on Raspberry Pi with 4K-capable Tinker Board

New, Old Science Combine to Make Faster Medical Test

Airbus CEO sees ‘flying car’ prototype ready by end of year

Compute module 3 out now!

Driverless electric shuttle being tested in downtown Vegas

Galileo satellites experiencing multiple clock failures

Graphene’s sleeping superconductivity awakens

How the World’s Oldest Computer Worked: Reconstructing the 2,200-Year-Old Antikythera Mechanism

Implantable Microrobots

Inspired by a whirligig toy, Stanford bioengineers develop a 20-cent, hand-powered blood centrifuge

Making energy-harvesting computers reliable

NASA Is Making New Robots That Can Control Themselves

Seeing the quantum future… literally

Using mathematics to hunt for computer errors

Semiconductor eyed for next-generation ‘power electronics’

Technique enables adaptable 3-D printing

The power of attraction

Alphabet Says It Shut Down Titan Drone Internet Project

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye Will Have Autonomous Test Vehicles on the Roads by the Second Half of 2017

Enhance! RAISR Sharp Images with Machine Learning

First 64-Bit and Enterprise OS Comes to Raspberry Pi 3

Honda Riding Assist motorcycle Wins Three Awards at CES 2017

LG Smart instaview refrigerator features voice control, webos and remote viewing capabilities

Nanowire ‘inks’ enable paper-based printable electronics

New candidate for ‘missing element’ in Earth’s core

Renault will release its Twizy EV hardware system as an opensource platform

The moon is older than scientists thought, UCLA-led research team reports

Researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known

Vega: AMD’s New Graphics Architecture for Virtually Unlimited Workloads

A breakthrough in miniaturising lidars for autonomous driving

Additive manufacturing: A new twist for stretchable electronics?

FF 91 Press Release | Faraday Future

Gut Decision: Scientists Identify New Organ in Humans

Inkscape Version 0.92 is Released!

UB20M voltage detector eliminates standby power

A New Home on Mars: NASA Langley’s Icy Concept for Living on the Red Planet

A Wolverine Inspired Material

Cormorant UAV (formerly AirMule) Completes First Fully Autonomous Pattern Flight Over Terrain

DeepMind’s AlphaGo is secretly beating human players online

HDMI forum announces version 2.1 of the HDMI specification

How Carbon Nanotubes Could Help Replace Silicon in Chip Fabrication

How Robots Can Acquire New Skills from Their Shared Experience

HPE’s New Chip Marks a Milestone in Optical Computing

Intel Unveils Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform

Lego targets pre-Mindstorms minds with its Boost educational kit

NASA Selects Two Missions to Explore the Early Solar System

NTU and German scientists turn memory chips into processors to speed up computing tasks

NVIDIA, AUDI Partner to Put World’s Most Advanced AI Car on Road by 2020

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform to Power Next-Generation Immersive Experiences

Solar Could Beat Coal to Become the Cheapest Power on Earth

Toyota Concept-i Makes the Future of Mobility Human

Capturing the energy of slow motion

Brain activity is too complicated for humans to decipher. Machines can decode it for us

Divide and conquer pattern searching

Why connecting all the world’s robots will drive 2017’s top technology trends

A Leap Second Will Be Added December 31, 2016

Deep sea coral reefs more accessible with touch-sensitive underwater robotic platform

Hack-proofing our devices

Indiana University researchers launch tool to understand spread of fake news

Mining 24 Hours a Day with Robots


An effective and low-cost solution for storing solar energy

Astronauts to get help from snake robots

Building Jarvis

DPDgroup drone delivers parcels using regular commercial line

Driverless platoons

Drones dazzle at Disney World in a new holiday show

First Ever Cargo Drone Deliveries in Amazon Rainforest

Google Lunar XPRIZE Team HAKUTO Announces Rideshare Agreement with TeamIndus for a 2017 Lunar Mission

Grids of defects make diamonds practical for quantum computing

Human Cells Eat Nanowires

Mimicking biological movements with soft robots

NASA Engineers Test Combustion Chamber to Advance 3-D Printed Rocket Engine Design

PIXEL for PC and MAC

SK Hynix Inc. to Construct a Cutting Edge NAND Flash FAB in Cheongju

The world’s tiniest radio

A Conscious Coupling of Magnetic and Electric Materials

A Phone That Charges in Seconds? UCF Scientists Bring it Closer to Reality

Amazon Conducts First Commercial Drone Delivery

Announcing updates to Google’s Internet of Things platform: Android Things and Weave

Flexible device captures energy from human motion

Further Improvement of Qubit Lifetime for Quantum Computers

Galileo begins serving the globe

Ikea introduces its first 3D knitted furniture

Meet the new MKRZERO, the power of the ZERO in a smaller board!

Meet the World’s First Completely Soft Robot

New supercomputer will unite x86, Power9 and ARM chips

Optical addressing method for full-color 3D display

Optical tech gives prosthesis a more human-like sense of touch

Passive Components at the Performance Limit

Qualcomm Begins Commercial Sampling of World’s First 10nm Server Processor and Reshapes the Future of Datacenter Computing

Quantum computers ditch all the lasers for easier engineering

Researchers Develop Way To “Fingerprint” the Brain

Taiwan’s TSMC to build $16bn advanced chip facility

UMN research shows people can control robotic arm with their minds

UNIST Engineers Thermoelectric Material in Paintable Liquid Form

Adoption of latest Bluetooth® specification propels interoperability, sets stage for transformative wireless connectivity

Earth’s day lengthens by two milliseconds a century, astronomers find

Engineering researchers develop a process that could make big data and cloud storage more energy efficient

IBM Research and Rice University Explore Watson-Powered Robot Aimed at Aiding Elderly and Caregivers

Infrastructure data for everyone

Microsoft, Qualcomm partnership will bring the full Windows 10 OS to ARM devices using emulation

New material could lead to erasable and rewriteable optical chips

New ‘printone’ tool allows users to create 3-D printed wind instruments in any shape or form

New sensor technology for e-vehicle batteries

Open sourcing the Embedding Projector: a tool for visualizing high dimensional data

Our brains have a basic algorithm that enables our intelligence

Printable electronics - New stamping technique creates functional features at nanoscale dimensions

Scientists create ‘floating pixels’ using soundwaves and force fields

Scientists develop robotic hand for people with quadriplegia

Self-learning software that builds itself

Stanford engineers create prototype chip just three atoms thick

University of Twente researchers able to study individual defects in transistors

We’re set to reach 100% renewable energy — and it’s just the beginning

Amazon Lex – Build Conversational Voice & Text Interfaces

Amazon Rekognition – Image Detection and Recognition Powered by Deep Learning

DARPA Creating Industry/Government Group for Safe Operation of Space Robotics

‘Diamond-age’ of power generation as nuclear batteries developed

Geohot’s startup open sources its self-driving software

Getting Across the Smart Home Threshold

In the Works – Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs

Making Graphene Using Laser-induced Phase Separation

Private Moon Rovers May Visit The Apollo 17 Landing Site

Roscosmos. Progress Ms-04 Situation

A new standard in robotics

CertiKOS: A breakthrough toward hacker-resistant operating systems

Designer materials create miniature computer circuits

Microsoft doubles down on quantum computing bet

Miniature WiFi device developed by Stanford engineers supplies missing link for the Internet of Things

New Clues Emerge in 30-Year-Old Superconductor Mystery

NXP Introduces Industry’s Smallest 8-pin GX Logic Package for Mobile, Portable and IoT Applications

Nylon fibers made to flex like muscles

/Schiaparelli landing investigation makes progress

Scientists have developed a zero-gravity metal 3D printer for space

STMicroelectronics Boosts Trusted Computing with New Advanced Security Modules

This tiny electronic device applied to the skin can pick up heart and speech sounds

UCR Researchers Discover New Method to Dissipate Heat in Electronic Devices

Zero-Shot Translation with Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System

A Hidden Ocean Beneath Pluto’s Icy Heart

Baidu’s self-driving cars begin public test in Wuzhen, China

Intel Announces $250 Million Investment for Autonomous Driving

Meet Piccolissimo: The World’s Smallest Self-powered Controllable Flying Vehicle

Microsemi is First FPGA Provider to Offer Open Architecture RISC-V IP Core and Comprehensive Software Solution for Embedded Designs

Microsoft open-sources P language for IoT

Researchers found mathematical structure that was thought not to exist

Shenzhou-11 separates from Tiangong-2 as astronauts prepare for reentry

SpaceX files FCC application for internet access network with 4,425 satellites

The Cray® XC50 and NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU - the Next Giant Leap in Compute Performance

Tiny electronic device can monitor heart, recognize speech

TI’s ultra-low power Sub-1 GHz LaunchPad development kit is first to be Sigfox verified in Japan

Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum-Ion Battery

World’s fastest quantum simulator operating at the atomic level

2016 Ends with Three Supermoons

Computers Made of Genetic Material?

DeepMind and Blizzard to release StarCraft II as an AI research environment

Faster programs, easier programming

Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumours with precision

Microchip Launches New Generation of 8-bit AVR® MCUs with Core Independent Peripherals


New ‘optofluidic’ technology taps power of diatoms to improve sensor performance

Scientists set traps for atoms with single-particle precision

Semiconductor-free microelectronics are now possible, thanks to metamaterials

The Ocean’s Robots May Soon Enjoy High-Speed Internet

We Just Made a Strong Move Ahead in Autonomous Mobility

3D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials

A billion billion calculations per second: where no computer has gone before

A new twist on airplane wing design

A Tiny Machine

Delivering in your city from 2017 british auto tech company charge reveals new electric truck

Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Sandia, Harvard team create first quantum computer bridge

Did Early Earth Spin On Its Side?

Engineers develop new magnetic ink to print self-healing devices that heal in record time

Lattice Semiconductor to be Acquired by Canyon Bridge Capital Partners, Inc. for $1.3 Billion

Making high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps

Minoca OS: A new open source operating system

Penn State researchers find way to increase scanning speed

Samsung Expands its Advanced Foundry Offerings with 14LPU and 10LPU Processes

Scale from value line to high performance with TI’s new unified memory 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs)

Ubuntu Core 16 delivers foundation for secure IoT

ARM accelerates secure IoT from chip to cloud

Engineers design ultralow power transistors that could function for years without a battery

Long may you wave, borophene

mbed OS 5.2 now released!

Microsoft releases beta of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit for deep learning advances

New Horizons Returns Last Bits of 2015 Flyby Data to Earth

New Intel Atom Processor E3900 Series: Enabling Next Generation of Smart and Connected IoT Devices

New kind of supercapacitor made without carbon

Next-generation smartphone battery inspired by the gut

NXP Announces MCUXpresso Software and Tools, Unifies Development Support for its Microcontroller Powerhouse Portfolio

Qualcomm to Acquire NXP

Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Platform Delivers the Power of IoT Development to Businesses

All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware

Bendable electronic paper shows full colour scale

Crash landing feared as Europe’s Mars lander still silent

Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong to carry out China’s Shenzhou-11 mission

Micro Bit mini-computer heads overseas

Motion-Sensing Device from STMicroelectronics Certified for Google Daydream and Tango, Supports Immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality on Android Mobile Devices

Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol

NEC Display Solutions announces collaboration with Raspberry Pi

Samsung Rolls Out Industry’s First 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM Package

See-through sensors open new window into the brain

STMicroelectronics Delivers Record Performance and Advanced Secure Services for the IoT with New STM32 Microcontroller Enhancements

The first video game released on this day, 58 years ago

3-D-Printed robots with shock-absorbing skins

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and Nokia Bell Labs achieve 65 Terabit-per-second transmission record for transoceanic cable systems

An open source font system for everyone


Differentiable neural computers

EXOMARS arrives at the red planet

Finnish Laser Marking Machine Provider Cajo Technologies heads to US markets

First demonstration of brain-inspired device to power artificial systems

For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon

Hyperloop One and Dubai Future Accelerators will build the first ‘hyperloop for cargo’

Intel’s Stratix 10 FPGA: Supporting the Smart and Connected Revolution

Meet BeagleBone™ Black Wireless, the newest board in the BeagleBone™ family

Murata to acquire IPDiA, a leader in high performance silicon capacitors

Science at cusp of ‘transformational’ grasp of life via cell modeling, researchers say

Silkworms Spin Super-Silk After Eating Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene

Smallest. Transistor. Ever. - Berkeley Lab-led research breaks major barrier in transistor size by creating gate only 1 nanometer long

Two Arduinos Become One

World’s first large-scale tidal energy farm launches in Scotland

Amazon Chief’s Spaceship Misfires

Boeing CEO Vows to Beat Musk to Mars

Introducing Cartographer

Mission complete: Rosetta’s journey ends in daring descent to comet

NXP Unveils Airfast 3 RF Power Transistors to Advance Cellular Infrastructure for Smart Cities

Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record

Research at Pitt into “materials that compute” advances as engineers demonstrate system performs pattern recognition

Secure passwords can be sent through your body, instead of air

Thermal-Noise Imaging Captures Tiny Biological Tissues

This Giant Autonomous Dump Truck Doesn’t Have a Front or Back

Two Million Miles Closer to a Fully Autonomous Future

Elon Musk unveils plans for Mars civilization

German retailer Media Markt tests home delivery by robot

Industry leaders establish partnership on AI best practices

Introducing PIXEL

Introducing Xavier, the NVIDIA AI Supercomputer for the Future of Autonomous Transportation

Judging a book through its cover

New Take on an Ancient Method Improves Way to Find Prime Numbers

Panasonic Develops Bendable, Twistable, Flexible Lithium-ion Battery

Reconfigurable Chaos-based Microchips Offer Possible Solution to Moore’s Law

The microdoctors in our bodies

World’s largest radio telescope will search for dark matter, listen for aliens

ARM enables autonomous vehicles with its most advanced safety processor

China’s Tiangong-1 space station ‘out of control’ and will crash to Earth

DuoSkin - Rapidly prototyping on-skin user interfaces using skin-friendly materials

HTML 5.1 - W3C Proposed Recommendation, 15 September 2016

IDE 1.6.12 released with Sierra support and more

Liquid light switch could enable more powerful electronics

macOS Sierra Now Available as a Free Update

Microchip Debuts New Development Board for Designing with 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® Microcontrollers

Microsoft Develops AI to Help Cancer Doctors Find the Right Treatments

Replicating the connection between muscles and nerves

Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

Stanford-led team reveals nanoscale secrets of rechargeable batteries

Toshiba’s development of low-power multi-hop wireless network technology that can operate on battery power for 10 years

Turing learning: a metric-free approach to inferring behavior and its application to swarms

Baidu receives approval from California DMV to test self-driving cars

European Union pledges free Wi-Fi for all citizens by 2020

GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Deliver Industry’s Leading-Performance Offering of 7nm FinFET Technology

Nissan Considering Using AI to Design Cars

Prototyping kit gets your IoT app on Google Cloud Platform, fast

Renesas to Acquire Intersil to Create the World’s Leading Embedded Solution Provider

Solar Panels Gain 30% Additional Power with Maxim’s Cell-String Optimizer

STMicroelectronics Empowers Wireless IoT-Device Developers with New LoRa™ Kit Leveraging STM32 Microcontroller Ecosystem

TI unveils first ultra-low power dual-band wireless MCU in production

Alphabet’s Project Wing Delivery Drones to Be Tested in U.S.

AMD working on 7nm 48 core processor

Another Station Upgrade: Spacewalkers Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins to install new TV cameras

Efficient ‘electricity traffic lights’ made from a single molecule

IBM Linux Servers Designed to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Advanced Analytics

New Tool Predicts Autism Risk Genes

Nine-year-old boy prints a mechanical hand for his teacher

Philae found!

Smaller and faster data compression with Zstandard

Temporary Tattoo Keeps Tabs On Alcohol Intake

Ten millionth Raspberry Pi, and a new Kit

7th Gen Intel Core

Baidu open sources its deep learning platform PaddlePaddle

Designing Ultrasound Tools with Lego-Like Proteins

Docker comes to Raspberry PI

Facebook is giving away the software it uses to understand objects in photos

Fujitsu Semiconductor and Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor License Nantero’s NRAM And Have Begun Developing Breakthrough Memory Products for Multiple Markets

Graphene key to two-dimensional semiconductor with extraordinary properties

Intel Quietly Launches Apollo Lake SoC: Goldmont CPU, 6 SKUs, 6 & 10 Watts

Major next steps for fusion energy based on the spherical tokamak design

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘Deeply Disappointed’ SpaceX Blew Up His $95 Million Satellite

Microsoft sheds some light on its mysterious holographic processing unit

New method developed for producing some metals

New microchip demonstrates efficiency and scalable design

Big Blue Aims For The Sky With Power9

Down to the Wire: ONR Researchers and New Bacteria

Earth Proxima: Is Our New Neighbor the Most Promising Exoplanet Yet?

Linus Torvalds Reflects on 25 Years of Linux

McMaster researchers resolve a problem that has been holding back a technological revolution

Microchip Releases Industry’s First End-to-End Security Solution for IoT Devices Connected to Amazon Web Services’ Cloud

Programmable network routers

Restoring fertility with 3D printers

Solving network congestion

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot

400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’

Accelerating Foundry Innovation for a Smart and Connected World

Airlander 10: Maiden flight at last for longest aircraft

AMD Demonstrates Breakthrough Performance of Next-Generation “Zen” Processor Core

Audi’s New Technology Is the Beginning of the End of Traffic Lights

BittWare Delivers Arria 10 OpenCL BSPs for Altera OpenCL SDK 16.0.2 Release

Google is developing an OS called Fuchsia, runs on All the Things

Helsinki rolls out driverless bus pilot

IBM Scientists Imitate the Functionality of Neurons with a Phase-Change Device

IBM TrueNorth ‘cognitive chip’ can capture 2,000 fps with a camera

Intel Unveils Project Alloy

Make Amazing Things Happen in IoT and Entrepreneurship with Intel Joule

Patented bioelectrodes have electrifying taste for waste

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux

Reach in and touch objects in videos with interactive dynamic video

Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month

Vortex laser offers hope for Moores Law

1,007 dancing robots break world record in China

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

Intel + Nervana

Introducing mbed OS 5

Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12

MIT and DARPA Pack Lidar Sensor Onto Single Chip

NETLIST unveils HYBRIDIMM™ storage class memory product with key industry partners

Raspberry PI as retail product display

Seagate’s 60TB SSD for businesses is world’s largest

Sprinkling of neural dust opens door to electroceuticals

Tiny high-performance solar cells turn power generation sideways

China exclusive: Chinese netizens bid farewell to Yutu, beloved lunar rover

China’s elevated bus: Futuristic ‘straddling bus’ hits the road

IBM Lab-on-a-Chip Breakthrough Aims to Help Physicians Detect Cancer and Diseases at the Nanoscale

MECs: “Building Blocks” for Creating Biological and Chemical Instruments

Perspective-aware Manipulation of Portrait Photos

TDK’s subsidiary EPCOS to acquire Tronics to further grow its sensor business

Tough gel stretches to 21 times its length, recoils, and heals itself

Towards an exact (quantum) description of chemistry

US Government approves plan for Moon Express to become first private company to venture beyond Earth’s orbit

What’s wasting power at home? Ask your app!

24M’s Batteries Could Better Harness Wind and Solar Power

Aluminum-based electrochemical cell captures and sequesters carbon emissions and generates electricity

Analog Devices and Linear Technology to Combine Creating the Premier Analog Technology Company

Completing a dream: the first Round-the-World solar flight in history

Download the new Arduino IDE 1.6.10!

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the first fully electric truck for heavy distribution operations

Microchip Releases Demonstration Platform Based on Industry’s Lowest Power BLE Sensor Node for IoT Applications

New movie screen allows for glasses-free 3-D at a larger scale

Researching 3D Printing Technology on the Space Station

Scientists program cells to remember and respond to series of stimuli

Surround 360 is now open source

Toshiba Starts World’s First Sample Shipment of 64-Layer 3D Flash Memory

A battery inspired by vitamins

ARM, Symantec and others create IoT security protocol

Breakthrough in powering wireless sensors

Cypress Simplifies Embedded System Design with New Low-Pin-Count HyperRAM Memory

DEEPMIND AI reduces google data centre cooling bill by 40%

Japan Will Make Its Last-Ever VCR This Month

LETI Develops 3D Network-on-Chip to Improve High-Performance Computing

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Progresses Toward 2020 Launch

Robots have been visiting Mars for 40 years today

Scientists Glimpse Inner Workings of Atomically Thin Transistors

Smallest hard disk to date writes information atom by atom

SoftBank + ARM £24.3bn investment in future of technology

Stanford students get creative with robots

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Announces Heavy Truck, Ride Sharing Fleet of Cars

TI introduces the industry’s fastest isolated gate driver for high-voltage applications

World premiere: Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot – a milestone on the way to the autonomous city bus, and a revolutionary mobility system for the future

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces New DMOS Microstepping Driver with Translator and Overcurrent Protection

Berkeley Lab Scientists Grow Atomically Thin Transistors and Circuits

Curiosity Mars Rover Resumes Full Operations

Discovery Could Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells

Graphene Flexes its Muscles in Boise State Study

Graphene-infused packaging is a million times better at blocking moisture

‘Green’ Electronic Materials Produced with Synthetic Biology

Lepton image compression: saving 22% losslessly from images at 15MB/s

Microsemi Announces Imaging/Video Solution Providing a Secure, Reliable, Low Power Device for Imaging Applications

Next Generation Dual-Mode Bluetooth® Audio Products from Microchip

Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

Robot helps nurses schedule tasks on labor floor

SiFive Introduces Industry’s First Open-Source Chip Platforms

3D printing enables the smalles complex micro-objectives

Atomic Sculpting with a Microscope

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye Team Up to Bring Fully Autonomous Driving to Streets by 2021

Curiosity Rover Enters Precautionary Safe Mode

HPE shows off a computer intended to emulate the human brain

London inventor of new omni-directional wheels says his prototype is better than existing products

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter

New microfluidic device offers means for studying electric field cancer therapy

Quantum processor for single photons

The Largest Maker Survey Is Here. And It’s Yours.

The Netherlands has first nationwide LoRa network for Internet of Things

Xinhua Insight: Installation complete on world’s largest radio telescope

ALMA Observes Most Distant Oxygen Ever

ECMAScript® 2016 Language Specification

Espressif Announces ESP8285 Wi-Fi Chip for Wearable Devices

GitHub on BigQuery: Analyze all the code

IBM Research Scientists Discover New Recycling Process to Convert Old Smartphones and CDs into Non-Toxic, High-Strength Plastics

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor Family

Lawrence Livermore team improves 3-D-printed graphene aerogel supercapacitors

Microchip Launches Lowest Power, Cost-Effective PIC32 Family With Core Independent Peripherals

Microsemi Announces New Development Kit with RTG4 PROTO FPGAs, Providing Space Designers a Comprehensive Evaluation and Design Platform

New Battery-Charger Chip from STMicroelectronics Reduces Cost and Time-to-Market for Wearable and Portable Applications

Nokia launches new IMPACT platform for fast and secure delivery of IoT services

Researchers discover new way to turn electricity into light, using graphene

STMicroelectronics Unveils Free and Feature-Rich Simulator to Aid Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac brings new advances in Wi-Fi® performance

World’s First Hermetically Sealed Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Now Available through New Yorker Electronics

3-D printed polymer turns methane to methanol

Cypress Enables IoT Developers to Easily Create Tiny, Solar-Powered Sensor Beacons that Wirelessly Transmit Data on their Surrounding Environment

Google DeepMind and FHI collaborate to present research at UAI 2016

In mapping eclipses, world’s first computer maybe also told fortunes

Micro-supercapacitor fits inside IoT chips

Microchip Announces Next-Generation Bluetooth® Low Energy Solutions with Easy-to-Use Interface and Embedded Scripting Capability

Multi-material fluidic actuators

New Chinese Supercomputer Named World’s Fastest System on Latest TOP500 List

Parallelizing common algorithms Announces the Public Release of the Next Generation 25xN 100Gbps RapidIO Specification

Scientific Gains May Make Electronic Nose the Next Everyday Device

Share your sketches on the Arduino web editor

Turning CO2 into rock

World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip

ARM Announces Mali Egil Video Processor with VP9 Decode, VP9 & HEVC Encode, and 4K @ 120 Hz Support

Bluetooth® 5 quadruples range, doubles speed, increases data broadcasting capacity by 800%

Cypress Introduces New Programmable Analog SoCs for Embedded IoT Applications with Multiple Sensors


DB-19: Resurrecting an Obsolete Connector

Gene circuits in live cells can perform complex computations

LIGO Does It Again: A Second Robust Binary Black Hole Coalescence Observed

Novel energy inside a microcircuit chip: VTT developed an efficient nanomaterial-based integrated energy storage

STMicroelectronics Simplifies Design-In of State-of-the-Art Security for the IoT

The Evolutionary Origins of Hierarchy

Airbus Officially Unveils Thor, the Fully 3D Printed Plane that Flies Beautifully

Biomolécula ligada a doenças neurodegenerativas é detectada

Diamonds Closer to Becoming Ideal Semiconductors

Fast, stretchy circuits could yield new wave of wearable electronics

Has the age of quantum computing arrived?

Hot new solar cell

Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v4 Family

KnuEdge Accelerates Neural Computing With Introduction of KNUPATH LambdaFabric Processor Technology

Making better batteries a reality

New Time-of-Flight Ranging Sensor from STMicroelectronics Boosts Range and Speed, in Industry’s Smallest Footprint

Robots Get Creative To Cut Through Clutter

‘Solar Voyager’ autonomous boat looks to make history in sun-powered journey across the Atlantic

Seeing The Invisible With A Graphene-CMOS Integrated Device

Autonomous Flying Microrobots (RoboBees)

BBC’s micro:bit retail shipments near

BCN3D Technologies releases open source files for BCN3D Sigma 3D printer

CAT® S60 Thermal capabilities and sdk announced ahead of june launch

Forget the “Brick”, This Power Supply for Wearables Is Soft, Stretchable, and Solar-Powered

Latest ARM Premium Mobile Technology to Drive Immersive Experiences

Light Rider - World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

Microchip Announces Graphical User Interface Composer Tool for MPLAB® Harmony

Milestone in solar cell efficiency by UNSW engineers

New ARM Cortex-A73 Processor drives efficiency, performance for mobile designs

Print a circuit board using just your printer and PRINTEM

Robô opera em pulmão pela primeira vez em Portugal

Samsung Mass Producing Industry’s First 512-Gigabyte NVMe SSD in a Single BGA Package for More Flexibility in Computing Device Design

Senseonics receives CE Mark for implantable continuous glucose monitoring system

Skintrack technology turns arm into smartwatch touchpad

UVA Determines ‘Fountain of Youth’ Gene Helps Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke

40-Year Math Mystery and Four Generations of Figuring

E Ink Announces Advanced Color ePaper, a Breakthrough Technology for Color EPD Applications

First 3D Printed Office Building Opens In Dubai

IBM Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough

Ingestible origami robot

Intel Acquires Computer Vision for IOT, Automotive

Microchip Debuts Industry’s First LoRa® Technology Evaluation Kits for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)

Network 3D Printing with Windows 10 IoT Core!

New Method of Producing Random Numbers Could Improve Cybersecurity

Printing metal in midair

Real-time behaviour synthesis for dynamic Hand-Manipulation, ICRA‘14

Robotic symbionts

STM32F7 Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Expand Ecosystem with New Development Boards to Accelerate Embedded Design

World record in terrestrial radio transmission

And yet it moves: 14 Galileo satellites now in orbit

3D Technology has Taken Microchips into Another Dimension

Arduino Primo base board features native Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity and NFC Touch-to-Pair using Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoCs

Arduino STAR OTTO board with STM32F469BIT6 mcu, supports Arduino connectivity

ARM Drives the Future of Premium Mobile Computing with a Multicore Test Chip based on 10FinFET from TSMC

AWS IoT Button

Engineers create a better way to boil water with industrial, electronics applications

Google supercharges machine learning tasks with TPU custom chip

HiKey 96Boards powered by Kirin620 SoC is now enabled with the latest Ubuntu Core

Hyundai shows off its wearable robot Iron Man prototype suit

Introducing the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution

Machine learning accelerates the discovery of new materials

Machine learning helps discover the most luminous supernova in history

NASA Super Pressure Balloon Begins Globetrotting Journey

Nest open sources Thread IoT networking protocol

NXP Demonstrates Complete Autonomous Vehicle Platform Using NXP Silicon at Each ADAS Node

Raspbian Update Released With Pi 3 Bluetooth UI, SD Card Copier

Sony Joins Forces with Cogitai to Conduct Research and Development for the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

STMicroelectronics and Autotalks Fuse Satellite Navigation with Vehicle-to-Vehicle and -Infrastructure Communication (V2X)

Tech-Savvy Families Use Home-Built Diabetes Device

This five-fingered robot hand learns to get a grip on its own

Two VelociRoACH Robots Cooperatively Climb a Step Taller than Their Size

A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human-Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot

Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source

Blue Light Exposure Reduces Organ Damage in Mice, CRISMA Researchers Find

Cayenne - Easy IoT for Raspberry Pi

Compressonator (AMD Compress) is going open source

Graphene-Based Microbots for Toxic Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery from Water

Hyperloop One reaches 187kph in first test run

Maiden voyage of Stanford’s humanoid robotic diver recovers treasures from King Louis XIV’s wrecked flagship

Microsoft Joins Hands with Twist Bioscience to Store Data-Using Synthetic DNA

New Automotive Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Pave the Way to Smart Driving via More Secure and Connected Cars

Samsung Electronics Introduces the EVO Plus 256GB MicroSD Card, with the Highest Capacity in its Class

Scientists Discover New Technology Breakthrough in Fighting Viral Diseases

Stretchable electronics that quadruple in length

With simple process, engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces New 1 MHz Bandwidth, Integrated Hall-Effect-Based Current Sensor IC

IBM Makes Quantum Computing Available on IBM Cloud to Accelerate Innovation

Infineon unveils 1200 V Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology for unprecedented efficiency and performance in power conversion designs

IU physicist leads discovery of new particle: ‘four-flavored’ tetraquark

Microchip Introduces Hardware Cryptography-Enabled 32-bit Microcontroller for Internet of Things Applications

No Worthless Battery After 200,000 Charges? Sign Me Up

‘Pee power’ as researchers turn urine into a sustainable power source for powering electronic devices

Prof. Kilwon Cho and Team Develop New Semiconducting Polymer for Forthcoming Flexible Electronics

Samsung and Legrand Team Up to Deliver World’s First Thread-Enabled IoT Light Switch

Stanford researchers create super stretchy, self-healing material that could lead to artificial muscle

STMicroelectronics Brings Superior Indoor and Undercover Navigation to Mobiles and Wearables

Supervised Autonomous In Vivo Robotic Surgery on Soft Tissues is Feasible and Outperforms Standard Surgery Techniques

Unexpected discovery leads to a better battery

Canadian physicists discover new properties of superconductivity

Cypress to Acquire Broadcom’s Wireless Internet of Things Business

DNA ‘building blocks’ pave the way for improved drug delivery

Evidence for a new phase of dense hydrogen above 325 gigapascals

Harnessing the energy of small bending motions

New Raspberry PI 8-Megapixel Camera Board on sale

Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough

This Battery-Free Computer Sucks Power Out Of Thin Air

Artificial Leaf Harnesses Sunlight for Efficient Fuel Production

Canonical unveils 6th LTS release of Ubuntu with 16.04

Experiments show magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing’s energy efficiency

HRL LABORATORIES’ breakthrough may pave the way for gallium nitride to supplant silicon in integrated circuits

‘Person-on-a-chip’—U of T biomedical engineers create lab-grown heart and liver tissue for drug testing and more

TAU creates cyborg cardiac patch for diseased hearts

The multiferroic sandwich

A metal that behaves like water

Engineers 3D-print a New Lifelike Liver Tissue for Drug Screening

Eternal 5D data storage could record the history of humankind

How a paralyzed man moves his hand - with his mind!

Organic Waste for Sustainable Batteries

Physicists at Royal Holloway solve thermoelectric ‘paradox’ in superconductors

Study Finds Only a Small Portion of Synapses May Be Active During Neurotransmission

Why the SpaceX Rocket Ocean Landing is a Big Deal

Bioengineer designs diagnostic microscope costing less than $1

Delivering Genes Across the Blood-Brain Barrier

First-ever 3-D printed robots made of both solids and liquids

Inside Pascal: NVIDIA’s Newest Computing Platform

NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First Integrated-Photonics Modem

Samsung is working on smart contact lenses, patent filing reveals

Toward hack-proof RFID chips

UCLA researchers release open source code for powerful image detection algorithm

Waterloo physicists discover new properties of superconductivity

A flying pantograph - human and machine creativity in balance

Graphene aids lens technology breakthrough

Lawrence Livermore and IBM collaborate to build new brain-inspired supercomputer

Open-source microprocessor

Researchers Discover New Phase of Boron Nitride and a New Way to Create Pure c-BN

This Simple Black Film Made From Carbon Nanotubes Is Stronger Than Kevlar

Ubuntu on Windows — The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers

Wendelstein 7-X produces first hydrogen plasma

World’s first ‘robot run’ farm to open in Japan

Your brain is your key

Ancient Polar Ice Reveals Tilting of Earth’s Moon

NEC develops biometrics technology that uses sound to distinguish individually unique ear cavity shape

New device uses carbon nanotubes to snag molecules

Novel 4D printing method blossoms from botanical inspiration

ORNL cell-free protein synthesis is potential lifesaver

Andrew S. Grove 1936 – 2016

Self-heating lithium-ion battery could beat the winter woes

This article can be printed on a hair

TI introduces the world’s first microcontroller with a configurable low-leakage transimpedance amplifier

Unsynchronized Structured Light

ARM and TSMC Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Collaborate on 7nm FinFET Process Technology for High-Performance Compute

Camera system sees round corners

Honda Selects IBM Watson IoT Technology Enabling Real-Time Racing Decisions for Formula One Drivers

Mathematicians Discover Prime Conspiracy

Nanobombs Might Deliver Agents That Alter Gene Activity in Cancer Stem Cells

Nanoelectronics Engineers Develop Transistor that Overcomes Fundamental Power Limitations

Stanford-led skyscraper-style chip design boosts electronic performance by factor of a thousand

Team Prolongs ‘Young Adult’ State in Worms

The world’s tiniest temperature sensor is powered by radio waves

Arduino IDE 1.6.8: What’s new

Fully Transparent Solar Cell

ORNL process could be white lightning to electronics industry

Photonic ‘sintering’ may create new solar, electronics manufacturing technologies

Researchers Find New Phase of Carbon, Make Diamond at Room Temperature

Storing electricity in paper

System loads Web pages 34 percent faster by fetching files more effectively

The beginning of the end for encryption schemes?

A robot will likely assist in your future surgery

Goodyear reveals concept tires for autonomous cars

Graphene nano-coils are natural electromagnets

Imec and Ghent University develop thermoplastically deformable electronics

Raspberry PI 3 on sale now at $35

SLAC’s Ultrafast ‘Electron Camera’ Visualizes Ripples in 2-D Material

World’s first 3D blood vessel bio-printer could lead to the fabrication of human organs

ATtiny102/104 are self-programmable, 8- and 14-pin tinyAVR MCUs

Braille Maps for Blind and Visually Impaired Created with 3-D Printing Technology at Rutgers

Curly Nanowires Catch More Light to Power Nanoscale Electronic Circuits

Fast Radio Bursts: First Distance Measurement

How to make electrons behave like a liquid

Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers

NIST Physicists Show ‘Molecules’ Made of Light May Be Possible

Physicists prove new potential for silicon chips

Samsung Introduces Industry’s First 256-Gigabyte Universal Flash Storage, for High-end Mobile Devices

ARM Cortex-R8 Processor Trail-blazes 5G Need for Speed

Bionic eye returns sight to the blind

First all-antiferromagnetic memory device could get digital data storage in a spin

Google Cloud Vision API enters Beta, open to all to try!

It’s a 3D printer, but not as we know it

Laser neuron with graphene

MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based IDE

Recovery and reproduction of an Antarctic tardigrade retrieved from a moss sample frozen for over 30 years

Samsung Advances Open IoT Ecosystem with New Partner Program and Commercial Availability of the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Platform

UCLA scientists create graphene barrier to precisely control molecules for making nanoelectronics

Cellular Cargo Delivery: Toward Assisted Fertilization by Sperm-Carrying Micromotors

Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction

Light Chips Could Mean More Energy-Efficient Data Centers

New nanomanufacturing technique advances imaging, biosensing technology

Northern Ireland toddler Lucy Boucher in world first kidney transplant using 3D printing

STMicroelectronics Attracts Linux Users to Free Embedded Development on STM32 Microcontrollers

The Internet of Things Will Be the World’s Biggest Robot

At the edge of a quantum gas

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Jasper Technologies, Inc.

Israeli robot-cleaning system promises brighter future for solar power


Luxembourg to launch framework to support the future use of space resources

Microsoft research project puts cloud in ocean for the first time

New microscope creates near-real-time videos of nanoscale processes

AlphaGo: Mastering the ancient game of Go with Machine Learning


Designer crystals for next-gen electronics

Physics Professor David Hall and Team First to Tie Knots in Quantum Matter

Sony Acquires Altair Semiconductor, Israeli Innovator of LTE Modem Chip Technology

Tiny electronic implants monitor brain injury, then melt away

Largest Known Prime Number: 2^274,207,281-1

Microchip Technology, Inc. Acquires Atmel

‘Outsiders’ Crack 50-Year-Old Math Problem

Samsung Begins Mass Producing World’s Fastest DRAM - Based on Newest High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Interface

Spintronics, low-energy electricity take a step closer

Zinnia Flowers Starting to Grow on the International Space Station

A New Type of 3-D Printed Ceramic Could Revolutionize How Spacecraft Are Built

A New Way to Print 3-D Metals and Alloys

Annapurna Labs, an Amazon Company, Announces Availability of Home Network and Storage Platform-on-Chip and Subsystem Solutions

CHIRIMEN - Hello Real World

FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video

It’s been 30 years since the launch of MIPS R2000

Linux 4.4 released

Making 3-D imaging 1,000 times better

MesoGlue - Will This Fancy Metallic Glue Kill Soldering?

Rice makes light-driven nanosubmarine

Simple instructions for freezing a Skylake Processor

AMD Demonstrates Revolutionary 14nm FinFET Polaris GPU Architecture

Discovery and Assignment of Elements with Atomic Numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118

New Energia 17 Release Brings SensorTag, Red Bear CC3200 And F28069M Support

Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow

Robot With Tummy Full of Microbes Can Swim in Dirty Water Forever

System Helps Novices Design 3D-Printable Robotic Creatures

Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces low power, long range Wi-Fi HaLow™

3-D printed ‘building blocks’ of life

China plans super collider

China’s Lunar Rover Discovered a New Kind of Moon Rock

New “tricorder” technology might be able to “hear” tumors growing

Panasonic Develops a Stretchable Resin Film and Its Application Materials For Stretchable Electronics

Perl 6 - Day 24 – An Unexpectedly Long-expected Party

VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot including Ground-Wall Transition

Enormous Asteroid Will Zip Past Earth On Christmas Eve

Researchers design architecture for a quantum computer in silicon

Single-agent phototherapy system offers significant new tool to fight cancer

The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage

The world’s first website and server go live at CERN

UW–Madison engineers reveal record-setting flexible phototransistor

Baidu’s Robot Car Marks Self-Driving Milestone in Beijing

Chinese researchers unveil brain powered car

Graphene flakes as an ultra-fast stopwatch

New lithium-air battery could drive huge performance gains

Scientists develop ‘unbreakable’ glass almost as tough as steel

Tokyo police arm themselves in drone war against terrorism

Computational Design of Metallophone Contact Sounds

Cyclone PCB factory 2.0

Holographic sonic tractor beam lifts and moves objects using soundwaves

NXP and Freescale Announce Completion of Merger

PHP 7.0.0 Released

Quest to drill into Earth’s mantle restarts

Venus Climate Orbiter “AKATSUKI” Result of Attitude Control Engine Thrust Operation for Venus Orbit Insertion (VOI-R1)

Waterloo researchers create technology to produce lighter, long-lasting batteries from silicon

Creating an artificial sense of touch through electrical stimuli

KiCad 4.0.0 Is Out!

Raspberry Pi Zero: The $5 Computer

Researchers create blackest material ever made

Simulating fermionic particles with superconducting quantum hardware

New flat transistor defies theoretical limit

ON Semiconductor to Acquire Fairchild Semiconductor for $2.4 Billion in Cash

Quantum physics meets genetic engineering

Researchers from Kiel and Bochum develop new information storage device

STMicroelectronics Announces Most Advanced 32bit Secure Microcontroller

Team develops ‘electronic plants’

A folding robot weighing four grams that crawls and jumps

Discovery of classic pi formula a ‘cunning piece of magic’

First optical rectenna—combined rectifier and antenna—converts light to DC current

New ARM Cortex-A35 Processor Extends the ARMv8-A Architecture Deeper Into Mobile and Embedded Markets

New refrigerator cools food without electricity

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 Supercomputer-on-Module Drives Next Wave of Autonomous Machines

Sequential Self-Folding Structures by 3D Printed Digital Shape Memory Polymers

ARDUINO IDE 1.6.6 released and available for download

ARM Unveils Enhanced Technologies to Speed-Up Mass Deployment of IoT Devices

First Optical Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current

Flinders reseacher’s new material lays waste to mercury pollution

Incoming space junk a scientific opportunity

Self-assembling material that grows and changes shape could lead to artificial arteries

TensorFlow - Google’s latest machine learning system, open sourced for everyone

A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor

Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings

MOTOBOT Ver.1 (Technology exhibit)

Raspberry Pi Customization Service

A fast cell sorter shrinks to cell phone size

Atmel Launches First Rad Tolerant megaAVR MCU for Space Applications

Light-based memory chip is the first ever to store data permanently

O céu noturno em outubro de 2015 - A Super Lua de outubro

Paralyzed Man’s Arm Wired to Receive Brain Signals

Unexpected Asteroid to Zip Past Earth On Halloween

Vanishing Acts: A Call for Disappearing Delivery Vehicles

Western Digital Announces Acquisition Of SanDisk

Chance effect of lab’s fluorescent lights leads to discovery

Discovery about new battery overturns decades of false assumptions

Harvard’s Robot Bee Is Now Also a Submarine

Intel and Banzi just presented Arduino 101 and Genuino 101

New graphene based inks for high-speed manufacturing of printed electronics

Tesla Model S Software Version 7.0

A two-qubit logic gate in silicon

Amazon Web Services Announces AWS IoT

CubeSat to Demonstrate Miniature Laser Communications in Orbit

Dell and EMC to combine, creating premier end-to-end technology company

IBM Research Breakthrough Paves Way for Post-Silicon Future with Carbon Nanotube Electronics

University of Oslo Master’s Student Creates Amazing Open Source 5-Axis 3D Printer

Eutelsat and Facebook to partner on satellite initiative to get more Africans online

Integrated all-photonic non-volatile multi-level memory

Lightweight solar cells track the sun, providing 40 percent more energy than fixed cells

Nobel Prize in Physics for 2015 - Discovery of neutrino oscillations, showing that neutrinos have mass

Origami tubes assembled into stiff, yet reconfigurable structures and metamaterials

Project Apollo Archive

Japanese paper art inspires new 3-D fabrication method that goes beyond 3-D printing limitations

Medical MacGyver to the rescue! Hero doctor saves toddler suffering asthma attack on flight by building makeshift medical device out of plastic bottle

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

Subwavelength total acoustic absorption with degenerate resonators

understanding Philae’s wake-up: behind the scenes with the Philae team

3D Printing Ancient Artifacts Lets Us Figure Out What They Were Actually For

Atmel Delivers Industry’s Lowest Power ARM Cortex-A5-based MPU with Leading Security Features for Industrial IoT and Wearable Applications

Carmaker allegedly used software that circumvents emissions testing for certain air pollutants

Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Atmel for $4.6 Billion

Printing transparent glass in 3-D

Revolutionizing Prosthetics

A Magnetic Wormhole

A method for building self-folding machines

Boeing: World’s First All-Electric Propulsion Satellite Begins Operations

Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs in world first surgery

Rapid, Puncture-Initiated Healing via Oxygen-Mediated Polymerization

Xerox PARC’s new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds

How Two Ex-Amazon Engineers Invented a New Type of Customizable Force Interface

IBM and ARM Collaborate to Accelerate Delivery of Internet of Things

Introducing 6th Generation Intel® Core™, Intel’s Best Processor Ever

Microscopic fish are 3-D-printed to do more than swim

Researcher Hacks Self-driving Car Sensors

Translucent Li-ion Battery Charges Itself by Using Sunlight

A thin ribbon of flexible electronics can monitor health, infrastructure

‘Diamonds from the sky’ approach turns CO2 into valuable products

Linux Kernel 4.2 Officially Released, Merge Window for Linux Kernel 4.3 Now Open

Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars

World’s most powerful laser beam blasts out from Osaka

A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography

DARPA is teaching artificial intelligence software to play jazz

Happy 24th birthday, Linux kernel

Red Sprites Above the U.S. and Central America

World-record electric motor for aircraft

World’s oldest message in a bottle washes up in Germany after 108 years at sea

Atmel - World’s most innovative 2-pin self-powered serial EEPROM (AT21CS01)

Develop a sweet spot for Marshmallow: Official Android 6.0 SDK & Final M Preview

Flexible high-temperature dielectric materials from polymer nanocomposites

Samsung unveils 2.5-inch 16TB SSD: The world’s largest hard drive

Single-catalyst water splitter from Stanford produces clean-burning hydrogen 24/7

Stanene is The New Graphene as the Best Known Semiconductor Material

A monolithic white laser

Airbus just patented a hypersonic jet that would fly from NYC to London in 1 hour

Cypress - Tiny new nonvolatile RAM simplifies designs by eliminating batteries (nvSRAM)

G is for Google

Making the new silicon

Two Great Photovoltaic Materials Brought Together Make Better LEDs

3D-printed Robot is Hard at Heart, Soft on Outside

3D XPoint - Intel and Micron Produce Breakthrough Memory Technology

Automatic bug repair

Researchers Build a Transistor from a Molecule and a Few Atoms

Windows 10 available in 190 countries as a free upgrade

A solar-energy storage cell that works at night

After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics discovered

Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars following hacking scare

Microchip Adds Two New PIC MCU Families

Robotic Construction Gets Fancy at ETH Zurich’s Digital Fabrication Lab

The Exoskeletons Are Coming

After five years and $50 million, 24M unveils new design for lithium ion batteries

First exoskeleton for industry unveiled

First successful drone delivery made in the US

Microrobotic tentacles with spiral bending capability based on shape-engineered elastomeric microtubes

Scaling up nanoscale water-driven energy conversion into evaporation-driven engines and generators

Thread Wireless Networking Protocol Now Available

Electrical Engineers Break Power and Distance Barriers for Fiber Optic Communication

Grapehene for Artificial Skin

IBM announces 7nm chips breakthrough to keep Moore’s Law alive

Samsung Researchers Nearly Double Lithium-ion Battery Capacity

Scientists Have Created Greenhouses That Grow Gardens Underwater

With 300 Kilometers per Second to New Electronics

A New High-Res 3D Printer Can Print Objects Smaller Than Blood Cells

Cockroach-inspired robot uses body streamlining to negotiate obstacles

Graphene gets bright: World’s thinnest lightbulb developed

Introducing the BBC micro:bit

New Horizons Team Responds to Spacecraft Anomaly

Sorry Ikea, This Robotic Arm Prints Furniture Any Shape or Size I Want

Airbus to build satellites for OneWeb to beam Internet from space

Arduino and Seeedstudio announce partnership in Shenzhen

Flexible One Diode-One Phase Change Memory Array Enabled by Block Copolymer Self-Assembly

Ford collaborates with silicon valley innovation ecosystem on autonomous vehicles, 3d printing, wearable technology

Leap Second on Tuesday Will Cause 61-Second Minute

Robots to 3D print gravity-defying steel bridge in mid-air over Amsterdam canal

Arduino IDE 1.6.5 is out

High-Performance Robotic Muscles from Conductive Nylon Sewing Thread

Jaguar Land Rover Showcase A Remote Control Range Rover Sport, Controlled By The Driver On A Smartphone

Nanometer-Sized Robots Can Now Take Colon Biopsies

New Printing Process Makes Three-dimensional Objects Glow

Raspberry Pi official case

Binghamton engineer creates origami battery

Does Hardware Even Matter Anymore?

“Energy-Generating Rubber” Combines Flexibility and High-Output

Implantable brain electronics is here

Rosetta’s lander Philae wakes up from hibernation

Structural color printing based on plasmonic metasurfaces of perfect light absorption

Call for Makers 2015

Emulating animals, these robots can recover from damage in two minutes

Intel Acquisition of Altera

LHC experiments back in business at record energy of 13 TeV

New test could reveal every virus that’s ever infected you

Robots Learn to Push Heavy Objects With Their Bodies, Just Like You

Self-folding robot walks, swims, climbs, dissolves

South Korean Team Wins DARPA Robotics Challenge

A folding drone that’s ready for takeoff in a snap

A new kind of wood chip: collaboration could lead to biodegradable computer chips

Avago technologies to acquire Broadcom for $37 billion

Cypress expands energy-efficient line of nonvolatile RAMs

Here’s a detailed walk through of how jpeg compression works

Light-emitting, transparent flexible paper developed in China

Printing 3-D graphene structures for tissue engineering

Project Brillo

Robo-teamwork: Robotic cockroach used to launch robotic bird

Samsung Ramps 10nm in 2016

This rigid plastic turns to clay in hot water, is three times stronger than rubber

365-Gigapixel Panorama of Mont Blanc Becomes the World’s Largest Photo

Compressing graphene-laden ink increases its conductivity by more than 50 times

Huawei is launching our IoT OS, LiteOS

Imagination boosts IoT apps with Java SE 8 support in MIPS architecture

MSP430FR6989 LaunchPad Development Kit

New evidence that electrical stimulation accelerates wound healing

Swiss researchers develop pocket-sized, origami-inspired drone

Tessel 2, a $35 Open-Source IoT Development Board That Runs Linux

Truly electronic textile made of graphene for wearable tech

A high-performance microbattery that can be built into chips

Combo Breaker

Computational Hydrographic Printing

GE 3D-Printed a Miniature Jet Engine That Runs at 33,000 RPM

Important step in artificial intelligence: Stylized letters classified by their images

Internet of Things cannot remain a security blind spot

Manufacturing partnership with adafruit announced

New device could greatly improve speech and image recognition

Samsung debuts Artik

Snakes teach robots trick of the tight turn

The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory

trojan horse made from computer keys by babis cloud

CHIP - O Primeiro computador de 9 Dolares

Improving transistors that drive flexible electronics

Neural network chip built using memristors

New chip architecture may increase qubits in a future quantum computer

Sneak peek on the new, WEB-Based Arduino Create

TI lança o MSP432 - ARM 32bits - em LaunchPad por um custo muito baixo

Tips and designs for 3D printing electronics with F-Electric


Wings 3D



VLC media player








Arduino IDE

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

Inkscape - A powerful, free design tool

OpenSCAD - The programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller


Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266


Turkey Temperature Tracker

Arduino Word Clock


Cat Feeder with ESP8266, Arduino and Telegram

Home Security With Embedded System

Make a Maze Runner Robot

RGB Matrix + Spectrum Analyzer

Circuit Python IR Remote for Apple TV

Continuity Tester

Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Amplifier using LME49600

LilyPad Safety Scarf

Very Simple Line Follower for Beginners

Visor Mounted Multi-Colour LED Light Therapy Lamp

Arduino 8 Step Sequencer Keyboard

Arduino Nano to PIC40/28 Pin Shield

Control Home Appliance With Raspberry Pi Using Django

Dual-Band Guitar/Bass Compressor

DUO BOT : the First of Its Kind**

How to Make an Ultrasonic Range Finder Using an LCD and Arduino

PID Controller, Auto-tuning Library And Example For DC Motor

Raspberry SPy Robot

Universal OpAmp Evaluation Board Using LMV321

Use HC-06 Bluetooth Module to Realize Micro:bit Communication With Mobile Phone

Water Tank Levels by WiFi on Your Phone

Complete Raspberry Pi / Nova Wireless Home Monitoring and Automation System …

How to Emulate a TV Remote or Else With Arduino Irlib

IoT Water Alarm

Make Your Own Solid State Relay

Making the Spielatron (Robotic Glockenspiel)

PIC Based LF and Avoiding Robot

The PotLock

Arduino Based Pulse Induction Detector - LC-Trap

DIY Vending Machine – Arduino based Mechatronics Project

ESP32 WiFi Weather Station With a BME280 Sensor

How To Connect Arduino Industrial 101 to Cayenne

IoTrap: The Better Mousetrap

Leather Cube Lamp

Optical Isolated Single Wire Communication

Tele Operated Bionic Arm

Distance Measuring Sensor Shield for Arduino Nano Using GP2Y0D810Z0F

DIY Night Lamp Light Stand for Room Decor

Fritz - Animatronic Robotic Head

Solar Soil Moisture Meter With ESP8266

Sunflower - Arduino Solar Tracker

Arduino Voice Recognition Remote Control Car/Spider Robot/BB8… Nearly Everything

ATtiny85 And Shift Registers

2 Amazing Ideas to Make LED Illusion Mirror- Easy Project Ideas

2 X AA Battery To 6V Boost Converter For Arduino Nano

Arduino - Balance - Balancing Robot | How to Make?

Arduino Nano Capacitance Meter

Arduino Wireless Power POV Display

Building a Solar Projector

Circuit Blocks in the Classroom

Control High-powered LED Panel by Arduino Real Time With Log Data, Luminosity Sensor, LCD Display


Industrial AI Robot

Nixie Clock on ESP8266 module

Raspberry Pi Wifi Controlled Video Streaming Robot

Sends a Sms With Temperatur on Time

The Pi Guardian

Use Bluetooth 4.0 HC-08 Module to Control Addressable LEDs - an Arduino Uno Tutorial

ESP8266 on batteries for years

LoRa Gateway for DeviceHive

Your HotSpot is a presence detector

Desktop Weather Station With WIFI

DIY Digital Clock Using Microcontroller (AT89S52 Without RTC Circuit)

ESP8266/Arduino MQTT Memo Minder W/LCD (AKA Teenage Gamer Attention Getter!)

IoT Air Freshner (with NodeMCU, Arduino, IFTTT and

Mojitonator - Easy, Cheap, Small Hydroponic System

Set Up an ESP8266 Automatic Update Server

Spooky WiFi LED Halloween Picture (using ESP8266)

The World’s First Fibre-Optic Candle Clock

TWIST - Tweeting Weather Station

Wifi Two Triac Dimmer Board

DIY Cable Stripper Machine for Recycling Copper Wires.

How to Build a Table Tennis Game With Wireless Controller

kbord: Programmable Mechanical Keypad with RGB Backlight

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Laptop

Rigid vs. Flexible PCBs: Which One is Best for Your Next Project?

Room Automation for Kids

Soundlights with ESP8266 and NeoPixel Strip


Tap & Drag Robotic Vacuum

Vigenere Cipher With Arduino

Water Meter Automation

WiFibonacci Clock

10 Bits Binary Counter

How to Build a Socket for ESP03 WiFi8266

IoT Food Feeder for Animals

Modifying a Robot FLR D2-2

Raspberry Pi Web-Controlled Robot With Video

Training Theo Jansen’s Mini BEEST

Using Flask to Send Data to a Raspberry Pi


72 Channels Serial To Parallel Driver Board Using 74HC595 & ULN2803

Automatic Curtain With Arduino

Chilled Drinkibot

Digital Wireless Security System

ESP32 BLE environmental gatt server

Home Monitoring System for Elderly Persons

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Weather Station

IR Communication in Swarming Robotics for Search and Rescue

MCPU - Minimal CPU for a 32 Macrocell CPLD

Phone Calling Arduino Robot Using Dtmf Decoder

Simple Weather Station with NodeMCU, Arduino and ThingSpeak

Weather Clock

$3 Alternative to Makey Makey

Driving the focus stacking rail using a Raspberry Pi

Instructables View Counter

Traffic Counting System Based on OpenCV and Python

View Dashboards Emoncms & ESP8266 + Arduino #IoT

Air Quality Monitor - Using a Mobile Phone Package Box

S80186: 16-bit 80186 compatible IP core

Spot Welder 1-2-3 Arduino Firmware

Arduino I2C Sniffer

Controlling your Raspberry Pi with Telegram CLI

Four-Channel Thermometer on OLED display

High Voltage Capacitor Charger for Photo-Flash Using LT3751

How to Interface an Ultrasonic Sensor with an LCD Using a Microcontroller Dev Kit

LED Acrylic & Wood Cube Lights

Selecting the Right Sensor for Arduino Projects

SIGHT: For the Blind

Telegram Bot with ESP8266

Tic Tac Toe ( 3 in a Row )

Bounce-Free Rotary Encoder

Control your Computer with Hand Gestures using Arduino

ESP 8266 Controlling Hot Water Circulation Pump

Flex Sensor Glove

Made a Radar Station by Using Arduino

Poor Man’s Google Glass/Aid for Those With Tunnel Vision

Self-sufficient Dome

Voice over WI-FI with ESP8266

VR Camera: FPGA Stereoscopic 3D 360 Camera

Cheap And Easy Picaxe Robot Board With Serial Cable

Internet of Things: LoRa Weather Station

LED Controlled by 3D Gesture Sensor

Watering System

Celtic Dragon Mosaic With Sound Activated LED-eye

Critter: 3D Printed Crawling Arduino Robot

DIY-Simple Water Level Indicator With Water Flow Signal for Just 50rs/1$

DIY Time Control Machine

Homie BME280 - The Sensor

How to Control Any Arduino Projects Using Voice Recognition

How to Make Battery Charger at Home


Learn How To Make Your Own Fingerprint Attendance System using Arduino Uno

Math Learning for Kids With ESP8266

Mosaic Glitter Ball With Color LEDs

Raspberry Pi Bartop Arcade Cabinet

Semi-automated Coffee Roaster

Sienci Mill One Air/Oil Mist Coolant System

Solar Powered Weather Station

TerraControl V3.0 - ESP8266 + BLYNK

Arduino Wireless Combination Lock With NRF24L01 and 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

DIY EEG (and ECG) Circuit

DIY Portable Power Inverter (12v DC to 220v AC)

Geo-location Using Only ESP8266 | Without GPS Module

Ultrasonic Sensor Based Water Level Indicator


3D Printed Quadruped

ASPIR: Full-Size 3D-Printed Humanoid Robot

Certamen Quiz Practice Machine

DIY 3D Printer: How to Make a 3D Printer That Anyone Can Do

How to Build Arduino Weighing Scales

How to Make a PIC-Powered Gas Alarm

Ninja Dollar - LCD game

Plant Waterer

Raspberry Pi Zero W Car Controlled by Blynk

Responsive LED Backlight With Arduino and Python

Smile Detection With Raspberry Pi Using Opencv and Python

Sonic Bow Tie, by David B. Engen

SSD1306 OLED Display Driver for BeagleBone

Yet Another Instructable on Using the DIYMall RFID-RC522 and Nokia LCD5110 With an Arduino

10 way Battery Condition Monitor

Soap Bubble Machine

Arduino Cheap minimal parts digital clock

Particle Electron Carrier for Outdoor IoT Applications

Tiny Wearable 8-bit VT100 Console

Writing a Bootloader

ATtiny85 Clock

Replacing an Apple 2e Clone’s keyboard controller with an Arduino

Android Things Word Clock

Upgrade of TDA2005 Amplifier

Build a windmill-powered music box

FruitNanny - RaspberryPI based Baby Monitor

Wemos D1 Mini WIFI Robot (MQTT & UDP)

Arduino Based Autonomous Bot Using Ultrasonic Sensor

Arduino and NRF24L01

Circuit Playground Express: Piano in the Key of Lime

Cryptopuck: Encrypt on the fly

DINternet IoT Controller

DIY Home Automation Internet/Cloud Controlled (MQTT, IoT, From Anywhere in the World)

ESP8266 Weather & KVG Infoscreen

Linear Filtering Based on the Discrete Fourier Transform

Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a WiFi access point

4*4*4 LED Cube

IoT Energy Harvester using Cayenne

Line Follower Basic Using Arduino Nano

Motion Detector With Blynk Notifications (WeMos D1 Mini + HC-SR04)

Real-Time Monitoring Dice’s State on Webpage

RGB Neural Net

UltraSonic Proximity Alarm

How to Make a Solar Panel Tracking System

Small Variable Power Supply

The Air Piano v2


3D Printed 18DOF Hexapod

Digital Clock With Mirrored Display Driven by Accelerometers

GLO: IoT Smart Light

PHPoC - Control Pan-Tilt via Hand Gesture

SEB the Arduino Guide Bot

Archelon ROV

Remote Arduino Control with Telegram Bot

Book Safe With Hidden Magnet Lock

Connect LinkIt 7688(Duo) to QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite

PICAXE - Programmable Automatic Plant Watering Device

SimpleSumo- Educational Fighting Robots!

Arduino Controlled Piano Robot: PiBot

DIY LED Video Panel || Dimmable and Color Temperature Adjust

How to Make a Simple Mini RGB LED Strip

Light Following Robot

Multitasking FreeRTOS for Arduino

Speaking Alarm Clock

Arduino Wave Generator Tank

ESP8266 Based Wi-Fi Controlled Bot With a Smartphone

How to Use PIC Messaging Protocols to Increase Data Transfer Reliability

Introduction to Voice Recognition With Elechouse V3 and Arduino.

Raspberry Pi Thermal Camera

Smart Plug

Controlling Appliances From Smartphone

Environmental Monitoring Rover

Homemade 3 in 1 Multipurpose Workbench: Table Saw, Router Table and Inverted Jigsaw (Free Plans)

MappyDot Distance Measurement Badge

Remote Controlled + Solar Powered Watering System

Voice Controlled Locking System

Arduino Uno - HX711 Digital Weight Scale

Automatic Hall Effect Switch

ESP8266 Solar Weather Station

Quiz Game Show Buzzer

Simple RC Car (Arduino Nano + HC-05)

Upgrade Your $3 Bluetooth Module to Have HID Firmware

CoreXY CNC Plotter

Deauthentication Detector And Count Packets With ESP8266

Deauthentication with ESP8266

Electric Wooden Drink Dispenser

ESP32/X-Project Cheerlight Badge Using MQTT

IoT Mouse-Friendly Live Trap

Laser Piano DIY

SEBi: Smart Electric Bin

Snake Game With Arduino

Solar Tracker

20 PIN PIC Development Board

Bee Olfactory Conditioning Apparatus

Candy Dispenser

Deep learning on the Raspberry Pi with OpenCV

Drunky Dumbo

Knight Rider - KITT Scanner Featuring NeoPixels

Robotics and Automation Shrinked With BABYDUINO

Roobert - A raspberry pi and roomba robot

Simple IoT Remote Switch With MQTT and ESP8266

Temperature Sensor Using Lm35 and Atmega 16 in C

WiFi Connected Clock With Westminster Chimes

3D Printed Linear Motion

BrailleBox - Braille News Reader

How to Make an Automatic Coffee Pod Dispenser With Arduino


Remote Control Countdown Timer Via Arduino

Arduino Audio Reactive Desk Light

Raspireader: Build Your Own Fingerprint Reader

Refrigerator Checker

Arduino Strain Relief Enclosure

Clockwork Goggles

ESP32 Deep-Sleep

ESP8266 Light Level Monitor

How to Make a Digital Table Tennis Game

IBoard! Web-controlled Whiteboard

Mod My Pirate Radio

Read-Only Raspberry Pi

Android Home Automation Using Arduino and Android Application.

Simple Arduino based digital clock

Süßigkeitenautomat - Candy Vending Machine

Turtle 2WD Robot

6WD PiZero W Robot With Darkwater 640 Motor Controller

Arduino Based Pulse Induction Detector

Arduino VGA Console With Five Games

Auto Ultrasonic Car

Compact Regulated PSU - Power Supply Unit

DIY Explorer Probe for Rockets with DHT11 and an ESP8266

How to Add WiFi Control to Any Project || ESP32 Beginner’s Guide

IR LED Controller

Laser CNC Machine

MIDI Controller With Arduino (for DJ or Musician)

PSoC 4: The Auto Ranging DRCC Meter

Remote Robot Using Android

Alarm Clock Using the RTC of the Arduino 101

Arduino Live Wifi Web Scoreboard

Arduino Scale With 5kg Load Cell and HX711 Amplifier

Digital Tilt Sensor (Arduino Compatible)

DIY 3D Printed Laser Engraver With Approx. 38x29cm Engraving Area

DIY Arduino CNC Machine

ESP8266 Wifi Thermostat for Freezer

How to Make Line Follower Robot

How to Play Flappy Bird on Your Touch Board

How to Use NRF24L01+ Module

Miniature MZ-80K

Servo Sequencer

3d Print Your Own Rover

: A prime numbertoy

ATtiny 84 & 85 Programmer

Channel Attack with ESP8266

Circuit Visualization

DIY Light-Up Kicks

IOT Base Computing Using Nodemcu and Micropython

Open Hardware Rover With OpenCV

Portable Cell Network

RC Long Range Quadcopter Build: From Scratch

Tea Light Charger Monitor

Calliope Messenger

I hacked a Roomba to become a 360° FPV telepresence robot

TS100 Oscilloscope hack

Up Plus 2 Temperature Control

Variable Frequency Arduino Generator

Home Hidroneumatic Controlled by ESP8266 + MQTT + Web App

Make a Lie Detector Machine With ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit

Micro:bit with Arduino

MuseScore+Arduino+LEDs+MIDI = Piano Tutor

Pedal Pi Controller with Circuit Playground

Retro Raspberry Pi Tumblr GIF Camera

Score Board Project Using DMD

See Colors with the Adafruit TCS34725, an Arduino and a Pi 3

2 Channel Relay Shield for Arduino Nano

3D Printed R/C Telepresence Balancing Bot

$5 USB MIDI adapter with ATmega32u4

Build a Temperature and/or Humidity Controlled Fan with a Picaxe 08M2 Microcontroller

Mini Breadboard Pro Micro ISP for DIP8 ATTiny Series (and Other AVRs)

Picoduino Password Keeper (PPK)

Play 3D LC - 139 DIY 3D Printer

Police Siren Circuit Using 555 Timer IC

Raspberry Pi Automated Plant Watering with Website

Android Arduino Bluetooth PC Game Controller

Proximity Sensor for Arduino MCU Using 555 Timer IC

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Mobile

Room Monitor Throwie

Automatic CHICKEN DOOR Dirt Cheap

Mini balancing robot

Mydevice cayenne MQTT support for esp8266

Potentiometer Feedback Control: Implementing a Soft Extend Limit

VHS Library Pi Security Camera

Yet Another Raspberry Pi Photo Booth

LCD Weather Monitor

Open Source PCB “Business Card”

Simple $10 Crypto Currency Display

Smart Security Camera

Voice Activated Home Automation

Arduino Bathroom Scale With 50 Kg Load Cells and HX711 Amplifier

Binary Clock with Arduino and Plywood

DIY a Formaldehyde Detector

Electromagnetic Glove

Getting Started With E-Paper Display Modules

L298 DC Motor Driver Demos/Tutorial

Make Your Own DIY 3D Gesture and Tracking USB MIDI Controller

Making a Moving, Wirelessly Controlled LED Display

Monitor Your Front Door

The Compact Disc-o: My LED disco ball music festival totem!

Wireless Animatronic Hand ( Gesture + Voice )

Adding a Current Limit Feature to a Buck/Boost Converter

Bluetooth Controlled 4wd Car With HC-05

DIY Multi-Purpose Robot Base and Motor Shield

PIDDYBOT - DIY Arduino Balancing Robot

Robot Car With Bluetooth, Camera and MIT App Inventor2

Solar Tide Clock

Touch Screen Coffee Table DIY With Low Cost CCD

TV Remote Control based on Head Movements

Vision Shoe (Shoe for the Blind)

Weighing Scale With Touchscreen (Arduino)

Cathedral Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

ESP32 and OLED Display: Internet Clock - DHT22

Make an Arduino Memory Game

ON/OFF Timer for Smart Home

2.5A 2Phase Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver

Cheap Scalable Arduino CNC (Plotter, Mill, 3D Printer…)

Building a Circuit to Detect High Frequencies: The Bat Detector!

COSMOS and Arduino: The $20 Telemetry System

How to Build Your Own Fax Machine with Tessel, JavaScript and Twilio

Take These Steps to Secure Your Raspberry Pi Against Attackers

Tales From the Chip: LM386 Audio Amplifier

4*4*4 LED CUBE

Arduino 4 Leg Robot Control Via Bluetooth

Arduino Weather Monitor

Butterfly Alarm Clock

Lets Build a LED CUBE

Mini Pinball Table with Gemma M0

Pedal PI - Raspberry Pi ZERO Guitar Pedal

Bluetooth Voice Controlled Moving Lamp

Burglar Alarm Device

Face Tracking Arduino Robot

Fridge’s Door Warning (easy Schematic)

Intro: Password & Lock

Mobile Phone Controlled Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Ultrasonic Sensors

Personal Illumination Device

RPi 3 BLE Cat Door

@Tiny Programmable Sleep Controller

Arduino & Android Based Bluetooth Control Password Protected Door Lock (Version 2)

DIY LiPo Charge/Protect/5V Boost Circuit

Moisty - a Plant Moisture Sensor

Simple Audio Amplifier Using Single Transistor

Simple IOT

Smart Irrigation Project on Arduino

The Cardboard Computer - IO is my name

Trinket M0 Express Hack

Wi-Fi Camera Trap

Wi-Fi IoT Electrical Outlet: Turning on a Coffee Maker Remotely

Arduino Mood Lamp With Bluetooth Module

Arduino / MOSFET Controlled High Bright LED Motorcycle Light

Build an Electric Foundry for Melting Aluminum (that Works on 120 VAC)

How to Make a Professional Printed Circuit Board: the Complete Guide

HVAC Zoning With Arduino to Improve Cooling Control

IOT Made Simple: Playing With the ESP32 on Arduino IDE

Make a Talking Security Alarm with a PIC16 and ISD1820

MQTT Alarm Control Panel for Home Assistant


Pyboard Hookup Guide

Ultrasound Tank Level Meter

3D Printed Coffee Grinder

Arduino Touch Screen Calculator Project with Code

Bucket Bot 2

CCS811/BME280 (Qwiic) Environmental Combo Breakout Hookup Guide

G-sensor Controlled Arduino Robot

How to Make Your Own HUE Light Using Arduino and Control Wireless.

Kinetic Wave Simulator Made Easy!

NFC Habit Tracker “Dory” - Arduino Wearable, Gadget

PHPoC - Remote control Spider Robot

The Builder’s Guide - “Your homemade CNC router project begins here”

Airbnb Sigfox Lock Box

Arduino Oled Dice

Arduino Piano

Build Your Own Z80 Computer Project, Part 1: The CPU

Cute Drawing Robot - Servo and Android

DIY Smart Bluetooth Speakers With Spectrum Analyser

Model Train Control on Arduino

Outdoor Fish Feeder - Solar Powered

SIM-LESS Texting With SiPy (BLE + Sigfox)

Arduino 1-wire Display (144 Chars)

Mini Hovercraft W/ Arduino Nano

Storage Bin Humidity Monitor

Temperature Monitor / Alarm

6 Bits Binary Counter

Basic String Car Racer

Billy the Biped Robot - 3D Printed

Bluetooth Controlled Vehicle With WiFi Camera

Build Your Own Motion Detection System Using an Accelerometer

Headless Google Assistant with Startup Audio

How to Track Fire With Flame Sensor

Phoebe the Photophillic Robot

Robotic Indoor Navigation With RFID/NFC Tags

TV Remote Controlled Light and Fan

Ultrasonic Lock

3D Printed Robotic Hand / Prosthetic Hand

Back to School LED Strip Automation

DIY Variable Power Supply With Adjustable Voltage and Current

Laser Gauntlet With 2 Axis Gimbal

Wireless Crane Model (SMART BOT) With Spying Camera Over the Network(wifi or Hotspot)

IOT Speech Recognition

Laser Pointer Ultrasonic Distance Finder

Programmable Laser Light Show — Arduino Controlled

Arduino IR Robot Display Platform

DIY Motion-Activated Sink: How to Make an IR-Controlled Tap

Simple Walker Robot

Simplest Home Automation Using Bluetooth, Android Smartphone and Arduino.

SonicScape (Binaural Sensor Glasses for the Blind)

The Air Piano

AlarmPi - IoT Alarm System

ESP8266 Weather Station

GPS Speedometer

Herboponic- a Hydroponic Herb Garden

Home Automation Using HC-05 BT Module

Ping Pong Faulty Serve Detector

POV (Persistance of Vision) Display

Private Lock Box With Pin Code - Bluetooth Activated Lock

Anti Collision Glasses for the Blind

Automatic IoT-enabled Rabbit Feeder

BluFi - a Portable Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Create a fun, simple IoT accelerometer game

ePaper-Based Local Rain Forecast for Fair Weather Cyclists

ESP32: How to Interface LCD With ESP32 Microcontroller Development Board

Ethernet Controlled ROVER

IOT Humidity And Temperature Display

LittleArm Big

Morse Code Sender

Potato chip macrochip with 555 timer circuit

Programming Atmel AT89 Series Via Arduino

PSOC Office Monitor and Control

Raspberry Pi Node Red

RGB LED Matrix

Smart Voice Controlled Lock Using HC-05

SonicDisc: A 360 Ultrasonic Scanner

‘Time to Get Out of Your Chair’ Alarm

Very Efficient But Crude DC Power Supply :)

WiFi Bathroom Humidity Sensor W/Fan Control, App & Automation

3D Body Scanner Using Raspberry Pi Cameras

48 X 8 Scrolling LED Matrix Using Arduino

4x4 Led Cube Full

Arduino Like Function on Kinetis K82 Freedom Stupid Board

Design a Control Board for a Romi Robot Chassis

DIY Battery Powered Solder Fume Extractor

E-Ink Display Based Static Desktop eCalendar

Horus: The Weather Station

How to Make Mini Home Made CNC Machine Arduino+28BJY-48 Stepper Motor

How to Make PS2 Controller With Arduino and NRF24L01

How to Use RGB LEDs to Identify Colours - DIY Colour Sensor

IoT Made Simple: Monitoring Multiple Sensors

IoT Scale

Make a Twitter Bot App: Tweet at a Press of a Button - Arduino 101 BLE

New MATRIX Creator Weather App on Eclipse Day

PHPoC - Web-Based Car Race Brick Game

RF Remote Control Car

3D-Printable Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

Automated Raspberry PI Camera Surveillance Setup

Battery Tester Using NodeMCU

Cocktail Machine with Alexa and PHPoC

IoT Base Platform With RaspberryPi, WIZ850io : Echoback Application

The Boat PC – a marine based Raspberry Pi project

The Polar Coaster – A Drink Coaster Drawing Machine

Wireless SNES Controller Documentation

5 Voltage divider circuits that go beyond dividing

Alexa - NodeMCU: WeMo Emulation Made Simple

Arduino-Based Automatic Guitar Tuner

Arduino Based TV Remote Project

Arduino CNC Laser Enrgaver From DVD Drive

Do-It-Yourself Insect Detector with an Electret Microphone and PIC18F1220

How to Make LED Illusion Mirror Using CD at Home

LDR Photovoltaic Solar Tracker

Ultrasonic Theremin With Scratch for Raspberry Pi

6502 Home Computer

AnE Smart Doorbell Systems

DIY Acrylic RGB LED Sign


Microcontroller Action Potential Generator

Simple Arduino Digital Clock Without RTC

Water Level Indicator

Design a Custom Microcontroller Programming and Testing Board

DIY Mini USB Drill

How to Build a Mechanical Television with Color

LED Cube 4X4X4 using Arduino Uno

Mini Piano With Arduino 101

Piano (Tones) Memorize and play using ARM MCU

Pocket Size Ultrasonic Measuring Tool With ESP32

TinyBASIC on 8080 emulator on Arduino

Wireless Programming and Debugging with STM32 and RPi

Digital Clock Project Using 8 Digit 7 Segment MAX7219 Module

E-dohicky the Electronic Version of Russ’s Laser Power Meter Dohicky

Particle Photon - Wearable Pulse and Temperature Sensor

3D Printed Animatronic Puppet

Ariadne-IO - Building a Smart Sailboat

ATtiny85 and supercapacitor

Build a Raspberry Pi Scanner that Tracks the Devices Connected to Your Local Network

E-Paper Weather Display With Photon and IFTTT

ESP32/ESP8266 Weather Forecaster/Predictor

Happy Plant Notifier

Iron Man Arc Reactor

Raspberry Pi Meteor Station

Sigfox Forest Fire Detector

Simon Game

Toxic Gas Detector

8 legged spider robot

Arduino Smartphone Controlled Bluetooth Car

bracelet for the blind

Coilgun Without Massive Capacitors

Control AC Appliances Sitting on Your Bed

From BT to WiFi: creating WiFi controlled Arduino Robot Car

Interactive NASA Shirt Using Crazy Circuits

Motion-Activated Solder Fume Extractor With Lamp

My Guardian for the Workshop

Touchscreen Musicbox With Lightshow 2.0

Arduino Self-Driving Car


Retro Project – Audio Mixer For Cassette Recording

Sunshine Alert Meter

Thermostat Based on Arduino

Web-based universal remote under $4, probably

A look inside the DS3231 real-time clock

An Arduino-Based TV Smart Timer

ARDUINO, How to blink a LED without using delays in your sketch

BarkBox! Simple Noise & Intrusion Detection Device

Compressing Radio Signals

Digital logic using 555 chips

Gardening Temperature and Humidity Logger

How to Send an SMS Text From a GSM Chip Using Putty

Kitchen Timer

Make Your Own ESC

Ne555 Dark Sensor

O.S.E.S.(Open-Source Entertainment System); Utilizing Arduino

Cheap Hot Air Station With Arduino

Clemson Tiger Paw Decoration Back-lit With WS2812 LED Strips

FabDoc - Version Control Tool for makers

GPS + WiFi Rover


“Pop o Shop” – Basketball Arcade Game

Smart Eye for Your Pi

Smartphone Controlled Bluetooth Car

Build an Autonomous R/C Car with Raspberry Pi

Fidget Spinners, Arduinos, and Flapping Birds

How to Make a Temperature Gun With Esp32

Making a PICKIT 3 Clone

Sound-Activated IoT Alarm with ESP8266 and RIOTOUS

The 1sheeld Virtual People Counter

DIY 18650 Battery Holder

DIY Battery Level Checker

DIY PC Ambient Lighting Using Arduino and WS2812b LEDs

How to Make a Playable Arduino-based Drum Set With Beverage Can

Interactive Laser Sheet Generator With Arduino

RGB Electronic Die

Run and Jump Arduino LCD Game

Universal Camera Tilt/Rotate mount

Voltage Controlled Atari Punk Console (mini PCB)

Wall Following Robot / Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Arduino Word Clock

Calling all speakers! A hardware button to toggle display mirroring

Measure Your WiFi Signal Strength Using Particle Photon

Skateboarding Visualizations

Arduino OLED Temperature Display with Real Time Clock


DIY Metronome

DIY PWM Driver

Replacing a dead lithium cell in the DS1387

Smart and Safe Outdoor Plant Watering System

Uware: a DIY AR Headset

Arduino Powered Wearable Tail

Digital Vibration Sensor Using LM358

Fiddy - the FTDI Clip

How to Make a UART to Cassette Tape Interface

IR Home Automation on Arduino

Raspberry Pi Embedded Cap With GPS & 10DOF

Raspberry Pi Google Assistant With Sleek Wood Box

Simple & Easy Dimmer Circuit Using 555 IC for LED Strip Lights

Arduino - Web-Based Two-Player Game

ATmega328P Fuse Bits and an External Crystal Oscillator

Digital Touch Sensor Using LM358

DIY: Arduino Based RC Transmitter and Receiver

DIY DAQ: Make an Arduino Data Acquisition System

Fingerscan: Music at YourFingertips

Ghetto CPU busy-meter

PS2 Controlled Omnidirectional Robot

RGB LED Light Writing Wand

Shower Regulator

Voice Controlled Robot Using 8051 Microcontroller

DIY a Wooden Laser Gun As a Xmas Present for Your Child

DIY temperature and humidity wireless data logger

IoT Based Garden Automation And Monitoring System

Motion Tracking Airsoft Turret

Smart Office Automation Using Raspberry Pi

CNC Dual Arm Plotter Version 2

Interface LED Dot Matrix (8x8) With NodeMCU

Simple Lap Counter for Swimming Maniac (Waterproof)

Smart Home - Arduino Trash Indicator With BLE

SMS Controller by Using SIM800L V2

Arduino Micro USB IR Remote Adapter Board

Happiness Tracker build with Raspberry Pi

Make your own diy usb rubber ducky


DIY Portable Power Bank and Table Fan

Finding the IR Codes of any IR remote using Arduino

Identifying Birds Using Machine Learning

LED and Switch Modules for Prototyping Arduino Projects


Pen Stand: Gaming Enabled

Sarah the Simplest Arduino Robot

Screen Time Countdown Timer

Weather Portal

Weekend Project - Ghost message!

16-bit PWM resolution for Arduino

3D Printing Circuit Boards and Components

Analog Clock With LED Matrix and Arduino

Build an 8-bit computer from scratch

Dancing Springs

DIY Alarm Control Panel for Home Assistant

DIY Short Circuit (Overcurrent) Protection

Electronic Die

Gimmick on Barebones Arduino 16MHz

Video Game Controller With Arduino

4chord MIDI

Bouncy Legs Walking Robot

Build an Electronic Audio Game with a Pencil, Paper, and Conductive Ink

CNC Machine

Control the Injection of a Liquid

DIY Cyclone Dust Collector

DIY Vending Machine with Cortana Skills and Bot Framework

How to Make Color Sorting Machine Arduino Based

Mini WiFi/BLE 4WD robot platform

MKT, the Multi-Kitchen-Timer

Over the Air (OTA) Update of NodeMCU (ESP8266) Using MQTT

Pluvi.On - Pluvimetro De Baixo Custo

POV Fidget Spinner

RASPILIGHT: an open project for Ambilight TV effect

Portable WiFi Analyzer

Simple RC Mecanum Wheels Robot Wif Arduino

Arduino Keyboard Piano With 8 Bit R2R DAC

Easy DIY Arduino Touch Sensor Piano

How to Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor

Raspberry PI Zero Garage Door Opener Using Blynk

Ring Pong

Sequencer (for electronic music)

Water Level Indicator

How to Make a Safety Box

Jar of Fireflies

Mini CNC 3D Printed PCB Creator

Programmable LED

Sense and Display with Android Things and Kotlin

3D Print Your Own Leather Stamps

Arduino Latency Measurement Toolkit

Bluetooth RC Car Using L293D & HC-05

Convert Your Pringles Cans to RTTTL Audio Player

ESP32 Solar Weather Station

Finger Six Axis, Robot Arm Challenge

Ghetto Programming: Getting Started With AVR Microprocessors on the Cheap

Glove for Blind

IR Remote Controlled Robot

Mechanical Iris Door

Reverse Engineering the Syma S107G IR Protocol

Arduino Uno Wireless Weather Station

DIY PWM Controller

Eco Friendly Arduino Metal Detector

ESP Alarm: Make an IoT, Wi-Fi Enabled Alarm Clock with an ESP8266

Led POV Display With Arduino UNO

Robotic Arm 3D Printed (DIY Initial Prosthetic Prototype)

Zigfrid – A Passive RFID Fuzzer

Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader

Home Monitoring System Based on LattePanda, ZigBee and Azure

How to Convert Old Film Reels With a Raspberry Pi

IoT Red Phone

Using OV7670 Camera Module With Arduino

ZeroBot - Raspberry Pi Zero FPV Robot

A PSoC-Based Digital Load Box

ESP8266 Basement Monitor

Guardian Robot – Zelda BOTW

Binary to Decimal Learner Kit

Control all your IR appliances through Bluetooth (or internet)

DIY Arduino Mood Lamp

“GRECO” - Arduino Object Avoiding Robotfor Beginners

Sensor Platform Robot With IR Control

The Arduino Robot: a Wobbly Penguin

Controlling NeoPixels with a Webserver on an ESP8266

Distance Measurement Vehicle via Websocket

IOT Based Surveillance Camera || Raspberry Pi + Pan-Tilt Arrangement + Cayenne + Webcam Server

NATO Adopts New Protocol Standard for Underwater Communications

Arduino - MPU6050 GY521 - 6 Axis Accelerometer + Gyro (3D Simulation With Processing)

Gateway: Node-RED + ESP8266 Modbus RTU MQTT + HMI Industrial Panasonic

Glowing Polish Horseshoes (Beersbee) Outdoor Arduino Game

IoT Power Consumption Concern

Off Grid Van Power Information System

Ultimate DIY Breadboard Power Supply

Arduino Controlled USB Trackpad

ESP8266 ESP-12E Arduino Clock W/ Outside Temp & LEGOS & NeoPixel Ring

ESP8266 & Public “Free” MQTT Broker HiveMQ & Node-RED

Smart Parking Using Arduino Uno

Hydro Dipping 3D Prints

Key Chain USB Power Supply (For Bread Board Projects)

Raspberry Pi Tumblr GIF Photo Booth

Retro Prototyping, Great for Teaching

Smart Lamp With ESP8266 & Amazon Echo

DIY Bone Conduction Headphones

Arduino Nano Multiplication/Division Signs

Brady* the Ultrasonic Warning System for the Visually Impaired

DIY Simple FM Transmitter Circuit

Ozone Generator

Raspberry Pi-Powered Candy Dispenser

Arduino Controlled Sound Responsive LED Display

Breadboarding and Programming the ATmega328P & ATtiny45 in Atmel Studio 7

How to Build a Hexapod Walker Robot with Raspberry Pi

“Hurry, Doctor!”, an Arduino-Powered Operation-Style Electronic Board Game

Inside Intel’s first product: the 3101 RAM chip held just 64 bits

JPEG Decoding on Arduino Tutorial

Make a 1.5V AM Radio!

Arduino Writing Mewtocol Protocol From PLC’S Panasonic

Halogen floodlight SMT reflow

Micro:bit Moisture sensor

Number Game Using 555 Timer and CD4026

Arduino 1.8.x Clone With Atmega 8535/32/644p/1284p: the Mightycore

Arduino - Web-Based Keypad

Deathwatch — Wearable Life Expectancy Timer Using Adafruit Circuit Playground + OLED

How to Make Simple Audio Amplifier With Mosfet

Roombot: Room Cleaning Robot

WIFI Enabled LED Matrix

A Sudoku Solver’s Robot

Arduino Multi Boot Project

Get started developing IoT solutions by building a simple home automation system

Home Automation Using XBee and Arduino

Infrared Remote Controlled Automation of Anything: Tiny, Cheapest and Easiest (any Remote Can Be Used)

Interactive Plant Mood Detector

Lab Power Supply 0-20V and 0.002-4A

Simple DIY 2-wheel Balancing Robot (Arduino & RPi)

Using Nokia 3310 84x48 LCD with Arduino

Aquarium Controller Using NodeMCU and MQTT

Arduino Typewriter

Arduino - Web-Based Gauge

Pocketable 100W Power Supply-Smaller than your smartphone

Rubik’s Cube Solver

Arduino 3D Printed Digital Thermometer With DHT-22 Sensor

Arduino - Relays (Control AC Appliances)

NodeMCU Webserver with Class-Based 60-Second Temp Average

Roller Arduino Curtain

Simple Buck LED Driver With PWM Input

WALTER - The Arduino Insect Robot

Arduino 3-axis Mini Lazer Paper-Cutter

Arduino Wireless NRF24l01 Battery Voltage Monitor 5110 Screen and Low Battery Level Buzzer

Arduino101 / tinyTILE BLE: Match-Making Sunglasses

Building a Single Pixel Scanner

Control Adafruit Neopixels using Python and JQWidgets

Homemade Chess Robot

Interface Force Sensitive Resistor to Fade an LED Using NodeMCU

LDR light following robot

My MeArm Picking Up Things

Ultrasonic Garage Parking Assistant With Arduino and an ATtiny85

UNMOMENT - Ntp, Binary, Rgb CLOCK

Water Level Monitoring Using BoltIoT

WiFi Music Alert Box

3D printed, internet controlled, self-balancing FPV robot

ESP8266-01 IoT Smart Timer for Home Automation

Actobotics Solar Tracker

Animated Snake Eyes Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

Arduino Minimal Drum Kit

DIY Video Game Using Arduino (Arduboy Clone)

Dual Automatic Watch Winder

High Voltage-Current Half Bridge Driver Using IR2153 & IGBT

Interfacing with a Toy - Process and Example

POV Display With Wireless Power!

Screen Tapping Robot

Smart Intercom

Sub $200 PCB Mill that doesn’t suck!

Voice Controlled Bluetooth Car

5V Battery Powered Pocket Sized Variable Power Supply

Arduino MIDI Fighter

Bluetooth Controlled Car With Camera

How to Build a Web-based Garage Door Controller

How to Make IR Security Alarm & a IR Detector Using LM358

Pixel Art Frame

Solr: digital wrist watch

Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad

Arduino Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired

ESP8266: Super compact WiFi Snipper for DeAuth attack

“Everything is Better with Bluetooth”: Add Your Own Custom Bluetooth LE to Your Next Project

Gas Sensor Module

Intelligent Level Sensor Network

Poppy Ergo Jr

Arduino Timer and Triggers - Automated Shutters

IoT Globe

RGB LED Pen for Lightpainting

Inteligent Power Module (IPM) Board for Brushless Motors

LED CUBE 3x3x3

NeoPixel Thermometer!

Plant Watering Warning

Plug and Play Board for IOT Module ESP8266-01

Rain Detector

Temperature and Solar Sensor Using Arduinos

Ultimate Electronics Helper || Variable Bench Top PSU With Helping Hands

YouTube Channel IoT View Counter

Efficient Joule Thief Power Supply

Multi Channel Analyzer for Gamma Spectroscopy With Arduino & Theremino

The Attiny85/45 Capacitor Tester

Arduino Based Line Following Robot

Arduino Tamagotchi Clone - Digital Pet


Audio Amplifier Circuit on PCB Using LM386

Basic IC Tester Using Arduino NANO


DIY ultra cheap combination lock

ESP and WS2812 8x8 LED Matrix

How to Make a DIY Weather Station

MyHumidity Controlled by BME280 and Photon

Parking Lot IoT System

Radio Frequency Cloning

Tiny Security Using ATtiny85

Wifi controlled ceiling fan

Arduino - Web-Based Thermometer

ArduRadio AlarmClock

Build an EMG Audio Amplifier! (Electromyography)

Creating an IoT Server with Home Assistant and MQTT

Fidget Spinning Robot

Garden Train - Arduino Wireless NMRA DCC

Object Detecting Robot

Self Watering Planter

IoT Based Smart Farming Stick Using Arduino and Cloud Computing

MAZE Robot With Arduino

One Transistor FM Transmitter

Paper Piano

Air Quality Meter

Arduino Data Logger: 2017 Build Update

Automatic Pill Dispenser

Beer Fermentation Temperature Controller

Controlling RC Car Via a Web Interface

MyGlobe: Drawing 3D Images in Thin Air

MyLight-Clock with NeoPixel Ring 12 Controlled by Photon

Persistence of Vision Arduino Code Generator

Real Time Face Detection and Tracking Robot using Arduino

Simple & Easy to Make Vu Meter or Audio Meter Using LM3915

Tic-Tac-Toe with Teensy

Arduino Commute Checker

Automated Garden Monitoring System - Slimme Serre

Build a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card

Complete Raspberry Pi Weather Station

FarmCorder - Crop Nutrition Deficiency Sensor

IoT Doorbell With Built-in IR Camera (Python, Flask, Raspberry Pi)

NFU Dream Maker Project: Spherical Robot Base

Pi Weather Station Project 1

Plant Feelings

RPI Safety Camera With Motion Detection

Simple Home Automation With Blynk

The Ultimate High Altitude Weather Balloon Data Logger

Wirless Alarm and Remote Based Nodemcu and TelegramBot

Arduino Cell Phone 4G Signal Booster / Repeater

Arduino Color Organ

Arduino Memory Game

Arduino Mini Shields Construction

Arduino Servo Foosball

Automatic Dog Feeder

DIY Fidget LED Display

How to Make a MAZE GENERATOR Using ATtiny13a

Logging CPU Temperature and Uptime of an OrangePi Zero

7 Segment Date & Time With BT Adjustment

Arduino Bluetooth Programming Shield

Arduino WIFI Quality signal display

Garden Sprinkler Controller


Nodemcu With OLED Display, PIR & DHT11

Quad 18650 power supply

This Custom Built “Commute Deck” Makes it Easy to Work on the Go

Arduino temperature Logger with SD card

ESP8266 Based Temperature Sensor Connected to Home Assistant and MQTT

Mini Zoetrope

Retro Nokia Snake Game with Arduino

RPi Serial Console Automation using Arduino

Simple Digital Voltmeter Circuit With PCB Using ICL7107

Smart Irrigation System Using IoT

Arduino Plant Watering System

BLC Using Arduino Emulator

CNC Dual Arm Plotter

Coin spliter and counter

Digital Tachometer

DIY Cheapest Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation

Full Home Automation With E-Mail Notifications Using Arduino,ESP8266 & Python

Getting Started with FPGAs: Lookup Tables and Flip-Flops

High Five Collector

How to Make 5 Volt Single Channel Relay Shield for Arduino, PIC, AVR

How to Make a IoT Pet Feeder

Individually Addressable Incandescent Lamps

IoT Smoke Alarm with Arduino, ESP8266, and a Gas Sensor

Play music with your Remote

Simple Infinity Cube

THIRD EYE FOR BLINDS - an Innovative Wearable Technology for Blinds

Acrylic Gravity Powered Clock

Arduino Uno DDS Audio Signal Generator

NE 555 Motor Speed Control

Open Source, Connected Robot Arm

Talking Multimeter

TORLO - a 3d printed electromechanical clock

18650 Lithium Ion Battery Capacity Tester

Arduino LCD 16x2. Turn Single Screen Into Multiple Screens

Arduino Uno R3 Board

Build a Tank Volume Reader in Under $30 Using ESP32

Build an Arduino 101 Data Logger with the TI SensorTag


Crazy Engineer’s Drawing Robot / Arduino GRBL CoreXY Servo Drawbot

ESP8266 - Thermometer

Fidget Spinner to Brushless Motor

Game of Life on Nokia 5110 LCD

How to Make L293D Motor Driver Board

LED Light With PIR Motion Sensor, Soft On/off and 2yr Battery Life

Make a Lost Plane Finder

Tiny Face Watch

Wireless RFID Door Lock Using Nodemcu

3D Printer Status Jacket

Circuit Playground Bike Glove

Presenting a robust and simple CNC Milling Machine

SmallyMouse2 – Universal USB to Quadrature Mouse Adapter

Arduino based Bluetooth Biped Bob (Walking & Dancing Robot)

Build a Letterbox That Sends You Alerts

Build a Raspberry Pi Rover Robot With Smartphone Control

DIY Class D Audio Amplifier

Do-it-yourself Autonomous Tiny Robot

Indoor Greenhouse With Touch Screen Control

Peltier controlled from an Android App

Android Things Capacitive Touch Piano

TIVA Based Digital Calculator

A PWM Dimmer Revisited

Arduino Dynamic Web Control

Arduino Traffic Light

BLEWeather: a Portable Bluetooth Weather Station

BT Based Voice\ Remote Controlled Car Using TIVA MC

Chinese Rings Puzzle With Arduino

DIY Cathode Ray Tube: Interacting With Electrons

DIY Laser Tag

How to Make a Robot Snake

IR Remote Controlled Home Automation Using PIC Microcontroller

Laura: Emotional Compass Lamp

One Transistor Audio for Pi Zero W

Phil05: A Raspberry Pi Robot

UTC IoT Clock

Virtual Reality using Arduino and Processing

Weather Forecast Cloud

ATtiny85 Robot Insect V2.0

Make Your Own Arduino With Power Supply and Bootloader

Sound to RC Servo Driver

Weather Aware Sprinkler Controller

Arduino Controlled Led Light Show

BMP280+5110 LCD Arduino


ClearWalker Bluetooth Control

Detect the rpm of your motor using a Photoelectric IR Through Beam Sensor

Face and Eye Detection Using OpenCv With Raspberry Pi

IoT Fidget

Phone Controlled Watch Dogs Wrench Mask

Piano Using 555 Timer

Temperature Controlled Fan With LED Status

Brewery Project With an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi

How to build your own Google AIY without the Kit

Arduino Fingerprint Sensor Tutorial

Arduino to Control Home Appliance Using Web App

Artnet LED Pixels With ESP8266

Conductive Paint Art


Crazy Engineer’s Drawing Robot / Arduino GRBL CoreXY Servo

EAL - Arduino Laser Harp

LightBox Music Visualizer

Obstacle Detection Robot Using Three Ultrasonic Sensors and Arduino UNO

Sound Activated LED Light With Timer

Wi-Finder: the Open Wi-Fi Finding Lightsaber for Less Than 20$

4 Wire LCD control with BL and contrast using Shift Register

Cheapest Smart Home for $38

CheerLights Internet-Connected Hat

Smart Socket With Temperature Humidity Sensor, Laptop or Smartphone Battery Auto Cut in Cut Off Switch

Wireless Attendance System Using Wi-Fi (ESP8266)with MySQL

Beyond Infinity Table - the Interactive Coffee Table for the Modern Age

DIY WIFI RC Car With ESP8266 and Arduino IDE

How to Build an Arduino PIR Motion-Activated Camera System

IoT: Weather Box (with Custom Alarms & Timers)

Led Matrix Arduino

“Long Earth” Stepper Night Light

Make Your MIDI Accordion

Android Things A.I. Candy Dispenser

Hand Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm with Arduino

How to Make VU Meter

Making a Wooden LED Clock

Motorized Camera Slider With Android App

Shift Register With 7 Segment Display

Wireless Arduino Shooting Game

Your Arduino Balancing Robot (YABR)

Arduino Musical Instrument

Coping with Long-Distance Serial Communication: A New Retimer IC from Texas Instruments

DIY Glove Controller With E-Textile Sensors

Electrical Flexible Lamp

How to Recreate the Connect Four Game Using Arduino and an LED Matrix

Non-invasive Alzheimer’s Light Therapy Devices

Pool Buddy

Solar Draw

The Antisocial RobotCar (EAL)

Arduino First to 20 Game!

Arduino RTC DS3231 Clock

Automatic Bartender

Cnc Plotter With Arduino

CO2meter and Quality Control of the Air Wifi and Lcd Display

Colored LED Lamp From Pallet Wood Blocks

IoT Thermometer Using Python

Musical Instrument Using Arduino + Ultrasonic Distance Senso

Nautilus -1 Exploration Mini Submarine

*NOT* Like a BOSS Distortion

Open Source IoT Platform

Remote Controlled Microbit Robot

Android Mobile Phone Controlled Bluetooth Robot using AVR Microcontroller

Smart Garden

Sound Effect Box With Raspberry Pi

Useless Machine Instructions

WiFi Messenger

Arduino Hamster Wheel Pedometer

Arduino - PV MPPT Solar Charger

Make Your Own Arduino Weather Station!

MKRFox1200 Weather Station

Arduino Walking Robot

Dextra - Open-source myoelectric hand prosthesis

DIY Ambient Light Alarm

DIY Analog Alarm System with a TI LM386 Power Amp

Handheld Infinity Kaleidoscope Group Kit

Make an Autonomous “Follow Me” Cooler

Multitasking and Real-Time Arduino System

Self-Watering Plant Stand + Amazon Echo Made With MESH IoT Blocks

Shampoo Vending Machine

Arduino Bike Blink Lights

Modern Led Infinity Mirror Table Lamp

Supercapacitor Vibrobot

CHIP-E 2.0 a Dancing Robot

How to Build a FlameWheel Robot (A Remote Control Robot)

How to Make a 3D Printed Automatic Plant Watering System

Rainbow Pastel Garden Lamp

RX/TX sequencer

The Tesla Meets Edison Nixie Clock

Wooden Digital Clock

120cm Neopixel LED Bar - 3x VU Meter + Other Light Effects - Arduino - Bluetooth

ESP8266 Tutorial: Build an Automatic Plant Watering System

Face Tracking Pan-Tilt Camera

Huge POV Display

One More Small Footprint Barebone Arduino

Simple & Smart Robot Using Arduino

Zen Garden CNC End Table

(adjustable)Power Supply 650watt 54amps for Under $50


Arduino ATtiny Fan or Any DC Motor PWM Speed Controller

Digital Battery Operated Powersupply

DiscoJar: Sound Reactive Lamp With 288 RGB LEDs

DIY Power Supply for 5V and 3.3V

Game of Life With Nokia 5110 LCD

Pimp Your Mini Lighthouse

Sienci Mill One - Simple and Affordable Desktop CNC

Simon Game

Wireless Terminal with ESP8266

3D-Printed Robot Arm

Absolutes’ Smart Home Automation

Adjustable constant current source

Arduino Easy Weather Station With BME280 Sensor

Arduino Self-Watering Plant Pot

Automatic Dispenser

DIY Obstacle Avoiding Robot With Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

ESP-8266 Live Instructable View Counter

NextCloud on the Raspberry Pi - DIY Dropbox!

WiDC - Wi-Fi Controlled FPV Robot (with Arduino, ESP8266 and DC Motors)

6V Lead Acid Battery Charger using BQ24450

ESP-12 Infra Red Blaster

Micro Servo Based Robotic Arm With Record and Play Function

Modern LED Desk Lamp…Powered by 5V USB

Raspberry PI, GFXLCD and image displaying

A DC Motor Controller with Control Leds

Arduino Home Security System

Bluetooth RC Drone Car

Portable Light Panel

Programmable LED dimmer

Simple Manual Arduino 4 Axis Stepper Motor / 16 Channel LED Power Controller

Build your very own drink mixing robot!

EAL - Arduino MIDI Controller

How to Make a Smart Clock

Telepresence Robot: Basic Platform (Part 1)

400V – 5A Power Supply For Brushless Motor Drivers

Arduino Keyless Door Lock System with Keypad and LCD

Build a Giant 3D Printed Robot Arm

Conway’s Life of Life of 16×16 Cells Made With ATtiny13A

DC Motor ROV

DIY 5V Solar Bike

How to Build a Robot From Scratch

IoT Made Simple: Servo Control With NodeMCU and Blynk

Solar Power Module v2

3 Axis CNC Milling Machine

Bluetooth Controlled Arduino LED Coffee Table

Breadboard RetroPie

Conway’s Game of Life

Modular Automata

Multichannel Wireless Light Dimmer

Arduino Controlled Car

Bluetooth RC Car: Part 1

Computer Monitor Using Arduino and Node JS

Candy Dispenser with Google Assistant

DIY Arduino powered Flash Trigger

Infrared Remote Control Tester Using TSOP4838

MEGA BREAD - Atari Joystick Linking for Robotics control

Nixie Inspired 7 Segment Display

PICAXE Thermometer Prototype With DS18B20 Sensor and LCD Display

Rotary - Encoder Control With Ti Launchpad

4 Wheel Robot Motor Driver ( 4X 3Amps LMD18201 H-Bridge)

Arduino Self-Balancing Robot


Pool Playing Robot

Raspberry Pi Remote Controlled Car

Tetris Uno

The Aperture Science Sentry Turret With an Arduino

CARDBOARD Robotic Hydraulic Arm

Electromechanical Tone Generator

Kerbal Space Program Controller

RaspiAsteriskGoogle - Run Google Voice Assistant Via Asterisk PBX on Pi

Save your Skin with this Open Source UV Index Detector

The Roll-Bot

UArm Miniature Palletizing Robot Arm for Arduino

2-bit Communicators (RFM69)

Build a DIY Spy Microphone: The Acoustic Telescope

Building Garage IoT: a Hacker’s Journey

Controlling Appliances and Weather Monitor Using IOT

Easy Infinity Mirror With Arduino Gemma & NeoPixels

Pulse Room

Victorian Style Collar With Neopixel Ring

Arduino Target Shooter

Build Your Own Vacuum Robot

How to Build an Arduino Self-balancing Robot

Low Power Arduino E-ink Display Box With RTC

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Ultrasonic Sensor

PIC Development Board for RS485 & DMX512 Applications

PropHelix - 3D POV Display

Solar Tracker Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3

Arduino Guitar Note Detector

Arduino Touch Tic Tac Toe Game

CleanSweep: the Floor Cleaning Robot!

Glowing LED Ita Bag

How to Design Common Emitter Amplifier

Internet of Things Lighthouse Using Arduino ESP8266 & WS2812 LED

People Counter for $30 Using an ESP8266 an NodeMCU

Reverse engineering the 76477 “Space Invaders” sound effect chip from die photos

Soil Water Level Status Using ESP8266

Spiderbot V2 - Robot Car


The Annoy-O-Bug: A Chirping Light-Up Throwie

Web Clock Version 2.0

3D Printed Lathe

A Printed Three-wheeled Smart Car Kit

Beacon Keyer

Bi-directional Communication Robot

Build an Arduino Multi-Node BLE Humidity and Temperature Sensor Monitor

Current Sensor Amplifier & Over Current Switch

How to Make a DC Motor Speed Controller

Library Noise Detector With Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Modern JukeBox - CMOY Amplifier and Bluetooth Speaker

Noise Cancelling W/ 741 Inverting OP-AMP

OpenPIR Hookup Guide

PaperSynth: an “8-bit” Synthesizer Made Out of Paper and Copper Foil

Simple Mini Dusk to Dawn Switch for 220v AC

Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station

Temperature Logger With Nodemcu Esp8266 D1 Mini to Thingspeak

Tinku: a Personal Robot

UltraBuggyBot - Robot Controlled Using Ultrasonic Sensors

6 Channel RF Remote Controller Using CC2500 RF Modules

Beautiful Arduino Binary Clock

Bike Speedometer

CSR1011 - Using Ultrasonic Sensor

ElecTrumpet (Arduino)

Graphic Programming Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Home Garden Monitoring System

Home made 30 volts Panel Volt Meter Using PIC MCU

How to Use ESP8266 With PCF8574 - 4 Input and 4 Output

Live Instructables Followers Counter


Make a DIY Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino

Safety First RC Car

Sky Control V1 - Temperature and Humidity Controller With Relays

Smart Mirror with Home Automation using chats

Mobile Weather Sensors Using ESP8266

Next Gen Treat Dispenser (Motion Detection, Video and More)

Sound Activated LEDs in Embroidery Using an ATtiny85

Thirsty Tweeting Office Plants

Alfred V.1 - Voice Controlled, IoT, Bluetooth, Servant Robot Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Arduino Toolboxes : PWM Frequency Meter

Circuit Playground Bike Light

Create Your Own VR Game Controller Using Arduino

HOG, BT Controlled Robot


Snake Robot

Arduino Powered Three Arm Bubble Machine

Arduino Smart MoneyBox

Electric Bicycle (EBike) Dashboard and Battery Monitor

How to Make an Electric Go Kart

Led Cube 5x5x5 (Arduino Project)

LoRa IOT Home Environment Monitoring System

Arduino Fastest Reaction Time Game for 1-4 Players

Programming Digilent FPGAs Using NI Multisim

Reprogrammable Arduino Synthesizer

Robot Servo With Idle Horn

SIMPLEST Arduino Vertical Plotter

Simplest ESP8266 Local Time Internet Clock With OLED

Spider Robot(Quad Robot, Quadruped)


Grow Anything Grow Bucket for $50

PIX-E Gif Camera

4 in a Row / Connect 4

Advanced Adjustable Dual Mode DC Voltage Regulator

Animations with Arduino Uno and Nokia 3310 LCD

Arduino Drone | Quadcopter (3D Printed)

Arduino Flex Sensor Glove

Arduino Ultrasonic Alarm

Electronic Paper Rock Scissors Game

Enginursday: I2Considerations

How to Build a BB-8 Robot

Machine to Machine Talk Using ESP8266

Pablo Odysseus

Power and Temperature Data Logger With ESP32 and AWS IOT

Programmable Automatic Blind Opener

Raspberry Pi Zero HDMI / WiFi Soldering Microscope

Retro Electronics: DIY Resistor-Transistor Logic Gates

The Multitasking “Final Countdown” Timer With Wireless Programming

Binary Keyboard

Ultrasonic Sensory Device for the Visually Impaired

An Electronic LED Roulette you can self build

Arduino Menu on a Nokia 5110 Lcd Using a Rotary Encoder

Autonomous RC Car (Wall-E)

FPGA Based Heart Diseases Detector

Make Your Own Spirometer

MightyWatt Revision 3: Brand New and Seriously Improved

Smart game board

3D-Printed Prank Vibrating Cup

8X8 matrix LED Snake game (HTML5 web socket)

Arduino Addons : Battery Level Indicator

Arduino Gadgets : Youtube Subscribers Counter

Artificial Intelligence With Arduino

English Pronunciation Training Machine

3d Filament Extruder

+5V and -5V Dual Regulated Power Supply

8 Player Quizz Buzzer System Using Arduino

Activity Monitor

Arduino 3D Printed Compass

Arduino Alarm Clock

Arduino Based GSM/SMS Remote Control Unit

Arduino Matrix Clock

Arduino and NRF24L01+ based RF transmitter and receiver

Arduino and Visuino: Long Distance Remote Light Sensor With RFM95W/RFM98W Makerfabs LoRa Shields

BIGLID - Big LED Interactive Display

Bright Ball IOT

Cardboard Enclosed Earth Fault Indicator

Desk Weather Station

DIY Arduino Soldering Station

DIY Persistence of Vision Game Display

DIY Simple Circuit Continuity Tester

Encoded Audio With Radial Basis Function

End-Effector and Control Logic for Robot

Falling-Up Robot with Stepper Motors

Fully 3D Printed Arduino Robot

Gateway: ESP8266 Modbus RTU MQTT + HMI Industrial Panasonic

Hot Wire Foam Cutter - Arduino PWM

How to Make Your Own ARDUINO UNO Board ( Breadboard - Veroboard - Programming )

Indoor Air Quality With Hornbill ESP32


Lithophane Cube

Micro Controlled Firework Rocket Launcher

Mini Retro Pong Game

Music Laser Light Show

NodeMCU - Smart Home Switch

Pi Time- A Fabric Arduino Clock

PlotClock, WeMos and Blynk Playing Vintage AMI Jukebox

Robotic motion controller

Safe Capacitor Discharge Tool

Simple Humanoid Walking and Dancing Robot