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1,000 atomic qubits and rising

3D microprinter hacked to fabricate transistors for bioelectronics

6 Channel Voltmeter

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A new world of 2D material is opening up

A “quantum leap” at room temperature

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Another Serving of Pi: Solidigm SSDs Help Calculate New World Record V

Arduino all in one robot V

Arduino FFT Spectrum analyzer on VFD display GP1287 V

Arduino Reaction Time Game

Arduino+Stepper microscope Z-stage + keypress emulation

Artificial cartilage with the help of 3D printing

Automated HA Fish Tank Design Based on Seeed xiao ESP32S3 Se V

Automated plants watering system

AutoScaling Signal Conditioner for Your Arduino Oscilloscope

Breaking boundaries in quantum photonics: New nanocavities unlock new frontiers in light confinement

Breathing Mechanism for Animatronic Puppets & Companion Bots V

Building a Basic ESP32 Web Server - controlling LEDs

Building a Colorful LED Matrix Display with WS2812B

Building Gates with the AVR Event System

Chinese team’s memory leap shrinks data centre storage capacity into DVD-sized disk

ChromaDome - a HemiSpherical Decorative Lamp

Citizen Astronomers and AI Discover 30,000 Ring Galaxies V

Connect XIAO ESP32 C3 with the DHT11 via I2C

Controller With Menu

Correcting an old space-physics error for safer satellites

Designing a Low-Noise Audio Amplifier with 2N3906

Differential drive robot using ROS2 and ESP32 V

Digital Geneva Clock V

DIY extremly Sensitive and cheap Arduino Seismometer V

DIY Garage Door Opener Using Arduino: A Beginner’s Guide V

DIY PC controlled high power PEMF Therapy Device V

DIY simple Spark Gap Tesla Coil V

DIY Thermal Camera V

DIY Thermometer with TTGO T Display and DS18B20 V2 V

EASY Arduino Alarm Clock (w/ Matrix Display)

EASY Environment Monitor

Elegant use of noise for quantum computing

Encoding computers of the future

Generate QR codes with Arduino on OLED display

HackSpace magazine #73

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Hexagonal Copper Disk Lattice Unleashes Spin Wave Control

High Power Three Channel LED Driver

High-Quality Microwave Signals Generated From Tiny Photonic Chip

HKU Engineering team’s quantum sensing breakthrough opens new doors for monitoring dynamic processes in biological systems

How Could Laser-Driven Lightsails Remain Stable?

How to Make EM84 (6E2) Vacuum Tube Stereo VU Meter V

Human Heart Simulation using Electronics

Ili9341 pattern lock algorithm V

Imaging Grain Boundaries that Impede Lithium-Ion Migration in Solid-State Batteries

IoT-based Home Automation with Google Home & Alexa V

IoT Based Monitoring And Safeguarding of Poultry Chickens V

Japan’s electric vehicle transition by 2035 may be insufficient to combat the climate crisis, but there are solutions V

JEDEC Publishes GDDR7 Graphics Memory Standard

KiCad Version 8.0.0 Released

LED Matrix Earrings V

Linux Kernel 6.8 Released, This is What’s New

Magnesium Protects Tantalum, a Promising Material for Making Qubits

Magnetite Nanoparticles: A Gateway to Innovative Optics and Nanophotonics

MIT engineers 3D print the electromagnets at the heart of many electronics

MIT scientists use a new type of nanoparticle to make vaccines more powerful

Never Miss A meeting V

New Class Of 2D Material Displays Stable Charge Density Wave At Room Temperature

New high-speed microscale 3D printing technique

New realistic computer model will help robots collect Moon dust

New water batteries stay cool under pressure

NodeGuard: WioTerminal MQTT Air Quality Monitor

“Perpetual” Wristwatch V


Pico Powered DC Fan Driver V

PID Position Control of a Levitating Balsa Disc Assembly V

Plasma scientists develop computer programs that could reduce the cost of microchips and stimulate American manufacturing

Pocket Temp Meter V

PORTABLE Space Trash Game Console

Practical Guide to PCF8574: Adding Extra Pins for Arduino V

Quantum-mechanical ‘molecules’ spotted in superconducting devices

Quantum Talk with Magnetic Disks

Quantum tornado provides gateway to understanding black holes

Reggaeton Be Gone

Researchers discover new channels to excite magnetic waves with terahertz light

Researchers Discover New Ways to Excite Spin Waves with Extreme Infrared Light

Researchers harness 2D magnetic materials for energy-efficient computing V

Researchers Realize Rapid Nitriding of Stainless Steel Surface

Researchers use liquid crystals to control polarization inside laser-written waveguides

Resurrecting niobium for quantum science

Retro Internet Radio Using ESP32

Reverse engineering standard cell logic in the Intel 386 processor

Rice researchers develop 3D-printed wood from its own natural components

Rice scientists pull off quantum coup

Scientists make nanoparticles dance to unravel quantum limits

Single Arm SCARA Plotter - With “HOMING” V

SK hynix Unveils Highest-Performing SSD for AI PCs at NVIDIA GTC 2024

Tapping into the 300 GHz Band with an Innovative CMOS Transmitter

The MagPi 136

The MagPi 137

The MagPi 138

The MagPi 139

These Tiny Power Converters Run on Vibrational Energy

This tiny, tamper-proof ID tag can authenticate almost anything

Tiny Motion Detection Alarm

UC Irvine scientists make breakthrough in quantum materials research

Ultra-Low Power Single push button ON/OFF controller

Universal Arduino Staccato controller for Tesla Coils V

Vegetative State Self Watering Houseplant

Wake PC Box - Wake On LAN Packet Transmitting Box V

WS2812B RGB LED Controller with ESP8266 via WiFi

XIAO ESP32C3 as Modbus TCP Client to Read Holding Register V