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2017 New Years Shutter Shades

A Leap Second Will Be Added December 31, 2016

Arduino Controlled Artificial Candle Lights V

Arduino Propeller Message Display (POV) V

Arduino VGA Games 4-in-1 V

Camera Capacitor Coil Gun V

Chat Application Using Mesh Radios

Controlling a Servo with a PICAXE and an IR Sensor V

Customizable Shutter Shades

Customizable Slinky

Customizable Sudoku Game

Deep sea coral reefs more accessible with touch-sensitive underwater robotic platform

Die photos and analysis of the revolutionary 8008 microprocessor, 45 years old

DIY remote control based on PIC V

Farming for the Future V

Free Innovation

Hack-proofing our devices

Harmonograph V

How to set up the DHT11 humidity sensor on an Arduino V

Indiana University researchers launch tool to understand spread of fake news

Introduction to Embedded Systems: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach, Second Edition

Introduction To MIPS Assembly Language Programming

IoT Oil Tank Gauge With IBM Bluemix and Maximo

Learning IR remote control receiver V

LED Tree Jenkins Build Monitor V

Mining 24 Hours a Day with Robots

Reversing Sinclair’s amazing 1974 calculator hack - half the ROM of the HP-35

RooBee One - SLA DLP Aluminum Frame 3D Printer V

Simple Infrared LED and Photodiode tester

Single Digit Voltmeter with LM311

Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems, Second Edition

System Design, Modeling, and Simulation using Ptolemy II

The Engineering of Reliable Embedded Systems (1st Edition)

TinyLiPoCharger With Buck Bosster 3.3 Volt Out

Using a Wii Nunchuk with Arduino

Wi-Fi Controlled Home Appliances Using ESP8266

Wolf : IoT Multi-Terrain Quadruped V

Arduino 3D Maze V

Build a Raspberry Pi powersupply with Digispark Attiny85

Build a See-Through Cyclone Dust Separator for Your Shop Vac

Hacking Your Mouse for Rapid Firing V

Marduino Party 1

Nucleo Guitar Effects Pedal V

Open Autonomous Domestic Robots

Super Efficient Buck Convertor 5V 1A Arduino Power Supply

XCLOCK (Tri-Colour Binary Clock) V

4.5A H-Bridge DC Motor Driver Module Using TB6549HQ


An effective and low-cost solution for storing solar energy

Arduino Clone Breeding T-Rig V

Astronauts to get help from snake robots

BoomBeastic mini

Building Jarvis

Circuit Playground Slouch Detector

DPDgroup drone delivers parcels using regular commercial line

Driverless platoons

Drones dazzle at Disney World in a new holiday show

Dual Relay Board Using SMD Components

First Ever Cargo Drone Deliveries in Amazon Rainforest

Google Lunar XPRIZE Team HAKUTO Announces Rideshare Agreement with TeamIndus for a 2017 Lunar Mission

Grids of defects make diamonds practical for quantum computing

Human Cells Eat Nanowires

Light Your Menorah (Hanukiyya) or Christmas Tree Remotely from your Phone V

Malta Cross movement - Non-linear gears - OpenScad - Configurable

Mimicking biological movements with soft robots

NASA Engineers Test Combustion Chamber to Advance 3-D Printed Rocket Engine Design

Nixie Pipe – Modern Day LED Nixie Tube V

PIXEL for PC and MAC

PnP Box

SK Hynix Inc. to Construct a Cutting Edge NAND Flash FAB in Cheongju

TfCD: NFC Beer Lockbox V

The MagPi 53

The world’s tiniest radio

Thumbelina: an Automated Indoor Greenhouse

Tool rack for 3d printer accessories

2X L298 Dual DC Motor Driver Board for Robots

A 4$, 4ICs, Z80 homemade computer on breadboard V

Add more Digital Inputs and Outputs to your Arduino (IOExtension Module with library) V

Apple II Emulation on an AVR Microcontroller

Arduino Binary Clock - 3D Printed

Arduino Buck-Boost Converter V

Arduino Hot Wheels Drag Strip Race Track V

Arduino Micro Low Power Christmas Lights V

Arduino USB to Legacy MIDI Converter V

Arduino - Voice Controlled Robot (Bluetooth and Smartphone) V

ATMEGA328 Bootloader Programming Shield for Arduino Uno

Bitmap animation on ILI9341 TFT Touchscreen Display Shield V

DIY Wattmeter using Arduino Uno V


ESP8266 Christmas Ornaments! V

ESP8266 HM-10 IBeacon Proximity

ESP8266 Soil Moisture Sensor to Domoticz

Gravity LED Matrix

Headphone amplifier

NeoPixel NTP Clock Using ESP8266 V

New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock

Radio-Controlled (R/C) relay driver V

Real time planet tracking system & trajectory prediction

RFID Card reader with Arduino,RFID-RC522 and LCD 16x2

Simplified tracking system inspired by Beacon Technology V

Smart Parking System V

SMPS || Charge Your Laptop in a Car V

Snowmelt System Monitor V

Tiny ESP-01 Dev Board

Tweet your shoes to change colour

Ultra-secure Programmable Lockbox V

USB controlled SPÖKA night light

A Christmas tree, PCB ornament V

Compressing and enhancing hand-written notes

IR controlled Christmas Tree V

WordClock with Two 8x8 Character Faces

5 DOF Robotic Arm Kit With Code

A amazing kitchen Hack │ Upgrading a vegetable chopper manual to automatic V

A Conscious Coupling of Magnetic and Electric Materials

A game for my nephew V

A Phone That Charges in Seconds? UCF Scientists Bring it Closer to Reality

Amazon Conducts First Commercial Drone Delivery

Announcing updates to Google’s Internet of Things platform: Android Things and Weave

Aquaponic system monitor

Arduino controlled Beermachine/ dispenser V

Arduino Data Glasses for My Multimeter V

Arduino - Obstacle Avoiding Robot (with L293D) V

Arduino to ESP8266 By Serial Communication

Astrophotography with the Raspberry Pi Zero V

AT89SXX Development Board

ATtiny85 Light Sensor – I2C slave device

Automatic Faucet System with FPGA and IR Object Sensor V

Basys3 Bicycle Odometer

Cheap DIY Ambientlight using Arduino

Colorfull tree puzzel

Customizable Tool Maker’s Clamps

#DIY# A Complete Guide to Build Your own ATtiny85 Project PCB with Relay and Interfacing HC05 Bluetooth Module to it

DIY Arduino-Based Sous-Vide Machine

DIY Weather Station using arduino, DHT11 & BMP180 sensors V

Esquilo Air & HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial V

Flex Sensor to bargraph monitor using PIC16F886 V

Flexible device captures energy from human motion

FPGA Automated House Lights V

Further Improvement of Qubit Lifetime for Quantum Computers

Galileo begins serving the globe

Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy

HC-05 bluetooth programmer

HispaBrick Magazine 026

Homebrew WiFi Shield

Homebridge MCUIOT / An ESP8266 based sensor platform

How to make a Music-Time Display V

Ikea introduces its first 3D knitted furniture

IoT Decimal/Hexadecimal 8x8 LED Matrix Drawing Board

“Lixie”, an LED alternative to the Nixie Tube V

LM386 tube amp V

Make a Simple Portable Tesla Coil!

Meet the new MKRZERO, the power of the ZERO in a smaller board!

Meet the World’s First Completely Soft Robot

MicroSolutions November/December 2016

Mood Collar: Final Class Project

New supercomputer will unite x86, Power9 and ARM chips

newelectronics 13 Dezembro 2016

Optical addressing method for full-color 3D display

Optical tech gives prosthesis a more human-like sense of touch

Passive Components at the Performance Limit

Pinguino Project (a PIC microcontroller based Arduino #No Programmer Required) V

Programming Brushless Motor ESC without RF transmitter

Qualcomm Begins Commercial Sampling of World’s First 10nm Server Processor and Reshapes the Future of Datacenter Computing

Quantum computers ditch all the lasers for easier engineering

Raspberry Pi 2 IoT: Thingspeak & DHT22 Sensor

Reducing Arduino Power Consumption

Researchers Develop Way To “Fingerprint” the Brain

Retrieving ST-Link/V2 Firmware from Update Utility

Shelf Accent Lighting with Arduino, Smartthings and LED Strips V

Simple DIY 3x4 LED display for Arduino MEGA / Uno / Nano

Smart IoT Postbox with the idIoTware Shield V

Snake Vision Robot using two MLX90614 No Contact Temperature Modules V

SUMP2 – 96 MSPS Logic Analyzer for $22 V

Taiwan’s TSMC to build $16bn advanced chip facility

Temperature dashboard using Arduino UNO, ESP8266 and MQTT

The NanoStillery™ - Automated Whiskey Distillery V

The TinyTS – DIY Synth

ThermoClock: An OpenSource Arduino UNO OLED Clock That Also Measures Temperature

TPA3118 Amplifier and Speaker V

Transformerless Adjustable Joule Thief V

Tutorial to Interface HX711 Balance Module with Load Cell V

Ultimate configurable dice

UMN research shows people can control robotic arm with their minds

UNIST Engineers Thermoelectric Material in Paintable Liquid Form

A round word clock (sort of) V

AC Current monitoring data logger

Adjusting dual clock using DS3231 on 1.8” ST7735 display V

Adoption of latest Bluetooth® specification propels interoperability, sets stage for transformative wireless connectivity

Arduino Based Mini CNC 2D Plotter V

Arduino Motion Detection Light

Arduino Pinball Machine

Arduino Temperature Controller V

Bibble: A Smart Desk Light for Roommates

Cap that Hole

Car Simulator Arduino Pedals

Creating a 2m Fm Repeater with a Raspberry Pi (B) and a RTL dongle V

Customisable Flower Pot, bowl or vase

DC Motor & Direction Controller with Brake using MC33035

Digital 3D printer filament counter using PS/2 mouse V

DIY an Arduino Voting Machine

DIY Arduino Thief Cam

Drawing Plotter V

Earth’s day lengthens by two milliseconds a century, astronomers find

Electronic dice with slowdown - NE555 & CD4017 V

Engineering researchers develop a process that could make big data and cloud storage more energy efficient


IBM Research and Rice University Explore Watson-Powered Robot Aimed at Aiding Elderly and Caregivers

Infrastructure data for everyone

Keyboard Clicker V

LED Isis Wings (with non-functioning capacitive touch sensors)

Local and Remote Programmable Robotic Arm V

Low Cost 4 channel Wifi switch (IOT Application) V

Making-Of Sea Shell Sand Clock V

Microsoft, Qualcomm partnership will bring the full Windows 10 OS to ARM devices using emulation

NeoPixel 24 & HC-RS04 Sonar Support V

New material could lead to erasable and rewriteable optical chips

New ‘printone’ tool allows users to create 3-D printed wind instruments in any shape or form

New sensor technology for e-vehicle batteries

Open sourcing the Embedding Projector: a tool for visualizing high dimensional data

OpenSCAD threads module


Our brains have a basic algorithm that enables our intelligence

Printable electronics - New stamping technique creates functional features at nanoscale dimensions

Raspberry Pi Lightshow with Blynk Control V

Scientists create ‘floating pixels’ using soundwaves and force fields

Scientists develop robotic hand for people with quadriplegia

Self-learning software that builds itself

Simple Calculator With Arduino MEGA

Smartphone Controlled Car with Proportional Speed Control V

SNA Junior

Stanford engineers create prototype chip just three atoms thick

Stopwatch and Lap Time Counter V

Thunder & Lightning Animation V

Tiny Time Watch

University of Twente researchers able to study individual defects in transistors

VGA Blinking Lights V

VGA Etch-a-Sketch With Arduino Uno V

We’re set to reach 100% renewable energy — and it’s just the beginning

3x3x3 RGB LED Cube

4 Channel Relay Board

8 PIN PIC Development Board – PIC12F683

Advanced Simon Says

Amazon Lex – Build Conversational Voice & Text Interfaces

Amazon Rekognition – Image Detection and Recognition Powered by Deep Learning

Aquarium Controller

Aquariumatic v1: Arduino powered Multi-Aquarium Monitor

Arduino Automatic Fish Feeder

Arduino Control With Android Voice Command (via Bluetooth) V

Arduino-controlled True Switching Regulators

Arduino Laser Pinball V

Arduino - LCD 20x4 Water LEVEL MONITOR HC SR04 V

Arduino OLED Thermometer And Hygrometer With DHT11

Arduino XMAS hitcounter

Audio Sensor to Measure Rain Intensity

Best Arduino Display V

Capacative Soil Moisture Sensor (self-made)

Customizable Hinge v2

Customizable Simple Part Bin

DARPA Creating Industry/Government Group for Safe Operation of Space Robotics

‘Diamond-age’ of power generation as nuclear batteries developed

DIY remote control car: the best RC car tutorial V

Do your own scanner 3D

Drawing Simple Graphics on a RGB LED Matrix Panel with a Raspberry Pi and GeeXLab

DRV8825 compatible servo control with Digispark Arduino

ESP8266 Neopixel Ring Clock

Full function Wireless joystick Rug for PC - No stitch V

Geohot’s startup open sources its self-driving software

Getting Across the Smart Home Threshold

Hand Gesture Controlled Robot V

How to make an Automatic Night Light V

How to Make Arduino Based Mini CNC Plotter Using DVD Drive V

How to Run Your ESP8266 for Years on a Battery

In the Works – Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs

IoT Motion Detector With NodeMCU and BLYNK

Large Current Relay with Dual Output DC-DC Converter for Hobby CNC/Router

LED Holiday Tree With Shared Internet Control

Line Follower Robot V

Localino: Open Source Indoor Location System (Arduino + Decawave) V

Magnetic Depth Meter

Make a MakeyMakey Wire Maze V

Make a Soil Moisture Meter With the Help of Arduino V

Make Your Own Power Meter/Logger V

Making Graphene Using Laser-induced Phase Separation

MeArm V1.1 - Tiny Open Source Robot Arm

Mini Christmas Tree with LEDs and Sound V

newelectronics - 21 November 2016

newelectronics - 22 November 2016

nosdk8266 - Trying to make ESP8266 projects without a big SDK

Parametric Enclosure with Lid

Private Moon Rovers May Visit The Apollo 17 Landing Site

RGB LED Strip Dimmer with 555 Timer V

Robust Remote Solar Monitoring

Roscosmos. Progress Ms-04 Situation

Simple bluetooth car with ultrasonic parking siren

Square Infinity Mirror Clock V

Timelapse Spy Camera

Understanding IR protocol of Air Conditoner’s remotes

Very Small Arduino DJ Controller

Voice Control of a Ceiling Fan with Alexa

Web controlled BoE-Shield Robot with the LightBlue Bean

10x10 RGB Led Matrix

12V mini cyclone vacuum cleaner

2.5A Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver using A3979

3D Printed Arduino OLED Watt Meter

4 Channel Large Current Relay Board

555 Useless Machine V

7 Segment Up/Down Counter

A Bidirectional Visitor Counter using AVR ATmega16 V

A fast µC to FPGA bus

A Little Joule Theif Flashlight Charger for Smartphones

A new standard in robotics

Arduino Solar Tracker (Single or Dual Axis) V

Arduino Spectrum Analyzer on a 10x10 RGB LED-Matrix V

Arduino Theremin With Variable Pitch and Volume V

CertiKOS: A breakthrough toward hacker-resistant operating systems

Cheap and Easy ESP8266-01 Programming Jig - use with Arduino IDE

Customizable Escalator v2

Designer materials create miniature computer circuits

Desk Amplifier with Audio Visualization, Binary Clock & FM Receiver

DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor) and Arduino

eDOTcore: Simple Neopixel ring clock

Emulate a WeMo device with ESP8266

ESP8266 Control Servo Node-RED MQTT (Mosquitto) IoT V

ESP8266 Soil Moisture Sensor With Arduino IDE V

GY 89 Gyro Accelerometer Sensor Module for Multiwii Quadcopter

Hacking the Lego Mindstorms RCX With an Arduino

Home Automation With ESP8266 WiFi Without Using Blynk!

How to make Solenoid Engine V

How to post data to google sheets using ESP8266

IOT Farm + Timelapse Cayenne Arduino/Raspberry

Jar Planter Openscad

Keyfob Deadbolt With Arduino Uno R3 and RF Transmitter and Receiver

Led Tester / Current Limiter V

Make a CHIP Robot V

Make a WIFI Word Clock

Make an Electric Motor V

Mario Kart Robot

Maze Solver Robot, using Artificial Intelligence with Ard… V

MicroPython OLED Watch V

Microsoft doubles down on quantum computing bet

Miniature WiFi device developed by Stanford engineers supplies missing link for the Internet of Things

New Clues Emerge in 30-Year-Old Superconductor Mystery

NXP Introduces Industry’s Smallest 8-pin GX Logic Package for Mobile, Portable and IoT Applications

Nylon fibers made to flex like muscles

Parking Buddy - Arduino Neopixel IOT Parking Assist V

PROTO power meter - Measuring AC power with the Industruino PROTO

PSoC 4: Bluetooth Controlled LED Chandelier V

Raspberry PI Projects Book 2

Resistor Storage / Sorter with Wall Mount

Rf controlled buggy

RFID Parking Solution using Raspberry Pi V

Robô da Alegria (“Joy Robot”)

/Schiaparelli landing investigation makes progress

Scientists have developed a zero-gravity metal 3D printer for space


STMicroelectronics Boosts Trusted Computing with New Advanced Security Modules

T³: Programming an ATtiny84A from Arduino

The MagPi 52

This tiny electronic device applied to the skin can pick up heart and speech sounds

UCR Researchers Discover New Method to Dissipate Heat in Electronic Devices

VGA Bomber With Arduino Uno

Wi-Fi jamming device based on ESP8266

Zero-Shot Translation with Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System

3D Printed Helping Hands for soldering electronics

3D printed Rover will be IoT. V


A Hidden Ocean Beneath Pluto’s Icy Heart

Arduino Bluetooth Car

Arduino One Powered Catapult V

Arduino Vu Meter Using A Sound Sensor V

Arduino Wakeup Lights

Baidu’s self-driving cars begin public test in Wuzhen, China

CR2032 to CR2430 Adapter (SCAD)

Custom Multicopter Flight Controller

DIY Logging Thermometer

DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Game Console V

DIY Sentinel ROV V

ESP8266 with 3.5” KeDei LCD module

FM Radio With Si4703, Arduino Pro Mini and 3.3V Large LCD

HI-FI 4 Channel Audio Amplifier VERY Simple and CHEAP!!!!

Home Monitoring With Wireless Sensor Nodes

How to Build a Portable, Accurate, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

How to make a robot V

IKEA Lack Infinity Table

Intel Announces $250 Million Investment for Autonomous Driving

Leslie Birchinator - Neopixel Arduino MIDI switch V

LittleArm: Arduino Robot Arm V

Make own remote temperature/humidity sensor

Make Your Own Custom Shortcut Buttons With an Arduino V

Measuring weight using a load cell & PSoC

Meet Piccolissimo: The World’s Smallest Self-powered Controllable Flying Vehicle

Microsemi is First FPGA Provider to Offer Open Architecture RISC-V IP Core and Comprehensive Software Solution for Embedded Designs

Microsoft open-sources P language for IoT

Mini cnc - feita de aço e material reciclado V

Netatmo DualScreen Station


PasswordKeeper on Aruino Pro Micro or why keep it simple when elaborate way exists!

PoisonTap - siphons cookies, exposes internal router & installs web backdoor on locked computers V

PSoC 4: Natural Gas Leakage Alarm System for Kitchen Safety V

Rangefinder for Garage Parking With Arduino V

Reprogramming Blinky kits with ICSP programming

Researchers found mathematical structure that was thought not to exist

Shenzhou-11 separates from Tiangong-2 as astronauts prepare for reentry

Simple Arduino Home Energy Meter V


SMD 555 Timer Piano! V

Sound Signal Generator V

SpaceX files FCC application for internet access network with 4,425 satellites

Spectrum Analyser Code

The Cray® XC50 and NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU - the Next Giant Leap in Compute Performance

Tiny electronic device can monitor heart, recognize speech

Tiny Lisp Computer 2

TI’s ultra-low power Sub-1 GHz LaunchPad development kit is first to be Sigfox verified in Japan

Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum-Ion Battery V

World’s fastest quantum simulator operating at the atomic level


AMS - Advanced Monolithic Systems


Atmel Corporation

BBC Micro:Bit









Maxim Integrated


Microchip Technology

National Semiconductor (TI)





Raspberry PI

STM Nucleo


Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments LaunchPad





2016 Ends with Three Supermoons


Another webcam microscope

Arduino + AD9850 30MHZ DDS Signal Generator In 12$ V

Arduino based digital scale with HX711 and VFD display V

BeatFlower With Digispark/ATtiny85 and WS2812b V

Binary Game V

Build your own I2C sensor

Computers Made of Genetic Material?

Customizable Plant Pot

DeepMind and Blizzard to release StarCraft II as an AI research environment

DIY Arduino Propeller LED Display V

DIY Sip-and-Puff Controlled Toys V

Faster programs, easier programming

Geek Clock: FiBiNo Fibonacci Binary Arduino Clock

How to make a Attiny13 Programmer

LED Interactive Copper Etching

Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumours with precision

Measurement Of RPM Of DC Motor Using Arduino And IR LED

Microchip Launches New Generation of 8-bit AVR® MCUs with Core Independent Peripherals

Microlathe - The Parametric, Printable Lathe


New ‘optofluidic’ technology taps power of diatoms to improve sensor performance

newelectronics 8 Novembro 2016

Obstacle Avoidance Robot Using TI Launchpad MSP432 V

Parametric Coin Cell Holder

PIC16F 28/40 Pin Development Board

Prime Numbers in a Box V

Raspberry Pi Surveillance Rover (Land Drone)

RGB MATRIX Displays time and environmental data

Rotilio & OLED LCD display integration via SPI protocol

Scientists set traps for atoms with single-particle precision

Semiconductor-free microelectronics are now possible, thanks to metamaterials

Spider Robot With Arduino

The “Mars Rover” emulator

The Ocean’s Robots May Soon Enjoy High-Speed Internet

We Just Made a Strong Move Ahead in Autonomous Mobility

Yet another Arduino clock

3D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials

A billion billion calculations per second: where no computer has gone before

A new twist on airplane wing design

A Tiny Machine

Automotive Remote Central Locking

Build your own cheap antenna analyser

Building A 16x32 NeoPixel Display V

Convert a 3D Printer to Laser engraver | Under 40$ V

DeathGrip: Robot Claw Gauntlet V

Delivering in your city from 2017 british auto tech company charge reveals new electric truck

Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Sandia, Harvard team create first quantum computer bridge

Did Early Earth Spin On Its Side?

DIY Arduino ProMini Data Logger: 2016 Build Update

DIY Clamp (openscad)

Engineers develop new magnetic ink to print self-healing devices that heal in record time

ESP8266 Geiger counter

Face detection Security System using Pi, Node-red, IBM-Watson, Twilio, Email service V

How to make a joule thief - Boost Converter V

IoT Breathalyzer with Cayenne, ESP8266, and MQ3 Sensor

Lattice Semiconductor to be Acquired by Canyon Bridge Capital Partners, Inc. for $1.3 Billion

Led cube 3x3x3

Led Matrix Arduino Clock

Line Follower Bot

Make an LED Candle You Can Blow Out V

Making high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps

Minoca OS: A new open source operating system

Online Humidifier

Pcb stand

Penn State researchers find way to increase scanning speed

Personal Home Assistant

Pringle Can MIDI Drums V

Pringles Can Speaker

Samsung Expands its Advanced Foundry Offerings with 14LPU and 10LPU Processes

Scale from value line to high performance with TI’s new unified memory 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs)

Smartphone controlled Arduino Robot V

Toy Printing Press

Turn any IR remote control to a wireless control ON/OFF switch

Ubuntu Core 16 delivers foundation for secure IoT

Understanding and Implementing the HC-12 Wireless Transceiver Module

Use the Raspberry Pi Camera to Detect and Classify Objects in Pictures

A Simple Electronic Game

Arduino Sun Tracker Turret V

ARM accelerates secure IoT from chip to cloud

Arudino Harpsi-Gourd V

Build a Dual Thermostat for Precise Preset Temperatures

Build Your Own Low-Resistance Meter

Building a LED matrixGame console with Arduino V

Calendário Enigma

Capacitor Tester / Capacitance Meter

Controlling a Roomba Robot with Arduino and Android device V

DIY Remote Controlled Flamethrower V

DIY Soil Moisture Monitor with Arduino and a Nokia 5110 Display V

Dual boot for arduino V

eDOT - Arduino Based Precision Clock and Weather Station V

Engineers design ultralow power transistors that could function for years without a battery

ESP8266: GPS Location web server with Google Maps

HDDJ: Turning an old hard disk drive into a rotary input device V

Home Guarduino - IoT Connected Security System

How to add parallel flash memory to Arduino

Hyduino - Automated Hydroponics with an Arduino

IoT : Androino Doorlock V

Long may you wave, borophene

Make Electromagnetic /magnetic Field Detector with arduino V

mbed OS 5.2 now released!

Microsoft releases beta of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit for deep learning advances

Mini Stereo Amplifier

Motion Detection Lights V

New Horizons Returns Last Bits of 2015 Flyby Data to Earth

New Intel Atom Processor E3900 Series: Enabling Next Generation of Smart and Connected IoT Devices

New kind of supercapacitor made without carbon

newelectronics 25 Outubro 2016

Next-generation smartphone battery inspired by the gut

NXP Announces MCUXpresso Software and Tools, Unifies Development Support for its Microcontroller Powerhouse Portfolio

OpenSCAD Wedge Module/Library

OV7670 Arduino Camera Sensor Module Framecapture Tutorial


Program 8051 with Arduino

Qualcomm to Acquire NXP

Recover bricked attiny using arduino as high voltage programmer

Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Platform Delivers the Power of IoT Development to Businesses

Seven Segment Sudoku V

Talking Clock with Arduino V

The MagPi 51

Warping Infinity Mirror V

Windup motor Car toy

All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware

All the colours of the RainboW but no RBG LED in sight …

Arcade Control Arduino UNO V

Arduino-controlled Dual Axis Solar tracker

Arduino Game By LCD V

Arduino Mega Eprom Programmer

Automatic Dark Detector V

Automatic Plant Watering System with Arduino

AVR: Attiny 2313 & Attiny84 V-USB Media Volume Control V

Bendable electronic paper shows full colour scale

Business Card/Game Console: ATtiny85 and OLED Screen

Crash landing feared as Europe’s Mars lander still silent

CyDuino : An Arduino Dev Board with Lots of Goodies

Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Digital Clock With Many Features

Dr Brown’s Capacitor ESR Tester V

Dr. Fermentor V9 - Cooling and Heating Fermentation by an Arduino Controller

Fully Parametric Cable Chain

Hex maze generator

Improving and Porting the PID Controlled Current Source Design Over to an ATtiny85 V

IR Remote Controlled Home Automation V

Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong to carry out China’s Shenzhou-11 mission

LED Halloween Face

LED Writing Board for Kids V

Make Joystic for Retropie V

Micro Bit mini-computer heads overseas

Motion-Sensing Device from STMicroelectronics Certified for Google Daydream and Tango, Supports Immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality on Android Mobile Devices

MPPT solar charger tester

Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol

NEC Display Solutions announces collaboration with Raspberry Pi

Power management for portable Raspberry Pi projects

RFID interfacing with Arduino

Samsung Rolls Out Industry’s First 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM Package

See-through sensors open new window into the brain

Simple Data Statistics (Temperature)

Simplest Geiger Counter V

STMicroelectronics Delivers Record Performance and Advanced Secure Services for the IoT with New STM32 Microcontroller Enhancements

The first video game released on this day, 58 years ago

The MagPI Special education issue 2

The VT510 & The RasPi Zero, Part II V

Two Wheel Balanced Robot_PID V

VGA Breakout with Arduino Uno

Weather station v1.3 with RF transmission

Wi-fi Controlled FPV Rover Robot (with Arduino and ESP8266) V

18 PIN PIC Development Board with Header IO

24hr Timer: coding for and applying to a circuit

3-D-Printed robots with shock-absorbing skins

40 Pin & 28 Pin dsPIC Development Board

40 PIN & 28 PIN PIC18F USB Development Board

500 LED-Pixel RGB-Brick V

8 Channel RS485 Relay Board

ACS714-30A Current Sensor module V

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and Nokia Bell Labs achieve 65 Terabit-per-second transmission record for transoceanic cable systems

An open source font system for everyone

Angle Layout and Assembly Tool

Arduino and LEGO Train V

Arduino Ping Pong Pinball V

Arduino - Radar/Ultrasonic Detector

ATtiny85/45/25 LED dice (Super simple and CHEAP!)

Braille Learning Board V2

Customisable Socket Tool Tray


Differentiable neural computers

Digital Clock using Arduino

DIY Buck/Boost Converter (Flyback) V

EMUZ80 RPI - Z80 / CP/M - Emulator on Rapberry PI(2)

ESP8266 GMail sender

EXOMARS arrives at the red planet

Fall Detection of Old Man Using Cayenne V

Finnish Laser Marking Machine Provider Cajo Technologies heads to US markets

First demonstration of brain-inspired device to power artificial systems

For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon

From Blink to Blynk, an IoT Jorney on the Wings of NodeMCU ESP-12E

Galaga Arcade Cabinet V

Home automation with Raspberry Pi 2 and Node-RED

Hyperloop One and Dubai Future Accelerators will build the first ‘hyperloop for cargo’

Intel’s Stratix 10 FPGA: Supporting the Smart and Connected Revolution

Learn C essentials

LGBTQIA+ Gender Pride Light (Neopixel)

Meet BeagleBone™ Black Wireless, the newest board in the BeagleBone™ family

Murata to acquire IPDiA, a leader in high performance silicon capacitors

newelectronics 11 Outubro 2016

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Arduino

PIC16F 28-pin Development Board with LCD

Raspberry Pi DIY relay board

RFID based automatic door system V

Science at cusp of ‘transformational’ grasp of life via cell modeling, researchers say

Silkworms Spin Super-Silk After Eating Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene

Smallest. Transistor. Ever. - Berkeley Lab-led research breaks major barrier in transistor size by creating gate only 1 nanometer long

Solar Charged Battery Powered Arduino Uno

Solar LED Rechargeable Emergency Light

Speed of Light with an IR LED

The Collatz-O-Matic V

Two Arduinos Become One

Using the 4 pins of the ESP8266-01

Wireless Communication Using Cheap 433MHz RF Modules and Pic Microcontrollers. Part 1

World’s first large-scale tidal energy farm launches in Scotland

A Desk Drawer Protector Using ESP8266

Amazon Chief’s Spaceship Misfires

Arduino line follower with PID and 90 degree turns V

Arduino Touch Screen Music Player and Alarm Clock Project V

Arduino Transistor Motor Driver

Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand

Automatic volume tracking for a TV

Backup e gravação de Memory Card PS1 (Arduino & Python)

Boeing CEO Vows to Beat Musk to Mars

Build Your Own Metal Detector with an Arduino V

Chess - All OPENSCAD - All Random

Customizable Pen

DIY automatic solar charge controller V

DIY HID IR keyboard (FLIRC clone)

Draw Sound With Arduino

Easy Air Quality Report With NodeMCU+MQ135+Cayenne

Easy RGB LED Sign V

ESP8266 Led Strip MQTT Control Lights WS2812

Homemade claw machine V

Homemade Electronic Drum kit with Arduino Mega2560 V

How to Make a Dehumidifier (Thermoelectric Cooling) V

Introducing Cartographer

IoT Water Control and Monitor using NodeMCU & Cayenne

LED Umbrella V

Lighten Your Step: LED Dance Shoes!

Mission complete: Rosetta’s journey ends in daring descent to comet

Nuw: the resistor color code clock

NXP Unveils Airfast 3 RF Power Transistors to Advance Cellular Infrastructure for Smart Cities

powerdrill guide

Project dEEP

Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record

RC2014/LL and RC2016/10

Research at Pitt into “materials that compute” advances as engineers demonstrate system performs pattern recognition

Secure passwords can be sent through your body, instead of air

Simple FM radio (sure works!)

Smart Shoes Using Arduino Uno and 1Shield V

Solar Water Heater from scratch

Spray Can Holder (With Reversed or No Mounts!)

Step-down LED Driver (Up to 36V Input with Sleep Feature)

Sumobot and Arduino Introductory Robotic Kit


The Arduino Synthesizer V

Thermal-Noise Imaging Captures Tiny Biological Tissues

This Giant Autonomous Dump Truck Doesn’t Have a Front or Back

Turn me on, an ATtiny RGB mood lamp

Two Million Miles Closer to a Fully Autonomous Future

variable bench top powersupply

4 Digit MultiPlexed 0.33 Inch 7 Segment Common Anode Display

Archimedean spiral generator

Arduino based mood lamp with IR remote control V

Arduino egg boil timer for lazybones

Basics - Versatile ATTiny85 Lightning Bug

Bluetooth controlled switch (Android)

Build a Hygrometer at Home Using Raspberry Pi and SI7021 V

Digital Clock using one shift register

DIY Tools—Build Your Own Logic Probe

DIY USB 5V Solar Power Bank

Elon Musk unveils plans for Mars civilization

German retailer Media Markt tests home delivery by robot

Glowing LED Mushroom Log Lamp

Home Automation with ESP8266 and Relay Controller

How to make a magnetic force field change detector V

How to make Ladder game using ATtiny13a and mini breadboard V

Industry leaders establish partnership on AI best practices

Introducing PIXEL

Introducing Xavier, the NVIDIA AI Supercomputer for the Future of Autonomous Transportation

IoT LED Cheering Stick V

IoT pH regulator with Arduino and Blynk

Judging a book through its cover

LED Light Timer

Lithium cell capacity tester

Monitoring humidity, temperature in the hen house: DHT11, DS18B20, ESP8266

New Take on an Ancient Method Improves Way to Find Prime Numbers

newelectronics 27 Setembro 2016

NexArdu: Illumination Smart Control

NodeMCU WebServer with SD Card support V

Our Resinified Office Lock V

Panasonic Develops Bendable, Twistable, Flexible Lithium-ion Battery

Plier Stand

Reconfigurable Chaos-based Microchips Offer Possible Solution to Moore’s Law

Reverse engineering a server CPU voltage regulator module

Smartphone Controlled Smartcar

Switcher – A WiFi Open Source Power Switch and Socket Based on ESP8266

The MagPi 50

The microdoctors in our bodies

Wireless temperature and humidity monitor for baby’s room

World’s largest radio telescope will search for dark matter, listen for aliens

555 Super-Regenerative IF HF Spectrum Analyser V

8 Channel Relay Board with onboard 5V regulator

Animated LED Scarf V

Arduino Ping Pong Ball Cannon V

ARM enables autonomous vehicles with its most advanced safety processor

Balancing Robot Using IR Remote (Arduino R3, DC Motor, L298N, MPU6050)

Basic Cell Phone Detector

China’s Tiangong-1 space station ‘out of control’ and will crash to Earth

Double geared hinge

DuoSkin - Rapidly prototyping on-skin user interfaces using skin-friendly materials

ESP8266 Wifi enabled 8×64 pixel LED matrix display

Growing Shelf

How to build a Bluetooth wireless upload Self-balancing Robot

How to make universal battery charger V

How to make your own WIFI Gateway to connect your Arduino to IP Network ? V

How to run C programs on the BeagleBone’s PRU microcontrollers

HTML 5.1 - W3C Proposed Recommendation, 15 September 2016

IDE 1.6.12 released with Sierra support and more

Lightning LED RGB cloud with mechanical switch V

Liquid light switch could enable more powerful electronics

Low noise Mini Electret Microphone PreAmplifier V

macOS Sierra Now Available as a Free Update

Magnet Polarity Detector V

Make a Camera Slider by Makeblock V

Make your own Motorized Camera Slider V

Microchip Debuts New Development Board for Designing with 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® Microcontrollers

Microsoft Develops AI to Help Cancer Doctors Find the Right Treatments

NUT JOB | Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory

Pathfinder - Haptic Navigation

Replicating the connection between muscles and nerves

Simple Arduino-based thermometer

Simple Red Laser

Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

Stanford-led team reveals nanoscale secrets of rechargeable batteries

Tetris Clone with OLED SSD1306(I2C) for Arduino Nano / Uno V

Toshiba’s development of low-power multi-hop wireless network technology that can operate on battery power for 10 years V

Turing learning: a metric-free approach to inferring behavior and its application to swarms V

Web-based Garage Controller

7 Segment LED Based SPI Display using 74HC595

8 Channel Optically Isolated IO Board

Adding ADC to Microcontrollers without ADC

Arduino Controlled Phone Dock With Lamps V

Arduino Sunflower - an Electronic Sundancer V

Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor Counter V

Baidu receives approval from California DMV to test self-driving cars

Bidirectional control of 4 DC motors using ATtiny Microcontroller and L293D

CARDBIRD - The cardboard robotic arm V

CO2, Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Customizable propeller / fan

Customizable tray V2

DIY Buck Converter V

DIY | RGB LED Shades Controlled By Arduino V

DIY speedometer and odometer

DIY Synth Series Part 1 — The Exponential VCO V

ESP8266 based NTP Clock

esp8266 Configurable Power Management

European Union pledges free Wi-Fi for all citizens by 2020

Four-channel voltmeter with analog display V

GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Deliver Industry’s Leading-Performance Offering of 7nm FinFET Technology


Hinge Variations

Home Control 2016

Infinite Noise TRNG (True Random Number Generator)

KeyPi - A cheap portable Raspberry Pi 3 Laptop under $80

Magnetic Field Strength Measurement using Arduino

Micro Catapult

Musical Shoes V

Nissan Considering Using AI to Design Cars

Outdoor Thermometer / Hygrometer

Pharos LED Headpiece V

Pixie: An Arduino Based NeoPixel Wristwatch V

Prototyping kit gets your IoT app on Google Cloud Platform, fast

Raspberry Pi AY-3-8910 V

Renesas to Acquire Intersil to Create the World’s Leading Embedded Solution Provider

Solar Panels Gain 30% Additional Power with Maxim’s Cell-String Optimizer

STMicroelectronics Empowers Wireless IoT-Device Developers with New LoRa™ Kit Leveraging STM32 Microcontroller Ecosystem

TI unveils first ultra-low power dual-band wireless MCU in production

Tiny Lisp Computer

ToyRAP 28BYJ-48 Motor Based RepRap V

A Maze’n’Puzzle

A Very Customizable Funnel

Alphabet’s Project Wing Delivery Drones to Be Tested in U.S.

AMD working on 7nm 48 core processor

Another Station Upgrade: Spacewalkers Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins to install new TV cameras

Arduino 433MHz message transmission over 100 meters

Arduino Labyrinth

Arduino Pong With TV Output

Basic Aquatic Shield

Chronio - Low power Arduino based (smart)watch V

Clip pipe fully parametric

Crush Cans Effortlessly with an Arduino-Powered Arm V

DIY Arduino Battery Capacity Tester - V1.0 V

DIY Bike Speedometer

DIY ECG with 1 op-amp V

DIY UV meter With Arduino and a Nokia 5110 Display V

Efficient ‘electricity traffic lights’ made from a single molecule

Gesture Controlled Robot Using Arduino And Bluetooth

GroveWeatherPi - Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station - No Soldering Required

IBM Linux Servers Designed to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Advanced Analytics

Intelligent Braking system prototype by arduino

Intelligent Charger for 9V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries V1 V

LED Matrix Handbag 2.0 – How To V

Let’s Make! 5 More BreadBoard Projects For Beginners V

Make A Simple Bipedal Humanoid Robot (Servo Walking Robot) V

New Tool Predicts Autism Risk Genes

Nine-year-old boy prints a mechanical hand for his teacher

Parametric Spring Contacts Battery Box for AA Cells

Persistence Of Vision

Philae found!

PulseSim - Photoplethysmograph (Heartbeat) Analog Simulator V

Rotary Encoder Display Panel

Saving Water Using LEDs

Segmented Log Lamp V

Smaller and faster data compression with Zstandard

Smart Bed Lighting V

Solar Charger and Adjustable Power Supply

Speed Math Game with Arduino V

Temporary Tattoo Keeps Tabs On Alcohol Intake

Ten millionth Raspberry Pi, and a new Kit

The Maven Box: an Arduino Controller for Software Developers

uWaiPi - Time Driven Automatic Plant Watering System

VHF Frequency Counter with PC Interface

12V NE555 PWM Controller Under $3

1hz to 30khz wave generator using Arduino

7th Gen Intel Core

Android Arduino bluetooth RC car V

ARCade Reactor - RetroPie Gaming and Media System V

Arduino Breathalyzer

Arduino Clap-On Lights - Introduction to Relays V

Arduino Controlled Seed Incubator

Arduped 2

ATX based Lab power supply - 10th year anniversary edition

Baidu open sources its deep learning platform PaddlePaddle

Budget off-grid automatic watering with solar panels

Build a Persistence-of-Vision LED Globe

Building an Audio Amplifier V

Control Your Home Appliances Using Arduino And Relay

Customizable Drill Bit Handles

Designing Ultrasound Tools with Lego-Like Proteins

Docker comes to Raspberry PI

Facebook is giving away the software it uses to understand objects in photos

Fujitsu Semiconductor and Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor License Nantero’s NRAM And Have Begun Developing Breakthrough Memory Products for Multiple Markets

Graphene key to two-dimensional semiconductor with extraordinary properties

Hex Shelf

ICS501 Simple Frequency Multiplier

Intel Quietly Launches Apollo Lake SoC: Goldmont CPU, 6 SKUs, 6 & 10 Watts

Interfacing HD44780 based LCDs with STM32 MCUs

Joule Thief With Ultra Simple Control of Light Output

Linear Motion by Rack and Pinion V

Major next steps for fusion energy based on the spherical tokamak design

Making Your Own Infrared Controller With Arduino V

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘Deeply Disappointed’ SpaceX Blew Up His $95 Million Satellite

Microsoft sheds some light on its mysterious holographic processing unit

New method developed for producing some metals

New microchip demonstrates efficiency and scalable design

Octopus, a “tentacular” shield for Arduino and Fishino V

Pi Zero Peep Hole Camera V

Robotized Trashcan V

Servo control with microchip microcontroller

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

The BeagleBone’s I/O pins: inside the software stack that makes them work

3D Printer Part Recycling Grinder V

9V Mini Drill

Arduino Waveform Generator V

ATtiny Nametag V

Automated Plant Watering System V

Big Blue Aims For The Sky With Power9

Building a 3D Printer Under 299$

Cardboard remote controlled car.

Down to the Wire: ONR Researchers and New Bacteria

Earth Proxima: Is Our New Neighbor the Most Promising Exoplanet Yet?

ESP8266 USB Software Driver

Foam RC Airboat Build DIY V

HAL-CAM 9001 – Building a New Security Camera V

How to build the ultimate bicycle safety light system V

How to Build Your Own Discrete 4-Bit ALU V

How to Make Mini CNC 2D Plotter Using Scrap DVD Drive, L293d Motor Shield & Arduino V

Linus Torvalds Reflects on 25 Years of Linux

Make your own LED illuminated laser cut box V

McMaster researchers resolve a problem that has been holding back a technological revolution

Microchip Releases Industry’s First End-to-End Security Solution for IoT Devices Connected to Amazon Web Services’ Cloud

Monitor your Muscle Power on LCD V

Motor wire clamps

OBD II Information Logger and Diagnostics Reader V

Parametric Button Generator - Metric Edition

Peltier Fermentation Chamber for Beer

Program an Arduino with State Machines in 5 Minutes

Programmable network routers

PWM Solenoid and Valve Driver using DRV103 V

Random LED Dots: Entropy Library for Moah Speed with Less Gimcrackery

Raspberry Pi playing ZomBuster V

Restoring fertility with 3D printers

RFM69 WIFI Gateway

Robot Minion - Plant Watering Robot V

Robot tea

SF Muni LED Sign at Home with Raspberry Pi

Simple DIY Dual Pulse Spot Welder with Arduino Controller and Screen (microwave transformer based) V

Simple Graphical Game With Arduino and OneSheeld V

Simple Pump Controller and Circuit V

Solving network congestion

Sphere in cube

Temperature Sensing and Monitoring Using Arduino and Esp8266

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot

The MagPi 49

Twitter Mood Lamps with ESP8266 V

WiFi Plant Watering ESP8266 V

400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’

5$ Mini Singing Musical Tesla Coil Music Box ! V

Accelerating Foundry Innovation for a Smart and Connected World

Airlander 10: Maiden flight at last for longest aircraft

AMD Demonstrates Breakthrough Performance of Next-Generation “Zen” Processor Core

Arduino 101 BLE Rover V

Arduino Bluetooth Exploration Rover

Arduino Laser Tag - Duino Tag V

Arduino Lie Detector V

Arduino Project: Ultrasonic Sensor for Blind V

Arduino ServoTimer2 and VirtualWire 433MHz Receiver V

Arduino video game music chiptunes V

Arduino water level indicator: the best method to measure!

Audi’s New Technology Is the Beginning of the End of Traffic Lights V

Bi-Directional Voltage Level Translator

BittWare Delivers Arria 10 OpenCL BSPs for Altera OpenCL SDK 16.0.2 Release

Bluetooth Controlled Motorized Camera Slider V

Cable Tie

Cheap homemade 30 MHz - 6 GHz vector network analyzer

Dual 90V/10A Unregulated Power Supply

E-Kart: The electric Go Kart V

Electromagnetic Swing - DIY Lorentz Force Experiment

ESP12e oled “smartwatch”, honestly it’s a wrist display ;)

Every Liter Counts! Arduino Water Doser “Shield” V

Google is developing an OS called Fuchsia, runs on All the Things

Helsinki rolls out driverless bus pilot

How to make a 2 mile, long range FM Transmitter

How to Make a Mini Water Pump V

How to make Simon Says using ATtiny13a and mini breadboard. V

IBM Scientists Imitate the Functionality of Neurons with a Phase-Change Device

IBM TrueNorth ‘cognitive chip’ can capture 2,000 fps with a camera

Intel Unveils Project Alloy

Keychainino: a programmable, playful Key Ring V

Make Amazing Things Happen in IoT and Entrepreneurship with Intel Joule

MAKE your own 200 LoRa gateway

Making a Makerspace Temperature Logger

Modular DIY GeigerMüller counter

Moka Pot Guitar Effect

monomepi step sequencer V

No Pump Automatic Watering!

Patented bioelectrodes have electrifying taste for waste

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux

Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen display hacking V

Reach in and touch objects in videos with interactive dynamic video


Simple Electronics with GPIO Zero

Single line LED display Games V

Sleep Tracking

Solar Powered Weather Station

Space Biketron V

Surge Protector for Automobile Use

Tote Quadruped Robot V

Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month

Vortex laser offers hope for Moores Law

Wireless Solar Charge Controller Monitor ( RS485 to WiFi ) V

Xpider — the smallest smart robot spider in the world

1,007 dancing robots break world record in China

16 Channel Tiny InfraRed Remote Controller NEC Code V

A low-voltage disconnect for 12 volt lead acid and lithium batteries

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

An LED panel controlled by your guitar! (or other audio source) V

Arduino Plant hidration system

Arduino Servo Bot

Articulated Robot In 10 Minutes

Bluetooth HID gamepad using HC-05 module V

Breakout Board for ESP 8266 01

Carbon-Fiber Electric Skateboard Deck V

Control and supervision of the pool

Control Your Telescope Using Stellarium & Arduino V

DIY: Build a 70cm Band Yagi for Amateur Satellite Tracking

DIY pseudo-BGA

DrillBit Hodler

Electronics Maker Agosto 2016

Generador De Ruidos Arduino

Hand-held remote controller for Arduino etc

Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe

How to make a cheap 360 video camera with a Raspberry PI V

Intel + Nervana

Interactive Arduino Powered Coffee Table V

Introducing mbed OS 5

LED Persistance of vision Globe V

Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12

Make a progress bar with Arduino and LiquidCrystal V

Make an Optical Disk Display V

MIT and DARPA Pack Lidar Sensor Onto Single Chip

NETLIST unveils HYBRIDIMM™ storage class memory product with key industry partners

newelectronics 9 Agosto 2016

Ping Pong in Arduino, with MAX7219

Raspberry PI as retail product display

Raspberry Pi Piezo Beep Music V

RC Car Arduino Controlled

RetroPi Xbox Controller

Seagate’s 60TB SSD for businesses is world’s largest

Space Invaders FPGA Game

Sprinkling of neural dust opens door to electroceuticals

The Atomium Nixie Clock

Tiny high-performance solar cells turn power generation sideways

Toughening a RFID Door Opener V

Wireless All Sky Camera V

Work Light / Arbeitsleuchte

2 Digit Digital Up Counter Using PIC16F1825 V

An open source 3D Scanner made with Raspberry Pi

Android Dimmer V

Ardio V

Arduino home automation, Automatic door opene V

Arduino Motorcar Control Using 6-Axis Sensor V

Arduino Timer With On/Off Set Point V

Arduino weather box: The best Arduino weather station tutorial

Blinkybox V

Build an ESP8266 Mobile Robot

China exclusive: Chinese netizens bid farewell to Yutu, beloved lunar rover

China’s elevated bus: Futuristic ‘straddling bus’ hits the road

Clockwerk - A 3D Printed, Three-Axis Tourbillon

Controlling an Arduino Turret With IR Remote V

Customizable Hammond Style Box

Decode 433 MHz signals w/ Raspberry Pi & 433 MHz Receiver

DIY | Adjustable Timer using 555 & potentiometer V

DIY Pan and Tilt Network Security Cam with Raspberry Pi V

DIY Smart House 1 - Personal Voice Assistant V

Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design

Fitting Electronics Into Altoids


Garduino: Geek Gardening with Arduino

Graphic Design For Non-Profit Organizations

High Precision Cardboard CNC Drawing Machine V

How to Add an IR Remote to a Speaker System V

How to build a ESP8266 Web Server V

How to build a Raspberry Pi Robot (part 1)

I2C Continuum

IBM Lab-on-a-Chip Breakthrough Aims to Help Physicians Detect Cancer and Diseases at the Nanoscale

Java ME 8 + Raspberry Pi + Accelerometer + PWM + Motor Driver = JBalancePI Robot (Part 1)

MECs: “Building Blocks” for Creating Biological and Chemical Instruments

Mumai V

Opto-Isolated Laser Controller Build

Perspective-aware Manipulation of Portrait Photos


Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook

Polyhedron CC~ish Subdivision Demo OPENSCAD

PSOC digital signals Demo V

Raspberry Pi3 + XBee + XBMQ + MQTT + Node-Red IoT

Recycled Coke Can Popcorn Maker

RFID Based Attendance System Using Raspberry Pi V

RPM Measurement Using Hall Sensor and Arduino

Simple spice/salt/tea/powder scoop

Star Track - Arduino Powered Star Pointer and Tracker V

Super Simple Arduino Rover

TDK’s subsidiary EPCOS to acquire Tronics to further grow its sensor business

The Shape of Design

Tough gel stretches to 21 times its length, recoils, and heals itself

Towards an exact (quantum) description of chemistry

Ultrasonic Measuring Device

US Government approves plan for Moon Express to become first private company to venture beyond Earth’s orbit

What’s wasting power at home? Ask your app!

WiFi BrewPi Fermentation Temperature Controller With ESP8266 V

Word Clock Using Arduino and RTC

ZIF Jig for AVR ATtiny chip programming

24M’s Batteries Could Better Harness Wind and Solar Power

3 x 3 x 3 led cube with arduino

Airplane Stabilization Project - Arduino

Aluminum-based electrochemical cell captures and sequesters carbon emissions and generates electricity

Analog Devices and Linear Technology to Combine Creating the Premier Analog Technology Company

Arduino Arpeggiated Bass Glitch Synth Electronic Instrument V

Automated Ultrasonic Misting 3D Print Polisher PRO V

Autonomous BB-8 Drive System

BCN3D MOVEO - A fully Open Source 3D printed robot arm V

Building an RC Robot Using a Wheelchair Base V


Completing a dream: the first Round-the-World solar flight in history

Connect LCD to Raspberry Pi Without Breakout Board

Creating my own TV Tuner IR remote with a PIC16F684

Download the new Arduino IDE 1.6.10!

Dual Adjustable Regulated power supply 1.2V TO 37V DC

Dual axis solar tracker with online energy monitor V

Easy Weather Station Box

Hex Shank Bit Holder - Parametric

HispaBrick issue 25

Home made - one hand - Nitrox Analyser Arduino based V

How to make an Universal DC Motor Speed Controller V

How to Make Led Shoes

Humidity and Temperature LCD Display with Power Saving Mode: Minimal parts, Quick, Inexpensive, and Practical V

Light Painting Robot

Lip synching Robot V

Make your own development board with microcontroller

Making a hoverboard from Junk V

Making microcontroller artificially intelligent - Neural Networks

MemType USB Stick With All Your Passwords V

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the first fully electric truck for heavy distribution operations

Microchip Releases Demonstration Platform Based on Industry’s Lowest Power BLE Sensor Node for IoT Applications

Neopixel Night Light

New movie screen allows for glasses-free 3-D at a larger scale

newelectronics 26 Julho 2016

Parametric O-Ring V

Pi Zero POV

PokemonGo Catch Machine!

PowerBox: Recycled AC Power Distribution System From Old Computer AC Controller

Quick, dirty and cheap laser engraver V

RDA5708 FM radio with Arduino V

Real time wind direction and speed V

Researching 3D Printing Technology on the Space Station

RFID Based Home Security System Using 8051 V

Scientists program cells to remember and respond to series of stimuli

Simple and Fun Proximity Alarm V

S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Clock V

Split Flap Display V

Subdivided Surfaces

Sunlight Detection Alarm with Arduino, How to Build a Fun to Use, Very Inexpensive, and Easy DIY V

Surround 360 is now open source

The MagPi 48

The wire beings

Toshiba Starts World’s First Sample Shipment of 64-Layer 3D Flash Memory

Variable Bench Power Supply

Water Tank level display with Arduino

Wired Contollable Ardiuno Car

$12 Secret Code Box V

32Mb ESP01 and Sonoff

4 Channel RF Remote Controller

A battery inspired by vitamins

Arduino Based Text to Morse Translator V

Arduino Color Sorter Project V

Arduino Lightning Detector W/ Real Time Graphing

Arduino Powered Sunrise Alarm Clock with Neopixels V

ARM, Symantec and others create IoT security protocol

Automated Dog Feeder V

Breakthrough in powering wireless sensors

Child Tracking System Using Smartphone and Arduino

Control a Relay From Anywhere Using the ESP8266

Customizable PC Bay Drawer

Customizeable Pipe Bender (for Heatpipes)

Cypress Simplifies Embedded System Design with New Low-Pin-Count HyperRAM Memory

DEEPMIND AI reduces google data centre cooling bill by 40%

Dependency Injection with Unity

DIY IR Remote Tester using TSOP1738 V

DIY mini Amplifier using TDA2822 V

DIY Nunchuck Controller for Electric Skateboards! V

DIY Rain Alarm Using 555 Timer V

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detector with LM358

Homemade Electricity Generator

Japan Will Make Its Last-Ever VCR This Month

Just another esp8266 temp logger V

Laser Painting with Motion Control and Arduino

Lawn Da Vinci V

LED Weather Words Forecast

Leds and Diodes Tester With USB Power

LETI Develops 3D Network-on-Chip to Improve High-Performance Computing

Low-cost 3D Printing for Science, Education and Sustainable Development

MagPi’s Minecraft Essentials

Make Your Own Smartwatch From An Old Cell Phone V

Mastermind based on a atmega328p V

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Progresses Toward 2020 Launch

newelectronics 12 Julho 2016

Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle using ATmega328P microcontroller V

Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online

Persistance of Vision globe V

Raptor 5: a Fully Iron CNC DIY

Raspberry Pi IoT Doorbell

Robots have been visiting Mars for 40 years today

Scientists Glimpse Inner Workings of Atomically Thin Transistors

Simple & Cheap Arduino Uno ATmega328 Programmer

Smallest hard disk to date writes information atom by atom V

Smart Modular Watering System V

SoftBank + ARM £24.3bn investment in future of technology

Stanford students get creative with robots

TEA5767 FM Radio With Digital Volume (2) V

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Announces Heavy Truck, Ride Sharing Fleet of Cars

The UnLimbited Arm v2.0 - Alfie Edition

TI introduces the industry’s fastest isolated gate driver for high-voltage applications

Time Management for Creative People

TV Out with Arduino

Type Classification eBook

VXO based PLL Frequency Synthesizer for 7 MHz

Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets

World premiere: Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot – a milestone on the way to the autonomous city bus, and a revolutionary mobility system for the future

9 VDC Regulated Power Supply

A Smart Bike Lighting System Using Arduino

A Weird Arduino Powered Clock V

AA Battery Holder

AI on Arduino (learning irrigation station)

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces New DMOS Microstepping Driver with Translator and Overcurrent Protection

Arduino Wireless Weather Station V

Autonomous 4wd WiFi Car With Arduino Wall Following

Berkeley Lab Scientists Grow Atomically Thin Transistors and Circuits

BLDC Motor Using PVC V

Build an interactive Raspberry PI AP


Clock-Calender using DS3231+GLCD+Atmega32

Coin Sorter

Curiosity Mars Rover Resumes Full Operations

Discovery Could Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells

DIY a robotic emoji lamp V

DIY Dashboard Camera Dashcam with Raspberry Pi and PubNub

DIY Passive Audio Mixer

DIY Self Sustaining Solar Powered Backyard Hydroponic Garden

Feel the Force With Hover V

G-Clamp fully printable

Graphene Flexes its Muscles in Boise State Study

Graphene-infused packaging is a million times better at blocking moisture

‘Green’ Electronic Materials Produced with Synthetic Biology

High-Speed Splash Photography Rig with Arduino V

Home Lab Voltage Reference Module

How to make a LED Scroll Bar

iPhone Polarisation Camera

Joule Thief Flashlight for Used Batteries

Joystick Led Pwm

Lepton image compression: saving 22% losslessly from images at 15MB/s

Make An Ultrasonic Detection And Ranging Device at Home

Matrix Game Console With Arduino for Beginner

Microsemi Announces Imaging/Video Solution Providing a Secure, Reliable, Low Power Device for Imaging Applications

Mint Tin AVR Programmer/Prototyper

MSP432 RGB LED Panel Controller

Next Generation Dual-Mode Bluetooth® Audio Products from Microchip

Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

Peacefair pzem-021 energy meter hacked SPI to SERIAL out AVR mega 88

Play Tetris Game with Arduino

PRINTTABLE the Affordable, Attractive IKEA Lack Table Hack to create a 3D Printer V

Robot helps nurses schedule tasks on labor floor

Secret-Knock Gumball Machine V

Servo Articulation of Web Cam with ESP8266 01 and Blynk V

SiFive Introduces Industry’s First Open-Source Chip Platforms

Simple Analog Amplifiers

Smart Remote Control V

Soldering gun - Pistola de solda de aquecimento rápido V

Supercapacitor Joule Thief V

The WOPR (WWW Operated Relay)

Turing machine V

Vintage Toy Synthesiser V

Voice Control Obstacle Avoidance Arduino Robot Car V

White Line Follower using TIVA board V

Wireless Air Quality Monitor

Wireless MOOD light with Arduino & BLYNK app

3D printing enables the smalles complex micro-objectives

3d Printing: Zizzy-A Robot Assistant V

A clock with a lamp

A Morse Code Translator( Light -> Text & Text ->Light) V

Arduino Chromatic Clock, with Steampunk style V

Arduino Light-Up Musical Staff

Arduino Mosquito Repeller V

Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal V

Atomic Sculpting with a Microscope

Auduino - Lo-Fi Arduino Synthesizer V

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye Team Up to Bring Fully Autonomous Driving to Streets by 2021

Build Your Own Battery Power Supply

Can Handle

Consolite, a Tiny Game Console on an FPGA V

Curiosity Rover Enters Precautionary Safe Mode

Customizable Radius Gauge - Metric

DIY CNC For 60$ (Large Work Area)

DIY Solid State Relay V

DIY- Universal PIC and AVR Programmer

Home automation using arduino with wifi, bluetooth and IR remote control

How to Make an Mini IOT Weather Station

How to Make Simple Smart Phone Charger Using L7805CV Voltage Regulator V

HPE shows off a computer intended to emulate the human brain

HyperDuino-based CubeSat

Kitchen Timer Using an Arduino

London inventor of new omni-directional wheels says his prototype is better than existing products

M3 Spacers

Modify an RGB LED kit to power more LEDs

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter

New microfluidic device offers means for studying electric field cancer therapy

Peggy - Arduino portable RF rain tracker

Quantum processor for single photons

Raspberry Pi Wearable Time Lapse Camera V

Reaction Tester

Remote Controlled Robot Using Arduino

Simple 20 LED VU meter + datasheet guide

Simplest High Frequency PWM with NE555 V

SIO2SD - Open Source

The Largest Maker Survey Is Here. And It’s Yours.

The Megaprocessor V

The NeoDisplay V

The Netherlands has first nationwide LoRa network for Internet of Things

Timelapse Camera Birdhouse with Google Drive, Lodge-style

Timing Light Sequences: Build a Traffic Light Controller with an Arduino MEGA

Touch LED table - Retrogaming and ambiant light V

TOWA Phone V

Tri-Mode Digital Clock With ATtiny85 and RTC

Ultra Cheep Home Automation Under $5 V

Ultrasonic sonar for the blind and visually impaired V

WiFi atomic binary clock with ESP8266

WiFiRGB - A WiFi-enabled RGB high-power LED V

Xinhua Insight: Installation complete on world’s largest radio telescope

3D Printed Motion Replicator & Recorder Robot Arm for Hot Summer Days V

ALMA Observes Most Distant Oxygen Ever

Arcade Claw Machine/ Prize Game V

Automated Arduino Chicken Coop

Automatic garden watering system BY arduino, LCD, Buttons, EEPROM, solenoid valve, Motor and underground sprinkler

Bigger is better: Build an Arduino-powered monster scrolling LED sign for about $15 a foot V

C4B — Mobile Robotics

Cheap Arduino SD Card Reader

Cheap USB Digital Voltmeter

Computer Vision Metrics: Survey, Taxonomy, and Analysis

Customizable Bag Clip

Customizable Watering Planter

Dark Sensitive Switch LED Light V

Display letters and words on the oscilloscope

DIY 5 Volt Regulated Power Supply Module

DIY: A 5 Minutes Contactless OLED Thermometer With Arduino And MLX90614

DIY ESP8266 ESP-01 Programing / Test board

DIY Heart Sensor with Auto-Adjusted Threshold and Heart-Shaped LED Heartbeat Indicator V

DIY passcode lock system using Arduino(EEPROM based) V

ECMAScript® 2016 Language Specification

Educational Brake Caliper

ESP8266 Bread Board Testing

Espressif Announces ESP8285 Wi-Fi Chip for Wearable Devices

Fire Reactive LED’s V

GitHub on BigQuery: Analyze all the code

Grandaddy OLED Watch

Grunting Racket

High Current Discrete Half-Bridge Based on IR2104 or IR2101

Homemade Automatic Coil Winder V

How to Make BUZZER From RELAY Switch

IBM Research Scientists Discover New Recycling Process to Convert Old Smartphones and CDs into Non-Toxic, High-Strength Plastics

Insect Robot !! V

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor Family

IRToWebThingy: IR remote to WiFi adapter with ESP8266

Knight Rider LED Flasher - 555 & 4017 V

Lawrence Livermore team improves 3-D-printed graphene aerogel supercapacitors

LDMOS Amplifiers

Learn to code with scratch

Make a Guggenhat: Bluetooth-connected wearable NeoPixel marquee hat

Make a speaker inside a 9V battery V

Microchip Launches Lowest Power, Cost-Effective PIC32 Family With Core Independent Peripherals

Microsemi Announces New Development Kit with RTG4 PROTO FPGAs, Providing Space Designers a Comprehensive Evaluation and Design Platform

New Battery-Charger Chip from STMicroelectronics Reduces Cost and Time-to-Market for Wearable and Portable Applications

newelectronics 28 Junho 2016

Nokia launches new IMPACT platform for fast and secure delivery of IoT services

Open Source Air Purifier V

Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

Program an Arduino Wireless over Bluetooth V

Programmable Encoder V

Raspberry Pi Solar Tracker (RBST)

Researchers discover new way to turn electricity into light, using graphene

Rover robot - Arduino and lasercut plywood V

Simplest FM Transmitter

Smart Garden

Smartphone Controlled Arduino Rover V


STMicroelectronics Unveils Free and Feature-Rich Simulator to Aid Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

The MagPi 47

The Ring of Light

The Ultimate FM Transmitter (Long Range Spybug) V

Universal Glucometer

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac brings new advances in Wi-Fi® performance

Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials: Top 10 Tools

World’s First Hermetically Sealed Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Now Available through New Yorker Electronics

3-D printed polymer turns methane to methanol

3D Body for Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle V

3D Printed 2x2 Solar Cell Panel V

555 LCO & JavaScript Get Freaky Now V

$8 Racecar Data Logger

Adding Bluetooth 4.0 to your Arduino Project - Controlled by Smartphone

Arduino Attiny Programming Shield V

Arduino based Lap Timer V

Arduvision (II): OV7670 + FIFO module and arduino Mega V

Automated Navigation Robot with Gas (MQ-2), Temperature & Humidity (DHT11) Sensors V

Automatic Watering System / Automatization Machine V

Basic (PWM) Motor Speed Control Using 555 Timer ICs

Bluetooth controlled robot with spy wireless camera V

Build a 4-Bit Binary Counter with 5x7 LED Matrix V

Candy Dispenser Bot

Cap for PP3 battery

CNC V3.1 - Linear drives and DIY printer V

Compiled Tips ‘N Tricks Guide - Microchip

Control your robot using hand gestures V

Cypress Enables IoT Developers to Easily Create Tiny, Solar-Powered Sensor Beacons that Wirelessly Transmit Data on their Surrounding Environment

Designing a Mains Frequency Monitor

DIY 1GHz* Active Probe For Under 20$**

DIY Electric Soil Finger

Diy LED cloud lamp

DIY Relay module

Electric Wheelchair Controller

Electromechanical rotary encoder V

ESP8266 control panel upgrade

Google DeepMind and FHI collaborate to present research at UAI 2016

HariFun #136 - How to Write a Game V

Hazardous Gas Monitor V

How to Build a Control Circuit with Adjustable Working Time via Wi-Fi V

How to Make a Mini Dremel V

In mapping eclipses, world’s first computer maybe also told fortunes

Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2

Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview

Introduction to Home Automation with Arduino and RF Signals! V

LED Light Tower V


Lettuce For Life - Arduino 101 Based Automated Controller for Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Etc. Intel Curie


Light Intensity Computation Using BH1715 and Arduino Nano V

Liquor Bottle LED Light

Make an LED Cat Harness

Make your own 10x10 LED Matrix V

Maker Faire Robot Action Figure (Single file)

Micro-supercapacitor fits inside IoT chips

Microchip Announces Next-Generation Bluetooth® Low Energy Solutions with Easy-to-Use Interface and Embedded Scripting Capability

Minimalistic Led Clock

Multi-material fluidic actuators

New Chinese Supercomputer Named World’s Fastest System on Latest TOP500 List

No-Nonsense Technician Class Amateur Radio License Study Guide

Numerical Algorithms

Parallelizing common algorithms

PM10 Real-time and Forecast Display V

POV Using Arduino Nano Announces the Public Release of the Next Generation 25xN 100Gbps RapidIO Specification

Raspberry Pi Smart Doorbell: Who’s at My Door?

Scientific Gains May Make Electronic Nose the Next Everyday Device

Share your sketches on the Arduino web editor

Small current circuit breaker

Sunrise Alarm LED Clock

Switch Holder

The Security Development Lifecycle

The Unique DSLR Intervalometer! V

tiny auto-measuring cap seven segment with mini

Turning CO2 into rock

WA2EBY IRF510 amplifier

World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip

3D Printed Sewable Battery Holder

3x8 LED Tower V

A complete tutorial for using an STM32 without a dev board

Accurate wireless weather vane V

Arduino & HC-05: Serial Menu Wizard

Arduino - Laser Tripwire Alarm System V

ARM Announces Mali Egil Video Processor with VP9 Decode, VP9 & HEVC Encode, and 4K @ 120 Hz Support

Bargraph Voltmeter 0-5V DC range PIC16F686 V

Binary Clock in 7 Segments LED Display

Bluetooth® 5 quadruples range, doubles speed, increases data broadcasting capacity by 800%

Build an airflow sensor

Campbell Planter - Fully 3D Printed Self-Watering Planter

Compiler Construction

Customizable Enclosure with Lid

Cypress Introduces New Programmable Analog SoCs for Embedded IoT Applications with Multiple Sensors


DB-19: Resurrecting an Obsolete Connector

Digital Windmill “Digindmill”

Distance Measuring Device with Automatic Alarm

DIY Clap Switch 555 Timer

DIY Electronic Piano 555

DIY “Family Hub” Refrigerator with Raspberry Pi + Camera V

DIY Snake Game

Dog Food Dispenser

Dtto Modular Robot V

Gene circuits in live cells can perform complex computations

Getting Started with DB2 Application Development

Getting Started with Open Source Development

Gluon developing a bootloader for the ATtiny104

GPRS module with M590 for SMS projects V


How to Build a Hoverboard You Can Ride V

How to Build a Simple Arduino-Based Calculator V

How To make an inverter using ARDUINO V

Introduction to Sociology

IoT7egment ESP8266

Learning Perl the Hard Way

LIGO Does It Again: A Second Robust Binary Black Hole Coalescence Observed

Make a Simple Laser Diode Module

Microsoft Azure Essentials Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

newelectronics 14 June 2016

Novel energy inside a microcircuit chip: VTT developed an efficient nanomaterial-based integrated energy storage

Otto - build you own robot in two hours! V

PSoC 4 : How to Control a Servo V

Real TIme clock using AT89s52 V

Real TIme clock using PIC18F452 V

RGB LED Matrix Audio Visualizer V


Servo Robotic Arm Arduino Based V

STMicroelectronics Simplifies Design-In of State-of-the-Art Security for the IoT

SubPos: a WiFi Positioning Solution for Places GPS Cant Reach

The Evolutionary Origins of Hierarchy

The simplest FM transmitter… Without coil/inductor V

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Understanding Big Data

$100 Smart Mirror Pi

3D printable bottle and screw cap

5 Amp H-Bridge DC Motor Driver using MC33886

5V TO -12V Inverting Switching Regulator

A CNC Pickup Winding machine built on an ATmega8 V

Airbus Officially Unveils Thor, the Fully 3D Printed Plane that Flies Beautifully

Arduino Box Controlled by TV Remote and CODE V

Biomolécula ligada a doenças neurodegenerativas é detectada

Bluetooth AC voltage controller

Build a Rhizotron! (SoilCam) V

Build Your Own Negative Voltage Generator

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

Cheap RF modules made easy!!

Connect Minecraft and Arduino - Connect Your Minecraft World With Reality

Dark Sensitive Lamp ON/OFF Controller

Database Fundamentals

Decode 433 MHz signals w/ Arduino & 433 MHz Receiver

Diamonds Closer to Becoming Ideal Semiconductors

DIY Arduino RGB LED Controller Shield

Elephant shower V

Emergency Fall Notifier Come Panic Button V

Fast, stretchy circuits could yield new wave of wearable electronics

Flir Pi Cam

Globoid (Throated) Worm Drive Model

Happy Birthday With Arduino V

Has the age of quantum computing arrived?

Hinged Box With Latch, Somewhat Parametric and Printable In One Piece

Hot new solar cell

How to Draw on an Oscilloscope With Arduino!

How to Make a MIDI Theremin

How to make an Electronic Dice using ARDUINO V

Infinity Mirror UV String Art V

Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v4 Family

Interactive led lamp | tensegrity structure + arduino V

Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals

KnuEdge Accelerates Neural Computing With Introduction of KNUPATH LambdaFabric Processor Technology

LeapMotion + RGB LEDs V

Light Saber Igniter V

Make a IoT Command Center V

Make with Ada: ARM Cortex-M CNC controller V

Making better batteries a reality

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Web Apps for Developers

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure

Motorbike Gear Position With Seven Segment Display V

New Time-of-Flight Ranging Sensor from STMicroelectronics Boosts Range and Speed, in Industry’s Smallest Footprint


Robots Get Creative To Cut Through Clutter

Running NodeMCU on a battery: ESP8266 low power consumption revisited

Serial Port over WiFi V

Simple Thermostat using Arduino

‘Solar Voyager’ autonomous boat looks to make history in sun-powered journey across the Atlantic

Spiraling Lasers

The Tesseract (aka Cosmic Cube) V

USB LED Tester and Breakout

Wedding Announcement Puddycats V

Wireless Keyboard With Arduino V

Seeing The Invisible With A Graphene-CMOS Integrated Device

$25 Satellite Tracker V

3D Stereo Audio Spectrum Visualizer V

Analog Input Protection Circuit

Angle meter / Protractor

Arduino Colour Sensor Under 1$

Arduino-controlled curtain roller V

Arduino & Neopixel Coke Bottle Party Light V

Arduino Password Security System with magnetic door sensors V

Automated Greenhouse V

Autonomous Flying Microrobots (RoboBees) V

AutoResetRRR Automatically reset routers/cameras/servers

Basic Box for Electronics, etc.

BBC’s micro:bit retail shipments near

BCN3D Technologies releases open source files for BCN3D Sigma 3D printer


Body Sensor V

Build an Arduino-Controlled AM/FM/SW Radio

CAT® S60 Thermal capabilities and sdk announced ahead of june launch

Cheap Wireless device to Control Arduino from anywhere in the world

Classroom Clock V

DIY Air Quality Meter & Emissions Tester

DIY Bicycle Turn Signal V

DIY Smart Keychain V

EEG Neuro-Mood Light V

Egor V.1 Animatronic: basic, autonomous, low cost artificial character.

Electronic Applications - An Online Text

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Forget the “Brick”, This Power Supply for Wearables Is Soft, Stretchable, and Solar-Powered

Impatient Perl

Infrared Pulse Sensor V

Introduction to Electronics - An Online Text

IoT - Controlling a Raspberry Pi Robot over internet with HTML and shell scripts only V

Ladyada’s “E is for Electronics”

Latest ARM Premium Mobile Technology to Drive Immersive Experiences

Light Rider - World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

Linear Clock using Arduino + DS1307 + Neopixel: Re-using some hardware. V

Make your own IR remote that can reach anywhere

Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online

MeArm Color Chip Sorter V


Metrophones V

Microchip Announces Graphical User Interface Composer Tool for MPLAB® Harmony

MicroFAT: A File System for Microcontrollers

Milestone in solar cell efficiency by UNSW engineers

Modified Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer

Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Mk 1 V

New ARM Cortex-A73 Processor drives efficiency, performance for mobile designs

Open Source ocean data buoy project

Optically Isolated LPT Breakout Board for CNC & Routers

Parallel Port Breakout board with Buffer for CNC & Routers

PiLapseRails V

PiPhone A Raspberry Pi based Smartphone V

Pocket Calipers

Print a circuit board using just your printer and PRINTEM

Python for Biologists: A complete programming course for beginners


Robô opera em pulmão pela primeira vez em Portugal

Samsung Mass Producing Industry’s First 512-Gigabyte NVMe SSD in a Single BGA Package for More Flexibility in Computing Device Design

Senseonics receives CE Mark for implantable continuous glucose monitoring system

Simple arduino car using HC-06 Bluetooth Module V

Simplistic is not always boring V

Skintrack technology turns arm into smartwatch touchpad

Snap-Together Model Mountain Bike

Sound Sensing Alarm Clock Light V

Supercapacitor Backup with Wireless Charging

Suzuki Alto RPM meter V

TeleBall - Retro Handheld Game Console

The MagPI 46

Twisted Prism Lanterns V

UVA Determines ‘Fountain of Youth’ Gene Helps Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke

3D Printed USB Casing

$4 WiFi Door Alarm using a ESP8266 #IoT

40-Year Math Mystery and Four Generations of Figuring

4.5Amps Bipolar Stepper Motor driver based on TB6600 V

56 Joule Coilgun from Salvaged Parts v2.0 V

And yet it moves: 14 Galileo satellites now in orbit

Arduino Based Voice Activated Home Appliances V

Arduino countdown timer with setup buttons V

Arduino greenhouse

Arduino Load Cell / Scale V

Arduino Mood Light and Holder

Arduino Password Unlock Door Security System V

Arduino Treasure Hunt

Arduino UNO nRF24L01+ Shield

Attiny 85 Led Ladder Game V

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra

Bosch BME280 real-time plotting GUI V

Build a Cloud-Connected ESP8266 Power Meter

Building a PIN Diode Geiger Counter

Compact LED Tester

Customizable Embossing Stamp

Darth Vader Chest Box V

Desktop NeoPixel Clock

DIY 3x3x3 LED Cube for Arduino Nano+ V

DIY | Ambilight Using Arduino Nano V

DIY Portable LED Lighting Panel V

E Ink Announces Advanced Color ePaper, a Breakthrough Technology for Color EPD Applications

Easy IoT weather station with multiple sensors

Eazy Automatic Fish Feeder

Electronic Safe with Arduino V

Enhanced Spider Robot V

First 3D Printed Office Building Opens In Dubai

Free Energy from Thin Air!

Fully Functional 3D Printed Vise

Handmade claw

How to measure temperature very accurately with an Arduino and a TSYS01 Temperature Sensor Board

IBM Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough

Ingestible origami robot

Intel Acquires Computer Vision for IOT, Automotive

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Technical Overview

Joystick Controlled Robot Arm Using an Arduino

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol I - DC

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol III - Semiconductors

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol IV - Experiments

Lessons In Electric Circuits - Vol V - Reference

Low Voltage DC Power Distribution and Measurement Adapter

Make Esp8266 Dev Board From Scratch

Microchip Debuts Industry’s First LoRa® Technology Evaluation Kits for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)

Mini CNC Plotter V

Mini Robot Platform

Network 3D Printing with Windows 10 IoT Core!

New Method of Producing Random Numbers Could Improve Cybersecurity

newelectronics 23 May 2016

Parallel Processing Arduino Style Make Massive NeoPixel Displays With Nanoscale Concurrent Computing V

Pen FM transmitter bug

PIGate, web enabled garage door/gate opener

Police siren

Portable solar charger

Printing metal in midair

Real-time behaviour synthesis for dynamic Hand-Manipulation, ICRA‘14

RFID Door Lock With Arduino V

Robotic symbionts

SmokerDuino V2

STM32F7 Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Expand Ecosystem with New Development Boards to Accelerate Embedded Design

The Internet of Led Wall!

TinyANN, Artificial Neural Network meets ATTINY

Upside Up - Robot Balancing Revisited V


Weird locomotion

Wifi controlled Garden light with ESP8266 V

Wireless digital scale V

Wobbler Engine 2.0

World record in terrestrial radio transmission

3d Printed Arduino Tank

3D Printed Force Sensor for the Classroom V

3D Technology has Taken Microchips into Another Dimension

3DOF Ball on Plate Using Closed Loop Stepper Motors V

5 channel LED candle using PIC12F508 V

5V Step Down DC-DC Converter

An Introduction to R

Android Motion Sensing Smart Mirror V

Anti Missile Robot V

Arduino - Analog LED Thermometer V

Arduino Primo base board features native Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity and NFC Touch-to-Pair using Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoCs

Arduino Robot Catapult V

Arduino STAR OTTO board with STM32F469BIT6 mcu, supports Arduino connectivity

ARM Drives the Future of Premium Mobile Computing with a Multicore Test Chip based on 10FinFET from TSMC

AWS IoT Button

BarCode Scanner + Arduino USB Shield V

Build L293D Dual Motor Driver Board for Arduino

Communication Systems

Cornhole: Built In Electronic Score Board V

Create an Arduino Controlled Light-Following Flower Bot

CupBot - 3D Printed Robotics platform V

Customizable Abacus

Customizable Vacuum Tool

Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++

Designing a CPU in VHDL

DIY Boost Converter || How to Step Up DC Voltage Efficiently V

DIY Lithium-ion battery charger V

DIY standalone Weather Station powered by Arduino

Engineering Drawing Robot V

Engineers create a better way to boil water with industrial, electronics applications

ESP8266 Desktop Clock (WiFi Synchronised!)

Fake TV Light for Engineers

Flip-Flop CyliBot V

GNU/Linux Basic

Google supercharges machine learning tasks with TPU custom chip

HiKey 96Boards powered by Kirin620 SoC is now enabled with the latest Ubuntu Core

Homemade DIY CO2 generator V

Hydroponic Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System V

Hyundai shows off its wearable robot Iron Man prototype suit


Interactive module for dyslexic students

Intermediate Python

Introducing the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution

Learning to Program Using Python

LED Arduino Beer Pong Table

LED Music Boxes (Hummingbird) V

LED Ring Clock With Arduino V

LED Shoes

Lightweight Solar Panel (12V Battery Charger)

LM741 Op Amp on a Breadboard

Machine learning accelerates the discovery of new materials

Machine learning helps discover the most luminous supernova in history

Micro Atmospheric Temperature Tracker

Micro Light Detecting Circuit

NASA Super Pressure Balloon Begins Globetrotting Journey

Nest open sources Thread IoT networking protocol

NXP Demonstrates Complete Autonomous Vehicle Platform Using NXP Silicon at Each ADAS Node

Raspberry Pi Dramble

Raspbian Update Released With Pi 3 Bluetooth UI, SD Card Copier

RGB Handmade Alien Ware Head phone Stand V

RomoBOT - Animatronic Face Robot V

Signals and Systems

Single white line detector for SUMO ROBOT V

Snake on LED MATRIX (BT) V

Sony Joins Forces with Cogitai to Conduct Research and Development for the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

STMicroelectronics and Autotalks Fuse Satellite Navigation with Vehicle-to-Vehicle and -Infrastructure Communication (V2X)

Tech-Savvy Families Use Home-Built Diabetes Device

The MOnSter 6502

The Raspberry Pi as a Stratum-1 NTP Server

This five-fingered robot hand learns to get a grip on its own

TV Remote Tester - Making IR Sensor Module at Home

Two VelociRoACH Robots Cooperatively Climb a Step Taller than Their Size


RPI PCD8544 Shield V3.1

12V to 28V Step Up DC-DC Converter

3D printed Google Cardboard kit V

3D Printer (RepRap) Monitor

6 Digit Serial Display Driver with CAT4016

A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human-Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot

Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source

Arduino Bottlefiller

Arduino “Pick N Place” Android Robot V

Arduino Ping pong with 8*8 Dot matrix & Max7219 V

Arduino Robot Arm Mixologist V

Automatic cymbals from old printer V

Blue Light Exposure Reduces Organ Damage in Mice, CRISMA Researchers Find

Build a 2-Digit Up/Down Counter with a PICAXE 20M2

Cayenne - Easy IoT for Raspberry Pi

Cheap retro gaming arcade table

Compressonator (AMD Compress) is going open source

Control ANY light or electrical appliance with you tablet or smartphone (wifi) V

Control Home Appliances with Phone and Internet of Things under 6 $ V

DIY Bench Power Supply (Dual-Channel)

DIY CNC Accessories (Dust Collector, Heatsinks, Feet, Pendant)

DIY electronic RFID Door Lock with Battery Backup

DIY Intelligent Autonomus Robot (Electronic Pet) /w Arduino

Do-It-Yourself Soldering Station with an ATmega8

Dremel Chop Saw

Drill bit sharpener

DS1307 RTC Module

Earth as Art

Easy LED Tester

ECMAScript® 2015 Language Specification

ESP 8266 Wifi controlled Home Automation V

ESP8266 + Brian Toy Robot V

ESP8266 Design Contest Entry NMEA Bridge for OpenCPN

Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) for ESP8266 SoC

Fundamentals of Programming Python

Graphene-Based Microbots for Toxic Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery from Water

Hack a humidifier with an AtTiny V

Hacking a RC car with Arduino and Android V

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python

Handbook of operational amplifier applications

Heart Rate Party Pendant V

Hobby Clamps

Home Automation with Arduino

Homemade Mechatronic Face

HullPixelBot: A robot pixel from Hull V

Hyperloop One reaches 187kph in first test run

IoT: Connecting the RPi, Arduino and the world! V

Laser Harp

Low cost OBD2 communications on K-line (ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4) V

Maiden voyage of Stanford’s humanoid robotic diver recovers treasures from King Louis XIV’s wrecked flagship

Make Your Own LED Sign VU Meter V

master clock driver for antique slave clocks

Math Gear(s)

Microsoft Joins Hands with Twist Bioscience to Store Data-Using Synthetic DNA

MSP430 VFD Clock Manhattan Style V

Neopixel Ampli-Pelz Tuxedo Lights V

New Automotive Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Pave the Way to Smart Driving via More Secure and Connected Cars

newelectronics 10 May 2016

OpenDrop Digital Microfludics Plattform V

Optimizing Software in C++

PCB UV Exposure Unit

Plug And Play remote relay (Raspberry and Arduino and reading sensors)

Powered Camera Slider

Project Hathor

Raspberry pi plant watering system

Reverse engineering the popular 555 timer chip (CMOS version)

Samsung Electronics Introduces the EVO Plus 256GB MicroSD Card, with the Highest Capacity in its Class

Scientists Discover New Technology Breakthrough in Fighting Viral Diseases

Solar Tracking Weather Station

Soldering is easy - here’s how to do it

Stretchable electronics that quadruple in length

Super Lithium Power Cell

T-baneklokke - coundown clock

The Black Art of Programming

Thinking Of You Page

USB to UART Converter with GPIO MCP220

Use Solenoids to Build a MIDI-Controlled Percussion Bot

Web Server Scada SVG ESP8266 Random value with 6V Battery V

With simple process, engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor

$1 automatic water level controller V

1 Wire LCD Controller for Arduino

110v Temperature Controlled Soldering Station Build No. 2 V

16x128 display showing Date, Time, Temp, Humidity

32K RAM for the OSI Bus

3W Stereo Audio Amplifier using TDA7266D V

4WD Robot Controlled by Android , Detect hurdles

555 Based Motion Sensing Night Lamp Kit

7 Segment Display Internet Clock

A Basic guide to open educational resources (OER)

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces New 1 MHz Bandwidth, Integrated Hall-Effect-Based Current Sensor IC

Analyze Any IR Protocol With Just You Arduino Board V

Android Controlled RGB LED Using Arduino V

Android Controlled Robot for Beginners (A to Z)

Aquarium Auto Refill With Arduino V

Arduino Robotic Arm V

Arduino Self Shutdown V

arduino servo r3 servo shield

Arduino Soil Probe using DS18B20 and DIY Moisture Hardware

Arduino Time Lapse Slider V

Bringing a vintage telegraph into the digital age V

Build your own 3d printer filament factory V

Butt Light

Car Raspberry Pi3 Dash Cam

Control AC light using Arduino V

Creative Commons: a user guide

Customizable miter

Decorative LED Table Top

Democratizing Innovation

DICE - a tiny, rigid and superfast 3D-printer V

DIY 32ch FPV 5.8ghz LCD

DIY Laser Engraving

DIY PCB 4 channel IR remote controller V

Fenrir: An Open source dog robot V

Fish Feeder Arduino Raspberry Pi Link V

FluidTrakker Intro

Handheld PC/Retropie Hybrid V

I, Weather

IBM Makes Quantum Computing Available on IBM Cloud to Accelerate Innovation

Infineon unveils 1200 V Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology for unprecedented efficiency and performance in power conversion designs

IoT Pill Bottle

IU physicist leads discovery of new particle: ‘four-flavored’ tetraquark

LED Bike Light

Made Clock Matrix With 192 LED V

Make a Hydroelectric Power Light V

Making an LED Night Light W/ Star Pattern V

Maze Solver Robot, using Artificial Intelligence with Arduino V

Microchip Introduces Hardware Cryptography-Enabled 32-bit Microcontroller for Internet of Things Applications

newelectronics 26 April 2016

No Worthless Battery After 200,000 Charges? Sign Me Up

Node MCU With Three DS18B20

nRF51822 Begins - nRF-DK, GCC, ADC, UART/BLE

OBD Reader

Open Content - A Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences


‘Pee power’ as researchers turn urine into a sustainable power source for powering electronic devices


Prof. Kilwon Cho and Team Develop New Semiconducting Polymer for Forthcoming Flexible Electronics

Pymon – A Simon clone for the Raspberry Pi V

Raspberry Pi Controlled Irrigation System

Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener

Restoring a VFD

Samsung and Legrand Team Up to Deliver World’s First Thread-Enabled IoT Light Switch

Selfmade continiously adjustable step up power supply

Simple crystal tester

Smart Humidifier (make Your Room Comfortable) V

smd & small parts drawers (customizable)

Solar Swiss Army Knife

Stanford researchers create super stretchy, self-healing material that could lead to artificial muscle

STMicroelectronics Brings Superior Indoor and Undercover Navigation to Mobiles and Wearables


Supervised Autonomous In Vivo Robotic Surgery on Soft Tissues is Feasible and Outperforms Standard Surgery Techniques

Table Top Arcade Center V

The Battle for Open - How openness won and why it doesn’t feel like victory

The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture

The foundation for an open source city

The Future of Ideas

The Sources of Innovation

The Useless Box V

Transform an Ikea Side Table into a Music Visualizer V

Two Bits - The Cultural Significance of Free Software

Ultrasonic Obstacle-avoiding Robot V

Unexpected discovery leads to a better battery

UnoPCB - Arduino Uno ProtoShield Circuit Board Breadboard

Warm/Cold Adjustable Continuous Lighting V

Wearable Infrared Thermometer

Weather box using arduino ~the easiest

Wifi Relay With ESP8266

10 $ portable Arduino weather station (AWS) V

A credit card sized Ethernet Arduino compatable controller board

Arduino audio switch

Arduino Based Beer Fermenter Thermostat

Arduino Busy-o-Meter

Arduino Chess Clock V

Arduino controlled tiny FM radio

Arduino nano segway

Arduino OpenSCAD mounting library (v2.0)

Arduino Robot Arm Bartender V


Arduino Watch Sport V

ATtiny13A NeoPixel Bracelet V

Canadian physicists discover new properties of superconductivity

Chroma - Light in a Box

Customizable Bearing Spacer

Cypress to Acquire Broadcom’s Wireless Internet of Things Business

DIY Sandblaster V

DNA ‘building blocks’ pave the way for improved drug delivery

Door Status Monitor using the ESP8266 V

DS18b20 Temperature Sensor As a Thermostat V

Easy amplifier

Electronic Transformers and Circuits

Evidence for a new phase of dense hydrogen above 325 gigapascals

Extreme Programming in Perl

Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity

Full Digital Clock With Presence Sensor (RTC - Alarm - PIR - Temperature - Humidity - Dew Point)

Giving an Arduino a Heartbeat

Harnessing the energy of small bending motions

How to make a Giant Bristlebot

How to make a Tiny Bug Robot at home

Humidity and Temperature Reacting Lightsource

Introduction to Networking Technologies

New Raspberry PI 8-Megapixel Camera Board on sale

Nixie Tube Kitchen Timer V

Parametric Sealing Clip

PiScope: Turn your Raspberry Pi into an Oscilloscope/XY Plotter

Precise Air Quality Monitoring System (Portable) V

Pressure and temperature Arduino indicator

Raspberry Pi CNC Machine V

Raspberry Pi: Wall Mounted Calendar and Notification Center

RaspberryPi Alarm Clock

RC Car V

RC Car to Autonomous Arduino Robot V

RGB LED Pixel Touch Reactive Gaming Table V

Robot Attiny2313 With Bluetooth HC06 and Stepper Motors V

Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough

Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire V

Start Programming Using Object Pascal

Task: The Ambient Planner V

The MagPi 45

This Battery-Free Computer Sucks Power Out Of Thin Air

Thoracic Impedance

Transistor-Based Variable Current Drive for LED Calculator


3D Room Visualizer

Agriculture parameter monitoring

Arduino Adjustable Pet Food Dispenser

Arduino Automatic Watering System

Arduino “Blink To Talk” using Charlieplexing V

Arduino Controlled Lock Box With Solenoid and RFID

Arduino Mega Hexapod V

Artificial Leaf Harnesses Sunlight for Efficient Fuel Production

ATTiny85 Game Timer - Get rid of that old hourglass! V

Backyard Beehives: The Electric Hive

Ball Joint Library

Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL-AVR-Microprocessors

Burglar Alarm System

Canonical unveils 6th LTS release of Ubuntu with 16.04

Control ESP8266 over the internet (from anywhere)

Customize your knob!

Display Colorful Message In Limited Resources V

DIY 2k(2560x1440) LED beam projector V

DIY Spot Welder V

ESP8266 based Irrigation Controller

ESP8266 Firmata-J5 NodeBot

Experiments show magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing’s energy efficiency

FPGA Robotics Vision for anyone

Frequency synthesizer for my Jupiter receiver

Get your morning update with Beam

Getting Started with Atmel ATtiny10

Green Light: Fashion

Half Bridge Driver based on IR2104

High Performance Computing

homemade cycling powermeter V

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Terrarium Controller

How to make an infinity mirror box V

How to Make Arduino Battery Shield V

How to Modify RC CAR Via 2.4 GHz NRF24L01 Arduino Part1 Transmitter(Tx) V

HRL LABORATORIES’ breakthrough may pave the way for gallium nitride to supplant silicon in integrated circuits

Intelligent Arduino Uno & Mega Tic Tac Toe (Noughts and Crosses) V

Julia Language Documentation

Linear Bench Power Supply

Linux Kernel Crash Book

Mini Arduino Lux Meter V

Mini CNC machine Arduino Based & Adafruit Driver Motor L293D v1 & 2*Mini Stepper CD/DVD player #1 V

Modular hollow universal joint for cable management

Parking spot status indicator

Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation

‘Person-on-a-chip’—U of T biomedical engineers create lab-grown heart and liver tissue for drug testing and more

Philosophy of Computer Science

PIC16F628A Programmable Digital Timer V

Remote Temperature Monitoring Using MQTT and ESP8266 Modules V

Retropie Arcade Game Machine

RetroPie Gaming/Arcade System

Switching Voltage Regulator Tutorial V

TAU creates cyborg cardiac patch for diseased hearts

The AAduino

The MagnetMobile: Making a Wall Crawling Rover V

The multiferroic sandwich

0-30V 3A Adjustable DC Supply V

3D printed snake robot V

A DIY Arcade Table powered by Raspberry Pi

A metal that behaves like water

AmpStrike Battery Powered Bench Power Supply

Arduino 32X16 LED Matrix Clock V

Arduino 433Mhz RF Wireless Data Transfer

Arduino Glass - Open Source Augmented Reality Headset V

Attiny85 Game Kit Assembly Instructions V

AVR Development Board

Capacitance Meter using Arduino V

Chasis de Robot con Orugas Impresas en 3D V

Controlling relays with 24V coils

Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL

DIY Wireless Joystick (Wireless Gaming) V

ECG shield for Arduino V

Efficient 9v to 5v Step-Down Buck converter

Engineers 3D-print a New Lifelike Liver Tissue for Drug Screening

Eternal 5D data storage could record the history of humankind

Frequency Counter using Arduino V

Gyroscopic Arduino Head Tracking Unit V

Handy Power Supply

Home made Solar Tracker using Arduino uno R3

How a paralyzed man moves his hand - with his mind!

How to Code Your Own Claw Machine V

Jenkins: The Definitive Guide

Logic probe with PIC: LogicProbePIC

Mains Voltage Relay Test Jig

MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board

Multi Voltage Ardu Droid Bluetooth Controlled Indoor Gardening

newelectronics - 12 April 2016

Organic Waste for Sustainable Batteries

Over Current Protection Switch V

Parametric Box for everything

Physicists at Royal Holloway solve thermoelectric ‘paradox’ in superconductors

POV Cylinder with Arduino Due V

Project: Pulley systems

Quest for a Logic Analzyer

Raspberry Pi Rainbow Ruler

Raspberry Pi Security System

Remote Car Toys ( DIY ) V

RESTful Web Services

Reverse Engineering for Beginners

Reverse Geocache Box

Robotic Arm

Slider controller with auto-reverse and variable speed control V

Sliding Gate Automation V

Storage Tray Maker (Customizable, OpenSCAD)

Study Finds Only a Small Portion of Synapses May Be Active During Neurotransmission

Swarm Bots: Assembly and Co-operative Transport V

Temperature controlled fan

Tetris on Arduino + LCD V

The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX 2E

The Pathfinder Zybot V

The Rook’s Guide to C++

Ultrasonic Mapmaker Using Arduino and MatLab

USB Power Meter V

Using an ESP8266 to Control Mains Sockets Using 433mhz Transmitter and Receiver

Using BMP180 for temperature, pressure and altitude measurements

Why the SpaceX Rocket Ocean Landing is a Big Deal

Yet Another Arduino Boombox

5V to 12V Step Up DC-DC Converter V

AC PWM dimmer for Arduino

Adjustable Cable Holder

Ambilight system for every input connected to your TV V

Arduino Bluetooth Garage Door Control with Sensors and Customizable Android App V

Arduino controlled light dimmer V

Arduino Morse Decoder V

Automatic monitor brightness controller

Avoidance Robot Arduino V

Behringer v-tone GMX212 Hybrid tube amplifier mod V

Bioengineer designs diagnostic microscope costing less than $1

Boss Alarm V

Build an Arduino-Powered Candy Vending Machine

Build Your Own CNC Machine

Control a Small Linear Actuator With Arduino V

Controlling MeArm With Arduino V

Convert your cheap “unmanaged” switch to a VLAN capable layer 2 managed switch for just $2

Converting Micro-Servos for Continuous Rotation

Delivering Genes Across the Blood-Brain Barrier

DIY Digitized Drawing Board V

Easy Arduino Menus for Rotary Encoders

Ember Remote Control

Erlang Handbook

ESP 8266 Standalone WiFI Relay Control

ESP8266 Wireless Toilet Usage Indicator (Smart Home)

First-ever 3-D printed robots made of both solids and liquids

Fish Feeder Sensor Array V

Flexing Battery Holders - Customizable

Flora SmartWatch

Fridge’s door alarm

Garage Door Monitor

Getting Started with OBD-II

GNU Emacs Manual - Seventeenth Edition, Updated for Emacs Version 24.2

Have All the Emulators Inside a Portable Joystick

How to make a Magic Mirror

Inside Pascal: NVIDIA’s Newest Computing Platform


LED Night Clock


Magic boxes

Make the Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker

Making a PCB Business Card

MeArm Robot Arm - Your Robot - V1.0

Mind Reader with Arduino

Multi-Purpose Plywood Robot Prototyping Base V

NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First Integrated-Photonics Modem

NRF24L01+ Multiceiver Network

PJON v1.2 stable

Processing XML with Java

Reuse Old Fax As a Plotter V

RGB LED Strip Controller

Samsung is working on smart contact lenses, patent filing reveals

Simplified Arduino AC Current Measurement Using ACS712 Hall Effect Sensor

Target Practice with Arduino and Laser Pointer V

Think Java - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Tiny and cheap lab generator

Tiny robot family V

Toothbrush Timer With Mathquiz

Toward hack-proof RFID chips

TypeScript Deep Dive

UCLA researchers release open source code for powerful image detection algorithm

Unix Toolbox revision 14.4

Using an esp8266 arduino to control a relay using home-assistant V

Waterloo physicists discover new properties of superconductivity

Wire Loop Game for Kids

Wireless communication between two Arduinos using inexpensive RF modules

1inch 100W Hot-Plate for SMT reflow V

2euro Arduino board or USBASP 2.0 Firmware Hack

9V/1kV DC/DC converter V

A flying pantograph - human and machine creativity in balance

A Timeless Fountain V

AC Motor Speed Controller using U2008B

Arduino + nRF24L01: Simple bidirectional wireless communication V

Arduino Power Supply 0 - 5V V

Arduino safe without any servo or motor shield V

Cartesio low cost cartesian plotter robot V

Control a Solenoid With Arduino V

Creating an Arduino-Powered Foosball Scoreboard

Designing Analog Chips

Digital Circuit Projects: An Overview of Digital Circuits Through Implementing Integrated Circuits

DIY Claw machine V

Dual DC Motor driver using two L293D

EmotionBox - make long-distance relations less distant V

Fencomat - Arduino based fencing trainer V

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Functional C

Graphene aids lens technology breakthrough

Hand gesture controled robot V

Hyperboloid pen holder

Joule Thief V

Lawrence Livermore and IBM collaborate to build new brain-inspired supercomputer

Mage dice tower: Lasercut and 3D Printed

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits - 2006 Electronic Edition

Miniature MadBot


Nibbler 4 Bit CPU V

Open-source microprocessor

Researchers Discover New Phase of Boron Nitride and a New Way to Create Pure c-BN

Revista PROGRAMAR: edição 52

Super simple Raspberry Pi 433MHz home automation

Tetris-Inspired Modular Lamp

Tetrix Arduino Pinball Robot

The MagPi 44

The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming

This Simple Black Film Made From Carbon Nanotubes Is Stronger Than Kevlar

Tool Kit V2

Ubuntu on Windows — The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers

UP/DOWN counter with Memory V

Wendelstein 7-X produces first hydrogen plasma

World’s first ‘robot run’ farm to open in Japan

Your brain is your key

1.2V to 37V Regulated Power Supply 1.2A

3D Spectrum Analyser V

AMSC - Arduino Multimedia and Skype Controller

An Introduction to Computer Networks

Ancient Polar Ice Reveals Tilting of Earth’s Moon

Andrew S. Grove 1936 – 2016

Arduino MobilePhone

Arduino Person Counter

Arduino Vertical Pong

Automatic Drink Mixer

BLE Target Tracker V

Braille Alphabet ( customisable )

CNC Robot Plotter V

Controlling the Camera direction with your Android phone

DC Motor Speed and Direction Controller

Digital thermometer on OLED display using ESP8266 ESP-12E NodeMCU and DS18B20 temperature sensor V

DIY Li-Fi using Arduino Uno

DVD to Laser Engraver V

Enclosure With Screw Stand-offs

Float a ping pong ball at will!

Handcrafted MMDVM Adapter

Handmade Cool Alarm Clock

Improved Arduino Rotary Encoder Reading

Internet-of-Things Power Meter

Introducing OpenGarage: an Open-Source WiFi Garage Door Opener V

Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Java™ Application Development on Linux

LED Arduino Clock V

Low voltage power supply unit

Mini Pi-Powered Arcade Machine V

Mobile Station prototype for Environmental Data Capture (“a Mars Rover emulator”) V

Modern Perl 4th Edition

Motion Following Robot

Multiple Functions !!#Arduino

NEC develops biometrics technology that uses sound to distinguish individually unique ear cavity shape

New device uses carbon nanotubes to snag molecules

newelectronics - 22 March 2016

Novel 4D printing method blossoms from botanical inspiration

nRF24L01+ 2.4 GHz Wireless Connectivity with the tinyK20 Board

Op Amps for Everyone - (Fourth Edition)

OpenTrashCan: A Smart Internet Connected Trash Can

ORNL cell-free protein synthesis is potential lifesaver

OV7670 Without FIFO Very Simple Framecapture With Arduino, Black/white

Parametric Micro Tools Holder

PC Mouse Made With Arduino Uno and Joystick V

Personal Assistant with Telegram & Arduino. V

Pet Feeding Recorder V

Polonium Cube

Producing Open Source Software - How to Run a Successful Free Software Project

Remote pan/tilt webcam

Remote Water Tank Level Sensor V2.0

RFM69 to MQTT gateway using ESP8266

Self-heating lithium-ion battery could beat the winter woes

SMD Soldering Reflow Oven (ControLeo2 Based) V

stm32f407 discovery board as a 100MHz FM transmitter using crystal feedback trick V

Testing DRAM Using an Arduino

“The” PCB Laminator

This article can be printed on a hair

TI introduces the world’s first microcontroller with a configurable low-leakage transimpedance amplifier

Unsynchronized Structured Light

Vmetro de 5 led’s con AN6884

4A Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Based on LV8727E

A DIY Wearable Posture Sensor

A tiny hardware speech synthesizer/tts

AbHhGD - The Arduino based Hand-held Gaming Device V

An Improved Joule Thief—An Unruly Beast Tamed?

Arduino based cellular automata V

Arduino MP3 Alarm Clock

Arduino-Processing-Laser-CNC V

Arduino Programmable Button Panel As Keyboard V

Arduino Shooting Game Arcade V

Arduino Theremin Door-close Reminder

ARM and TSMC Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Collaborate on 7nm FinFET Process Technology for High-Performance Compute

Automatic solar powered night light V

Bob The Robot - Arduino Robot Framework

Camera system sees round corners

Computer Science Concepts in Scratch (Scratch 1.4)

Crazy Caterpillar - Arduino Robot w/Grove Joint & Infrared Sensor V

Desktop Motor Test Stand (Dynamometer)

Digital oscilloscope with LCD screen

Discovering the STM32 Microcontroller

ESP8266 Home Automation Part 1

Honda Selects IBM Watson IoT Technology Enabling Real-Time Racing Decisions for Formula One Drivers

How to convert a PlayStation controller to bluetooth.

How to Make a Fullyrotational Servo

How to measure mass of the Earth using arduino. V

Laser Cut Pivoting Box

LED Lamp

Lightweight AVR assembler functions

Make Your Own Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting! (Extremely High Efficiency)

Make your own FM Radio V

Making rhythms with Arduino V

Mathematicians Discover Prime Conspiracy

Modular Box

Musi - Hear the melody of space. V

Nanobombs Might Deliver Agents That Alter Gene Activity in Cancer Stem Cells

Nanoelectronics Engineers Develop Transistor that Overcomes Fundamental Power Limitations

Programming from the Ground Up

PULPino An open-source microcontroller system based on RISC-V

Raspberry Pi Nin10do ‘Lite’ Game-Console

Raspberry Pi nRF24L01+ Data Collector using Google Forms

Raspberry PI Rotary Time Lapse Rig. V

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - System Administrator’s Guide

RFID-Bluetooth Door Lock

Robot radio RF with joystick

RS485 Serial Communication between Arduino Mega and Arduino Nano with Visuino V

sdramThing4.5 “Logic Analyzer”

Shirt Circuit: DIY Wearable Breadboard Circuits V

Simple Pi Robot V

Smart-home Remote Edition (Arduino)

Stanford-led skyscraper-style chip design boosts electronic performance by factor of a thousand

Team Prolongs ‘Young Adult’ State in Worms

Test Lead Holder -basic and varied width

The world’s tiniest temperature sensor is powered by radio waves

Web-Enabled Home Thermostat (and Home Automation Hub) V

Wifi for Weather station WS2357 Lacrosse

Wireless temperature probe

3D Print Bed Scraper

4-Bot A Raspberry Pi Connect 4 Robot! V

5A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

5V/400V DC/DC converter

Arduino Flowmeter with a state machine

Arduino IDE 1.6.8: What’s new

Arduino Mouse Trap V

CNC from recycled PC parts

Control TV With Any Phone (Even phones without IR blaster)

Crane Game Revival ! With Arduino V

Defensive Database Programming

ESP8266 Neopixel Clock

Fully Transparent Solar Cell

GeigerMuller counter that can work with Arduino or (almost) any evaluation board

Handheld Pong & Invaders on the cheap (Arduino compatible) V

Hardware serial port monitor with WiFi V

How Do I FPGA?

Large 8x8 LED Matrix Display V


LED Me Know

Live Plotter on Arduino and MakerBeams V

Mini arduino Plotter without a servo motor V

Multi-Purpose Customizable Stand / Pen Stand

newelectronics - 8 March 2016

ORNL process could be white lightning to electronics industry

Pan Tilt controlled by Cell Phone V

Personal Security System using Arduino

Pest Controll

Photonic ‘sintering’ may create new solar, electronics manufacturing technologies

Portable Adjustable Mini Powersupply V

PWM dimmer for RGB LED

Python Programming

Recycler 2 lecteurs DVD en Mini Traceur (CNC Plotter) Arduino V

Researchers Find New Phase of Carbon, Make Diamond at Room Temperature

Simple SSTC V

Solar Powered Remote Temperature Sensor

Speed Controlled RC CAR using (4 CH Motor Driver Controller + Arduino + Bluetooth)

Spiral Characters

Storing electricity in paper

Supernova Poi

System loads Web pages 34 percent faster by fetching files more effectively

The beginning of the end for encryption schemes?

The Great MSP430 Bootloader Swindle

Version Control with Subversion For Subversion 1.7

Vertically mounted Arduino for Breadboard

3D Environment Laser Scanner from scratch V

6 Digit LED Clock V

A robot will likely assist in your future surgery

Algorithmic Game Theory

An elegant, stacking, Real Time Clock for Raspberry Pi

Analog to Digital Converter module

Another Prelude to Automation - Cloning a Remote

Arduino Cyanotype Right Exposer: ACRE

Arduino Leonardo/Micro(ATMega32u4) as Gamepad/Game Controller V

Arduino Network Game V

Arduino PS/2 Barcode Scanner

Automated cooling fan for Pi

Binary Punched Card Reader

Capacitance Meter

Connecting HC-05 Bluetooth Module to Arduino

Control Servo With Headphone Jack V

Customizable solderless wire termination with pin headers

Customizable U-Hook

Dash Hacking: Bare-Metal STM32 Programming V

DC Motor Direction Controller with tact switches

DIY Arduino Battery Spot Welder V

DIY csCNC 2 (Linistepper Driver and testing with Buspirate)

DIY Jumper Wires

DIY MOSFET Motor Controller

Dual USB Serial and I2C Converter

Experimenting with MAX6955

Goodyear reveals concept tires for autonomous cars

Graphene nano-coils are natural electromagnets

Hexadecimal Clock

Imec and Ghent University develop thermoplastically deformable electronics

LED Matrix Cube V

Led Super bright V

Low Power Arduino Temperature Monitor V

Microcontroller based smart battery charger

Mini CNC Plotter - Arduino Based V

Multiple Fermentation Chamber Control with BrewPi V

newelectronics - 23 February 2016

Odd Use of Watch Dog Timer V

Oracle® Database Concepts 11g Release 2

PIR Motion Detector With Arduino: Operated at Lowest Power Consumption Mode V

Portable prototyping lab with oscilloscope and arduino

Prototype 14-segment-display shield

Raspberry PI 3 on sale now at $35

Raspberry Pi Shutdown Button

Servo Tester with Graphic LCD

Short circuit protection for (almost) any power supply

Simple calculator based on Arduino MEGA V

SLAC’s Ultrafast ‘Electron Camera’ Visualizes Ripples in 2-D Material

STM32 Nucleo and DFU USB Bootloading

The Art of Representing Floating-Point Numbers as Integers

The MagPi 43

The MagPi - Sonic PI essentials

The Public Domain - Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music

USB Audio Streamer A Microchip PIC based USB sound card

Using 433MHz Remote Controlled Switches on Arduino

Water Level Indication Using Combination of three NPN Transistors V

World’s first 3D blood vessel bio-printer could lead to the fabrication of human organs

Yet Another Line Following / Obstacle Avoidance 2WD Car V

0-20V Bargraph Voltmeter

10 Resister Arduino Waveform Generator

2-line interface for graphic LCD V

555 timer teardown: inside the world’s most popular IC

A very simple Posture Sensor

Accelerometer Dice with 123D Circuits V

Adding touch screen to Siglent SDS1022c Oscilloscope V

AMQUMO: A Xively AMbient QUality MOnitor built on ATmega328 V

Analog Thumbstick and the Raspberry Pi

Arduibag: a connected backpack for bike riders V

Arduino 2 player game

Arduino Nano with DHT sensor & OLED

Arduino Relay connectivity

Atmega8 Development Board

ATtiny102/104 are self-programmable, 8- and 14-pin tinyAVR MCUs

Attiny25/45/85 PWM generator and Servo tester! Updated Code!

AVR HVSP Fuse Resetter V

Be Lazy With TV Remote V

Braille Maps for Blind and Visually Impaired Created with 3-D Printing Technology at Rutgers

Build a wireless temperature & humidity sensor using the BlueFruit module!

Bulls and cows game with arduino V

Calendar and Digital Clock including Moon Phase in a LED Matrix 8x8 V

Clock with thermometer using Arduino, i2c 16x2 lcd, DS1307 RTC and DHT11 sensor.

Computer Battlegames

Computer Spacegames

Computer Spy Games

Control an LM317T with a PWM signal

Convert a laptop screen to a smart screen

Creepy ComputerGames

Curly Nanowires Catch More Light to Power Nanoscale Electronic Circuits

Data Munging with Perl


DIY Build for an LED Backlight Behind TV for Under $20! V

DIY mini drill

DIY Programmable Bike Light Arduino or ATTiny and RGB LED V

DIY Synth + MIDI controller

EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter V

Fast Radio Bursts: First Distance Measurement

GTK+ / Gnome Application Development

Hacking a Dell power adapter final (not really)

Half duplex UART from single AVR pin

Half-Inch LED Cube: Arduino controlled 3x3x3 with SMD LEDs V

High Tech - Low Buck Digital Torque Meter

How to make electrons behave like a liquid

Interrupt free V-USB

Introducing the BusinessCarduino, worlds most versatile business card?

IO expander board

IoT Garage Door V2

Make A PWM Motor Speed Controller

Making a better HC-SR04 Echo Locator

Making Games with Python & Pygame

Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers

NIST Physicists Show ‘Molecules’ Made of Light May Be Possible

NRF24L01+ ATmega328P-PU Radio Sensor

One wire brings power & data to LCD module

Open Government

Physicists prove new potential for silicon chips

PIC16F/18F Experiment Board, 28 Pin DIL

Playing Wave file using arduino V

Power Supply for 5V and 3.3V

Prelude to Automation - Hacking a Remote

Program an ATtiny44/45/84/85 with Arduino

Programmable CW Morse Keyer / beacon

Programming the ATtiny

PWM dimmer for LED lighting

Raspberry Pi 2 Case (OpenSCAD)

Raspberry Pi Beekeeping Server V

Raspberry Pi Case

Raspberry Pi Controlled Sofa

Raspberry Pi Fridge Minder: receive an email when the door is opened

Raspberry Pi: Vocal Intruder Warning System Project

Raspberry PI Zero LEDStrip Controller

Reducing interfacing pin count for nrf24l01

Restore Missing PIC 12F675 OscCal

rf24boot: A universal over-the-air bootloader for all those uCs

RS232 - RS485 Converter with Automatic RX - TX Control

RS485 Communication Using MAX485 and MSP430 Launchpad

Samsung Introduces Industry’s First 256-Gigabyte Universal Flash Storage, for High-end Mobile Devices



Shonkbot V

Simple and intuitive web interface for your Raspberry Pi

Simple DIY lab power supply

Simple SMD LED tester

Soldering Iron Light

The Attack Dyno

The mystery of the Zombie RAM

The Ultimate Parametric Box

Tic Tac Torch

Tiny-Dice: Electronic Dice Using an ATtiny2313

Trimming the fat from avr-gcc code

Two way 12 LED running lights using CD4017 and NE555 V

Updating Optiboot & CC3000 Firmware with an Arduino

Using REST with Arduino Yun

Using the HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Visualizing ROMs 1: Diode Matrix ROM

Weird Computer Games

Wireless Power Transmission

555 Timer Calculator for RaspberryPi, Arduino, or a Linux PC

5V Symmetrical Regulated Power Supply

A Word Clock Built with Love

AC Solid state Relay for Inductive Load

Ada Programming

An Introduction to Programming in Go

Arduino IC-Tester V

Arduino Kitchen Timer V

Arduino LCD Keypad Shield PONG!

Arduino RPG Simulator V

Arduino Stroboscopic Light

ARM Cortex-R8 Processor Trail-blazes 5G Need for Speed

ATtiny V-USB Project Board

Attiny85 5110LCD DS18B20 Thermometer

ATtiny85 Ring Watch

Automated Solar Powered Horizontal Blind Controller

Automatic Night Light V

Bionic eye returns sight to the blind


Check Weather with Arduino

Computer Programming BASIC for Beginners

Controlling Servos on FPGA V

Convert Your Old Laptop Battery Into a Power Bank V


DIY Bare Minimum Arduino Mega 2560 V

DIY Lazy Susan

DIY Pocket LED Gamer - Tiny Tetris!

DIY Spot Welder From Microwave

Dog bark sensor

Electricity meter reading via SMS V

First all-antiferromagnetic memory device could get digital data storage in a spin

First Computer Library Computer Fun

First Computer Library Simple BASIC

Flashy steampunk goggles

Google Cloud Vision API enters Beta, open to all to try!

GrayBOX - Accident Detection and Theft Protection System V

Hand made IR remote

Hand-Made MeArm controlled with Arduino V

Home Built Bench Power Supply using ATMEGA328P

How to build your own 8×8 led matrix

HTTPS client on STM32 Nucleo-F411RE

International Space Station Tracker/Pointer V

IR Remote Control Switch

It’s a 3D printer, but not as we know it

Keypad and SMS Based Dual Door Lock System V

L293D DC Motor Driver Module

lamp with off timer and dimmer

Laptop Battery Analyzer /Recycler

Laser neuron with graphene

LED Heart Photo Frame - Make a Perfect Valentine’s or Birthday Present V

LED Pyramid V

LM386 SMD Audio Amplifier Module V

Machine Code For Beginners

mavroOBD – My OpenSource project designed to “hack” your vehicle

Mini Alarma PIR Arduino

MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based IDE

Musical trees V

Output voltage control of DC/DC converters


Parametric Battery Pack Holder

PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5

Practical Things To Do With A Microcomputer

Programming Tricks And Skills

Rain Notifier V

RASPBERRY PI nRF24L01+ Mini-Hat/Proto-Board

Reading the BMP180 Pressure sensor with an Attiny85 and add a DHT11 too

Recovery and reproduction of an Antarctic tardigrade retrieved from a moss sample frozen for over 30 years


Reverse engineering a 7805 voltage regulator

Safe Box Joystick Controlled V

Samsung Advances Open IoT Ecosystem with New Partner Program and Commercial Availability of the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Platform

Small LED Tester

Smart Battery Charger (no soldering!)

Smart Thermostat controlled HVAC Duct Damper V

Soil Moisture Sensor (LCD, RTC, SD Logger, Temperature)

Speech Synthesis on the Raspberry Pi V

The Linux Command Line

UCLA scientists create graphene barrier to precisely control molecules for making nanoelectronics


UNO R3 2.8 TFT Touch Screen with SD Card Socket for Arduino Board Module V

USBpicprog – a free and open source usb pic programmer V

Using “Ultracapacitors” as a power conditioner and ballast for transient high-power loads (or “How to run your HF rig from D-cells” - sort of…)

V-USB ATtiny85 Project Board and an 8x8 Red LED Matrix Display

Vise for Holding a PCB (or other lightweight items)

Water Saving System Using Arduino

18 PIN PIC Development Board

3A Variable bench PSU with digital readout on colour display using ATMEGA8

5V & 12V Regulated Power Supply

Adding a USB power port to a switch for IoT

Arduino based MPPT solar charge controller

Arduino clock v.2.0

Arduino IR Remote Control V

Arduino LCD Game V

Arduino + TFT —> Turtle Graphics

ArTICL: Arduino TI Calculator Linking Library V

Atmega Alarmclock & Thermohumidity meter

Attiny 45 EMF Sensor

AUDIOINO, the Arduino with audio bootloader

Automatic 18650 Analyzer

Bit Handle

Build an Aquaponic Garden with Arduino

Building a Capacitive Liquid Sensor

C Programming

Cellular Cargo Delivery: Toward Assisted Fertilization by Sperm-Carrying Micromotors

chipKIT Tutorial 7: Using Nokia 5110 LCD

Converting an ATX Power Supply Into a DC Bench Supply V

Custom tool holder for pegboard

Digital Tic-Tac-Toe Using ATtiny85 V

Dive into HTML5

DIY Capacitance Meter

EL Wire - Arduino Mini Pro - Relay Controller Module 6 Channels V

Electric Labyrinth: A DIY Arcade Game

EMP generator

Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction

Hardware Protection – OverVoltage and OverCurrent

HC-SR04 Ping Sensor Hardware Mod

HDD Speaker (Hard drive Speaker) V

HispaBrick issue 24

How To Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit - DIY (Step By Step) V

How to Work With Conductive Fabric


Introduction to Programming Using Java, Seventh Edition

LED matrix - Game of life

Light Chips Could Mean More Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Low Resolution Arduino LED Clock

Microcontroller Clapper Switch

MT-20: Functional 3D Printed Robot V

NE555 timer synthesizer

new electronics - 9 February 2016

New nanomanufacturing technique advances imaging, biosensing technology

Northern Ireland toddler Lucy Boucher in world first kidney transplant using 3D printing

PIC24 Bedside Table Alarm Clock

Power Management Solutions: Battery Chargers

Power Tips: How to design a robust series linear regulator with discrete components

Programmable Pumpkin Light

RasPi Two-Player Arcade Coffee Table

RC controlled rgb led strip

Replacement LED driver for AN6877

Robot Controlled by Human Fingers

Sable 2015 CNC + Arduino + GRBL = LunchBox CNC V

Simple 555 PWM

Single chip game console

Smart Remote Controlled Lights

STMicroelectronics Attracts Linux Users to Free Embedded Development on STM32 Microcontrollers

Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit Design and Testing V

Tesseract, + Warp Plasma ! V

The Claw: A 3D printed robotic claw

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook

The Internet of Things Will Be the World’s Biggest Robot

The MagPi Essentials - Conquer The Command Line

The MagPi Essentials - Sense HAT

The perfect Beer with Arduino: OpenArdBir project

The Ultimate box maker

Today our article is about that how we can connect RF module with arduino and how to program

Ultimate Classic Game Console Joystick to USB Adapter

Using a single RGB LED (or a LED strip) to show information: clock, thermometer and a weird communicator V

VGA Snake with Arduino Uno

3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon

Arduino based voting system V

Arduino MPPT solar charger shield

ArTICL: MSP432 Launchpad to TI Graphing Calculator Linking

At the edge of a quantum gas

Basics of Compiler Design

Bits of Time

Buckle Box, Printable In One Piece

Build your own Crude FM Radio V

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Jasper Technologies, Inc.

Data Logging Temperature Probe (-200 °C to +1300 °C)

DIY Cheap Thermostat Oven for 3D Filament Moisture Remover

DIY Laptop Table - Using Limited Tools & Plywood V

ESP8266 Analog Broadcast Television Interface V

ESP8266 Web Site Monitor

Fully assembled 3D printable wrench

GOduino - The Arduino Uno + Motor Driver clone V

Graphics on Nokia 5110 Lcd using Arduino V

How to display images on 2.4inch TFT and make it a digital photoframe V

Improved Hot Tub Controller V

Israeli robot-cleaning system promises brighter future for solar power

LaserPipe V

LED Test Tool with LCD Display

Luxembourg to launch framework to support the future use of space resources

Making A Simple Joule Thief (made easy) V

Mechatronic Basketball Shooter V

Microsoft research project puts cloud in ocean for the first time

Mini Light Seeker V

Mini Wave Model

Multiple Fermenter Temperature Control With Arduino

New microscope creates near-real-time videos of nanoscale processes

Operating the Arduino Enigma Machine via Serial Port

Python for Informatics: Exploring Information

Self-Service Linux

ShotBot - Arduino Powered Pump Project V

Simon Says with LEDs and sound V

SWP Reader Evolution

The MagPi 42

Vi iMproved - Vim

WaterPi: Houseplant Remote Watering and Monitoring System V

$1 Motor Driver Circuit for Arduino

22 Bit binary counter for Atmega328

555 Based DC Motor Speed Controller

5.8GHz (RX5808 Module) open Source FPV Receiver V

A 3.6V LiFePO4 charger for under 50c

A Manual of Carpentry and Joinery

AlphaGo: Mastering the ancient game of Go with Machine Learning

An Intro and Antennas

Another RetroBall!

ARDUINO By Myself Mini-CNC (Plotter) V

Arduino Dot Matrix Game Console V

Arduino TFT Forecast Weather Station with ESP8266 V

Arduino Video Game (The DIY Gift)


Ball and Plate Arduino PID Control V


Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

Bluetooth Controlled Outlet (Home Automation)

Building a low cost wifi camera

Building a Reflow oven

Cloud Connected Sensors With Arduino V

Component Tester - Test almost anything !!

Datalogging Accelerometer Data To An SDCard V

DC Output Solid State Relay V

Designer crystals for next-gen electronics

Distance Detector with Buzzer and LED meter

DIY Tic Tac power supply V

Easiest Water level Indicator V

Going from Python to Guile Scheme - a natural progression

High Voltage EPROM Man V

How to Make a Mini Battery Powered Soldering Iron V

Infinity Mirror Clock Making V

Low Cost IC Test Clip for PIC ICSP

Make any 555 Circuit

Maker’s Rule-The Feature Packed PCB Multi-Tool

Multiplexing Made Easy with the MM74C925N

NeoBracelet by the Brain V

Nextion Arduino Project: Whac-A-Mole Crazy Cony Game V

One Board Minimalist Chair

Pegstr - Pegboard Wizard

Photoplethysmography - (IR Heart Rate Monitor) V

Physics Professor David Hall and Team First to Tie Knots in Quantum Matter

PiSP Pi Station Portable, A Raspberry Pi Gaming Handheld

Remote Wi-Fi DHT11 Temperature V

RGB LED constant current fade effect with transistors V

Silc Circuits: High Performance Conductive Silicone V

Small Indoor Hydroponic for $20 V

Soldering board holder

Sony Acquires Altair Semiconductor, Israeli Innovator of LTE Modem Chip Technology

The Interactive Donation Box V

The Java Language Specification, Java SE 7 Edition (Java Series)

Tiny electronic implants monitor brain injury, then melt away

Todo-lister / awesome todolist guide - transform anything into a todolist :D

USB NeoPixel Deco Lights (via Digispark / ATtiny85) V

World’s Loudest Arduino Intruder alarm V

3-fingered Arduino robot hand

90x60cm Discrete Led Scrolling Text Matrix V

Acid Etching


Arduino based humanoid robot using servo motors V

Arduino Distance Meter V

Arduino Laser Engraver Wood Design!

Arduino Pong

Arduino Relay Circuit

Arduino Simon Says Game V

attiny2313 based electronic hourglass

Building a MultiComp-based Z80

Credit card ruler

Customizable Cover for LCD

Customizable Swivel Buckle


DIY Digitized Drawing Pad

Electronics Maker - Magazine - January 2016

€20 robot arm controlled by arduino V

FFT On A MSP432 Launchpad

Free Range VHDL

Freescale’s sensors breakout boards

Getting started with Arduino - Two Player Arduino Pong V

Home Thermostat With Arduino and Big LCD

How to Make a MINI Spot Welder for Cheap / 12 V V

How to Make a USB Breadboard Power Supply V

IoT Mood Lamp From Power Socket V

Largest Known Prime Number: 2^74,207,281-1


Microchip Technology, Inc. Acquires Atmel

Mini-PCIe microcontroller and make your board too

newelectronics - 16 January 2016

Operating Systems and Middleware: Supporting Controlled Interaction

OSHChip as a general purpose processor board

‘Outsiders’ Crack 50-Year-Old Math Problem

Pallet Couch Thomas Dambo Style V

Portable Electric Heater/Cooler With Peltier (Thermoelectric) Module V

Portable Ultrasonic Range Meter

Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System, a Compiler, and a Computer

Samsung Begins Mass Producing World’s Fastest DRAM - Based on Newest High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Interface

Spintronics, low-energy electricity take a step closer

Student Standing Desk

The Saga of the Soldering Stations

Zinnia Flowers Starting to Grow on the International Space Station

2 Digit 99 Seconds Timer

21 Electronics Projects Ebook

230 VAC Timer

555 Timer emulator for Arduino

A Byte of Python

A New Type of 3-D Printed Ceramic Could Revolutionize How Spacecraft Are Built

A New Way to Print 3-D Metals and Alloys

Annapurna Labs, an Amazon Company, Announces Availability of Home Network and Storage Platform-on-Chip and Subsystem Solutions

ArdLock – Arduino Door Lock V

Arduino Controlled Beehive Fumigator / Air Freshener V

Arduino multiple timer. Day based and alarm based

atmega16u2 virtual serial example using LUFA Library

Braille Learning Board

CHIRIMEN - Hello Real World

DC Power Supply To Charge Your Phone & Small Electronic Devices V

DIY Arduino Game Show Buttons

DIY-Thermocam – an open-source, do-it-yourself thermographic camera

Dual Frequency RC Outlet Webserver

FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video

Fully Customizable Twisted Gears (Parametric)

Guide to ESP8266 and Tweeting Using ESP8266

Hardware Random Bit Generator

Homebrew - Dual Thermometer

How to Make an Arduino Powered CNC Machine V

How to Make an Electric Toothbrush V

Interactive LED Shoes - Arduino

Introducing Easy Pulse: a DIY Photoplethysmographic Sensor for measuring heart rate

It’s been 30 years since the launch of MIPS R2000

Laser engraver with arduino

LED Pop-up Holiday Card V


Linux 4.4 released

Lux Meter Module

Making 3-D imaging 1,000 times better

MASLOW: an Open WiFi Detector with ESP8266

Meet Fobble - a general purpose Wireless Breakout Board!

Mega-processor V

MesoGlue - Will This Fancy Metallic Glue Kill Soldering?

Micro-usb 30F Supercapacitor Flashlight

Mullard 3-3 Amplifier Project (Part 1)

Neopixel Giant Thermometer Scarf V

Ping Pong Ball Full colour Binary Clock V

Plant-Duino 1.0 Green-Idea

Revista PROGRAMAR Edição 51 – Dezembro de 2015

Rice makes light-driven nanosubmarine

Simple instructions for freezing a Skylake Processor


Snake with IR Remote Control on Arduino Nano

Supercapacitor Programmable Attiny LED flashlight V

Support for Dremel 4000

Table Tennis Score Board

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

The MagPi 41

TV Game Console by Arduino V

Ultimate 14-in-1 Soldering Station!

Ultrasonic parking sensor V

Upgrading TI-86 batteries to Li-ion

Wireless Arduino with low power consumption

World’s Smallest MIDI Synthesizer V

Writing AVR assembler code with the Arduino IDE

AMD Demonstrates Revolutionary 14nm FinFET Polaris GPU Architecture

Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference Guide 4th Edition (Rev. B)

Auto Power Off: save batteries V

AVRelay - pocket AVR game console V

Better 3D graphics on the Arduino – ILI9341 LCD V

Betty Hacker embeds open hardware electronics into cakes V

Chimera: $60 DLP High-Res 3D Printer V

Cool DIY Light Up Shoes

Customizable Stereo Text

Discovery and Assignment of Elements with Atomic Numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118

DIY a Simple Automatic Humidifier V

Eloquent JavaScript - second edition

Heatless (cold) Toner Transfer for PCB Making V

Homebuilt (DIY) CNC router - Arduino based (GRBL) V

How To Build A Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi

How to Make a Mini Portable Speaker V

How to Make a Mini Pump V

INA219 Current Sensor DIY Breakout board

Introduction to Arduino: A piece of cake!

Introduction to Parametric Customization

Make Your Old Joystick Bluetooth!

New Energia 17 Release Brings SensorTag, Red Bear CC3200 And F28069M Support

Notebook with LED Reminders V

Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow

Pro Git 2nd Edition

Reverse engineering the ARM1, ancestor of the iPhone’s processor

Robot With Tummy Full of Microbes Can Swim in Dirty Water Forever

Simple and Small Full-bridge-rectifier

SPI to Neopixel Converter

System Helps Novices Design 3D-Printable Robotic Creatures

The Companion IC V

Trondheim Makers Folding Workbench

Vacuum Hose Adapter (Customizable)

Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces low power, long range Wi-Fi HaLow™