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3D Printed Electronic Skin Provides Promise for Human-Machine Interaction

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Advanced & Smart Parking System V 2.0

Airborne single-photon lidar system achieves high-resolution 3D imaging

All About IC ULN2003 V

AMD Expands EPYC CPU Portfolio to Bring New Levels of Performance and Value for Small and Medium Businesses


Animatronic Fox Head - Companion Bot V

Arduino CNC Thermocol Cutter V

Arduino Display Matrix (32 x 8 DOTS) V

Augmented Reality Tic Tac Toe V

Automating a Mushroom house

Breadboard implementation of the Wilson Current Mirror V

BreadboardBot V

BreadboardOS V

Breaking the 10-petawatt limit with a new laser amplification

Bridging light and electrons

Build Your Own YouTube Channel Statistics Meter with C3-Mini

Building your own Environmental sensor using BME680 with ESP

CAN FD interface for Raspberry Pico

Cartoon Digital Clock With Switchable Style

CH32V003 FM Radio Receiver with RDS

Chiming Clock

China and Russia test ‘hack-proof’ quantum communication link for Brics countries

Circuitpython NeoPixel Maze Game V

Cobalt-free batteries could power cars of the future

Columbia Chemists Create the First 2D Heavy Fermion

Computer scientists create simple method to speed cache sifting

Computer Scientists Unveil Novel Attacks on Cybersecurity

Contactless Temperature Measure

Control AC Fan Speed Using Arduino Generated PWM

Cyber Clock an IoT OLED Desk Clock With Hygro-Thermometer

Designing a High-Performance Stepper Motor Driver with TMC22

Developing a Line Following Robot with AI-enabled Tasks

DGIST presents a new technology that remarkably enhances the electrical conductivity of solar cells!

DIY 200w Smart Mini Inverter PCB

DIY Arduino ultrasonic Sonar - Radar on TFT display V

DIY Audio Amplifier Board

DIY FM Radio Station

DIY Precise Arduino Miliohmmeter V

DIY simplest small CRT Oscilloscope V

DIY Smart Home Using Unihiker and NodeMcu

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Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF meter)

ESP32 based intruder detection system

ESP8266 ESP32 Microphone Camera Package

Experience Ethernet on the Pico with just one USB C-Type! V

Exploiting the disorder to harvest heat energy: The potentialities of 2D magnets for thermoelectric applications

Exploring the ultrasmall and ultrafast through advances in attosecond science

Extremely Robust & Ultra-Sensitive: Topological Quantum Device Produced

Fix Belt CNC Plotter V

Fusion record set for tungsten tokamak WEST

Gesture-Controlled Lighting using Bolt IoT

Gesture Controlled Smart WiFi Clock V

Going Beyond Plastic: Chung-Ang University Team Explores Tara Gum as a Green Polymer

GPIOViewer V

Gravity Helps Show Strong Force Strength In The Proton

Ground Station Monitor & Control V

Hack the Chip


HackSpace magazine #78

Half Dial Wall Clock V

Heriot-Watt scientists compute with light inside hair-thin optical fibre

Home Assistant ESP32 Wireless Sump Pit Level Monitoring IoT

How to build simple cheap Hulda Clark Syncrometer V

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How to Stream Encrypted Images Over UDP

IAQ Monitoring using Digital Art w/ RPI & Processing & Cloud

Innovative design marks groundbreaking progress in terahertz technology

Intel’s Lunar Lake Processors Arriving Q3 2024

JetCar, the mini self-driving car project

Just believing that an AI is helping boosts your performance

Lattice Introduces Advanced 3D Sensor Fusion Reference Design for Autonomous Applications

LED Tester & Calculator

Lighting up the future

Lightning Detector - Arduino NANO Shield with TA7642

Liquid lithium on the walls of a fusion device helps the plasma within maintain a hot edge

Liquid RAM Flexes for Wearables, Robots, Implants A nonvolatile version could be on its way, too

Lithophane RGB lamp - rechargeable

Liverpool and Southampton researchers design new metal-free porous framework materials

Mass-producible miniature quantum memory

MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix Module Arduino Interfacing

Meshtastic DIY - How To Build Your Own Meshtastic Node ESP32

Metal-free Graphene Quantum Dots Show Promise for Highly Efficient Tumor Therapy

Microchip Adds 12 Products to its Wireless Portfolio to Further Reduce Barriers to Bluetooth® Integration for Designers at Every Skill Level

Microchip Expands its Radiation-Tolerant Microcontroller Portfolio with the 32-bit SAMD21RT Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Based MCU for the Aerospace and Defense Market

Milestone in quantum simulation with circular Rydberg qubits

Mini Tesla Coil from Aliexpress into a Real Powerful SSTC V

Modular Macro Keyboard System — Ocreeb MK2 V

Morse Code Decode

Multi-channel-autorange-OLED-voltmeter V

Multi-functional Clock System with Two Pico-2040 Based Units

NASA, Industry to Start Designing More Sustainable Jet Engine Core

NASA’s Juno Provides High-Definition Views of Europa’s Icy Shell

New brain-like transistor mimics human intelligence

New circuit boards can be repeatedly recycled

New demonstration board from STMicroelectronics kickstarts dual-motor designs for advanced industrial and consumer products

New material allows for better hydrogen-based batteries and fuel cells

New polystyrene recycling process could be world’s first to be both economical and energy-efficient

New quantum optics technique

New surface acoustic wave techniques could lead to surfing a quantum internet

New wireless-charging boards from STMicroelectronics for industrial, medical, and smart-home applications

Non-Split Flap Digital Clock V

Ongoing Venus Volcanic Activity Discovered With NASA’s Magellan Data

Pan & Tilt Assembly for MG90S Servos V

Perovskite LEDs, a thousand times brighter than OLEDs

Photonic chip that ‘fits together like Lego’ opens door to local industry

PID Temperature Control of a Miniature Thermal Chamber

PiP-WATCH Project V

Polymer Power: Incheon National University Researchers Enhance the Safety of Lithium Batteries

POSTECH Professor Yong-Young Noh Resolves Two Decades of Oxide Semiconductor Challenges, Which Is Published in Prestigious Journal Nature

Power Brick Kitchen Timer & Alarm Clock V

Projet OpenRucheG2

Quadrupling the sample rate of an RP2040 oscilloscope

Radiation-Tolerant DC-DC 50-Watt Power Converters Provide High-Reliability Solution for New Space Applications

Radiation-Tolerant PolarFire® SoC FPGAs Offer Low Power, Zero Configuration Upsets, RISC-V® Architecture for Space Applications

Researchers 3D print components for a portable mass spectrometer

Researchers Create First Functional Semiconductor Made From Graphene V

Researchers find new multiphoton effect in the quantum interference of light

Researchers Find Way to Weld Metal Foam Without Melting Its Bubbles

Researchers Succeed in High-Sensitivity Terahertz Detection by 2D Plasmons in Transistors

Revealed: Quantum Entanglement among Quarks

RP2040-ETH-DVI-ZERO: AnyView ( HDMI Mode ) V

RP2040 ZX Spectrum emulator V

Scientists have come up with a technology to recycle used clothes rather than simply burning them

Shedding light on the origin of the photovoltaic effect in organic–inorganic perovskites

Simple ESP32 Internet Radio on VFD Display V

Simulate an Analog Voltmeter

SK hynix Develops Next-Gen Mobile NAND Solution ZUFS 4.0

Smart Christmas Tree V

Smart Coaster With Arduino Nano 33 IoT V

Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock With ESP32 and Blues Notecard

Smart Solar Plant V

Solar E-Ink Weather Station V

Solving physics puzzles with coloured dots

Son of Anything To Clock—LM311, Lower Parts Count

Soundweaver V

Spatial Desktop Clock

Speeding up spectroscopic analysis

square V

Squishy, metal-free magnets to power robots and guide medical implants

SSD1306 Cat Eyes GIF V

STMicroelectronics reveals automotive-grade inertial modules for cost-effective functional-safety applications up to ASIL B - ST News

STMicroelectronics reveals monolithic automotive synchronous buck converters for light-load, low-noise, and isolated applications

T3rminal 3d Printed Cyberdeck/Mobile PC

Talking to memory: Inside the Intel 8088 processor’s bus interface state machine

TCP tunnel over CAN BUS FD with Raspberry Pi

The MagPi 141

The Oracle 9000 Fountain

The simplest way to determine the quality of lighting V

Toshiba Completes New 300-Millimeter Wafer Fabrication Facility for Power Semiconductors

Towards the quantum of sound

TU Graz Researchers Optimize 3D Printing of Optically Active Nanostructures

Turning glass into a ‘transparent’ light-energy harvester

Two atoms playing ping-pong

UC Irvine-led research team discovers new property of light

UCLA Engineers Develop Terahertz Imaging System Capable of Capturing Real-Time, 3D Multi-Spectral Images for the First Time

Ultra Compact LiDAR Distance Meter/Range Finder

Ultrafast Laser Pulses Could Lessen Data Storage Energy Needs

University of Bristol researchers develop world’s smallest quantum light detector on a silicon chip

Unveiling Molecular Origami: A Breakthrough in Dynamic Materials

Upcycled ATX: Build Your Own Lab Bench Power Supply

UTA Chemist Developing Method To Recycle More Plastics

UW–Madison scientists develop most sensitive way to observe single molecules

UW Researchers Unlock Potential of 2D Magnetic Devices for Future Computing

VHS Cassette Video Recorder V

Voice Controlled DHT11 with DFRobot V

Wavefunction matching for solving quantum many-body problems

What Are the Risks of Hydrogen Vehicles in Tunnels?

Wireless Microphone With ESP8266 and ESP32-Arduino