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3-D printed ‘building blocks’ of life

9-Charlieplexor (9-pins for 72 LEDs)

Arduino Based Music Rhythm LED Lighting effect Box V

Arduino Spectrophotometer V

ATtiny OLED Watch Core

China plans super collider

China’s Lunar Rover Discovered a New Kind of Moon Rock

DIY Color Sensor

Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Motor Control

Environment Air Quality Monitor

FM Radio With Si4703 Breakout Board, LCD and Arduino

How To Control a Stepper Motor with A4988 Driver and Arduino V

Little Helper V

MCAD replacement for nuts_and_bolts.scad

New “tricorder” technology might be able to “hear” tumors growing V

No bitbanging necessary, or How to Drive a VGA Monitor on a PSoC 5LP w/Verilog

Panasonic Develops a Stretchable Resin Film and Its Application Materials For Stretchable Electronics

Parametric Folding Loupe

Perl 6 - Day 24 – An Unexpectedly Long-expected Party

Random maze cube generator, pure OpenSCAD

Reverse Car Parking System

serialusb – a cheap USB proxy for input devices

Sunshine Alarm using LM555 and LM358 V

Super Efficient Joule Thief DIY

Tiny Mic Preamplifier

Touch Sensor Created With Attiny13A

VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot including Ground-Wall Transition

VGA Tetris With Arduino Uno V

Wii Nunchuk Mouse Controller- Arduino Uno

World’s Smallest Power Supply ! V

Arduino Driven 1400 LED Christmas Tree V

Arduino LPG and Flame detector V

Arduino Micro Electronic Bubble Level V

ATiny does 170×240 VGA with 8 Colors V

Christmas Tree with LEDs

Circuit Board Ceiling Lamp W/ Blinkenlights

Customizable hexagonal shelves

DIY Automatic Grow Box V

Easy Raspberry Pi Security Cam with Automatic Web Upload

Electric Skateboard v4.0: The Banana Board V

Enginursday: Supplies! A look inside some common power supplies.

Enormous Asteroid Will Zip Past Earth On Christmas Eve

ESP8266 Weather Widget V

EtchABot: A Versatile CNC Etch A Sketch V

Feather32u4LE + WS2812B = Glowing Bag V


How to Make a Light Bulb with Dancing LEDs Inside

Light To Audio Oscillator

Make An LED Throwie Great Fun For Party’s V

Make Rotating Christmas Tree Light Using LED’s and Toy Motor V

Make your own ‘Home Computer’ V

Make Your Own MSP430 Launchpad based Robot

Mini Arduino Game

mobile phone using arduino V

PiNoculars - Raspberry Pi Binoculars V

Presepino: the nativity scene with Arduino

RC Multi Channel Arduino Proportional Transmitter / Receiver with Button Trimmers V

Researchers design architecture for a quantum computer in silicon

Single-agent phototherapy system offers significant new tool to fight cancer

Solder Cableholder

STM32F103 Nucleo: LM35 Temprature Sensor (using mbed.h)

The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage

The world’s first website and server go live at CERN

Time-Lapse Panorama Controller

Using the Soil Moisture Sensor along with a Nokia 5110 LCD display V

UW–Madison engineers reveal record-setting flexible phototransistor

Wearable for Christmas

1.2V to 35V DC-DC Converter

Arduino Controlled Positional RGB LED Christmas Tree V

Arduino Player Piano V

Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit Using LDR And 555 Timer IC V

Baidu’s Robot Car Marks Self-Driving Milestone in Beijing

Balancing of a Ball on Beam using Arduino as a PID controller V

Chinese researchers unveil brain powered car

Create your own musical light show with Raspberry Pi V

Designing and Building a binary clock V

Graphene flakes as an ultra-fast stopwatch

Homebrew SWR and power meter

How to Program in Binary Machine Code - Raspberry Pi PDP-11


Low Poly Darkvader & Stormtrooper Head

Mr.Engraver : the Desktop Laser Engraving Machine V

Neopixel Dome Button V

New lithium-air battery could drive huge performance gains

Open Source Watch

Panner with arduino V

Parametric LED Tea Light

Piezoelectric Generator V

Polyphonic FM Synthesizer with STM32F031

PWM Halogen Lamp Dimmer

Pythagorean Tree

Raspberry Pi Barometer Weather Clock

Scientists develop ‘unbreakable’ glass almost as tough as steel

Sprinkler Remote Garden System

Super Cheap 3D Printer from CD-Rom Drives V

The MagPi - Make Games with Python

Tiny Load - constant current load

Tokyo police arm themselves in drone war against terrorism

transmission: A Creativity Measurement System V

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Visualizer W/ Processing

Vacuum Cleaning RC robot V

Voice Controlled Robot Arm

1.6W Mono Audio Amplifier

Arduino Claw Machine V

Arduino Mini CNC Plotter Machine from dvd drives V

Arduino Pong!

Awesome LED Mask V

Battery discharge protector cut-out switch with ATtiny85 for lead acid Car or Lipo battery

Breathalyzer 2.Arduino

Computational Design of Metallophone Contact Sounds

Cyclone PCB factory 2.0

DC Motor IR2104 H-BRIDGE

Dendra Shelving System

DIY A4 Laser Engraver V

DIY F1 RC Race Car! V.2.0 V

Drink Cooling Coaster

Geometry Connectors - Icosahedron, Tetrahedron, Cube V

Holographic sonic tractor beam lifts and moves objects using soundwaves

How to Make an Inexpensive 16 MHz Arduino Oscilloscope Using Excel and Your Computer Screen to Display

NXP and Freescale Announce Completion of Merger

PHP 7.0.0 Released

PiDP-8, a PDP-8/I Replica

Quest to drill into Earth’s mantle restarts

Spread Spectrum Phased Array Sonar

Universal Rover Wheel assembly

Venus Climate Orbiter “AKATSUKI” Result of Attitude Control Engine Thrust Operation for Venus Orbit Insertion (VOI-R1)

Waterloo researchers create technology to produce lighter, long-lasting batteries from silicon

The MagPi 40

100MHz frequency counter with LCD display

1Wamp Electric Guitar Amplifier - Open Hardware V

4 Digits Thermometer Using DS18B20 Digital Sensor

An ARDUINO based JPEG Camera with IR and PIR

Cloud Cam: Internet-Connected Security Camera V

Contactless Infrared Thermometer (Pyrometer)

Creating an artificial sense of touch through electrical stimuli

Floppy disk construction kit

IC Pin Straightener

KiCad 4.0.0 Is Out!

LCD clock with 4” display

Raspberry Pi Zero: The $5 Computer

Reachargeable Sound Reactive LED Peace Pendant

Researchers create blackest material ever made

Simulating fermionic particles with superconducting quantum hardware

The Light Clock (IoT) V

Trammel of Archimedes ( aka rotoLOL )

Unipolar Motor Controller

Air Pollution Detector

ASCII-Art Arduino pinouts

Customizable Jigsaw cutter

DC Motor Controller

DIY Arduino 3D Laser Scanner

Fidget Star

irrighino V

LilyPad Light Sensor Hookup Guide

New flat transistor defies theoretical limit

Occam’s Microcontroller

ON Semiconductor to Acquire Fairchild Semiconductor for $2.4 Billion in Cash

Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats

Quantum physics meets genetic engineering

Researchers from Kiel and Bochum develop new information storage device

Stackable Battery Holders

STMicroelectronics Announces Most Advanced 32bit Secure Microcontroller

Team develops ‘electronic plants’

The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book

TinyEKF: Lightweight C/C++ Extended Kalman Filter for microcontrollers

5x5 LED Display Snake Game V

A folding robot weighing four grams that crawls and jumps

Arduino case with fan mount

Arduino Pocket Lightning Detector V

Arduino Weather Station (AWS)

Bluetooth enabled Door locker using Arduino

Discovery of classic pi formula a ‘cunning piece of magic’

DIY Arduino Dot Matrix Wrist Watch V


EMF detector 0- 999 Hz for ATtiny 85

First optical rectenna—combined rectifier and antenna—converts light to DC current

Garage Door Keypad

MINI Desk Spot Light

New ARM Cortex-A35 Processor Extends the ARMv8-A Architecture Deeper Into Mobile and Embedded Markets

New refrigerator cools food without electricity

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 Supercomputer-on-Module Drives Next Wave of Autonomous Machines

PiAware - Aircraft Overhead Indicator LED

Sequential Self-Folding Structures by 3D Printed Digital Shape Memory Polymers

Timer with 555

turn signal biking jacket V

Ultrasonic Piano V

Using an RPi to Control an RGB LED

ARDUINO IDE 1.6.6 released and available for download

ARM Unveils Enhanced Technologies to Speed-Up Mass Deployment of IoT Devices

Big, auto dim, room clock (using arduino and WS2811)

Build a LED Cube 4x4x4 in less than 3 hours V

Customizeable compass cutter

Digital Sundial

DIP chip clip

DIY Arduino based PHOTO BOOTH

DIY Floppy Drive Piano (Floppiano) V

First Optical Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current

Flinders reseacher’s new material lays waste to mercury pollution

Incoming space junk a scientific opportunity

Laser Cut SphereBot

Obstacle detector using Infrared

RC Mars Rover

RPiScope: a raspberry pi microscope, build from laser cut acrylic parts

Self-assembling material that grows and changes shape could lead to artificial arteries

Sound-Reactive Earrings

TensorFlow - Google’s latest machine learning system, open sourced for everyone

The MagPi - Conquer The Command Line

Very low power LED firefly

38mm x 38mm Laser Engraver build using CD-ROM/Writer on ATmega328p V

48V Phantom power supply

A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor

Arduino POV Display V

Custom Arduino guitar V

Ethernet (LAN RJ45) cable tester with Arduino

Generic Parametric Cooling Fan Nozzle

Glass covered swimming pool powered by Rainbowduinos V

HispaBrick issue 23 now available

Infrared LED Alarm

Lie Detector and Biofeedback Arduino Based

Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings

MOTOBOT Ver.1 (Technology exhibit)

Open Badge:You’da Maker V

PCB clamp

Raspberry Pi Customization Service

The MagPi 39

Understanding silicon circuits: inside the ubiquitous 741 op amp

Universal Project Box for Type C PCB

A fast cell sorter shrinks to cell phone size

Atmel Launches First Rad Tolerant megaAVR MCU for Space Applications

Ball bearing caster

Chip Clip 28

Deluxe Parametric Compartment Box

DIY milliohmmeter

Enginursday: Doing Away with Delay() in a Different Way

Installing libraries and how to write a library for Arduino

Light-based memory chip is the first ever to store data permanently

MyPIAmp project - RPI player and amplifier

O céu noturno em outubro de 2015 - A Super Lua de outubro

Paralyzed Man’s Arm Wired to Receive Brain Signals

QC OK 2.7-5.5V DC “FUCK” V

RealTerm BusPirate Sniff

RGB Internet Pumpkin V

Seven Segment Display Thermometer - Arduino Based

Shutdown button for Raspberry PI

Unexpected Asteroid to Zip Past Earth On Halloween

Vanishing Acts: A Call for Disappearing Delivery Vehicles

Western Digital Announces Acquisition Of SanDisk

ADC for Raspberry PI

Adjustable Mould Box

Boxes for the Space Alert boardgame

Chance effect of lab’s fluorescent lights leads to discovery

Customizable Pacman Ghost

Discovery about new battery overturns decades of false assumptions

DIY Infinity Mirror Clock

Harvard’s Robot Bee Is Now Also a Submarine

Intel and Banzi just presented Arduino 101 and Genuino 101

New graphene based inks for high-speed manufacturing of printed electronics

Smartphone-Powered Hologram

Tesla Model S Software Version 7.0

WS2812 LED Implementation

A two-qubit logic gate in silicon

Amazon Web Services Announces AWS IoT

Bluetooth Desk Lamp

Box with Hexagonal Holes

CubeSat to Demonstrate Miniature Laser Communications in Orbit

Dell and EMC to combine, creating premier end-to-end technology company

IBM Research Breakthrough Paves Way for Post-Silicon Future with Carbon Nanotube Electronics

Low-Cost, Arduino-Compatible Drawing Robot V

Parametric Fixing Table Leg -OpenScad

PiTank - A web controlled tank with cannon and live video stream V

serial over webaudio

Signal Meter (VU Meter)

Tapered Pocket Coin-Op

Temperature controlled craft beer coolbox

The OPEN MOTOR CONTROL: an open source motor controller for everyone

University of Oslo Master’s Student Creates Amazing Open Source 5-Axis 3D Printer

USB PIC Programmer

A Micro Solar Inverter - based on Arduino

Arduino Floppy Music

Arduino weather station with RF433 MHz modules

Avalanche Noise Amp: Arduino Firmware

Big 4 inch Seven Segment Display

Customizable Convex Polyhedra

Decoding and sending 433MHz RF codes with Arduino and rc-switch V


Eutelsat and Facebook to partner on satellite initiative to get more Africans online

Integrated all-photonic non-volatile multi-level memory

Juggling Robot Deftly Handles Balls V

Lightweight solar cells track the sun, providing 40 percent more energy than fixed cells

Nobel Prize in Physics for 2015 - Discovery of neutrino oscillations, showing that neutrinos have mass

Origami tubes assembled into stiff, yet reconfigurable structures and metamaterials

Parametric plug - OpenScad - rudy Ruffel

Physics Fan Cart

Project Apollo Archive

Synchronise DS3221 RTC with PC via Arduino

VGA Pong with Arduino Uno V

Customizable Container with Knurled Lid

Japanese paper art inspires new 3-D fabrication method that goes beyond 3-D printing limitations

Logic Probe

Make a Weather Station With a Raspberry Pi 2

Medical MacGyver to the rescue! Hero doctor saves toddler suffering asthma attack on flight by building makeshift medical device out of plastic bottle

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

OscilloPhone: Use your Smartphone as an Oscilloscope / Signal Generator

Platform Jack (Fully Assembled, No Supports)

Subwavelength total acoustic absorption with degenerate resonators


The MagPi 38

understanding Philae’s wake-up: behind the scenes with the Philae team

Updating firmware on USBASP bought from eBay

0-4”/100mm Dial Caliper

3D Printing Ancient Artifacts Lets Us Figure Out What They Were Actually For

Arduino Bubble Blaster V

Atmel Delivers Industry’s Lowest Power ARM Cortex-A5-based MPU with Leading Security Features for Industrial IoT and Wearable Applications

Carmaker allegedly used software that circumvents emissions testing for certain air pollutants

Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Atmel for $4.6 Billion

Experimenting with Arduino and IKEA DIODER LED Strips

Fake TV Security Light

Lock Machines with Passwords

My mini servo grippers and completed robotic arm V

Parametric Fixing angle

“Pencil” Puzzler

Printing transparent glass in 3-D

Random Signal Generator

Revolutionizing Prosthetics

A Connected Lamp to Wake Me Up

A Magnetic Wormhole

A method for building self-folding machines

Boeing: World’s First All-Electric Propulsion Satellite Begins Operations

Building an analog looping piano

Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs in world first surgery

How to Make a Bionic Beetle Robot

Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles

Push Drill with Adjustable Chuck

Rapid, Puncture-Initiated Healing via Oxygen-Mediated Polymerization

Simple FM transmitter

Small Parts Funnel Tray

Spider Robot V

Xerox PARC’s new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds

3D Compass V

cross tweezer

Customizable Case (Rectangular)

DIY USB Line Power Meter Stick

DIY Weather Station with Bluetooth

How Two Ex-Amazon Engineers Invented a New Type of Customizable Force Interface

IBM and ARM Collaborate to Accelerate Delivery of Internet of Things

Introducing 6th Generation Intel® Core™, Intel’s Best Processor Ever

Microscopic fish are 3-D-printed to do more than swim

Multiple inputs - Parallel to Series


Researcher Hacks Self-driving Car Sensors

SAB3T - PID Loop Educational Tool V

Translucent Li-ion Battery Charges Itself by Using Sunlight

A thin ribbon of flexible electronics can monitor health, infrastructure

Arduino Oscilloscope V

Configurable triangular coffee capsule holder

Customizable Bookshelf Keychain

Customizable Case (Compartment)

‘Diamonds from the sky’ approach turns CO2 into valuable products

Linux Kernel 4.2 Officially Released, Merge Window for Linux Kernel 4.3 Now Open

MESA-VIDEO : 800×600 Digital video for Arduinos over 2-wire serial MESA-BUS

Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars

Piano with 555

The Hexachord, an Arduino-Controlled Musical Instrument

The MagPi 37

VertiBOT V

World’s most powerful laser beam blasts out from Osaka

A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography

Arduino based Bi-color LED Matrix Game of Life V

Customizable Box with Lid

DARPA is teaching artificial intelligence software to play jazz

EMI Detector using Arduino

Enchanted Cottage - An upgraded Weather House V

GearBot: A Dual Speed, Gear Driven Bot

Happy 24th birthday, Linux kernel

LED detects light

Motion-controlled Servos with Leap Motion & Raspberry Pi


OFFscope - offline oscilloscope (Arduino + SD card fast logging)

Parametric Mini Modular Framing System - Corner Block and Rail

Red Sprites Above the U.S. and Central America

Smart Solar Panel with Arduino V

The Focal Camera

Ultimate Nut Knob Generator

Wings 3D

World-record electric motor for aircraft

World’s oldest message in a bottle washes up in Germany after 108 years at sea

10 Breadboard Projects For Beginners V

Arduino Generic Logic Analyzer

Atmel - World’s most innovative 2-pin self-powered serial EEPROM (AT21CS01)

Bread board tips and tricks: beginner to proficient

Customizable 7-segment display module

Develop a sweet spot for Marshmallow: Official Android 6.0 SDK & Final M Preview

Flexible high-temperature dielectric materials from polymer nanocomposites

OhmMeter with Auto Ranging

Parabol laptop stand

Parametric Smartphone Stand / Holder with custom text

Samsung unveils 2.5-inch 16TB SSD: The world’s largest hard drive

Single-catalyst water splitter from Stanford produces clean-burning hydrogen 24/7

Stanene is The New Graphene as the Best Known Semiconductor Material

TIC-TAC TV Remote Jammer

A monolithic white laser

Airbus just patented a hypersonic jet that would fly from NYC to London in 1 hour

Arduino Seizure Alarm

Arduino Watch With Altitude, Temperature, Compass And Pedometer!


Binary Coins

Coin Holder

Comparator - Night Light

Cypress - Tiny new nonvolatile RAM simplifies designs by eliminating batteries (nvSRAM)


G is for Google


LED Fiber Optic Jellyfish Skirt V

Making the new silicon

Mini weather station with Attiny85

Moldover’s Light-Theremin CD (DIY version) V

Symbolic Buttons


Two Great Photovoltaic Materials Brought Together Make Better LEDs

3D-printed Robot is Hard at Heart, Soft on Outside

3D XPoint - Intel and Micron Produce Breakthrough Memory Technology

7 Segment Multiplexing With ULN2003 & PNP Transistors

Arduino LCD Master Clock

Automatic bug repair

Customizable Funnel

Customizeable Cable Spool Organizer

Infrared Detector



Low Cost IR Decoder

NeoPixel Heart Beat Display V

Receiving Weather Satellite Images With An £8 Dongle

Researchers Build a Transistor from a Molecule and a Few Atoms

Soldering Iron PID Temperature Controller V

Tetris Bookshelf

The MagPi 36

Windows 10 available in 190 countries as a free upgrade

8 x 8 LED Pong with Arduino

A solar-energy storage cell that works at night

After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics discovered

An android reflow controller that anyone can build V

Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars following hacking scare

Compact Tool Holder

DIY Makey Makey Floor Piano

EllerSCAD Maze Generator

Level Shifter

Microchip Adds Two New PIC MCU Families

MiniBitRace V

Robotic Construction Gets Fancy at ETH Zurich’s Digital Fabrication Lab

Stylish (?) and a little bit Startrekesque soldering iron holder

The Exoskeletons Are Coming

Using Python with Arduino

VLC media player

After five years and $50 million, 24M unveils new design for lithium ion batteries

Customizable Cable Tie


First exoskeleton for industry unveiled

First successful drone delivery made in the US

HD44780 Character LCD Displays

Logic Analyser

Microrobotic tentacles with spiral bending capability based on shape-engineered elastomeric microtubes

Parametric and Customizable Project Enclosure

Parametric Data Cable Maker

Scaling up nanoscale water-driven energy conversion into evaporation-driven engines and generators

Thread Wireless Networking Protocol Now Available

Arduino DCF77 Master Wall Clock V

Atari Punk Console


Customizable Knob!

Customizable Windmill

Customizer Potentiometer Knobs

Dumping Old PROMs With New Hardware

Electrical Engineers Break Power and Distance Barriers for Fiber Optic Communication

Feeding power to Arduino: the ultimate guide

Grapehene for Artificial Skin

IBM announces 7nm chips breakthrough to keep Moore’s Law alive

Interactive Spacelady Mural V

Pythagoras Cup (The Greedy Cup)

Samsung Researchers Nearly Double Lithium-ion Battery Capacity

Scientists Have Created Greenhouses That Grow Gardens Underwater

Stenography (Yes, with Arduinos)

With 300 Kilometers per Second to New Electronics

3D-printable sand play set

A New High-Res 3D Printer Can Print Objects Smaller Than Blood Cells

Cockroach-inspired robot uses body streamlining to negotiate obstacles

Graphene gets bright: World’s thinnest lightbulb developed

Introducing the BBC micro:bit


New Horizons Team Responds to Spacecraft Anomaly

Parametric Box with Latch

Primitive OpenSCAD Font

Scrap microwave spot welder V

Sorry Ikea, This Robotic Arm Prints Furniture Any Shape or Size I Want

The CNC Bubble Iris: A Computer Controlled Giant Bubble Machine V

The MagPi 35

Transistors Tester

Airbus to build satellites for OneWeb to beam Internet from space

Arduino and Seeedstudio announce partnership in Shenzhen

Berlin Clock

C51 4 Bits Digital Electronic Clock Desk Case / Stand


Clock Builder Script

Flexible One Diode-One Phase Change Memory Array Enabled by Block Copolymer Self-Assembly

Ford collaborates with silicon valley innovation ecosystem on autonomous vehicles, 3d printing, wearable technology

Full Binary Clock

Hellschreiber Clock

Leap Second on Tuesday Will Cause 61-Second Minute

LED Binary Clock

Pong Clock V


Robots to 3D print gravity-defying steel bridge in mid-air over Amsterdam canal

Seal embosser - Slap Chop

Table Sun clock

The Fibonacci Clock V

The Word Clock - Arduino version

Arduino IDE 1.6.5 is out

Buttons and more buttons


Handle for Hex Drill Bits, Etc.

High-Performance Robotic Muscles from Conductive Nylon Sewing Thread

Jaguar Land Rover Showcase A Remote Control Range Rover Sport, Controlled By The Driver On A Smartphone


Mini Drill Press for Hobby Drill

Nanometer-Sized Robots Can Now Take Colon Biopsies

New Printing Process Makes Three-dimensional Objects Glow

Raspberry Pi official case


7-Segment and 8x8 Matrix LED Controls


AVR Optimizations

Binghamton engineer creates origami battery

Does Hardware Even Matter Anymore?

Dot Matrix Business Card

Duplicating House Keys

“Energy-Generating Rubber” Combines Flexibility and High-Output

High Speed Coin Shrinking V

Implantable brain electronics is here

LED Light Diffuser (for 3mm and 5mm LEDs)

Rosetta’s lander Philae wakes up from hibernation

Structural color printing based on plasmonic metasurfaces of perfect light absorption

1-Pixel Pac-Man V

24 LED Control

An FPGA-Based Robotic Rubik’s Cube Solver

Arduino: 3 Powerful, Yet Overlooked Uses

Automatic Print Ejector V

Build an inexpensive handheld Arduino color console

Call for Makers 2015

DIY Vending Machine using Arduino & 1Sheeld

Emulating animals, these robots can recover from damage in two minutes


Intel Acquisition of Altera

Keychain with rotateable gears

LHC experiments back in business at record energy of 13 TeV

New test could reveal every virus that’s ever infected you


Robots Learn to Push Heavy Objects With Their Bodies, Just Like You

Self-folding robot walks, swims, climbs, dissolves

South Korean Team Wins DARPA Robotics Challenge


Tower of Pi

A folding drone that’s ready for takeoff in a snap

A new kind of wood chip: collaboration could lead to biodegradable computer chips

Arduino IDE

Avago technologies to acquire Broadcom for $37 billion

Cypress expands energy-efficient line of nonvolatile RAMs

Digital voltmeter using arduino V

Flexing battery holders with integrated spring

Folding Box for Arduino Uno

Here’s a detailed walk through of how jpeg compression works

Light-emitting, transparent flexible paper developed in China


Printing 3-D graphene structures for tissue engineering

Project Brillo

PVC Pipe Based CNC Mill using Arduino

Robo-teamwork: Robotic cockroach used to launch robotic bird

Samsung Ramps 10nm in 2016

The MagPi 34

This rigid plastic turns to clay in hot water, is three times stronger than rubber

Tiny 3D Engine on the ATmega328 (Arduino UNO) V

Tool Carousel for small tools

365-Gigapixel Panorama of Mont Blanc Becomes the World’s Largest Photo

Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Autonomous / Voice Controlled - 3D Scanning Rig For 3D Printing V

Bike Generator Charging Station

Build a 30$ laser Scanner V


Case for LCR-T3 component tester

Compressing graphene-laden ink increases its conductivity by more than 50 times

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

Huawei is launching our IoT OS, LiteOS

Imagination boosts IoT apps with Java SE 8 support in MIPS architecture

Intro to Robotics V

Introducing petduino

LCR - T3 - TransistorTester with AVR microcontroller

MSP430FR6989 LaunchPad Development Kit

New evidence that electrical stimulation accelerates wound healing

SinapTec AT328.02 - 3D FDM printer controller board of very low cost

spin V

Swiss researchers develop pocket-sized, origami-inspired drone

Tessel 2, a $35 Open-Source IoT Development Board That Runs Linux

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #2

Truly electronic textile made of graphene for wearable tech

5V Voltage Regulator

A high-performance microbattery that can be built into chips

Arduino Stopwatch

Boolean Testing Unit (B.T.U.) with Voltage Regulator

Breadcrumb inside out

Combo Breaker V

Computational Hydrographic Printing

Earth Globe Rotating With Arduino Or Raspberry Pi Controlled Stepper Motor V

Flir Lepton Thermal Camera Breakout

GE 3D-Printed a Miniature Jet Engine That Runs at 33,000 RPM

Important step in artificial intelligence: Stylized letters classified by their images

Inkscape - A powerful, free design tool

Internet of Things cannot remain a security blind spot

LED Rubik’s Cube With Arduino V

Low Cost Spirometer

Manufacturing partnership with adafruit announced V

New device could greatly improve speech and image recognition

Polargraph Machine V

Power button - dual color

Random LED Dots: Hardware Layout

Raspberry Pi moving timelapse

Samsung debuts Artik


Snakes teach robots trick of the tight turn

The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory

trojan horse made from computer keys by babis cloud

Wiha tools table stand

555 Simple Sequencer

CHIP - O Primeiro computador de 9 Dolares

DIY Soldering Robot - Project Completed

Hispabrick 22

IKEA Infinity Mirror V

Improving transistors that drive flexible electronics

Maximizing Arduino’s ADC Resolution and Accuracy Part 1 V

Neural network chip built using memristors

New chip architecture may increase qubits in a future quantum computer

OpenSCAD - The programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

PCB Workstation with Articulated Arms

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