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The simplest way to make an Internet radio with a minimum number of components

Internet radio, also known as online radio or streaming radio, refers to the broadcasting of audio content over the internet. Unlike traditional radio stations that transmit over the airwaves, internet radio stations broadcast their content exclusively through the internet. Overall, internet radio has become a popular alternative to traditional radio broadcasting due to its accessibility, diversity of content, and quality. In one of my previous videos, I presented how to make an Internet radio with a TFT display and multi-format audio codec module VS1053.

The device presented in this video represents the simplest way to make an Internet radio with a minimum number of components. The project is presented on the AZ-delivery website, and I made a small hardware modification, so instead of an LCD display, now I use a VFD display, which gives a special retro touch to the device.

As I mentioned before, the device is very simple to make, and consists of several components:

- ESP32 Development Board
- VFM202 MDA1 type VFD display with 20x2 characters and I2C interface module
- Rotary encoder
- several resistors
- and if we don’t want to use only headphones, we also need a PAM 8403 amplifier board and a pair of speakers.”

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