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$1 Motor Driver Circuit for Arduino

22 Bit binary counter for Atmega328

555 Based DC Motor Speed Controller

5.8GHz (RX5808 Module) open Source FPV Receiver

A 3.6V LiFePO4 charger for under 50c

A Manual of Carpentry and Joinery

AlphaGo: Mastering the ancient game of Go with Machine Learning

An Intro and Antennas

Another RetroBall!

ARDUINO By Myself Mini-CNC (Plotter)

Arduino Dot Matrix Game Console

Arduino TFT Forecast Weather Station with ESP8266

Arduino Video Game (The DIY Gift)


Ball and Plate Arduino PID Control


Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

Bluetooth Controlled Outlet (Home Automation)

Building a low cost wifi camera

Building a Reflow oven

Cloud Connected Sensors With Arduino

Component Tester - Test almost anything !!

Datalogging Accelerometer Data To An SDCard

DC Output Solid State Relay

Designer crystals for next-gen electronics

Distance Detector with Buzzer and LED meter

DIY Tic Tac power supply

Easiest Water level Indicator

Going from Python to Guile Scheme - a natural progression

High Voltage EPROM Man

How to Make a Mini Battery Powered Soldering Iron

Infinity Mirror Clock Making

Low Cost IC Test Clip for PIC ICSP

Make any 555 Circuit

Maker’s Rule-The Feature Packed PCB Multi-Tool

Multiplexing Made Easy with the MM74C925N

NeoBracelet by the Brain

Nextion Arduino Project: Whac-A-Mole Crazy Cony Game

One Board Minimalist Chair

Pegstr - Pegboard Wizard

Photoplethysmography - (IR Heart Rate Monitor)

Physics Professor David Hall and Team First to Tie Knots in Quantum Matter

PiSP Pi Station Portable, A Raspberry Pi Gaming Handheld

Remote Wi-Fi DHT11 Temperature

RGB LED constant current fade effect with transistors

Silc Circuits: High Performance Conductive Silicone

Small Indoor Hydroponic for $20

Soldering board holder

Sony Acquires Altair Semiconductor, Israeli Innovator of LTE Modem Chip Technology

The Interactive Donation Box

The Java Language Specification, Java SE 7 Edition (Java Series)

Tiny electronic implants monitor brain injury, then melt away

Todo-lister / awesome todolist guide - transform anything into a todolist :D

USB NeoPixel Deco Lights (via Digispark / ATtiny85)

World’s Loudest Arduino Intruder alarm

3-fingered Arduino robot hand

90x60cm Discrete Led Scrolling Text Matrix

Acid Etching


Arduino based humanoid robot using servo motors

Arduino Distance Meter

Arduino Laser Engraver Wood Design!

Arduino Pong

Arduino Relay Circuit

Arduino Simon Says Game

attiny2313 based electronic hourglass

Building a MultiComp-based Z80

Credit card ruler

Customizable Cover for LCD

Customizable Swivel Buckle


DIY Digitized Drawing Pad

Electronics Maker - Magazine - January 2016

€20 robot arm controlled by arduino

FFT On A MSP432 Launchpad

Free Range VHDL

Freescale’s sensors breakout boards

Getting started with Arduino - Two Player Arduino Pong

Home Thermostat With Arduino and Big LCD

How to Make a MINI Spot Welder for Cheap / 12 V

How to Make a USB Breadboard Power Supply

IoT Mood Lamp From Power Socket

Largest Known Prime Number: 2^74,207,281-1


Microchip Technology, Inc. Acquires Atmel

Mini-PCIe microcontroller and make your board too

newelectronics - 16 January 2016

Operating Systems and Middleware: Supporting Controlled Interaction

OSHChip as a general purpose processor board

‘Outsiders’ Crack 50-Year-Old Math Problem

Pallet Couch Thomas Dambo Style

Portable Electric Heater/Cooler With Peltier (Thermoelectric) Module

Portable Ultrasonic Range Meter

Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System, a Compiler, and a Computer

Samsung Begins Mass Producing World’s Fastest DRAM - Based on Newest High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Interface

Spintronics, low-energy electricity take a step closer

Student Standing Desk

The Saga of the Soldering Stations

Zinnia Flowers Starting to Grow on the International Space Station

2 Digit 99 Seconds Timer

21 Electronics Projects Ebook

230 VAC Timer

555 Timer emulator for Arduino

A Byte of Python

A New Type of 3-D Printed Ceramic Could Revolutionize How Spacecraft Are Built

A New Way to Print 3-D Metals and Alloys

Annapurna Labs, an Amazon Company, Announces Availability of Home Network and Storage Platform-on-Chip and Subsystem Solutions

ArdLock – Arduino Door Lock

Arduino Controlled Beehive Fumigator / Air Freshener

Arduino multiple timer. Day based and alarm based

atmega16u2 virtual serial example using LUFA Library

Braille Learning Board

CHIRIMEN - Hello Real World

DC Power Supply To Charge Your Phone & Small Electronic Devices

DIY Arduino Game Show Buttons

DIY-Thermocam – an open-source, do-it-yourself thermographic camera

Dual Frequency RC Outlet Webserver

FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video

Fully Customizable Twisted Gears (Parametric)

Guide to ESP8266 and Tweeting Using ESP8266

Hardware Random Bit Generator

Homebrew - Dual Thermometer

How to Make an Arduino Powered CNC Machine

How to Make an Electric Toothbrush

Interactive LED Shoes - Arduino

Introducing Easy Pulse: a DIY Photoplethysmographic Sensor for measuring heart rate

It’s been 30 years since the launch of MIPS R2000

Laser engraver with arduino

LED Pop-up Holiday Card


Linux 4.4 released

Lux Meter Module

Making 3-D imaging 1,000 times better

MASLOW: an Open WiFi Detector with ESP8266

Meet Fobble - a general purpose Wireless Breakout Board!


MesoGlue - Will This Fancy Metallic Glue Kill Soldering?

Micro-usb 30F Supercapacitor Flashlight

Mullard 3-3 Amplifier Project (Part 1)

Neopixel Giant Thermometer Scarf

Ping Pong Ball Full colour Binary Clock

Plant-Duino 1.0 Green-Idea

Revista PROGRAMAR Edição 51 – Dezembro de 2015

Rice makes light-driven nanosubmarine

Simple instructions for freezing a Skylake Processor


Snake with IR Remote Control on Arduino Nano

Supercapacitor Programmable Attiny LED flashlight

Support for Dremel 4000

Table Tennis Score Board

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

The MagPi 41

TV Game Console by Arduino

Ultimate 14-in-1 Soldering Station!

Ultrasonic parking sensor

Upgrading TI-86 batteries to Li-ion

Wireless Arduino with low power consumption

World’s Smallest MIDI Synthesizer

Writing AVR assembler code with the Arduino IDE

AMD Demonstrates Revolutionary 14nm FinFET Polaris GPU Architecture

Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference Guide 4th Edition (Rev. B)

Auto Power Off: save batteries

AVRelay - pocket AVR game console

Better 3D graphics on the Arduino – ILI9341 LCD

Betty Hacker embeds open hardware electronics into cakes

Chimera: $60 DLP High-Res 3D Printer

Cool DIY Light Up Shoes

Customizable Stereo Text

Discovery and Assignment of Elements with Atomic Numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118

DIY a Simple Automatic Humidifier

Eloquent JavaScript - second edition

Heatless (cold) Toner Transfer for PCB Making

Homebuilt (DIY) CNC router - Arduino based (GRBL)

How To Build A Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi

How to Make a Mini Portable Speaker

How to Make a Mini Pump

INA219 Current Sensor DIY Breakout board

Introduction to Arduino: A piece of cake!

Introduction to Parametric Customization

Make Your Old Joystick Bluetooth!

New Energia 17 Release Brings SensorTag, Red Bear CC3200 And F28069M Support

Notebook with LED Reminders

Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow

Pro Git 2nd Edition

Reverse engineering the ARM1, ancestor of the iPhone’s processor

Robot With Tummy Full of Microbes Can Swim in Dirty Water Forever

Simple and Small Full-bridge-rectifier

SPI to Neopixel Converter

System Helps Novices Design 3D-Printable Robotic Creatures

The Companion IC

Trondheim Makers Folding Workbench

Vacuum Hose Adapter (Customizable)

Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces low power, long range Wi-Fi HaLow™