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DIY Pocket Pong

Hi, I am Athul, studying 9th grade and about to enter 10 grade. I have always been a fan of retro gaming. Also, kids like me are now tired of boring mobile games. there is a trend of people being interested in 90s tech and old games. One of the most interesting games is Pong by Atari engineer Allan Alcorn, an easy-to-learn but harder-to-master game. I considered putting this game into my pocket with 3d printing and electronics. so in this project, we will build a small, battery-powered, fully 3d printed, and easy-to-build pocket-sized pong console. it has 2 controllers so you can play with your friends. also, it is fun to play solo on it, like you can control both sides it is kind of challenging


- 2 10K Potentiometer_
- Xiao esp32c3
- battrey
_- 128
64 oled i2c

- 3v Buzzer
- slide switch


- glue gun
- 3d printer
- wires
- soldering iron”

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