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Customizable Container with Knurled Lid

Japanese paper art inspires new 3-D fabrication method that goes beyond 3-D printing limitations

Logic Probe

Make a Weather Station With a Raspberry Pi 2

Medical MacGyver to the rescue! Hero doctor saves toddler suffering asthma attack on flight by building makeshift medical device out of plastic bottle

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

OscilloPhone: Use your Smartphone as an Oscilloscope / Signal Generator

Platform Jack (Fully Assembled, No Supports)

Subwavelength total acoustic absorption with degenerate resonators


The MagPi 38

understanding Philae’s wake-up: behind the scenes with the Philae team

Updating firmware on USBASP bought from eBay

0-4”/100mm Dial Caliper

3D Printing Ancient Artifacts Lets Us Figure Out What They Were Actually For

Arduino Bubble Blaster V

Atmel Delivers Industry’s Lowest Power ARM Cortex-A5-based MPU with Leading Security Features for Industrial IoT and Wearable Applications

Carmaker allegedly used software that circumvents emissions testing for certain air pollutants

Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Atmel for $4.6 Billion

Experimenting with Arduino and IKEA DIODER LED Strips

Fake TV Security Light

Lock Machines with Passwords

My mini servo grippers and completed robotic arm V

Parametric Fixing angle

“Pencil” Puzzler

Printing transparent glass in 3-D

Random Signal Generator

Revolutionizing Prosthetics

A Connected Lamp to Wake Me Up

A Magnetic Wormhole

A method for building self-folding machines

Boeing: World’s First All-Electric Propulsion Satellite Begins Operations

Building an analog looping piano

Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs in world first surgery

How to Make a Bionic Beetle Robot

Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles

Push Drill with Adjustable Chuck

Rapid, Puncture-Initiated Healing via Oxygen-Mediated Polymerization

Simple FM transmitter

Small Parts Funnel Tray

Spider Robot V

Xerox PARC’s new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds

3D Compass V

cross tweezer

Customizable Case (Rectangular)

DIY USB Line Power Meter Stick

DIY Weather Station with Bluetooth

How Two Ex-Amazon Engineers Invented a New Type of Customizable Force Interface

IBM and ARM Collaborate to Accelerate Delivery of Internet of Things

Introducing 6th Generation Intel® Core™, Intel’s Best Processor Ever

Microscopic fish are 3-D-printed to do more than swim

Multiple inputs - Parallel to Series


Researcher Hacks Self-driving Car Sensors

SAB3T - PID Loop Educational Tool V

Translucent Li-ion Battery Charges Itself by Using Sunlight

A thin ribbon of flexible electronics can monitor health, infrastructure

Arduino Oscilloscope V

Configurable triangular coffee capsule holder

Customizable Bookshelf Keychain

Customizable Case (Compartment)

‘Diamonds from the sky’ approach turns CO2 into valuable products

Linux Kernel 4.2 Officially Released, Merge Window for Linux Kernel 4.3 Now Open

MESA-VIDEO : 800×600 Digital video for Arduinos over 2-wire serial MESA-BUS

Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars

Piano with 555

The Hexachord, an Arduino-Controlled Musical Instrument

The MagPi 37

VertiBOT V

World’s most powerful laser beam blasts out from Osaka