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How to Build Modbus TCP/IP Client with XIAO ESP32C3 to Read Holding Registers Data from Modbus TCP/IP Devices

Modbus is a widely used communication protocol in industrial automation for interfacing various electronic devices. In this tutorial, we will explore how to create a Modbus client using the XIAO ESP32C3 microcontroller to read holding registers of Modbus TCP/IP devices. The XIAO ESP32C3, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allows us to establish communication with Modbus TCP/IP devices over a network.

- XIAO ESP32C3 microcontroller board
- A Modbus TCP/IP device (e.g., PLC, sensor, or any other Modbus-enabled device or Simulator)
- Arduino IDE installed on your computer
- Basic understanding of Modbus protocol

Install Modbus Library
To communicate with Modbus devices, we need to install the Modbus library. Follow these steps to install the library:

- Open the Arduino IDE and navigate to Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries.
- Search for “modbus-esp8266” and install the “modbus-esp8266” library.”

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